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Heart on the Line (part 4)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1433
warnings: phone sex

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Man, Shadowhunters fandom was such a fun place to be in when season 1 was airing. Now it’s constatnt whining. 

“Oh, there was not enough of this or that couple in the promos.”
“Oh, don’t spoil us with the promos.”
“Oh, producers should know who is more popular and take notes”
“Oh, this song should play for this or that couple”
“Oh, they didn’t show them having sex”
“Oh, but why did they have sex”
”Oh, I don’t like this character, let’s talk trash about the actor/actress who portrays them”
“Oh, why they changed that from the books”
”Oh, let’s blame actors for what they have written on script pages or for acting out scenes the way the director wanted”
“Oh, Clace/Malec/Sizzy/WhateverShipYouWant deserves better” 
Oh, Oh, Oh…

People if we won’t get our act together, I’m telling you, the cast and crew will stop interacting with us on social media. There will be no fan meets in different countries (by looking at what happened in Paris I’m suprised the one in Italy is still going), no twitter chats, no facebook/Instagram lives. 
And fot the love of God and all Things Holy, I’m begging YOU stop hating on cast’s significant others! What did they ever do to you? I could try to understand the hate if Esther, Sarah or Shelby were mean or rude to SH fans. Honestly, I’ve never seen those girls be anything but nice and sweet. 

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Regarding the ring exchange scene, apparently some leaked storyboard showed an internal monologue of Victor's. He was sad Yuuri didn't come out and say it was an engagement ring. "So this is what he means." The Japanese fanbase picked it up. Which is why he looks a tiny bit sad. I wish they hadn't cut that part, but at least Victor understands Yuuri's real intentions. Thus the "we'll get married after winning gold," comment. :') But it would have been nice with Vic's original thought. Oh well.

yep, you’re absolutely correct! if anyone’s interested, here’s a post with the storyboard and the translation and here’s another post about the rings scene! i really wish they’d kept vitya’s inner thoughts in the finished episode, it feel that it would have cleared things up for a lot of people bc it would’ve made it clear that he absolutely understood what yuuri meant, and i’m really just dying to know more about vtya’s thoughts in any scene haha ♥ sometimes i wonder how many other little things like this one didn’t make it to the final cut bc i’d love to know them all D:

oh and if this ask was inspired by my tags for this post, i feel like i should clarify that i was talking about the whole composition of that screenshot! that yuuri pov with the ring in the front and vitya in the background? i feel that the way it’s framed absolutely makes yuuri’s inner intentions clear whether he himself says it out loud (or even fully admits it to himself bc anxiety) or not ♥

A little background.  I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before.

A few years ago, I lived with a guy.  Still kind of nervous about putting his name out there.  Let’s say “Sean.”  (To be clear, Sean is not Rowdy.)

Sean had some red flags.  I’m not gonna lie.  There were definitely some times I went “so he’s problematic, aren’t we all” when I should have been saying “wait, that’s actually not okay.”  But he also was pretty good at making you laugh and an overall interesting person, and he really seemed to be a decent guy deep down, so we dated for a while, and some time after breaking up we were roommates.

Sean was in the kink community, and very passionate about fighting predators in the scene.  He was angry that rapists and abusers were able to operate within the kink community, he was well-informed of who they were and what they had done, and he thought it was important to share this knowledge and to get the predators out of the scene.  In a space where people were pulling a lot of “whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty” bullshit when it comes to the delicate issue of whether we should invite rapists to sex parties, it was good to have a supportive ally.

Until shit got weird.  He went from telling me about people who were generally known in the scene to be rapists or abusers, to telling me about people who nobody else had any complaints about.  And there were more and more of them.  And he was angry at all their friends too, for being “apologists” for these people.  He was adamant that neither I nor his girlfriend should ever be around, talk to, or interact in any way with predators or their apologists.

I was more and more uncomfortable with the situation, but it is uncomfortable to learn how many abusers and abuse apologists there are in the world.  Is what I told myself.

Eventually the list grew to include everyone I knew.

Sean would never tell me not to have friends!  That would be awful!  He simply had the extremely reasonable desires that I take abuse reports seriously, and that I not be friends with abusers or abuse apologists!

And what a sad reflection on myself that all of my friends (here I’m talking about dozens of people, most of whom had never been accused of anything by anyone other than Sean) were abusers.  It’s a damn good thing I had Sean there to set me straight.

Sean started making threats of violence against all these “abusers.”  These threats started getting more and more serious, and closer to home.

I moved out on short notice.  I did not leave a forwarding address.

I’m still dealing with the consequences of this whole situation, internally and externally.  I still haven’t reconnected with most of the friends I lost during this period.  And I still haven’t found a good balance between the need to take abuse seriously, and the knowledge that abuse reports can themselves be a tool of abuse.  Some of the people Sean accused were definitely real abusers, some were complete lies on his part, and for many I have no way of knowing.

I still don’t have a good answer for how to deal with this kind of situation.  I’m very wary of the nasty narratives that build behind “false accusations are the real abuse” and “stand by your friends even if you hear they’re abusers,” but this is the flip side, and it’s awful too.

I’m aware parts of this story do not reflect well on me at all–in fact they show how easily I can be taken in by someone who knows how to play on my vulnerabilities and vices–and I’m still figuring out the ways I need to change.

But that’s what happened and that’s where I’m coming from.

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I just felt they seemed a little uncomfortable and a bit unenthusiastic about the game like they're only playing it to keep the majority happy. This might be because I've seen other let's plays of the game from people who seemed to have more fun with it but I got the vibe that they were not really wanting to be there, which is absolutely fine! I did find some moments nice and entertaining but overall not my fave and idk about seeing it as a series. I'm open to others thoughts though!

idk? it was a bit too fanservice-y for my taste. just didn’t feel very genuine.

i’m going to respond to these before i write a post about what i loved about this video. to start, i’m genuinely surprised to hear that you thought dnp seemed uncomfortable or disengaged with the game. i couldn’t disagree more? to me a disengaged play through would be if they just read the dialogue really quickly, didn’t provide any commentary, weren’t amused by any of the plot developments, and generally seemed bored? but i honestly perceived them as being incredibly excited about this game. they reacted so positively to so much about it. they appreciated and acknowledged little details like the character design and the art, they really seemed to like that there was a deeper emotional backstory to the central character (dan almost seemed to like put himself in the shoes of the dadsona at one point, when considering how one would handle a situation in which their partner has passed away), they laughed pretty frequently at the dialogue, they had fun playing the bragging contest game, they actually took the time to think about the implications of each new character, discussing the pros and cons of their personalities. 

it’s hard for me to even envision what they would have needed to do to seem more engaged if i’m being honest. like i can’t imagine it? should they have ,, talked more? like? paused every few minutes to earnestly look each other in the eyes and say they’re having so much fun? i’m honestly baffled. to me, if anything, they seemed concerned about getting through each scene quickly but that seemed v obviously bc they wanted to make sure the video length wasn’t horrendous. it’s possible that their quick reading and clicking through each line of dialogue is what struck some people as disinterest? but idk how anyone could read through every bit of that dialogue (there was so fucking much holy shit!) and stay completely high energy and excitable about every line. imo, that approach is what would be fake, disingenuous, and over-performed. i appreciate that there may have been other youtubers who played this game and were much higher energy but that just doesnt seem like dnp’s general demeanor to me? i’d compare this game to their undertale play throughs bc of the sheer length and the amount of clicking around and reading they had to do. dnp, at least in my opinion, very rarely displayed high energy levels during undertale episodes. they would get excited when there were particularly intense fights or when something dramatic happened in the plot, but the vast majority of the game was them being super chill and clicking through the various screens, while still demonstrating that they were excited to see what would happen next and appreciative of all of the beautiful aspects of the game. hell, that’s also how they were in mark of oxin and that’s phil’s own game.  to me nothing about their demeanor in this vid was different than in those past longer vids that we know they genuinely liked, so comparing dnp’s energy levels to other youtubers just seems unfair bc thats just not how they’ve ever acted during longer play throughs. 

im gonna be honest that to me this fear that dnp secretly hated this and were doing it all for the sake of the audience seems more like a product of a general fandom insecurity, namely that if dnp are doing anything remotely queer then it must be to please fans. i hate this audience instinct so much bc it doesnt leave room for the possibility that, hey, dnp might actually be queer and be totally okay with the occasional queer-seeming comment or remark or, in this case, play through of a pretty queer game on their gaming channel. if they’re really so down to please fans with queer content lbr they wouldve cashed in on a fucking chapstick challenge five years ago. i understand that in this case the game genuinely was such a popular fan request and they may not have played it if the audience hadn’t requested it so much (and also if nearly every other gaming youtuber hadn’t already played it), but i think the concern is unwarranted. if dnp were really uncomfortable with a game, they just .. wouldn’t play it. like. (i feel like i say this so often on this blog) they’re in control of their brand and their content. they’ve passed on playing plenty of immensely popular fan requests before (life is strange? mystic messenger? monopoly live stream?) in summary: just bc fans want dnp to do something, it doesn’t mean that dnp inherently don’t want to do it. 

to me there is nothing but positivity to be taken from the fact that dnp felt comfortable playing this, that there wasn’t a shred of discomfort or quibbling over the fact that it was a game about dudes dating dudes, that instead they treated it as completely normal, as just a totally valid, run of the mill (if not exceedingly wholesome and cute) dating simulator. that speaks volumes to me about their growth, about how far they’ve come with what they’re willing to share and explore in their content, about the fodder that theyre okay with providing for audience assumptions and analysis and gifs and screenshots and squealing in caps lock. if they were maybe a tad bit more aware of the audience whilst playing, that just makes sense? this game is pretty much breaking a boundary for them, and they knew going in that it would be discussed to death by their viewers. but i’d rather focus on the fact that there wasn’t a singular comment from either of them that communicated they were uncomfortable or that tried to dilute the queerness of the game. instead they honestly kind of reveled in it? they went out of their way to express what they liked about each new man they saw? they were completely positive and empathetic about a situation in which a man was raising his child on his own after his male partner died? they commented on the dudes’ appearances like it was second nature?

idk. to me it’s awesome, emotional, and incredibly uplifting that they played this game at all, even though they could’ve easily just skipped this fad altogether. but the best part is that they didn’t just play, they seemed to have fun playing, they seemed to really appreciate it. i don’t think they could fake that. they’ve never been v good at acting :) 

okay, hi. it’s me—the annoyance in this fandom. and i’d like to talk about something, so bear with me.

there’s a problem in this fandom that doesn’t need to be discussed. why not? it’s not up for discussion, basically. it’s up to you all to sit back and learn that this shit you all are pulling needs to be stopped. period.

i’m breaking it up to a couple of core parts so you all know what i’m talking about.

first of all, let’s talk about the islamophobia and racism in this fandom.

here’s the deal: shut up and listen. is that too hard? then just shut up and close your browser. delete your blog. take a walk. go on with your shitty life.

i don’t know why this needs to be explained—seriously. i don’t understand it. it’s not physics or the study of runes. it’s the basic thing called logic thinking and common decency at the least.

you’re all doing something incredibly harmful and it’s not okay. when you started calling a brown character a rat i—i thought it was a joke. and when it was pointed out it’s racist, by people of colour in this fandom, you kept doing it. why? do you take enjoyment in calling brown people rats? do you think you can get away with it? guess you can, but you can stop doing it to people of colour. it’s disgusting.

next. the idea of this season is: please don’t let me be misunderstood. the reverse of this? please don’t let me be understood. just so we’re clear. there’s no reverse. the song was in reverse, the message was clear. so you can shut up about that.

so when the fight broke up, and sana was hiding in the bathroom stall, what did we hear? the two white random, irrelevant white girls talking about how they thought (assumed, didn’t know but talked anyway) it was about homosexuality, and how muslims are homophobic. was it there for the lols? no. it was there for us. to know. that it wasn’t about that.

my point: shut the fuck up about it. it’s tiresome, getting old, it’s toxic. if you keep talking about this, you’re spreading harmful messages to others. what messages? that muslims are homophobic. which they can be, i’m not saying some aren’t. i’m saying that that’s not the point of this season and that non-muslims are equally likely to be homophobic. don’t believe me? wow, i guess it’s something that has been fed to you by media representation and… dare i say it? people talking shit of shit they don’t know on social platforms. precisely what you’re doing right now.

second thing we need to talk about: the series. yes! let’s talk about what content we have right now and why us people of colour and why muslims are upset, shall we? (note: we have all the right to be upset.)

let’s first get this out of the way: we know it’s written this way to prove some point later on in the season. probably something along the lines of muslim and brown boys not all being homophobic and shit. you know. that thing you keep shutting your eyes from. we understand that, we know that.

we’re just. not. happy. about how it’s written. it’s kind of doing a lot of damage right now. look at some of the messages some people (people of colour, muslims, muslim people of colour) receive. and what we should be getting is much more healthy scenes between muslims, muslims and people of non-faith, people of colour and white people, to weigh up to the damage its doing. we don’t get that much of that. and it’s frustrating, because we understand why (sana’s lonely) but there are so many ways to portray loneliness than completely erase healthy interactions between people on the fucking screen.

don’t bring up the hei briskeby videos, because they don’t count. i’m talking about the real episodes here. the real clips. the clips that the casual viewer will watch.

so yes. the series itself is… partially at fault here. the writing, i would say. especially filming only the people of colour in a fight and—wow. that chokehold they had on the only black guy? yikes.

what’s worse is that they surely know—or at least have a slight idea—of what outbreak their clips will give. and they keep doing it. keep feeding this shit to us, and leave us to either deal with it, or completely shut down our inboxes. which results into people thinking we’re selfish, because we don’t answer their wish to learn more about culture and islam and the experiences people of colour have.

third thing we need to talk about: vilde and noora. yup. i’m putting them on the agenda.

i, as a lesbian of colour, wholeheartedly believe that vilde’s character is poorly written this season. she’s obviously not too different from earlier seasons, but she’s definitely had more emphasis on her ignorance, and how that ignorance is dealt with is—less acceptable. i do believe, on top of that, that she will be “redeemed” (i’m just not sure i’ll buy into it) and that she will learn, apologise and maybe grow the last episode or something, since we won’t be getting any more.

but what bugs me the most about the way they’re writing her this season is that, she’s coded as possibly lesbian (or bi, if you prefer, but i’m gonna talk about her being lesbian, and you can make your own post about her being bisexual). and she’s literally the only character fully coded this way. if you’re interested in why, just… google it. believe it or not, we aren’t google. but the key point is that she is doing a lot of what us lesbians perceive as compulsory heterosexuality. and they completely villainised a potential lesbian this season which is just falling into the same shit people have done over and over again. lesbians are bad, lesbians are racist, lesbians are this and fucking that and that pisses me off. if, by the off chance, she eventually is canonically declared as lesbian, i’m not sure i will rejoice or throw my phone through my computer screen. they ruined her character to me, they ruined a (coded) lesbian to me, a lesbian, simply because they wanted to put her to be the ignorant girl who keeps shitting all over sana.

and noora. man. i’m not too mad about noora as a character herself. she’s flawed, she has her good moments and shit. but she takes up so much of her own storyline from sana’s. it’s a mess. she’s talking about herself, her problems with dickhelm, and sure, that’s what friends do—talk about what bothers you. but we’re so frustrated that she’s once again on the screen, talking about the same old thing, and rip the minutes that could’ve been spent on sana from our hands.

don’t get me wrong. we all know that sana is a listener. but there’s a line. and they jump over it, time and time again.

and then there’s the misogyny in this fandom that needs to be addressed. and this is a harder one, because it’s hard to spot.

during the course of season three—up to this day, i see this shit—people keep shitting on sonja and emma for no other reason than them being girls who got hurt in the process. sonja? remember her? she got cheated on. and while even kept saying he felt controlled by her you somehow got the idea that she’s toxic. she isn’t. a toxic relationship would not end with isak thanking sonja for the help she’s given. she knows even and—well, at the most, she might have been a bit controlling because she doesn’t understand that even is his own person with or without his bipolar disorder.

and emma? she outed isak, which is fucked up and there’s no excuse. but stop thinking she’s the absolute villain to isak’s life because she’s a girl, who got hurt, in the process. accept that, move on, because isak sure did.

you thought i’d end there? really? nope. ain’t gonna happen. i’m gonna bring up vilde specifically again.

you think she’s just a dumb ignorant islamophobe? partially true. she’s islamophobic and is not a good friend to sana. she’s ignorant, yes. but you’re reducing her character to something she isn’t. you’re reducing her to the blonde dumb girl, which is just as shitty as people defending her islamophobic behaviour. her islamophobia does not correlate to her dealing with whatever she’s dealing with (compulsory heterosexuality, if you will), but if you reduce her to a two-dimensional character it’s quite misogynistic itself. if you’re woman and doing that—check yourself in the mirror.

same goes for noora, basically, but i don’t think anyone is genuinely despising her for anything else than the shitty line here and there and the serious screentime she’s clocking.

we also had a run in with the lovely subjects of biphobia and ableism too. you all can’t stop anywhere, can you?

since we aren’t discussing, let me just point out these things:

bisexuality does not equate to cheater. a cheater can be of any sexuality. the stereotype is that bisexual people are cheaters is harmful and it ends here. whether a bisexual person/character has cheated can be discussed without bringing in their bisexuality to the conversation.

and mental illness… it seems it’s harder for you to grasp this part. so let me put it this way: think of the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. called your teacher mum and everyone laughed? peed yourself in public? pretended to talk on the phone and your phone ended up ringing? whatever. the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. think of that. feel what you felt at that point. oh my god, what did people think of you?

do you want your crush or your partner of a few months know… that? say it involved a second person. say you… shat yourself on your best friend’s expensive, newly bought couch, felt so embarrassed you left the house and deleted all your social media and never answered their calls.

say your partner brings them up.

would you… tell them that?

i don’t mean to trivialise mental illness here (i’m struggling with my own). it’s much more complex (guilt, self-blaming, embarrassment, sadness) than what i’m saying here. i’m just breaking it down to a point where hopefully even the most abled person can understand.

you’re expecting someone who deals with this every day to just tell their partner. it’s not that easy. it’s a lot of compartmentalising that needs to be done, so you can tell that story without breaking down completely. what happened to even broke him enough to switch to a new school. that’s not something you just tell someone, regardless if you’re together with them, without having thought it through for weeks—even months—and analysed each possible turnout and reaction. that’s not something you tell someone unless you really, really, really need to.

that’s not to say that it’s… bad. that even and sana weren’t honest with isak from the start. but it’s what it is. even isn’t perfect. sana isn’t perfect. isak isn’t perfect. none of these characters are completely perfect. why not? because they’re supposed to be realistic, human and resound to us. we’re supposed to be able to relate to them, in a way.

lastly, but most importantly: stop thinking you’re so bloody entitled to send shitty asks to people, especially the muslims, people of colour and disabled people of this fandom.

now that i’ve said my piece, kindly don’t find your way into my inbox and think it’s time to discuss. as i said, it’s not up for discussion.

don’t understand what i’m talking about? congratulations, you just won the prize: read this post again until you get it.

peace the fuck out.

@rosegoldgemini I’ll be answering your comment in a new post so I can state some points, that I would like to share about this scene (we’ll be talking about the scene of Shadowhunters 2x20 sneak peek, when Alec goes to Magnus’ loft to ask his help to seal the rift):

A.   The fact that Magnus doesn’t “show his love” to Alec in this scene (and I’ll be talking more about that in a second, but let’s just accept it like that for now) doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist. Besides, what exactly do you think Magnus should do to “show his love”? Openly show his heartbreak? Comfort Alec about the state of their relationship? Why should Magnus do that? It’s not like anything has changed: the High Warlock of Brooklyn still can’t trust in the Head of the NY Institute, and Magnus still needs to be apart from Alec to protect his people. What would change if he gives Alec hope, when Magnus doesn’t even know if there’s hope for their whole world?

B.     Going back to the previous point, I wouldn’t really say that Magnus’ love for Alec is not visible in this scene. Besides what I already said about Magnus’ coping mechanisms, let’s not forget some important things about this scene…

1)     Even if he pretended not to see him, Magnus still opened the door to Alec (and he knew damn well that it was Alec, that’s what his wards are for).

2)     Even with the sarcastic remarks, Magnus still listened to what Alec had to say. He questioned Alec about it, and he was critic with him, but he listened all of it. Actually listened (and please don’t tell me that he tried to close the door in the middle, because we know that, if Magnus had really wanted the door closed, that door would had been closed as fuck).

3)     After making his statement about Alec always asking for his help (because that’s what the “what a surprise” and the “duh” went about), Magnus agreed to help Alec. He accepted only because of Alec? Of course not. As Magnus himself said, he’ll do it because it will save lives (and the lives that will be saved will be the lives of everyone, Shadowhunters’ and Downworlders’ and mundanes’ alike. I feel that I need to emphasize that).

But Magnus could have sent Alec to other warlock (there are plenty of capable warlocks around the city, and Alec never said that it had to be a High Warlock). Hell, Magnus could have just close the door and forget about everything, because his warlocks are already protected, but Magnus cares not only about his warlocks but about all the Downworlders, and about mundanes too, and even if he didn’t accepted it, he at least cares about certain Shadowhunters. Because Magnus is not the kind of person that refuses to help innocent people, no matter how hurt he is. It’s the same thing that happened with Max: Magnus leaving his heartbreak aside, just like here, to help innocent people.

C.     About Magnus “hurting” Alec. What are we talking about, exactly? Magnus calling Alec “shadowhunter”? He’s not insulting him, he’s merely stating his kind, the difference between them. And not the racist kind of “difference”, but one that allows him to distance himself from Alec and tell Alec that they’re still on different sides, at the same time. Or are we talking about Magnus stating sarcastically how Alec, or shadowhunters in general, are always asking for his help? Well, he’s not saying anything false, is he? And of course he won’t be kind about it, this whole thing is about Magnus being in his limit of patience; he has been very patient with Alec’s previous mistakes, but hiding information about the Soul Sword was just too much, because it was about his people’s lives. Magnus in out of his limit already, we can’t possibly ask him to be gentle at this point.

Besides, Magnus has every right to be angry. Alec, the love of his life, the man he trusted with his all, lied to him about something that could potentially kill all his kind. Or course he’s angry. He’s hurt. And he has the right to feel like that and to show his feelings (and here I need to state that no, Magnus didn’t take the Seelie Queen’s side because he wanted “revenge” on Alec, as some people are saying: whatever Magnus’ plan is, his first interest will always be his people’s safety). And Magnus showing Alec his feelings doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love him anymore. It’s exactly what you see: Magnus showing his feelings to Alec, without his usual patience.

And of course Alec wouldn’t like what Magnus is saying. Of course he would feel bad, but I’m pretty sure that Alec himself gets that Magnus’ anger is justified, that’s why he accepted Magnus’ attitude without complaining. You’re talking about Alec being hurt, but let’s not forget that Magnus is hurting too, and a lot. And he’s hurting not only because of Alec’s lie AND for having to be apart from him, but also because of his own painful memories of his past (that are definitely still there), the weight of his responsibilites to his people…

The thing is, Magnus is allowed to be angry, to show his feelings and to say what he thinks, and that doesn’t make him a bad person. It doesn’t make him cruel or vengeful. And it doesn’t deny his love for Alec, either.

Wink, Blink, and Nod

With a hat-tip to @terrie01, I think we’ve finally got some words to use for the frustration many of us feel about so-called “queer representation” these days.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to start seeing the back of the dead queer trope. But I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the replacement trio.

The Queer Wink: One step up from queerbaiting, this trope gives off a subtle, coded statement that yes, you’re right, there’s queer here, and it’s not just conspiracy theorists saying that. I mean, nothing like actual daily life queer, but at least there’s confirmation of the baiting for those who look hard enough. Look, a rainbow in the background! That’s good, right? Right? >.>

The Queer Blink: It’s the first! The first what? The first openly pan demi-woman on this particular network! Where? There! For just a second there, in the shot at 33:09. That one line in the fourth book about an ex. The third panel of page twelve. Totally obvious, great representation! The creators and publicists will now spend all their time talking about this in every interview, because they’re that awesome and we should all know it. >.<

The Queer Nod: At the very end, after fans have sweated blood and tears to keep going, there’s a scene. It’s a brief scene. There are no words. But there, in that moment, at least one major character is revealed to be almost-certainly-queer, if we assume things that cisstraight people assume about queerness but keep our queer goggles on at the same time. The creators wanted to do more, of course, but the network/producers/publishers wouldn’t let them. So they did it at the end, when there could not longer be consequences for their activism! Aren’t you glad you waited 5 seasons for this one moment of holding hands/half-hug/kid-safe and fully ignorable expression of same-gender affection? ;_;

So yeah, I guess the last couple years have been better than the dreck we deal with most of the time, but I saw better in the 90s, yo. I’m not about to go around thanking anyone for a wink, blink, or nod. I get that purse-string control is a beast, I do. But don’t hop into an interview and tell me you’re doing something for me if your “representation” falls into one of these categories. They are just pipe dreams. I’m a human being, and I expect to see no less than other human beings like me and mine in our media. If you can’t or won’t do it, I’ll go to the people who will.

And y’all wonder why fandom is so huge. Seriously?

Improve Your Writing Immediately in a Few Steps

First, you gotta know these things:


Prewriting/planning is knowing what you are going to write about. This can be done different ways and fully depends on the person and what they prefer and how they learn, but some examples of this is by creating a web graph, a list, talking to someone, researching, writing short notes, literal thinking, etc. of what you want to write about.

There are two types of people: A Plan to Write person and a Write to Plan person.

The first one, a Plan to Write person, is somebody who does a lot of prewriting. The second one, a Write to Plan person, is somebody who has little to no idea of what they’re going to write beforehand–they plan out as they write. Learn which one you are and you’ll be able to write more efficiently.

If you are a Plan to Write person, you will be doing more planning than writing.

Learn the best ways of prewriting/planning for you and give yourself more time for this part than the actual writing. Keep going back to planning to make your writing better.

If you are a Write to Plan person (like me, RIP), you will be doing more writing than planning.

You will spend more time writing, revising, and editing. Keep going back to writing to make your writing better.

The minimum or maximum length of papers that professors and teachers give you means they are looking for a certain scope.

Certain lengths require more or less focus and detail in the papers. Long essays will give you plenty of room to put in a lot of things, but you have to make sure not to make it dull, lose focus, or say things that don’t really add anything important to what you’re trying to say. Short papers don’t give you much room to give important details or let your writing flow, but it gives you the ability to be concise without much worry about focus and interest. Different lengths mean different scopes that professors and teachers are looking for, so try to keep the scope of what they may want in mind when writing for anything, not just papers.

Likewise, every sentence should be important and add something.

Like with movies, you don’t have random scenes put into places in the movie that have no context or are just completely random and don’t add anything to the story being told.. Each scene in a movie serves a purpose, and so should every sentence in writing.


Now, let’s learn about the writing process:

Your first step is prewriting/planning.

To remind you, this is thinking, writing down notes, researching, creating a list, etc. about what you want to say. Not everybody does this and it’s okay if you’re not one of those people, but try it out and see if it improves your writing or not. If you don’t like it, use that time for actually writing your paper. (Don’t be afraid to try different things. Stray from your comfort zone.)

Your second step is the first draft.

This is the base of your paper and the longest and hardest step.

Your third step is revision.

This is the heavy editing–putting in sentences, taking out sentences, reorganizing paragraphs, changing or adding focus or points, etc.


Basically fixing the minor details–typos, grammar errors, punctuation, etc. This step is just for polishing your paper.

Final draft.

As a writer and a perfectionist, I’ve had to learn that I won’t always be happy with what I turn in. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt the same. The most important thing for any writing is getting your point across to the reader in a way that will make them think about it even after they’ve finished reading it. Sometimes, you’ve got to let go of it and let the hands of the readers take it away.


You usually won’t have to do this, but in some cases, if you’re not happy at all with your paper, the professor suddenly changed the main point, or perhaps you wrote another page at the last minute–what have you–this is where you’ll go back to prewriting and repeat the whole process.


Things that make up a good paper:


To use a paper about dogs as an example, a connection you may make about dogs is that people who have them tend to live longer and people with clinical depression have overall better mental health. If people are living longer, getting out, and remaining healthy mentally, the economy will have a small boost. Therefore, you can say that dogs have an important impact on the economy. Make connections that matter and make sense, and make them big, varying, and interesting.


Elaborating on connections, explain why dogs and the economy have a relationship. You can say that “dogs have an impact on the economy,” which would be true, but explain why. Give and explain the details so that the reader knows you’re not trying to make them blindly trust you or think you’re insane for linking dogs and the economy.


This one is a little self-explanatory. Write examples of important connections that apply to the real world so the reader will go, “oh, you know, that actually makes sense.” For example (no pun intended), tell a story about how your friend Lana got out of her deep depression by buying a dog. Examples make it more real and more personal. Show them real world applications.


Make some generalizations. Start your paper with “dogs make America great again, and here’s why.” Obviously, dogs don’t make America great again, but the point is still taken from readers–dogs are awesome. Don’t make too many of these or you’ll lose readers and be viewed as grabbing at straws or just insane. Use only a few.


A few more important things to remember:

Remember your readers.

No matter what you write, whether it’s an essay or a novel, the point of writing is to have at least one reader. Without readers, it’s pointless. Tell the readers why they should care about what you’re writing about. Start your writing with that.

Dogs help economy: Boring

Here’s what you should tell your parents to make them give in to buying a dog: Interesting.


Make your writing exciting. “Dogs can help people” is a no no, but “Dogs are the best thing since sliced bread” is great. Don’t make too many exaggerations, for the same reasons as generalizations. Make your paper interesting and, most importantly, fun to read.

Start your writing with what the readers can agree about, then pull them into the more controversial things.

Don’t start your paper with “dogs are better than cats.” Start with “Man, small dogs can be pretty cute, let me give you some reasons why.” Make the readers trust you and see you’re a sane and factual person before pulling them into how “dogs are better than cats.” It’s better writing, more people will read it, and more people will agree with you.

Write as much as possible, then condense it.

Writing as much as you can and then cutting it up into a great short paper is the hardest thing for writers do, but it makes for the best writing, no holds barred. Like how we were talking about how every scene in a movie should serve some kind of purpose and add something to the story, every sentence and every word makes a difference. Work and work at it. The one right word is better than ten words that explains the same thing.

Example: The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams.

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


You get an entire, vivid picture from only 16 words. Make your writing short and sweet.


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps some of you. Let me know if you have any questions.

12x20: A Mother of an Episode

Surprise, bitches! You’re getting this review tonight!!

Warnings, especially to my under 21 crowd (if I have one….I kinda hope I don’t…. eek): There’s a reason I have a tag ‘grey makes poor life decisions’. This is a prime example of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. So, yeah. I’ve had a few margaritas. They were delicious, but don’t do what I’m doing. K? K.

So let’s see how this goes…

OK! So.. Review time!

I’m actually not going to talk about a lot of the really obvious topics in this episode (like how Max is a parallel for both Sam and Dean, at certain points – and same with Alicia, and co-dependency and whatnot) because 1) tequila 2) other people have probably talked about this ad nauseum (go me! drunk Latin!) 3) I got other shit to say.

And my other shit to say is all about the gaping holes in the narrative.

And not just the Destiel ones, although that’s certainly a part of it.

And by gaping holes, I don’t mean there’s something WRONG or MISSING, just hey, this is what WASN’T said and here’s what it means/implies. (Because that’s how subtext works, yo. And that’s how good writing works.)

Because Steve Yockey, y’all, he knows what he’s about.

So, the first gaping hole, is, of course Destiel-based: there is absolutely no way to interpret Dean’s phone call to Mary as anything other than him trying to find SOMEONE to talk to about his husband Cas. Dean fucking Winchester said he wanted to TALK about something that has him ‘spun out’. This isn’t him being like, oh, hey big huntery things out there like a possibly evil nephilim sired by Satan. This is him being like, I could really uses a MOM to talk to about all this emotional/romantic shit.

And this brings to me my other gaping hole: Jody Mills.

(Fair warning, I kind of have a love affair with Jody Mills these days, both for personal reasons and fic writing reasons…)


Jody is mentioned briefly in the beginning of the episode – they’ve asked her to put an APB on Cas & Kelly (which is a beautiful reminder that the boys are FINALLY starting to actually fucking USE their resources/connections) – but Jody is ALL OVER this episode in absentia.

1) The initial mention

2) Claire’s picture on the BMoL hit list – Jody and Claire are so intertwined at this point, there’s no way we weren’t supposed to think of her as well as Claire.


Ok. The mothers.


  • Caveat: I am completely aware of and supportive of the sentiment that Mary said back a few episodes: she’s not just a mom. And this applies to Jody and Tasha as well. However, for the purposes of this meta, I’m focusing on their motherhood. But I totally love that all three of these characters are rich, complex women, and that the fact they’re mothers is only a fraction of their identity. So, with that being said…
  • Tasha is a single mother who raised two kids, kind of in the life/with connections to the supernatural. Not unlike Jody.
    • Also, one of Tasha’s kiddos is super gay. Remember that for later.
  • Mary. Mary and Jody have been parallels and mirrors for each other all season, and this was certainly brought into focus with one of Yockey’s other episodes, 12x06. Mary “isn’t a hugger”, as Alicia would say, whereas Jody – despite being at the funeral for her bf – is all smiles and hugs when she meets Mary and is the one to go to Dean to tell him he has someone to talk to. And in 12x20….
    • Who does Dean try to talk to? Mary.
    • Who doesn’t respond (right away)? Mary.
    • Who would have responded? Jody.
  • I’m not saying Jody is their mom. I’m just saying that Jody would be a far better emotional resource for them.
  • Ok, ok, Grey. You’re talking out of your ass. Why does EVERYTHING have to connect to Jody?
  • Well…my other big call back is the wine.
  • When was the last time we saw the boys drink wine? 11x12
  • In 12x20, Dean and “Tasha” bond over family/being a parent while drinking wine. In 11x12, there’s the Awkward Sex Ed Dinner while the boys and Jody drink wine. Later, Dean and Jody bond in the kitchen over the difficulties of parenting.
  • Speaking of that conversation:
    • JODY: And but even there, I feel like I should be teaching her about boyfriends, and relationships, you know, stuff a mom would teach her.
    • DEAN [chuckles]: Sammy and I could’ve benefited from a little of that.
  • Now, I’ll be honest, when everyone jumped on that scene as OMG DEAN IS BI, I was like, ok, but that’s kind of a stretch. Spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law, y’know? Sure, you could read that as Dean wanting to talk about boys. Or, more likely, him just saying, yeah, it’d be nice to have a parental figure to talk to about normal people relationship/growing up type stuff. (Hence his inclusion of Sam in that sentence.)
  • BUT. In light of this episode:
    • Tasha is paralleled/mirrored with both Jody and Mary.
    • Tasha has a queer son.
    • Dean wants to talk to Mary about Cas.
    • Dean has already received an offer to talk about anything from someone who would want to talk about relationships with boys with her own kids.


- Dean is hella bi. (As if we didn’t already know this.)

- Dean loves Cas.

- Dean needs a mom-figure/someone for emotional support ESPECIALLY ABOUT HIS BIG BI CRUSH ON HIS ANGEL.

- Jody is the best mom on SPN (ok, she and Ellen can duke it out. Or shake hands, do a shot of whiskey each, and then kick everyone’s ass at pool.)

- Mary has a LOT of ground to cover if she wants to even approach real family.

….I hope this made some sort of sense. It does to me. But… yeah…

anonymous asked:

I know you've done extensive analysis of the interrogation scene but what would you say is the intended take away from the scene? Where do you draw the line on the "romanticisation"of the interactions between them?

subtext is the name of the game with the interrogation scene. 

i’m gonna go like rEALLY in depth here as usual hope you don’t mind lol and i’m going to talk about the bridal carry some because it leads up to the interrogation scene

so people love to do this thing where they scream romanticization when you say that the interrogation scene is evidence for reylo. here’s the thing, though: the characters aren’t consciously displaying how they feel intrigued and perhaps a little bit attracted to each other they are, but the subtext is there. 

kylo has been set up in a way that evokes classic monster movie themes wherein the monster kidnaps a beautiful unconscious woman by carrying her off to be alone with her.

this is further underscored by rey calling him a “creature” and later on a “monster”

we, the audience, subconsciously are meant to be recalling those monster movies and realize that kylo is interested in rey beyond getting the map because of the way that the scene has been set up. if they’d wanted to nix that feeling, they might have opted for him carry her like this in a more cartoon villain way and had her stay conscious

boom! subtext is gone. that’s a villain doing some kidnapping with no interest in anything further, that’s a heroine upset about being kidnapped for the sake of being kidnapped and fighting it all the way. clear cut. 

now let’s get to the interrogation scene itself

is the interrogation scene romantic? fuckin nO oF COURSE IT ISn’T

there is no outright affection going on between either of these characters, but again, the way things are framed are meant to signal to us on a subconscious level how we are meant to understand these characters feel about each other in a way that even THEY don’t understand at this point. i can’t say this for certain now as we don’t have the full story yet, but i’m pretty sure down the line people will look back at this scene as foreshadowing

we are meant to mentally be comparing this scene not to monster movies of the past, but to something that happened far more recently in this very same movie: poe’s interrogation scene.

kylo is masked, looming over poe at a great height, keeping his distance physically, the room is dark, poe is a bit bloodied up… not to mention he cuts straight to the point and continually demands the map

now compare that to what happens with rey

kylo is unmasked, kneeling to be on rey’s level, putting his face right up next to hers, the room is well lit, rey hasn’t been beaten in other interrogations like poe… and kylo spends a bunch of time explaining to her about the map and talking to her about her memories


beyond the obvious overall intention of the scene–demonstrating kylo and rey mentally fighting over the map and rey winning out because she taps into kylo’s fears because she reads his mind–i believe that we the audience are meant to understand that kylo and rey have a connection between them that goes beyond what it typically would be with a heroine and villain, especially on kylo’s part. 

meanwhile rey has little tiny signs here and there that she’s confused by kylo being a young, good looking human man with her little double take and the way she looks at him out of the corner of her eye, more overtly communicated in the novel where it takes the time to mention his hair and lips and hOLY SHIT NOVELIZATION Y U ROMANTICIZING KYLO REN etc etc

i suppose taking it too far would be where people start to go into talking about wishing they had gone with the idea of him touching her face or even going so far as to say he should have kissed her or talking about how he wanted to have sex with her or something. NO. NOOOOO. FUCK. DON’T DO THAT. SWEET JESUS. as with the over the shoulder carry, that would catapult kylo right into a different villainous archetype altogether and the denouncement of the interrogation scene as “rapey” would have more credibility.

and honestly the thing about the interrogation scene that makes it tolerable despite the place of vulnerability that the heroine has been put in, at least for me, is that she wins. kylo is invasive and looks through her private thoughts because he’s intrigued by her and rey consequently kicks his ass because no matter how much of a pretty boy he is she’s willing to call him out on his bullshit insecurity in order to get him to fuck off.

orange-icebreaker  asked:

Something I think is interesting is that Keith says "my mom left me". Considering his dad, why wouldn't he say "my mom left US"? Was Keith's dad dead by the time she left? Did she leave beforehand, with little Keith not registering his dad's loss of his significant other? Does the use of "Me" imply he blames himself, thinking she left *him* specifically?

yeah i’ve been thinking about that… because the wording is pretty specific. and as we’ve acknowledged and seen before, keith likes to establish the facts and gather the information with stuff. it’s quite a sweeping and very clear statement to say his mum left him if he isn’t sure of that being true. that discussion is all here, no point in paraphrasing if it’s already down haha.

but yeah following that and your message we ought to look at the mindscape for some more clues. bc honestly the way he deals with the news of his mother coming says a lot. @dent-de-leon did a cool answer about something related to this recently, i’ll see if i can find it and link it here.


Okay yeah before we do that though, it’s really important to remember that the mindscape is really not the Objective Truth and neither is the vlog in many respects. Keith’s perception is not clear. With both, we absolutely cannot take keith’s words as such as Law and assume he’s on the mark about everything, because he’s just not. There’s so much turbulence and grief, shame and a whole bunch of other things embedded right at the crux of this.

We have to step back and evaluate what he says rather than just digest it as the truth - because there really is so much going on here. it is so personal and subjective, we’re seeing something very raw and getting a glimpse into how keith sees his own self. we’re not always our biggest fans, and whilst keith is self-aware in many things -  that doesn’t mean he’s accurate in his assessments of what he’s aware of, or that he’s aware of everything. With regards to the vlog let me just say yeah what he’s saying seems true to him, but we should take into account it’s coming from him. Which is awesome bc it gives us a glimpse further into how he operates and thinks ect.

also, there is a notable lapse built up by deep insecurities and thoughts he’s harboured for clearly a long time about himself (which is likely founded in how he’s been treated by people, inevitably caused by his past, ect).

the mindscape is rooted deeply in keith’s perceptions of other people, himself and events - alongside being the manifestations of his greatest hopes and fears according to kolivan. honestly imo nothing his dad says can be taken as truth or Actual Fact at all, because it’s not his dad - it’s KEITH. it’s all keith’s mind and that is the formulation of his dad, not his actually dad. Joaquim actually brought that up in an interview: 

You don’t know exactly what went down or how it went down. Even the way he is able to find out about his past is sort of through re-living a virtual mindscape. His history wasn’t even real events with his dad, it was this sort of subconscious manifestation that explained everything to him. [x]

so i think for the sake of keeping this rhetoric present we’ll call keith’s father holo!dad bc that’s actually what he is.

mindscape GETS ME SO GOD DAMN EXCITED LIKE HOLY SHIT. the mindscape is like the best and coolest example of unreliable narrator. but honestly? the most exciting thing to me about that is that tells us so much more because it’s an unreliable narrator. 

okay ANyway. MOVING TO THE POINT: here’s how im gonna lay this out. we’ll talk about his dad in the mindscape first, what’s mentioned about his mother there, and then swing it back round to that vlog! im also gonna put all this under a cut bc it’s like 3K.

let’s go!

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‪"To the bone" trailer (also the new movie “feed”) ruined my night yesterday I was out here pacing and cryinnnn ngl. I’m not the gal to be this sensitive over a movie/show but hear me out. If this gets publicity like 13rw. I’m OUT. this ones way more backwards like if u care about people with EDS DONT PULL THIS SHIT (-: simple omg.

(Fully aware that some of the actors and the director have a past with an ed, and do amazing charity work) I’m not criticising lily or Keanu AT ALL, I appreciate her background with an ed.l and I think she’s so brave for it)

yes mental health should be talked about, but it’s like, that doesn’t take away from the character ygm? It’s a fiction film and the scenes of the trailer are taking the piss, there awful (triggering to the point of a relapse). It stigmatises mental illness, and 100% glamourises it. Her character is sassy, pretty and beautifully tragic, in a romantic way? get it taken down or im outta this joint /:‬

“I wish I had that problem” you wouldn’t wish for cancer or other life ending illnesses !!!

‪"it’s like you have calorie aspergers" *fist pumps* Get Away ya fool, they were celebrating??? when I was like 13 I would have watched it and get “tips"and shit. ‬I would have admired her character and thought of her as beautifully tragic. just based on the 2 minute trailer, it doesn’t show the ugly side of an ed.

‪nah im actually fuming with this ngl.‬
‪it’s the production and choice of character really. her, being someone i imagine i’d watch (when I was younger) n think woah i wish i could be like her. It already looks very cookie cutter, stereotypical girl with an eating disorder, who’s too skinny, counts all her calories, looks a certain way, and denies everything. “You look like a ghost”.

To an extent, that’s very real, but that’s not how all eds are at all. Even the name suggests you have to look a certain way to have an ed. a healthy looking body doesn’t equal a healthy mind (eating disorders are a mental illness not a physical one.) ‬

‪ppl may see this as taking it too seriously, but 1 in 4 ppl die with this illness. And the trailer alone promotes the wrong ideas. The dealt by makeup and close up of her bones rllllyyyy is just a criteria to who and who doesn’t have anorexia… :/ it makes a lot of us feel so invalid bc we didn’t look that sick at our lowest. It also makes someone struggling think “I’m not sick enough yet bc I don’t look as thin as her, so I don’t need help rn” ‬
Kinda reminds me of Cassie from skins: “I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely” that saids the COMPLETE wrong message to susceptible young people.

WHAT is comical about eating disorders. all the people saying we can’t step on eggshells around EDs is bullshit because humans are inherently vulnerable and respond to role models thus a show portraying a beautiful witty teen with an ED will never be ok

(Also I ain’t the only one who feels this way about the trailer at all)
Weight is simply a side effect of an eating disorder, but so is comparison. Maybe you were never tubed or forced into treatment or underweight. But it doesn’t make u less valid.

‪I’m still on the fence about this show, but I rlly admire lily and everyone for it. Just already have some issues with the way it’s been constructed. even tho it may help the minority of sufferers to have an idol etc, it still has its hung ups.‬ it would be amazing if it helped someone recover (as it’s a happy ending) it’s it’s cool to be proud of the context of the movie, but it promotes toxic actions and behaviours and 100% glamourises an ed, no doubt about it.

I’m sick to death of eds being portrayed in a glamorous light, or shown to be a phase/ problem that a little therapy can fix. To all vulnerable and impressionable audiences of the film, I fucking hope it doesn’t have a bad influence on ya bb

“To the bone” will be another middle class white girl who has anorexia and becomes skinny but makes some miraculous recovery. It will add nothing new to the eating disorder discussion and yet again, ignores OSFED. Anorexia is the most talked about and the most represented. There are countless movies and documentaries on it already with side characters having other types of eating disorders. For once I’d just like a movie that has an overweight/healthy weight person who has been starving and gets the help they need.

It make sufferers who are perhaps not as underweight (or who are unable to see themselves as that underweight) consequently see these underweight scenes and feel that they cannot seek help because they aren’t “thin enough” or “bad enough”.
Just thinking of the millions of young people who will watch it on Netflix KILLS ME inside. The show will make people without an ed think that that’s the reality of EDs, and not take certain people seriously. I hope they at least portray the loneliness/ brutality of an ed, if not the ugliness. :/
This show will 100% trigger someone into a relapse, that may/ will kill them. when it airs in a week, and ur in recovery pls be careful.

‪I called Netflix to let em kno.‬ it’s a free call too.
‪if u don’t agree, leave it be, just don’t make it cinematic ukno. stressed tf out. sigh. ‬

My review of BatB (2017): part two

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Here are a few other changes I didn’t like:

1. The prologue was a complete MESS. How could they screw this up?? The animated film did it perfectly, so why not keep that the same? You don’t appreciate the beginning - the “once upon a time” bits - because there’s just too much going on.

2. The film is too fast paced. The story doesn’t move naturally like the animated version did. Everything here happens so fast … and before you know it something else is happening on screen that I almost forget what happened in the previous scene. It’s like they wanted to jam as much as possible into this “remake”. I felt very overwhelmed tbh.

3. I’ve already talked about how underwhelming Belle’s costumes are here (all thanks to Emma Watson), but I honestly wasn’t a big fan of most of the other costumes either. Nothing really stood out enough for me to remember later on. Same with most of the set designs. I think it’s because I don’t like the color palette of the film. Everything was either really bland and boring or it was just too over the top and tacky (too much gold/beige) for my liking. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette did a great job in the costumes and set designs department. I would have wanted to see BatB do the Rococo era that way instead. With more pastels and bright colors. There are some exceptions though - I liked Gaston’s clothes, the prince’s/beast’s formal wardrobe were great. Audra and Gugu had very nice costumes too, but we don’t see enough of them to enjoy the glamour. Some parts of the castle were beautiful, but I also think I’ve seen better (example: La Belle et La Bete).

4. The CGI is a kinda … too much. It’s not very pleasant to look and there’s A LOT OF IT. The character designs for everyone under the spell are bad imo. The castle staff didn’t translate well from animation to live-action. And I don’t like the Beast’s design either … he looks too human-like to me. He needed to be more scary looking, more intimidating.

5. Was it really necessary to make the story about Belle’s mother so tragic? I mean, REALLY?? Also, I felt very little warmth between Belle and her father. I didn’t feel like there was a genuine bond between them.

6. I know this is gonna sound mean, but I liked the Beast more when he was illiterate. In this version he comes across somewhat pretentious to me. I didn’t like how judgmental he became when Belle told him her favorite book was Romeo & Juliet. I hated the way they handled the library scene here. It wasn’t nearly as cute or sweet as the animated film did it.

I’ve already talked about Emma’s singing (and how unimpressive it is), but I have to admit everyone else sang well enough. Audra is fabulous, of course. Both Luke Evans and Dan Stevens did a good job with their songs (especially Luke). I still prefer Angela Lansbury over Emma Thompson, though. I still think they should have cast proper singers in all the roles.

Other people have complained this movie isn’t a remake, but is actually more of a reenactment. And I agree. Cinderella (2015) did stay true to the 1950 animated film - it had the same charm and essence of the original - but it also expanded on the story/characters and made a few changes that refreshed it for audiences. The BatB is almost a shot-by-shot kind of remake … which seemed like a missed opportunity imo. I understand that they probably felt pressure to stay faithful to the animated classic, but this went too far. Where the 1991 BatB was romantic, exciting and entertaining, this new version just falls flat by comparison.

Dammit, I didn’t even like Eyewitness very much and yet I find myself contemplating writing fic for it. It was just … all hurt, no comfort. That drives me bonkers. We don’t even get to see Philip get a God damned hug after being rescued at the end. That one-month time skip at the end was such bullshit, like … there must have been so much that happened in that month, it was arguably more important than the preceding month, and yet….

Things that need fics:

  • Philip getting five hundred hugs. Just throwing that out there despite how obviously it is needed.
  • Lukas acknowledging that he was a shitty boyfriend, and that the fact that he was dealing with PTSD and homophobia does not excuse the way he was treating Philip. He did make up for it a little, but it would be nice if they actually talked about it, if we got to see him actually coming out to people instead of just saying in their very last scene together that they should go to a party where he might kiss Philip in front of everyone.
  • Philip talking to Gabe about the fact that Helen doesn’t care about having him in the family, because I’m sorry, she doesn’t. She’s really only doing it because Gabe wants to do it. Philip being a part of their family is only important to her because it makes Gabe happy, not because it makes Philip happy. Gabe’s clearly aware of this on some level (he does some next-level-petty shit when Helen’s out of line, and it’s kind of hilarious) but he doesn’t seem to realize that Philip is aware of it, and that Philip really, genuinely deserves better.
  • The time skip really burns me most because we don’t get to see Philip deal with the death of his mother, which, hello, that is enormous. The guilt issues are going to be horrific. I want to see a fic where he’s grieving, where he lashes out at Lukas because if they had come forward to begin with, it wouldn’t have happened, where he blames himself and Lukas for her death.
  • That one is a little tricky because, to be honest, there’s no good solution. Philip is right. Because of their inability/unwillingness to come forward, like 6 more people died and a freakin dog. One of those people was his mother. That’s something that’s going to take literal years of therapy to deal with.
  • Which I could guess maybe be why they glossed over it, but still. How is he going to date Lukas, knowing that if Lukas hadn’t been so afraid of everyone knowing he was gay, his mother would still be alive?
  • That being said, I really wished they had done more with the relationship between Lukas and his father. There are really obvious implications that his father is physically abusive - he’s perpetually talking about how his father’s going to be upset, his father’s going to flip out - and that scene where Lukas’ father throws and breaks the glass, and Lukas flinches away, all but confirm it. But they don’t do anything with it. Lukas’ final scene with his dad is his dad saying “I love you so much” with zero acknowledgement of the fact that Lukas should probably be in foster care just as much as Philip is.
  • but also I can’t believe the series ended with Lukas saying he had a dream about kissing Philip in front of everyone instead of, you know, actually doing it

Way of Kings SPOILERS (I guess, sorta, maybe, idk; but I thought I should label it as such just in case someone thought it was a spoiler)

So I’m rereading WoK in preparation for Oathbringers release, just like a bunch of other people. I’m sure many others are experiencing this as well, but I am finding everything much more emotional this time around. I wanted to talk about one scene in particular… To be specific, the first time I was brought to actual tears because of Kaladin Stormblessed, both on my first read and now this reread (which, sadly, is only my second time thru the book).

I’m talking about Kaladin’s spear kata in Chapter 27 (Chasm Duty). This scene hit me right in the gut. Sanderson’s brilliant writing perfectly captured the comfort and security one can find in the mundane movements of training. While I am by no means an expert in martial arts or weapons, I do have some knowledge; I have felt the comfort and security that Kaladin experiences when he picks up that spear and goes thru the motions.

I know all dojos are different, but they should all be safe places; whenever I go to my dojo, I know I can count on my superiors to push me when I need to be pushed, and support me when I need support. There have been days I’ve showed up for training and ended up crying because I was so stressed out over normal life; in those times there was always a Black Belt who sat with me, listened to me, and made sure I was ok before allowing me to continue with training. On the other hand, I’ve had days when I spent the entire class working in a corner on ¼ of a kata by myself because I had hit a mental wall. While it was monotonous, the constant practice over and over and over and over again instilled in my brain a connection between kata and the safe people and atmosphere at my dojo.

Because of that, karate is very special to me. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, it is competitive. Yes, it can be deadly. But because of the people and the sweat (and yes, blood and tears), I have experienced there, the entire art of karate is very soothing and therapeutic to me.

And this is why Kaladin’s connection with that spear kata and how it impacts him in the chasm affects me so strongly. Because, while I haven’t gone thru anything nearly as awful as Kaladin did, I know exactly how centering and reassuring it is to take a deep breath and do a kata in the midst of everything that’s going wrong in life. And that is why Kal’s first spear kata (although there are plenty of other very emotionally raw scenes), is the first time I cried because of Kaladin.

I honestly don’t know if i explained it well, but I wanted to express how much that scene impacted me. And this is why I love Brandon Sanderson’s writing.

I am a little divided with people’s opinion about the last scene of this chapter but only for a reason:

People talk as if Yuuki was human, obviously a human being would suffer over being bitten in all places, how much did this hurt Yuuki? Was her face full of pain? Her blushing kind of contradict this, the truth is that it is kind of hard to say, even more without a proper translation, if this really hurted Yuuki, definitely Zero should’ve treated her more kindly and that was a mistake even though he could’ve been driven by desire and never by wanting to hurt Yuuki because of any of her actions, and if he didn’t really hurt her seriously people are overreacting and forgeting the context and the fact that they are vampires not humans. One thing that really baffles me is people trying to compare Zero to Kaname with this, that I disagree one hundred percent, Kaname took advantage to punish Yuuki, as Yuuki said he would, by biting her and draining her when she was injured and in need of blood because he was jealous of her desire for Zero, after all the only good thing she did was not biting him, can you see the difference in here? That scene didn’t put me off only because he bit her a lot, she didn’t even complain about it, it was because he was draining her in a moment of need, the purpose behind his actions was what put me off, he was making her pay for wanting someone else, he was perfectly aware that she needed blood yet he chose to keep draining her more, his actions were driven by his selfish needs. As far as the few translations we have, Zero was trying to please Yuuki, doing what she wanted him to do.

I would say that people really need to wait for translations before making these harsh assumptions.

When I read that Christoffer is overrated, I don’t know if I should be sad or laugh, because he’s not, guys, really.
The demonstration it’s the hate ¾ of the skamily (what a beautiful fam) give him for a 5 sec scene and five video on Eva’s ig. What, seriously?
What we know about him? Barely nothing and it’s sad that we will never have and we never had something more about him.
The fact that Herman is one the most popular on socials, make me just think that most of the people like him because his good looking and talk shit about a character they don’t respect. Everyone is “from skam I learned to accept others”, “don’t judge” or other noble things that —hypocritically— they don’t show on real life, starting from saying bad thing about a fictional character they don’t know nothing about to only god know what.
And like him there are others, like Chris Berg and Jonas, for example, who were all there since season 1 and had just a few of scenes and dialogues.
I’m not saying everyone have to like every character, bc it’s not how it works, but, at least, should just let people be happy with their preferences without write hurtful words against them.
Do you know that in a interview, Herman admitted that usually people tend to treat him like he’s the character he plays? And it’s not nice have to prove that you’re not an asshole and you know how to interact with people without being a “fuckboy” (this thanks to the mostly absent development of his role). And the same is for others, because it’s too common think about the actor and the character as the same person.