people sending me shit


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

So, I hadn’t really intended to address the matter but I’m receiving a lot of asks and pm’s about it + it’s in the press here so i might as well just get it out of the way real quickly. 
Two metastases (new tumors created by the main one) have been found in my dad’s liver and it’s shitty but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather not discuss it and while i really am super appreciative of all your support and kindness I would rather not receive asks or stuff about it. I’m finishing up final exams and shit and i just need to focus on the things that i actually have control over (like my grades). 
so thank you all and i hope this answered your questions. 

I just remembered a dream I had like three years ago where me and Billie Joe were sitting on a bench outside this barbecue place and suddenly my phone started lighting up and buzzing because Pennywise, the clown from It, was commenting mean and scary things on all my instagram posts and I started screaming and crying and freaking out and Billie Joe was like “bitch calm down… just block him omfg,,, look I’ll do it for you boop” and he blocked him for me and saved my life


Well I think this will be the last traditional art spam for a while, I usually keep them to myself but I wanted to share these with you guys ^^. Some of them are drafts for the comics, like the drunk Illumi many Hisokas -.-’

i respond to negativity for a few reasons. One, because we already know ignoring bullies does not make them go away or stop. but also because there are thousands of fat girls in the world and like if any fat girl comes across my page I want them to feel Empowered to stand up to weirdos and losers n to know u shouldn’t just take shit AND to know you’re not the only one Getting shit. perhaps you shouldn’t chide me for retaliating and instead direct your anger towards the people sending the bad shit to me in the first place!
SWs are human beings man.

hello tumblr time for a controversial post

1. if ur a (for the lack of a better word) minority, dont be a hypocrite to the majorities.

2. dont fetishize people in general. if u did before but don’t anymore, that’s good that you recognized your mistakes and i thank and am proud of you for changing yourself for the better.


4. not every cisgender heterosexual white man is a fucking asswipe

5a. trans men aren’t always fragile babies with curves. some are strong and and have facial/body hair. if you’re eithr or in between, that’s okay.

5b. trans women aren’t always muscley and hairy. some are dainty and that’s okay if you’re either or in between.

6. if you dress femininely and you’re nonbinary/a trans guy, there’s a high chance someone will call you she by accident. not everyone can assume your pronouns. DONT FUCKING FLIP OUT AT THEM. be reasonable and correct them, chances are they’ll apologize and fix their mistake.

7. if you realize you fucked up, please do NOT guilt trip (consciously or not) or degrade yourself. work on trying to fix it instead of being dramatic. if you can’t help it, that’s fine. just work on finding a way to avoid doing that.

8. ???? just please stop being mean to eachother for petty reasons goddamn

add more if u want bye

fucking leave me alone about the goddamn coping meme already?? i fucked up okay? i made a mistake. i assumed that it originated from the soda post because that was the first place where i saw it. i didnt do it to purposely spread misinformation, i didnt do it for notes, i didnt make up things to boost my own opinion, i just made a fucking mistake. maybe stop fucking attacking me and spamming me for it. im so tired of people constantly sending me shit about it.

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altruisticenigma  asked:

I have been reading your fic about Medic letting his secret slip to Heavy and I adORE IT SO MUCH; I'm a diehard romantic and love imagining waltzing with my partner, I was so inspired after reading it I taught myself simple steps haha; I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Plz write more! :3

Ahhh!!!! thank you very much!!!!!! And i’m currently writing more right now, but im so glad you enjoyed it!!! and omg Waltzing is a lot harder than it looks tbh, im clumsy as all hell and i cant do it lol but all the power to ya!!!! 

also if you havent seen, i did some art for the fic as well!!

also psssst the fic they are talking about is here!

yes-mclennon  asked:

hello marco! love your blog a lot! i don't want to hurt you or anything, but I was looking at that quote you posted about Paul that sometimes say 'we' instead of 'I' and I read a couple of blogs saying that you stole that quote from another blog? is it true? I love your blog and it hurts me to read some blogs saying bad things about you, that's all, answer privately if you want!

hello honey! don’ worry, I’ll answer publicly, so that everyone, included these blogs will read my answer.

I know who you’re talking about, these blogs love to spend their time talking shit about me, quite..everyday? Other people send me messages now and then saying that these blogs write bad stuff about me, saying that I write fake facts, and blocking them wasn’t enough. Now, I even steal quotes from other blogs. I didn’t know about it, you made me notice that they wrote this:

and this:

At first I didn’t want to answer cause it’s like showing them something and I hate it. I never replied in the past, and I believe these people should be ignored, cause they just want to get attention, that’s it, they don’t care about mclennon. They just like to throw shit. It’s their hobby. So, since I’ve been accused to ‘steal’ quotes, I’m going to show you where I took this quote from, just to let these people know that YES, I buy books!! Even if you prefer to believe I don’t. I don’t even get why it sounds so strange to you?

This is my kindle, and as you can see there’s the Mark Lewisohn book “The Beatles: Tune In”. (i don’t even know why i’m doing this it’s so ridiculous lmao)

Do you see it?? I BOUGHT IT!! WOWOWWW

and look at this^ up on the last part of the books, in the notes.

Let’s get it closer, it’s the quote I posted!

My main interest here, on Tumblr, is to share what I read with other people who have the same interests I have, not to be the envious dick who throw shit at other blogs just because I can’t share anything interesting with them.

I suggest these people to spend their time wisely, like actually buying these books, or maybe why not, having fun on this website? Grow up? 

Thanks for letting me know about it honey, but this is the first and last time that I’ll reply. And you know why? Cause I don’t want to waste my precious time with stupid people who like to spend their time writing on their blogs and tags how fake I am and how I like to steal stuff from other blogs, cause that’s the best thing they can do on this website. I’m too busy having fun with lovely and interesting mclennon fans talking and discussing about John and Paul.