people shouldn't be saying these things directly at you

kitsune-jade  asked:

Wait, wait. Are people actually saying they are going to boycott Agent Carter because of the news about Jan? Of all the things to boycott, Agent FUCKING CARTER? Are people even thinking logically? How in the world would that make the Marvel execs rethink their decision. I mean how does Agent Carter directly affect what happened to Jan? Shouldn't people boycott or you know stop giving support to the project in which Jan should be in like Ant-Man or Avengers? What. Just. What?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Well, you have to remember that Marvel fandom loves nothing more than pitting women against each other, so the “I’M BOYCOTTING AGENT CARTER BECAUSE I’M NOT GETTING JAN” is actually a sequel in a long line of fail that also included these blockbusters: 

1. I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because It’s Not A Mockingbird Solo

2.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Remender Fridged Sharon

3.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Marvel Only Cares About Black Widow 

4. Carol Danvers Is the Only Female Character Who Deserves a Solo Movie

5. Carol Danvers Deserves a Solo Movie More Than Black Widow

6. Natasha Stole Sharon’s Role In CATWS

7 . Maria Hill Stole Sharon’s Role in CATWS

8. Jessica Drew and Natasha Have No Right To Be In Secret Avengers Because MOCKINGBIRD IS BETTER!!!!!!!!! 

9. Sif is More Important Than Jane Foster FOR FEMINISM

10. Jane Foster Is More Important Than Sif FOR FEMINISM.

So you know. Marvel Fandom: Pitting Women Against Each Other Since They Unfortunately Gained Access to the Internet. This particular failure is standard operating procedure. 

anonymous asked:

Isn't this just stuff that you bought and screen printed on? So you saying people shouldn't copy you is kind of dumb.

And second Anon email:

Especially since all your designs are actually pretty generic. Animal skulls aren’t really a unique thing to put on clothes

My response:

Some are pieces I’ve purchased, some I make from scratch.  All my designs are hand drawn initially and are my designs.  I don’t mind if a person is inspired by my work and does something similar, but I don’t super appreciate it if they attempt to copy my artwork directly.  And I don’t super appreciate your negativity towards me.  

anonymous asked:

I think you used to be more open minded and I'm really sad that you can't be open to the possibility of things not being exactly as they seem. There's so much manipulation in the world, especially when it comes to money. Just do me a favor and don't say it's unhealthy. That's just rude. You can have your own opinion, but you shouldn't insult how other people think and what other people see.

not believing in a convoluted conspiracy theory that constantly and aggressively dehumanizes the people involved, both directly and peripherally, doesn’t mean I’m not open minded. it simply means I’m not interested in making wild assumptions about another human being I have never met or attempting to force said wild assumption onto the people involved

also: none of this is real pls just chill