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Chat Noir’s Popularity and Ladybug’s Importance

I really don’t understand where the notion that Paris doesn’t like or care about Chat Noir came from. I mean while he obviously isn’t as popular as Ladybug, people seem to appreciate him fine.

At the statue unveiling, Chat was the only one who showed up and not one single person in the entire crowd complained about where Ladybug was. The Mayor wanted her there, but he was fine with going on without her and Theo was reluctant about it because of his crush on her. But overall everyone was excited to see him! Even when Ladybug was absent, and before they revealed the statues, they continued cheering, and they took pictures of him.

I know that this is actually Copycat, but these people don’t. He’s Chat Noir to them and as soon as he enters the room they’re immediately in awe over being so close to the famous hero (the girl on the left even fangirls a little).

Look at how stoked this family is over seeing him. He’s not even doing cool superhero stuff, he’s just walking inside the museum.

When Ladybug arrived this was Nino’s reaction:

When Chat Noir arrived he was like:

This one random and well meaning dude cheering him on in the back.

Honestly no one has ever said anything bad about him, the only person who has even came close to insulting him had been Antibug by implying that he was a “sidekick” once.

However when you’re akumatized you’re not held accountable for your words and actions. And she had specifically said that as a way to persuade Chat to her side, so there’s not really a lot of weight in her words.

So yeah people cheer for Ladybug, but they also have shown to get excited over Chat Noir. It’s just that Ladybug is more popular than him, and it makes complete sense in-universe why she is.

It’s more than that she’s the main character or that she’s in a show where there’s a girl targeted demographic. 

Ladybug is the leader, the one who wins the battles because of the plans she comes up with.

She swooped in and rescued the Mayor’s daughter in front of all of Paris and when everyone was cowering before Hawkmoth, she alone stood up against him and stunned them all by symbolically demolishing the “face of terror.” And then afterwards gave a heroic speech that gave them hope and cemented their trust in both her and Chat Noir. 

Not only can she purify the Akuma victims, but it’s because of her healing powers that she and especially Chat, will never have to worry about collateral damages or facing law suits over them, which probably helps the public be more forgiving towards Akuma victims when there’s no lasting devastation to deal with. This is a pretty common trope in superhero stories like in Captain America: Civil War, the destruction from Man of Steel being the set up for Batman vs Superman, and why the heroes in the Incredibles had to retire, but because of Ladybug this will never be an issue.

She has the power to bring people back from the mcfreaking DEAD!!!! (Seriously please think about that, like I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there was some weird religious cult worshiping Ladybug because of that)

And yes people have died in this show.

In a building this size there had to have been people inside it. Probably barricading themselves while Stone Heart is rampaging outside.

aaaaaand they’re definitely dead (or severely injured in the least).

But they’re alive now because Ladybug brought them back, and again this helps the public be more forgiving towards the Akuma victims because no one really “died or got hurt.” 

Remember back in the Origins episode, where Officer Roger actually got injured from Stone Heart and how we saw everyone giving Ivan a hard time afterwards?

Of course this was before Ladybug used her Miraculous Cure and healed all the damage/injuries. This also means that no vengeful citizens will go after the Akuma victims or the heroes in a heartbroken rage of losing a loved one, which is good since they’d be really easy prey for Hawkmoth and it would only ensue an endless cycle of mourning Akumas. 

In fact if Ladybug didn’t have those powers, there’d probably be much more pressure on her and Chat to either defeat Hawkmoth for good or to give their miraculous to him to end it all. 

There’s also the possibility that there’d be attempts to put past Akuma victims on trial, depending on the damage they’ve left, physical or emotional. Even if they were mind controlled, it’s harder to appease with that when you’re left with the wreckage and until Ladybug and Chat Noir capture Hawkmoth they’d probably want someone to blame.

And all the big Ladybug fans have all been girls. Alya, Chloe, and Manon who like in real life are inspired by a powerful female figure and not only admire her, but also want to be like her (Chloe who cosplays and roleplays as her, Alya who from the beginning had an interest in super heroines and made a point to write about a strong fictional female character for the movie in Horrificator, and Manon who wanted the Ladybug doll so much she didn’t care that she had a torn arm).

So basically while it’s always great to appreciate Chat Noir, I don’t believe that he’s necessarily underappreciated by Paris. People respect him and even if Ladybug is more popular it’s not as if it’s undeserved or unreasonable. And above all, she has never taken all the credit herself: from the very beginning of their partnership where she emphasized to Paris that they’ll both do everything they can to help and all throughout the series!

And as for Chat himself, he seems pretty satisfied with all this. People generally love him and Ladybug repeatedly reaffirms that they are a team, that even if their popularity isn’t equal they both know that they are equal to each other, and he can openly enjoy his freedom that he doesn’t have as Adrien Agreste.

So yeah, he’s doing okay.

[Edit] TL;DR: Just because Ladybug is more popular than Chat doesn’t mean that he’s hated and there are very valid reasons as to why she is more popular than him. And ultimately? It doesn’t matter. Not to Ladybug or Chat.

[Edit 2] : Please read my post relating to this topic

Does anybody know who drew this?

I have been trying to find out the original artist for this sketche of Ariel but no luck on my part. Who are you Gary?!!? :,(

PS: I have already tried reverse image search and the only results I get are Pinterest (I hate you) and art blogs that don´t credit the artist. :,(

My only hope is if anybody recognizes the art style, or if they have seen this piece in an art book somewhere.

EDIT: It seems like people are leaning towards Gary Trousdale, but even with this full name I cannot confirm 100% that it´s his art. I will therefor only credit him in the description box and not in the video itself. That way I can change the name if the guess would be incorrect.

One of the things I am most impressed about Daehwi is that he never cried. Although the Knets have had their pick of the week when it came to trainees they hate, everyone knows no trainee has had it as hard as Daehwi.

He was hated for being “too ugly to be center”, hated for “being too ambitious” (as if this isn’t a competition), hated for “putting others down” (by saying something that every other team also said), hated for being feminine or excited or dancing. Even when people explained that the plagiarism thing was probably an evil edit, people still hated him so much that random comments telling him to screw off leave the show would be top voted with thousands of upvotes.

Heck, go onto Chinese websites today and people are still reluctant to praise him for his great performance in the last episode, they would sourly say stuff like “now that he is quieted down I guess I can stand him”, “he seems less ugly now that he is put in his place”, “just continue to go down, Daehwi I don’t hate you but 12th is just right for you". It makes my blood boil. Haters can suck on their bitter “praise” and just screw off.

Through all this, through the hardest of times, Daehwi never cried. (I am not saying that crying is wrong.) A 16-year-old who could have just debuted happily through his own company came onto this show, got smashed for everything he did and still stood firm. He quietly admitted his mistakes and he quietly said he will improve.

And when it is time to stand on the stage, he confidently smiled and blew a handful of confetti and won the hearts of everyone. He said “Sewoon hyung has the guitar and Dongho hyung has center and me and Minki hyung will figure something out to grab their attention just once.” And he did.

He doesn’t need your pity. He won’t cry for it. He needs your vote and he will grab it with his talent. Wait and see.

How Killing Stalking is similar to Natural Born Killers and why that should worry us,

NBK is by far one of my favorite movies. It’s a wonderful satire on our obsession with violence, and If you enjoy KS, I undoubtedly think you’ll like NBK.

Okay, so I was watching NBK for the first time in forever yesterday, and I noticed quite a few similarities between the characters Micky and Mallory and Sangwoo and Yoonbum. However, for this post, I’ll focus on comparing Mallory and Bum.

First, here’s a short summary of NBK:

The film tells the story of two victims of traumatic childhoods who became lovers and mass murderers, and are irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

Originally posted by mavi-chwan

Although it is never explicated said, Mallory, in my opinion, suffers from Border line personality disorder just like Bum.

Here are some of her and Bum’s similarities 

. They’re both victims of sexual assault, being raped by a live in fatherly figure.

. They’re both “saved” by a psychotic killer

.They’re both ridiculously impulsive and need constant validation.

.They both go in between ‘I hate you, I love you,’ with their other halves.

Why should this worry us? Well, it’s implied that Mallory has never killed before Micky. However, when Micky swooshed in like a deranged prince charming and helps her kill both her parents, she’s overcame with the power and the validation, and becomes even more maniacal than Micky. Right after their first murder, they get married. Sound familiar?

Originally posted by cynema

Seeing the spoilers for Chapter 19, it seems my worries were valid. However, it shouldn’t be surprising. Bum has shown to have very low to zero empathy, which is common for people with BPD. Edit: To clarify, what I’m trying to say is that people with BPD may experience empathy inconsistently.(I’m going to write another post on this) From here on out, it’ll be a downward spiral for our not too pure Bum.

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fave blogs?

So basically I told myself I wasn't gonna do this again but I’m almost at 5k so and I just did a little follow spree and you guys seem really interested in these so I’m just gonna do it again because I hate myself. I really do put effort into this and I love these blogs with all of my heart (and more) so buckle up kids, this is gonna be looong.

Just some amazing people on this site…..

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People that slay me with their writing…

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People who slay me with their roleplaying (I literally only follow five accounts and I’m 10000% sure they don’t know I exist but I love them all and will follow them 5eva)…

@egdramaqueen @asktheboywholived @sirussly @space-marauder @kapitan5o

Alright i’m gonna cut myself off here. i KNOW I forgot some people but im lazy and Trash™ so… Anyways you 5k (almost) people who follow me, go give them a look!

Oh wow, my inbox is full of angry anons.

Actually I suspect it’s one angry anon sending multiple posts. Let’s see what happens when I block the IP address.

EDIT: Oh, what do you know, it worked. Let this be a lesson, kids, when your inbox is suddenly filled with a bunch of people who seem to hate you, odds are it’s just one person with too much time on their hands.

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Alright, so people have told me Walmart, like any other gun vendors, have screening. My bad. I shoulda just googled that before this mess. Still seems weird to sell guns at a store like Walmart but what do I know.

And so cops aren’t supposed to really protect people. Well I did mention, if that is the case, then it really says a lot about the laws imo. Guess there is good reason to hate cops then?? How many pro-gun people actually like the government and/or the police? Because I legit can’t tell anymore since it always seems like ya’ll are in support of both.

All in all, learning to protect yourself is fine and dandy. It be great if more people can abide by that. But I just don’t see why it always gotta be guns. Since I think we can attest that guns were solely made to kill/destroy (it doesn’t exactly have the practical uses of a knife for example). Is it just easier to obtain and use which is why people insist on owning one for ‘protection’?


dprflagemoji reblogged your photoset and added:

Yes, because if you’re depending on the police or anyone else to protect you or your home then I got some bad news for you buddy.

I feel like this will go to deaf ears but welp.

For one, I am merely for gun control. I don’t care for guns otherwise.

Anyways, the issue is that your logic victim blames people who don’t have a gun for whatever reason. If someone hurts people and they have no gun, it is still the assaulter’s fault. Not the person who didn’t have a gun.

And it technically should be the cop’s duty to protect you. Yes, they may not be on time (or some may not even care), but there’s a reason we rely on cops because that’s kind of the whole point of their existence. (if we’re gonna argue their only duty is to abide by the law, well that must really say a lot about the laws if protecting citizens isn’t part of it).

I know realistically, that “well the asshole is still gonna attack you durr” but constantly shaping our views, our values and our lives just to protect ourselves from these assholes is just living in fear. It may seem like merely being prepared, but it becomes a slippery slope of victim blaming and other junk. 

What if you did have a gun but didn’t use it on time, or the assailant was faster? Why didn’t you shoot fast enough?!?! Or what if someone shot someone out of fear? They can’t hurt me if I hurt them first! That mentality will just go on and on. And besides if everyone has a gun, then who’s gonna protect each other from each other with the guns..? Is it gonna be grenades next?

As far as gun-control goes, I just don’t see what’s so wrong with having some sort of screening with guns. Gun control isn’t anti-gun. It’s literally just seeing if someone is responsible enough to own one and randomly buying one from Walmart is probably the least safest way into getting one. Which is what the gifset was implying. (If you’re not actually anti-gun control then ignore this paragraph.)

3 Raw Vegan Fudge Flavours!

I love vegan fudge, and I love all the different ways you can make it. So I want to remind you all of my 3 super easy and delicious raw fudge recipes!

1. Lucuma Fudge!

The easiest of the 3 recipes to make but also the most popular among my family, friends and those I give samples to outside of random health shops :D

2. Banana and Peanut butter Fudge!

I wish I had a prettier picture for this recipe, but I can assure you that it’s very delicious despite my terrible presentation skills.

3. Mint and Chocolate Fudge!

It seems to be that mint is sort of a hit or miss with a majority of people (or at least amongst my friends) you either hate it or kinda like it. I personally love it when coupled with chocolate, and (despite my better judgement telling me I’m literally the only one I know who’d eat it) I decided to make a recipe video for it. So if you guys share my weird tastes (though it’s highly unlikely anyone does) I hope you’ll this recipe!

You know writing unnecessary ass comment to a fic that is you NOTP, just to spread your two cents is probably the most saddest thing to do.

This blogger is an awful person for shitting all over @darisu-chan fic…Her hard work, her creation, taking time and effort on writing this fic for others to enjoy, just to see someone who clearly not suppose to be there spew out BS like this.

and seeing how you are also a writer yourself, you have the audacity to go out of you way to spread your nasty hate towards a fic that had nothing to do with your precious ship.

The ‘tite said Ichigo and rukia are just nakama’ argument that you seem to not let go of when we actually gave you some receipts to prove on how wrong you are is sad.

And for anyone who is asking is this the same blogger…


and for @darisu-chan, I’m so so so sorry that you are  dealing with people like her, I’m sorry despite them being canon they spend time on hating on other people’s happiness and hard work.

And to any Ichiruki fans who are reading this, please continue making beautiful fanfics, art, edits, Metta, theories, etc. You, who took time and effort to make something for the Ichiruki fandom fills my heart with joy. You, as an artist, continue making art that will make the antis blood boil. You, as a writer, make your own universe with your creativity. You, as a fan, who supports each other already have my respect.

Please block this person because this one will not stop spreading hate. Thank you. 

*Please don’t go out of your way to “witchhunt” this person that I have talked about in this post. This post purpose was to let people know that spewing ugly ass comments on people’s hard work makes them an awful person*

Reblog if your ok with ANYONE no matter what color, sexuality, gender, etc enjoying a show

we gotta prove the haters wrong…

• Edit: Kubo-Sensei and the Yoi team didn’t make this show for us to fight over, but for similar people with common interests to come together as one whether or not we’re bisexual -gay, ace, straight, etc. As a anime that actually shows an LGBTQ+ couple we should be proud that we actually made history, and support anyone in the fandom no matter what. I also didn’t think I would have to make this edit since so many wonderful people reblogged this, but their are still some lingering antis out there who still don’t seem to understand ((pls also refrain from comparing my post to love on ice, I rlly don’t feel like hearing about that because I hate the movie as much as anyone else :)

☇  soulmate and reincarnation au

genre: angst, slight fluff, smut

pairing:  jimin // you // jungkook

warnings: mentions of death and violence

Description: The story of how three souls come together and break apart in the repetitive cycle that never seem to end. The lines of good and bad, affection and hate, love and lust have never been clear, and when the ties of fate are so very tight tying three people together; how could what was once so beautiful and pure, wilt as fast as it could grow?

Authors: @lushguk | @maytae

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Totally love your sexism post especially the tidbit about Elwing. Maglor and Maedhros were wrong for attacking Sirion but Elwing wasn't obliged to care for Elrond and Elros. She did not owe them anything. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she had to put her sons above her own life especially if she was under attack! Thank you so much for your post I'm overjoyed it's getting around!

Ah thank you Anon, it seems to have ruffled some people’s feathers and I posted it a while ago so I really didn’t want to get into a never-ending argument about it, but my argument stands the same. 

I have never really gotten why so many people hate Elwing so much!! I need to bring Tolkien himself into this; this is a quote from a letter to Milton Waldman, which is frequently included in editions of The Silmarillion as a preface: 

“But the curse still works, and Eärendil’s home is destroyed by the sons of Fëanor. But this provides the solution: Elwing casting herself into the Sea to save the Jewel comes to Eärendil, and with the power of the great Gem they pass at last to Valinor.”  - Tolkien

He’s saying that Elwing’s act of taking the jewel with her “provides the solution” for the curse on the Silmarils to be broken, and also sets in motion the events that lead to Morgoth’s defeat in the War of Wrath. What is there to hate? Yes, she left her sons behind, but why would that mean she didn’t care about them at all? It’s also notable to mention that when Elwing cast herself into the sea she was in despair after being separated from Elrond and Elros during the battle. She was not herself and she did not expect her or her sons to survive, and Tolkien describes her sorrow as being “great” at the knowledge of the captivity of her sons, and that she feared they would be killed. But by then she was out at sea, and no longer able to help them. 

Any mother has a responsibility to look after her children, but in Elwing’s case I don’t know what she could have done differently. If she had stayed, she would have been killed, as simple as that. Elrond and Elros would then have had no mother at all, Eärendil would not have reached Valinor to speak on behalf of the races of Elves and Men, and the war against Morgoth would have dragged on for who knows how long, but probably would have completely laid waste to the entirety of Middle-earth! Honestly Maedhros and Maglor not getting their hands on that jewel was probably one of the better things that could have happened to them at that time.

@garglyswoof Tumblr is glitching gain and giving me issues with replying to replies.

I hate everything about editing my own work because I hate reading my own work. I never think it’s good enough, and so it makes editing it seem like a hopeless task.

Now, I love editing other people’s work because I can be objective with theirs and actually enjoy the writng.

Undertale Thoughtsdump: Sans Edition

I needed a place to dump all my major thoughts and theories about Undertale, and this seemed like as good a format as any. DO NOT READ IF YOU AREN’T FAMILIAR WITH BOTH THE BEST AND WORST ENDINGS, as it’s all spoilers all the way down!

I was gonna make one big post, but I have so many thoughts about Sans that he kinda deserves his own. So here we go!

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Niam AU: Part 2- When Singer/Songwriter Liam Payne announces he is in a relationship with regular collage student Niall, He thinks that all the rumors and all the hate towards Niall would end. But he had never expected it to extend even more. It seemed to get worse. Regardless death threats and harmful words were directed at Niall, Luckily Niall has got some pretty thick skin, and Liam on his side. Niall and Liam focus on each other and the positives in their relationship. Not caring about anything people say. Only caring about one another.

(not my gifs just edited, creds to owners)

Part 1 -

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#45 with Calum?

note: lmao there isnt gonna be a part two for this sorry bUT DO COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT LIKE LETS BE FRUSTRATED AT ME TOGETHER and oops its not edited coz im lazy im sORRYSLBVA

prompt: “it doesnt matter how much i drink, how many people i fuck, how often i get high, it’s always you thats on my mind and i hate that”


It was never Calum’s intention to break your heart when your relationship first started out. He really did see a future with you, one with a nice house, white picket fence, and small, carbon copies of himself running around in the freshly mowed grass. Lately, all he saw now was you breaking his heart after one too many fights that never seem to end.

The two of you weren’t always like this. Before all the tension became too much, you would like to send him funny and loving text messages that always seemed to cheer him up when he’s tired and jetlagged. Calum would always make sure to find the right time to FaceTime you so he could hear you rant on and on about how annoyed or excited you were about your day. The two of you never said goodbye without quickly shouting out an ‘I love you’ because you really did love each other. All the little things was what tied the two of you together.

Sadly, the little things stopped.

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so hey guys just a friendly reminder bc I notice a lot of people seem to get a little negative when penryn is fancast as asian

  • I sweep a strand of dark hair behind her ear” Angelfall, pg 2
  • with her high cheekbones and midnight eyes, we could almost be twins” Angelfall, pg 2
  • he opens his eyes for a moment. dark hair flutters in the breeze.” World After, pg I don’t know it’s on a kindle
  • susan ee:

so what does this mean??

  • signs seem to point towards penryn being asian
  • which doesn’t mean that you have to see her that way
  • bc guess what, it’s a fancast, you can picture anyone you want!!
  • but let’s go ahead and not hate on people who choose to picture her as asian, cool?


  • white is not the default, friends
  • so saying in the tags on someone’s edit “why is penryn asian?? come on, it’s not that hard” is not an appropriate thing to say
  • bc sometimes characters don’t have a specified ethnicity and so sometimes it’s okay to decide they are something other than white