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So after seeing Wonder Woman (twice) and hearing her delight over the baby, I had a thought.

Diana probably didn’t get very close with people as she never ages and having good friends, that could be a problem as they 1) would see that they grow old while she does not and 2) because she would lose friends over and over due to the cycle of life.

So imagine her delight when Batman brings his young ward around.

He is small for a child of his age, but he is eager and energetic.

And Diana adores him.

She is the one who wants to play with him, she’ll play robin while he pretends to be batman during important league meetings.

Dick will fall asleep curled up in her lap.

She loves this little boy because she never got to be so close with one.

Then Jason comes around and he’s a different kind of baby.

To her, he is sweet, and she loves it. He is not as excitable and happy as the first child, but he is kind and gentle and he makes her a flower crown that she will wear into battle.

They don’t play batman and robin, they play batman and the robber, and she plays whatever he wants her to.

She is heartbroken when she learns this sweet baby has died.

She had never known a baby to die so young, at least not one she knew so personally.

Over the next few years she watches Bruce become the shell of the man he was, and she understands, even when no one else does.

Then comes Tim, and though she misses Jason, this boy is different still.

He is smart, and cunning, and he wants her to train him. He wants her to come at him with her sword.

She obliges, and teaches him well.

And his smile when he wins is all the reward she could ever have wanted.

This baby is good. He is smart, and he only wants his love reciprocated. And she does love him, in a way that’s all his own.

When he is gone, so is Bruce.

The next baby is not so kind or sweet, nor is he happy or loving. He is angry and rude.

But the happy baby is trying his hardest, and Diana believes his smile could charm the world.

Eventually, he learns manners and becomes a good baby, even if he is still a little angry. Diana bestows upon him a flower crown. He wears it, though not into battle. He even thanks her for it.

When the sweet baby is alive again, she makes one for him too, and shows him the one she kept pressed in a book.

Lesson n°1 : How to keep up a straight image while having never actually been with a boy or been interested in one by Camila Cabello

So I rewatched the Power 106 FM interview and there’s a few moments that are very revealing on how Camila manage to go along the “straight image” game while at the same time never lying about her actual personal life and the fact that its boy free and actually full of Lauren (theory, don’t get all up my ass please).

Okay the first time boys are brought up in the interview is when they talk about whether or not Sinu is meddling in her love life. Of course the interviewer jump straight into the heteronormative ship (no pun intended) and brings up “friend’s sons” and whatnot. Camila’s response is pretty clear, Mama is out the door, when the person she has a crush on is in the room.

Next stop, the other interviewer, a girl, brings up her own experience at being set up with boys by her mom. Camila comments on it and when she talks about the situation she has a certain gesture :

She points to the girl when she says “with him”, like bitch let’s be clear I’m talking about your story, not mine.

Camila keeps the game up by saying that the “boy situation” is the sahara desert at the moment, no lies there. (p.s : I think that desert is gonna stay empty her whole life)

Also what’s up with that little tilting of the head Camila? Is there something funny? Do you know something they don’t by any chance?

Back to Sinu and how she would discover everything about Camila’s relationship with a boy through her album :

And of course the now iconic Gaymila response :

Another interesting fact is that Camila says right after that Sinu “knew” that she was going through a hard time - might the reason be because Sinu has been on tour with Camila and Lauren for the past 4 years, and that she had a front row seat to witness their relationship? Just a theory.

More boy talk follows (how boring) and the interviewer is still using “him” and “boy” in every sentence - they talk about crushes, and again Camila never specify the gender of these crushes.


The only time she directly mentions liking boys is when she’s talking about her childhood, and obviously most kids think they’re straight before anything else.

Again after that the interviewer asks what she’s looking for in a “boy” - Camila never once use a masculine pronoun in her answer, it’s always gender neutral.

She never once used the words “boy” or “guy” directly or use a masculine pronoun - it’s always the interviewer who brings out those words and all Camila does is go along with it, and just like that she fits into the straight box that people put her in (it apparently never occurred to him that she could possibly like girls - fucking heteronormativity) without having to lie or reveal personal detail about her relationship and who that relationship was with. Smart girl Camila, smart girl.

ML ANGST IDEA: Just like him

Gabriel Agreste is revealed to be Hawkmoth. Ladybug and Chat noir finally defeat him and he is arrested. Paris was shocked by the reveal, but was happy that hawkmoth was no more.

Adrien’s life was a cyclone of events after that. His Dad was in prison, his mom was still missing. Nathalie was his legal guardian, and his Dad’s company was being run by the board of directors until Adrien was of Age.

People started treating Adrien different, he could feel people treat him different. A lot of fake smiles, and nods. Photographers wanted to use Adrien as a model a lot less. Fan girls of his started trickling down. This part didnt bother Adrien that much, he never cared for that. But the way people treated him at school was different. Chloé was distant (One of the few blessings) saying that it might not look good being seen with Adrien right now, some of his classmates avoided talking to him. Kim teasing him about his Dad being a villain. Alya constantly questioning him about it (for the blog). The only two people who didnt act any different towards him were Nino and Marinette. Nino was his best friend and that wouldn’t change. Marinette was one of the sweetest people in existence, she could never be mean to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it.

The rest of the world seemed to think that he was the soon to be super villain! That he was some scorned rich kid plotting his revenge. It pissed him off, the fact that his Dad was a villain, the fact that everyone treated him coldly, the fact that he now lost both of his parents.

He began transforming a lot more. Chat noir was on the prowl every night. He would watch over the city. It was something to take his mind off of everything.

One Night Ladybug showed up to join him.

“There aren’t anymore Akumas Chat, we can relax.” Ladybug eased the cat hero. The two were standing on a rooftop in the middle of the night.

“I kind of wish there were…” Chat muttered under his breath. The night air suddenly felt much colder on the roof.

Unfortunately for the cat hero, Ladybug heard him.

“Don’t even joke about that. Without the akuma, the people are in a lot less danger. Paris is a lot better off without Hawkmoth.” Ladybug spoke.

“Is Adrien Agreste better off?” 

Chat noir didn’t even realized those words shot out of his mouth. The sharpness of the question pierced Ladybug right through the heart. How did Chat noir know about Adrien? Well it isn’t like Adrien isn’t a random kid, he was the son of the Fashion Tycoon turned super villain Gabriel Agreste. 

“Chat noir…”

“I can’t sleep anymore Ladybug.” Chat noir interrupted, which really didnt mean much as Ladybug was still at a loss for words.

Ladybug stood in silence as she waited for him to continue.

“I havent slept since the night before we captured him. I remember how ecstatic I was when we finally caught him. But when I saw his face… his real face. He had a son, Ladybug. He was the only parent left in Adrien’s life, and we just took him a way. I handed him over to the police…” Chat noir was on the brink of tears.

Ladybug hugged him from behind, tears slowly leaving her eyes to trickle down her cheeks.

“I never once realized any of this. But it isn’t your fault Chat, we were just doing our jobs. Adrien doesn’t deserve to lose his father over our actions. But Hawkmoth deserved to go to prison for his crimes. Sometimes being a hero means we have to make tough decisions. Deep down, I am sure Adrien doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

The night grew quiet once again as Ladybugs words reached Chat noir’s ears. For a moment, nothing but silence. But then, Chat noir started to laugh. Ladybug released her hug and backed up as she watched Chat noir cover his eyes as he laughed, tears streaming down his face.

“Chat?” Ladybug questioned nervously.

She watched stunned as he instantly stopped laughing and undid his transformation right in front of her, revealing the crying blonde rich kid that missed his father.

“But I do Ladybug.”


Continuation here

jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type

Remember how Allura saved all those people on the Balmera? The people she’d never met before? Like, she could have given up when the ladder broke or even before that but she was so determined to save them. She didn’t want another planet (Is the Balmera technically still a planet?) to needlessly die like hers did. She lost her people, her culture, everything but Coran and the mice.

She could have died saving the Balmera? And she was totally okay with that? As long as the Balmera and the Balmerans got to live.

I think about that a lot because I love her. She’s lost so much, but she doesn’t give up. It’d be so easy for her to give in to defeat, but she doesn’t let that get to her. She’s willing to go above and beyond.

One of the things I love about the good place is how Tahani and Chidi exemplify the idea that judging someone solely based on action or solely based on intent both fail. 

Chidi always has good intentions.  He spent his life studying ethics and how to be a good person, but in his actual life, the actions he took with respect to the people around him ended up hurting and alienating the people he cared about the most.  He only ever had good intent, but his actions were still harmful.  Tahani, on the other hand, raised billions of dollars for charity.  By all rights, she was a great person!  Except that her intent was never about the people she was helping.  She only did charity events to upstage her sister and win approval from her parents, and all she actually cared about was her public image.  Even the last thing she did before her death was skipping a charity event she was supposed to be helping with, potentially losing out on a lot of money that could have helped a lot of people, so that she could go be mad at her sister.  We also never learn what nonprofits she helped with, and how much impact any of them actually had.  There are plenty of nonprofits in the world that don’t actually help anyone, or even cause more harm than good with misguided attempts at “helping,” and it’s entirely possible that some of Tahani’s charitable ventures could have ended up on that end of the charity spectrum, since it’s clear that helping people was never her real motivation.  Tahani ostensibly had good actions, but it’s entirely possible that her selfish showboating ended up causing more harm than we know.

When it comes to being a good person, intent and action are both important.  People who don’t care about anyone but themselves are likely to cause harm in their personal lives, but at the same time, people who care deeply about doing good but only in a broad, philosophical sense, can also do a lot of harm to the people around them.  This show is so great, and I love it.

Get Together

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Dick Grayson x Platonic!Reader, Jason Todd x Reader

Request:Hi, can I request a fic where the reader is one of Dick Grayson’s closest friends that he’s known for a long time. And then he just recently introduced her to his brothers, Wally and etc and she’s almost the complete opposite of Jason (she’s shy, not adventurous, sensitive) but somehow they all seem to think she should be with Jason so they try to set them up but keep failing but it finally works and they see this new side of Jason that she brings out?

Word Count: 1166

It had been about three months since you met all of Dicks’ brothers and Wally from the team. You were excited when he told you that you finally were going to meet everyone but no matter how much you were excited, you were still your shy self. Y/n always tended to become shy when meeting new people, never knowing if she could fully trust them even when she knew who they were and what they did. It had taken her a little over a month to come out of her shell in front of everyone.

As time went by you got closer to them, spending most of your free-time with everyone. You were a computer genesis; it was easy for you to hack into anywhere no matter how strong the firewall was. When all the boys learned of this, they quickly asked you to help them out from time to time. Occasionally, Damian would ask you to randomly hack someone or to see if you could get him a certain video game for free; at first you were hesitant but now you had no problem with doing it in a heartbeat. Y/n soon realized that breaking the law from time to time was quite fun but found herself only doing it in spurts; becoming afraid that one day she would slip up and get caught.

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When we cast Kaitlin she brought so much to it in the first season that we were able to figure it out, and figure out what was funny about her. I have to give her a tremendous amount of credit because she really pushed us.

Glenn Howerton (cinemablend)

on developing the character of Dee

Homecoming: Part 1

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian really misses his feisty mate.

(Post-bonding. Post-ACOWAR.)

A/N: Because y’all know this precious overgrown bat baby would straight up sulk (like whine-at-the-door-and-paw-at-it sulk) if Nesta was gone for too long.

Go to: Part 2 , Part 3 

Read it on AO3

He missed her.

That was all. He missed her.

“So write her a godsdamn letter,” said Azriel, dancing along the edge of the sparring ring. He’d been on the receiving end of Cassian’s fists all morning and had yet to be reprieved. “It’s only been a week, Cas. We’re all getting tired of your moping.”

“Who says I’m moping?”  

“Everyone,” his brothers said in unison.

Cassian turned to scowl at Rhys, who had been sharpening his sword on a nearby bench. “Yes, everyone,” he added smugly. “Feyre, Amren, Elain…”


Azriel smirked. “The actual word she used was ‘cranky.’”  

“I am not cranky.”  

“An understatement if there ever was one,” Rhys drawled. “I think what sweet Elain actually meant was: insufferable ass.”

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A shot to the heart, so she could never break his.

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Y/N was quiet. She floated between classes. Hoping to get lost in the masses of people. Longed to remain invisible. Impossible. She was a shining star to Tate. She was everything good in the world. Innocent. Pure. All air and light.

He wanted to talk to her. Maybe take her out on a date. Touch her soft skin. He wanted to do everything a teenage boy would want to do, with her. Sometimes he’d lay awake, thinking about it. But, he lacked the courage to talk to her.

Until he walked through the school doors with a loaded gun.

She was his first victim.

He stared into her deep amber eyes as he cocked the gun.

“I only kill people that I like.”

Pow. A shot to the heart. So she could never break his.

“Coronation” Part Fourteen

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, panic attack, name calling 

Word Count: 1034

A/N: We are closing in on the end. Requests will be opened shortly. If you want to be moved from the series tags to the permanent tags just send me an ask.

Coronation Series

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James took a staggered breath. The bright lights of the hospital room abused his pupils. He noticed there was a darkness in the room, like a heavy sword dangling, just waiting to fall. He was missing something. He knew it, he could feel it. The emptiness resided in a place he once knew, but now could not figure out.

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anonymous asked:

Do only certain members of the crew get called out sometimes? If so, what's the usual reaction upon returning home?

“Just Indy. But then she ain’t goin’ out to fight without us or anything, she’s just the only one of us who can see the things she does. People want her for that.  I never knew her before she could do it, but I’d say she’s still gettin’ used to the whole ‘psychic’ thing.”

“A’course, when she comes home I’m always totally cool and not at all weird.” -BTDD

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

When Violet said she represents the past, present, and future of drag I SCREAMED because it’s so true. Like whoever told her that or wherever she dreamed that it’s insane because I truly do see her as the perfect example of what drag once was and what it’s potential is in modern society.

Thank you guys!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support on my previous post about my hair!! I got so many messages and I’m grateful to have such a sweet community here!! You all didn’t have to, but you sent me uplifting messages anyway..!!! I couldn’t ask for anything better ;w;)// 

Elthina: My, my, such a terrible commotion!

Elthina leaves the Chantry only twice in the entire game. Once is to berate Sebastian, and as the scene is part of his DLC is not ‘the game’ proper. The second is here. If you only have the base Dragon Age 2 game, this is the only time you will see her step outside Chantry walls. Thus, this is the only opportunity to see her ply the trade that made her famous: diplomacy.

Elthina fucked up badly during the Qunari uprising, largely because she refused to leave the Chantry. The Chantry deliberately provoked the Qunari, yes, but Elthina could hardly have wanted events to play out as they did. Hawke was the only person to come out of that mess looking good. Where Elthina went wrong was a failure to know her enemy. What she thought was the conflict just starting to ramp up was actually the Arishok reaching breaking point. Had she gone to the compound herself, she might have realised this. Certainly Hawke could have told her – did try to tell her, but gave up when Elthina just kept claiming she would intervene ‘when it was time’.

This is different, though. Here, Elthina is fighting on her home turf. She has known these people most of their lives, and she is the direct superior of both. It’s in her power to manage this situation in any way she sees fit, so it’s interesting to see what she chooses.

I think we see here a clever and able politician – but one with no morals at all.

Meredith: This mage incites rebellion, Your Grace. I am dealing with the matter.

Elthina: Ah, Orsino. So frustrated. Do you think this is truly wise?

Orsino: I … no, Your Grace.

This is vicious. This isn’t just shutting Orsino up today, it’s effectively ruining any further efforts in this line. Orsino has adopted a very careful and deliberate tactic here: he is being ‘the good mage’. His position, by default, is awful: he is both an elf and a mage, and thus simultaneously a member of two of the most hated groups in Thedas. Getting a group of Chantry-going noble humans to listen to him is always going to be an uphill battle.

Thus, his strategy. Despite the desperation of the mages, Orsino is well-dressed, well-spoken and extremely confident in public. He has been addressing the crowd, not about Meredith’s crimes in the Circle, but about the crimes she is committing against Kirkwall’s citizens. The whole point is that he is wise. He is intelligent and well informed. He is telling the people of Kirkwall ‘what is really happening’.

In posing her question, Elthina has hamstrung him. He could insist that he does think this is wise, but in doing so he would be setting himself against the Chantry. Against a grand cleric. That would have the whiff of apostasy about it, and make him untrustworthy. Or, as he does here, he can agree with Elthina. He remains the good mage, then, but he can’t very well persist in telling the people of Kirkwall what Meredith really is, or he will again be defying a grand cleric. Without actually saying the words, Elthina has ordered him to shut up, forever, and he’s going to have to start all over again from scratch. Find some other way to bring Meredith down.

Elthina: Of course not. Young men, would you show the first enchanter back to the Circle? Gently, if you please.

Two things are noteworthy here. The first is that Orsino is not simply dismissed, rather he is effectively arrested: the Templars are returning a mage to his proper place in the Circle. He should not, really, be seen in the streets at all.

The second is that Elthina knows the Templars will not be gentle unless she specifically orders them to be. That means that she knows they will not be gentle once they are safely ensconced in the Circle. Templars are not gentle with mages. That is as it should be. But all of this should be occurring in the Gallows, not here. She is asserting both Chantry authority and Chantry propriety.

Meredith: Your Grace! He should be clapped in irons, made an example – !

Meredith, afflicted with red lyrium, is slipping. She doesn’t get it. She has been better at this in the past – an able partner for Grand Cleric Elthina. Her threat to Marlowe Dumar came in the form of a gift:

Meredith’s message was clear: Remember who holds power in Kirkwall. To drive home her point, she present Marlowe with a small carven ivory box at his coronation. The box contained the Threnhold signet ring, misshapen, and crusted with blood. On the inside of the lid were written the words ‘His fate need not be yours’.

World of Thedas II

No shouting in public, no direct threats, and something that the Viscount could not easily bring forth as evidence without revealing himself to be a Chantry puppet. Nice and clean. Just as it should be.

Meredith has been torturing the Kirkwall mages for years. As far as we know, Elthina has never stepped in to protect them. She’s done nothing to stop Meredith from making mages Tranquil, from locking them in their cells, from having her minions beat them or do anything else to them she pleases. Elthina does not care if Meredith has Orsino clapped in irons. She does care that she not announce she is going to do that in public. Do that, and Orsino looks right. The mage can never be allowed to be right, because if he is right then the Chantry is wrong.

Elthina: That’s enough, Meredith. This demeans us all, surely you can see that? Go back to the Gallows and calm down, like a good girl.

Here Elthina is finally forced to address Meredith. She hasn’t wanted to. She hasn’t wanted to diminish Meredith’s power. Meredith has ranted, and Elthina has crushed Orsino in response. But now Orsino is being hauled away, and Meredith is still talking. Since she’s not taking the hint, Elthina has to be blunt.

‘This demeans us all, surely you can see that?’ You can see the plea there. Elthina doesn’t understand what’s happening to Meredith any more than anyone else does. Meredith has always understood. She’s had Kirkwall under her control for more than a decade, and while people could hate her, no one could touch her. She never made these kind of mistakes.

But now Meredith can’t see her ally of many years here. She just sees a threat. Someone who is keeping her from doing the things she wants to do. It takes a battle of wills to get her to go. Nevertheless, unlike Orsino, she is permitted to leave under her own power.

Elthina has successfully reminded the people of Kirkwall of the pecking order: herself at the top, Meredith next, the Templar escort below that – and Orsino, their prisoner, at the bottom.

Elthina: Gentle people of Kirkwall … return to your homes, I implore you. This will not be solved today.

Of course, Elthina has just made damn sure that it won’t be solved today. Now, Meredith is a big problem. Unless you’ve got Zevran waiting behind a pillar with a very sharp knife, it’s probably not something that can be solved in a single day anyway. But Orsino’s purpose here was to spur people to action. To get the nobles to think and to talk. To begin taking the steps necessary to get rid of Meredith and install a true Viscount.

They’re going to need money. And an army. And a candidate. And a plan. They need to get started on this.

Note that Elthina is the only person in the city who benefits entirely from the status quo. The mages, obviously, are suffering terribly. Meredith, increasingly paranoid, needs to remove them and any other perceived threats to her position.

But Elthina? Elthina is exactly where she wants to be. She is managing a city in perpetual crisis. She is claiming to be a voice of reason and moderation. She is using ‘diplomacy’ on those who either have to obey her orders or outright rebel. She is earning unwarranted respect by ‘managing’ this situation. Where Viscount Dumar was stressed by the unrest in his city – because whatever his failings as a leader he did genuinely care – Grand Cleric Elthina is in her element.

This is what she wanted, and failed to get, from the Qunari presence: ongoing tension that would bolster her position and increase her reputation, but which is contained to groups she can control.

So Elthina is sending the nobles home. She does not want them to accomplish anything. She wants to keep things exactly as they are.

In The Last Straw Orsino is attempting to reach the Grand Cleric. She remains, as established here, the greatest power in Kirkwall. Tragically, he still believes his can move her to help him. She’s never going to help him. She’s never going to help anyone in Kirkwall but herself.

It is only the destruction of the Chantry and the death of Elthina that allows Kirkwall to escape.