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i was…trying to find some things i could do in the area to connect with other queer people today.  cause like…i was feeling really lonely and hopeless in terms of finding a potential s.o. and i thought maybe i should take some initiative and start looking for people

but like….everything is labeled as ‘lesbian meet up groups.’  and…and i’m not a lesbian.  i’m definitely sapphic/wlw, i definitely have a preference for female-identifying people, but i don’t identify as a lesbian.  I’ve done a lot of soul searching on that and i know my attractions are heavily preferenced but not exclusive.

so on that note…

am I allowed in a space labeled ‘for lesbians?’  i feel shut out just because of that word.  even if i am allowed, am i going to feel at all comfortable or accepted there?  I haven’t come across this myself but i’ve had friends who have been harassed for biphobia and panphobia and acephobia and i’m like…scared.  i’m scared to try and enter something labeled ‘for lesbians’ because……..i don’t know if it’s a place i’m allowed to enter, either by the space’s rules or just the group’s norms and notions.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: The final battle between Azula and Zuko may be simultaneously the most beautiful piece of animation ever made and the most beautiful fight choreography ever produced, in addition to which the soundtrack for the battle is so spine-tinglingly good that it deserves an award all to its own and I know it’s like eight years down the line but seriously people should still be talking about it why aren’t we making more media for youth which is this high in quality? 

One of my pet peeves is people on this website reblogging that one image of the space shuttle Columbia breaking up during re-entry to their “aesthetic” blogs, like…um….

Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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but what if Vax’s whole Fate Touched gig isn’t directly related to his own actions but rather how he holds his family together

I am three months to twenty-three, daydreaming of when I was seventeen. I become obsessed with things I took for granted: bike rides with my sisters and the fine luxury of a backyard. I should have talked to more people in school. I should have written more, taken more pictures. Here: here is me out to breakfast with my dad. We’re at the diner, New Jersey bagels with taylor ham and cheese, and I paid the bill with babysitting money. Here: here are my best friends sitting with me on the kitchen floor. The dining room table is overrated and much too far from the fridge. In this picture, school is out for spring break and none of us quite know where we’re going yet. I should have absorbed every summer sun; said to myself, I am fifteen and survived my parents’ divorce. – I am sixteen and in love with a boy too good for me – I am seventeen and
 I am seventeen.
 And things won’t last, but they shouldn’t. That’s why they’re special. That’s why they’re worth saving.
 I am three months to twenty-three, and I promise to do more.
—  Schuyler Peck, Twenty-Three


✨Debuted in 2008, oldest member was 18, youngest was 14 (not korean age)
✨Known to be a secret project so there were no rumours or public appearances before debut yet they became extremely popular with their debut song and brought ‘skinny jeans’ to men in the fashion world
✨They received their first win less than 4 months after debut along with an official Fanclub name, the same year they received newcomer awards grand slam and there were tons of other groups that were nominees.

✨Tough, sexy concepts were trendy but they made a cb with a completely opposite concept (Juliette), at the same time as their comeback stage they were nominated as first place along with suju & davichi, SHINee won.
✨Ring Ding dong is still picked as a 'song you shouldn’t listen to for year 12 final exams’ bc it’s so addicting, the song also achieved triple crowns, a fake SHINee group was created in Cambodia after the song was released.

✨Lucifer was released and it still remains to be well known today, the 'buffering dance’ was also famous. They held their first ever concert 2 years after debut, at the time it was going to be held at the 88 Gymnasium but people complained that the venue was too small so it was changed to the Olympic gymnasium, they also had a solo concert in Japan (before their Japanese debut) and all tickets were sold out.

✨Debuted in Japan and basically killed the charts, they set the best record out of all loop groups. The number of albums they sold was incredible to the point where the Japanese records association gave recognition to SHINee’s album as a golden album.
✨They performed at London’s last square, for the first time their website went down from the crowded ticket reservation system.

✨Sherlock was released in Korea after 1year&6months even after the long period of no cb THEY still managed to win triple crowns along with giving the public/Kpop world a huge impact with their choreography and vocals.
✨Japanese arena tours happened, along with continuous tours around Asia

✨MoY, MoM, MoU became another success
✨Their mr removed performance of everybody became a hot topic as their live skills were perfect even from the tough choreography,
✨Received a daesang award
✨The only group that won 3 awards each at Seoul music awards and golden disk awards

✨Taemin became one of the very first sm artists to release a solo album his album Ace made it to 2nd place in Bilboard world album charts
✨Short SHINee world tour
✨SHINee fandom in Japan grew bigger with their album releases

✨Performed at Tokyo dome for the first time, gathering 100 000 fans.
✨Jonghyun’s first solo album became the first ever album in Korea to chart no.1 on Billboard world album charts
✨Their comeback 'Odd’ brought a trend of contact lenses and wide pants to other idol groups and the public. They became the first group in Korea that released a song in the deep house genre, married to the music also showed good results

✨For the first time after GD’s 'Heartbreaker,’ Taemin became first (high quality artist) in 'Male solos’ His prerecordings gathered many fans, up to 1000
✨Jonghyun’s solo album received a compliment about musical quality from Billboard
✨1of1, which many people call a 'failure’ wasn’t a failure they became the first idols to attempt a full 90s concept, from music video to clothes and their widened vocal range was shown through Tell Me What To Do, in addition, 1of1 member parts were divided almost equally which gave a strong indication of all members’ strong vocals
✨In terms of awards (the main ones): Newcomer Award in 2008 AT GDA and SMA Popularity award from 2009 to 2015 at GDA (2014 was Taemin)
Popularity award in 2010, 2012-2015 at SMA
✨not a single member has left the group and there has been no changes

SHINee rules.
-The End-

✨SHINee world fandom made 'cannon cameras’ trendy amongst fandoms
✨'let’s walk on a flower path’ became trendy after SHINee world made it a fan event banner at SWC4
✨Only idols that have received both the prime minister’s award + ministry of culture award

-janel tricia-


What I love so much about this ep was how they started with “whats the point of telling someone how you feel if you’ll just get shot down” it’s such a relatable feeling and by the end he gets his answer. This scene just did such a great job of showing both sides of this situation and the emotions that built up over four years and how much each felt better by finally being able to say what was on each others minds all along. Madrame might not have gotten the answer he wanted but he got the answer he needed and now never has to wonder what if again and got his answer that there was nothing wrong with him and just a roll of the dice that the outcomes ended as they did and can move on a lot more confident then he started.

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Damn, I've been listening to Chanel for about 2 hours on repeat and i'm on the verge of tears. Validation feels so fantastic when I see bisexual erasure on a daily basis. Bisexuals don't get represented that frequently (along with so many other beautiful terms of LGBTQ+) and it's so great that a famous male of color validate us lil Baby Bi's. Jesus. God Bless Frank Ocean.

i got emotional too! i don’t think he realizes just how much validation he gave the Bis. more bisexual artists talking about bisexuality 2k17 please! more people should feel confident and proud enough to wanna rep that and talk about how unique and queer it is because i feel like bisexuality is so damn cool and i wish other Bis saw that too.

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Favorite underrated books?

I’m not sure what counts as “underrated” from what I read since most are classics & are known well enough in literary circles… but here’s some that I still think more people should read/talk about:

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac
Henry and June by Anais Nin
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
The Waves by Virginia Woolf
The Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky 
The Blue Octavo Notebooks by Franz Kafka

  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING