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Chat Noir’s Popularity and Ladybug’s Importance

I really don’t understand where the notion that Paris doesn’t like or care about Chat Noir came from. I mean while he obviously isn’t as popular as Ladybug, people seem to appreciate him fine.

At the statue unveiling, Chat was the only one who showed up and not one single person in the entire crowd complained about where Ladybug was. The Mayor wanted her there, but he was fine with going on without her and Theo was reluctant about it because of his crush on her. But overall everyone was excited to see him! Even when Ladybug was absent, and before they revealed the statues, they continued cheering, and they took pictures of him.

I know that this is actually Copycat, but these people don’t. He’s Chat Noir to them and as soon as he enters the room they’re immediately in awe over being so close to the famous hero (the girl on the left even fangirls a little).

Look at how stoked this family is over seeing him. He’s not even doing cool superhero stuff, he’s just walking inside the museum.

When Ladybug arrived this was Nino’s reaction:

When Chat Noir arrived he was like:

This one random and well meaning dude cheering him on in the back.

Honestly no one has ever said anything bad about him, the only person who has even came close to insulting him had been Antibug by implying that he was a “sidekick” once.

However when you’re akumatized you’re not held accountable for your words and actions. And she had specifically said that as a way to persuade Chat to her side, so there’s not really a lot of weight in her words.

So yeah people cheer for Ladybug, but they also have shown to get excited over Chat Noir. It’s just that Ladybug is more popular than him, and it makes complete sense in-universe why she is.

It’s more than that she’s the main character or that she’s in a show where there’s a girl targeted demographic. 

Ladybug is the leader, the one who wins the battles because of the plans she comes up with.

She swooped in and rescued the Mayor’s daughter in front of all of Paris and when everyone was cowering before Hawkmoth, she alone stood up against him and stunned them all by symbolically demolishing the “face of terror.” And then afterwards gave a heroic speech that gave them hope and cemented their trust in both her and Chat Noir. 

Not only can she purify the Akuma victims, but it’s because of her healing powers that she and especially Chat, will never have to worry about collateral damages or facing law suits over them, which probably helps the public be more forgiving towards Akuma victims when there’s no lasting devastation to deal with. This is a pretty common trope in superhero stories like in Captain America: Civil War, the destruction from Man of Steel being the set up for Batman vs Superman, and why the heroes in the Incredibles had to retire, but because of Ladybug this will never be an issue.

She has the power to bring people back from the mcfreaking DEAD!!!! (Seriously please think about that, like I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there was some weird religious cult worshiping Ladybug because of that)

And yes people have died in this show.

In a building this size there had to have been people inside it. Probably barricading themselves while Stone Heart is rampaging outside.

aaaaaand they’re definitely dead (or severely injured in the least).

But they’re alive now because Ladybug brought them back, and again this helps the public be more forgiving towards the Akuma victims because no one really “died or got hurt.” 

Remember back in the Origins episode, where Officer Roger actually got injured from Stone Heart and how we saw everyone giving Ivan a hard time afterwards?

Of course this was before Ladybug used her Miraculous Cure and healed all the damage/injuries. This also means that no vengeful citizens will go after the Akuma victims or the heroes in a heartbroken rage of losing a loved one, which is good since they’d be really easy prey for Hawkmoth and it would only ensue an endless cycle of mourning Akumas. 

In fact if Ladybug didn’t have those powers, there’d probably be much more pressure on her and Chat to either defeat Hawkmoth for good or to give their miraculous to him to end it all. 

There’s also the possibility that there’d be attempts to put past Akuma victims on trial, depending on the damage they’ve left, physical or emotional. Even if they were mind controlled, it’s harder to appease with that when you’re left with the wreckage and until Ladybug and Chat Noir capture Hawkmoth they’d probably want someone to blame.

And all the big Ladybug fans have all been girls. Alya, Chloe, and Manon who like in real life are inspired by a powerful female figure and not only admire her, but also want to be like her (Chloe who cosplays and roleplays as her, Alya who from the beginning had an interest in super heroines and made a point to write about a strong fictional female character for the movie in Horrificator, and Manon who wanted the Ladybug doll so much she didn’t care that she had a torn arm).

So basically while it’s always great to appreciate Chat Noir, I don’t believe that he’s necessarily underappreciated by Paris. People respect him and even if Ladybug is more popular it’s not as if it’s undeserved or unreasonable. And above all, she has never taken all the credit herself: from the very beginning of their partnership where she emphasized to Paris that they’ll both do everything they can to help and all throughout the series!

And as for Chat himself, he seems pretty satisfied with all this. People generally love him and Ladybug repeatedly reaffirms that they are a team, that even if their popularity isn’t equal they both know that they are equal to each other, and he can openly enjoy his freedom that he doesn’t have as Adrien Agreste.

So yeah, he’s doing okay.

[Edit] TL;DR: Just because Ladybug is more popular than Chat doesn’t mean that he’s hated and there are very valid reasons as to why she is more popular than him. And ultimately? It doesn’t matter. Not to Ladybug or Chat.

[Edit 2] : Please read my post relating to this topic


Lance’s voltron vlog is extremely heterosexual. It consists of him raving about Allura, blushing and being all cute.

I was disappointed slightly, of course, but it seems more and more likely that Allurance or Lallura is going to become a thing.

That being said, I don’t want to see ANY hatred for the contents of the vlog. I’m upset too. They continue to make Lance one dimensional and it’s frustrating, but that IS NO EXCUSE to hate on the writers.

And ENJOY IT! It’s more content, a look into a character, and it’s cute!

EDIT: several people have expressed dismay with my use of the word heterosexual
I DO NOT MEAN THAT LIKING GIRLS MAKES MEN HETEROSEXUAL. I absolutely understand that liking girls doesn’t make Lance less bi. I get this, I’m pan.

However, it conforms to a certain trope in heterosexual media of the head over heels in love fool that annoys the girl he like until she dates him. It would also be incorrect to say that the vlog showed any evidence of Lances bisexuality.

That is what I mean when I say the vlog was heterosexual. It wasn’t meant to be offensive and I apologize if I’m still not expressing myself clearly.

Does anybody know who drew this?

I have been trying to find out the original artist for this sketche of Ariel but no luck on my part. Who are you Gary?!!? :,(

PS: I have already tried reverse image search and the only results I get are Pinterest (I hate you) and art blogs that don´t credit the artist. :,(

My only hope is if anybody recognizes the art style, or if they have seen this piece in an art book somewhere.

EDIT: It seems like people are leaning towards Gary Trousdale, but even with this full name I cannot confirm 100% that it´s his art. I will therefor only credit him in the description box and not in the video itself. That way I can change the name if the guess would be incorrect.

Annoying libfem articles about bisexuality are 9/10 times also biphobic!

These are the articles that say “sexuality is fluid~” and then refer to bisexuality as “lacking”.

They’ll complain that tv characters never say the b-word, and then go on and create 500 new labels for every possible permutation of our preferences.

They pretend gnc bi women don’t exist and perpetuate the “masc privilege” nonsense that hurts us.

They discourage us from critically thinking about our relationships with men and misogyny, filling the pages with “#notallmen” nonsense and paying no mind to those of us who don’t want boyfriends or are in long term relationships with women.

They always seem to bring up bisexuality in suspiciously sexualized contexts, continuing the narrative that bi women are all extroverted party animals, only looking for sex (ie. “being bi is great because I get the choice to fuck way more people!” and never “I’m bi and single at home on a Friday night watching Ghost Adventures reruns because I don’t feel like socializing at all and that’s cool”)

And honestly, if it came out that so many of these articles written by “q*eer women” (because remember, they hate even calling themselves bi!!) were actually written by (or more probably, heavily edited and dictated by) cishet dudes roleplaying as their fantasy Tinder third, I wouldn’t be shocked in the least.

I hate that these people seem to be the perceived figureheads of the “bi community” because their rhetoric hurts me as a bi woman. Their rhetoric hurts my lesbian and bi sisters, trans, cis and otherwise. They don’t reflect my realities as a bi woman and seeing people take their garbage and use it as an excuse to ignore us and downplay our suffering is horrendous and isolating.

Tl;dr huffpo/buzzfeed/any other “q*eer liberal” hellsites owe me and every other bi woman a billion dollars for mutating our public image from “straight with a twist” into “straight with a twist but like, more q*eer” and making it harder for us to broadly discuss issues that actually effect us

One of the things I am most impressed about Daehwi is that he never cried. Although the Knets have had their pick of the week when it came to trainees they hate, everyone knows no trainee has had it as hard as Daehwi.

He was hated for being “too ugly to be center”, hated for “being too ambitious” (as if this isn’t a competition), hated for “putting others down” (by saying something that every other team also said), hated for being feminine or excited or dancing. Even when people explained that the plagiarism thing was probably an evil edit, people still hated him so much that random comments telling him to screw off leave the show would be top voted with thousands of upvotes.

Heck, go onto Chinese websites today and people are still reluctant to praise him for his great performance in the last episode, they would sourly say stuff like “now that he is quieted down I guess I can stand him”, “he seems less ugly now that he is put in his place”, “just continue to go down, Daehwi I don’t hate you but 12th is just right for you". It makes my blood boil. Haters can suck on their bitter “praise” and just screw off.

Through all this, through the hardest of times, Daehwi never cried. (I am not saying that crying is wrong.) A 16-year-old who could have just debuted happily through his own company came onto this show, got smashed for everything he did and still stood firm. He quietly admitted his mistakes and he quietly said he will improve.

And when it is time to stand on the stage, he confidently smiled and blew a handful of confetti and won the hearts of everyone. He said “Sewoon hyung has the guitar and Dongho hyung has center and me and Minki hyung will figure something out to grab their attention just once.” And he did.

He doesn’t need your pity. He won’t cry for it. He needs your vote and he will grab it with his talent. Wait and see.

How Killing Stalking is similar to Natural Born Killers and why that should worry us,

NBK is by far one of my favorite movies. It’s a wonderful satire on our obsession with violence, and If you enjoy KS, I undoubtedly think you’ll like NBK.

Okay, so I was watching NBK for the first time in forever yesterday, and I noticed quite a few similarities between the characters Micky and Mallory and Sangwoo and Yoonbum. However, for this post, I’ll focus on comparing Mallory and Bum.

First, here’s a short summary of NBK:

The film tells the story of two victims of traumatic childhoods who became lovers and mass murderers, and are irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

Originally posted by mavi-chwan

Although it is never explicated said, Mallory, in my opinion, suffers from Border line personality disorder just like Bum.

Here are some of her and Bum’s similarities 

. They’re both victims of sexual assault, being raped by a live in fatherly figure.

. They’re both “saved” by a psychotic killer

.They’re both ridiculously impulsive and need constant validation.

.They both go in between ‘I hate you, I love you,’ with their other halves.

Why should this worry us? Well, it’s implied that Mallory has never killed before Micky. However, when Micky swooshed in like a deranged prince charming and helps her kill both her parents, she’s overcame with the power and the validation, and becomes even more maniacal than Micky. Right after their first murder, they get married. Sound familiar?

Originally posted by cynema

Seeing the spoilers for Chapter 19, it seems my worries were valid. However, it shouldn’t be surprising. Bum has shown to have very low to zero empathy, which is common for people with BPD. Edit: To clarify, what I’m trying to say is that people with BPD may experience empathy inconsistently.(I’m going to write another post on this) From here on out, it’ll be a downward spiral for our not too pure Bum.

About Goro Akechi ((rant))

Ok, I have some stuff to get of my chest.
All this hate for Goro has been starting to bug me.
I may not know as much as a die hard fan the Persona series, but just hear me out please.
Every time I see hate for Akechi it’s just about the murders,
and it seems as if all people think about Akechi is that he was as this annoying charismatic detective who just wanted fame and to be loved by his superiors (his dad mostly), but then turned out to be some psychopath wearing the mask of a celebrity.

As I said before, all he wanted was to be accepted by everyone.
l noticed this because he always talks about being an unwanted child. Shido was a manipulative man who taught his son the only way to be accepted was to do as he said, which was to kill off people for his father’s benefit. This is probably why Goro will get mad at the protagonist (Akira) if he is forgiving to him during the end of the game.

To me Goro was a prisoner to his father’s words,
And If I was in his shoes, after being treated like Goro for most of my childhood I probably would have done the same, while also being confused at why the The protagonist would show kindness to me for all the things I did. But don’t take my word for it. I don’t know that much about the persona series. Just persona 5. I’m sorry for ranting.

Edit: honestly, hate the fact that Shido gets to live, but the status of Akechi is unknown. That doesn’t seem fair to me. Also, Akechi would have paid with his life if he didn’t tell shido about the phantom thieves, for all the people who say he’s a lil’ snitch. And it wouldn’t hurt if Altus gave that boy a little (a shit ton of) redemption. Please.

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So basically I told myself I wasn't gonna do this again but I’m almost at 5k so and I just did a little follow spree and you guys seem really interested in these so I’m just gonna do it again because I hate myself. I really do put effort into this and I love these blogs with all of my heart (and more) so buckle up kids, this is gonna be looong.

Just some amazing people on this site…..

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People who slay me with their roleplaying (I literally only follow five accounts and I’m 10000% sure they don’t know I exist but I love them all and will follow them 5eva)…

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Alright i’m gonna cut myself off here. i KNOW I forgot some people but im lazy and Trash™ so… Anyways you 5k (almost) people who follow me, go give them a look!

Legends Romcom Week: AtomWave (eventual ColdWaveAtom) | Lost Alien AU
The last thing Mick needs following a heist and car chase gone almost horribly wrong are any damn surprises.  Which is why when he finds a 6′4″ man in his safehouse, totally naked and going through his rations, he’s less than thrilled. And while yes, it seems like it would be wrong to kill this messy-haired, starry-eyed boy, Mick sure as hell isn’t happy he’s there. Especially not when the boy kisses him to “learn English.”

The man isn’t even a man, he’s a goddamn alien, and he’s clingy as hell and wears Mick’s jacket and sort of sits on Mick’s sofa with this kind, expectant face- Mick doesn’t even know how to contact Leonard without them both getting caught while the cops are still looking for them, let alone how to help some alien reassemble his spaceship so he can go home and tell everyone about Earth.

And then there’s the fact that Ray (he says it’s a loose translation) is a touchy-feely kind of guy in every way possible- And that every time he tries to learn something new, Mick ends up with another 5 hickeys. He doesn’t know how to help Ray, or himself, or Leonard, and now on top of everything, it seems like there’s people out there looking for Ray, too. 

But damn, that boy kisses like a dream. He says it’s for thanks, and when Mick explains what it means he just laughs, and says it can be that, too.

Mick’s pretty sure Len’s gonna hate him or love him. Quite frankly, he’s not sure which one he feels, either.

3 Raw Vegan Fudge Flavours!

I love vegan fudge, and I love all the different ways you can make it. So I want to remind you all of my 3 super easy and delicious raw fudge recipes!

1. Lucuma Fudge!

The easiest of the 3 recipes to make but also the most popular among my family, friends and those I give samples to outside of random health shops :D

2. Banana and Peanut butter Fudge!

I wish I had a prettier picture for this recipe, but I can assure you that it’s very delicious despite my terrible presentation skills.

3. Mint and Chocolate Fudge!

It seems to be that mint is sort of a hit or miss with a majority of people (or at least amongst my friends) you either hate it or kinda like it. I personally love it when coupled with chocolate, and (despite my better judgement telling me I’m literally the only one I know who’d eat it) I decided to make a recipe video for it. So if you guys share my weird tastes (though it’s highly unlikely anyone does) I hope you’ll this recipe!

No Excuses- G.D. Imagine Part Eleven

A.N.- It is with great sadness, yet pride that I give you the last chapter of No Excuses. As this story comes to a close, is like to thank all of you who have stuck with this story, even though I started it at the beginning of summer, and am only finishing now 😂 Thank you for giving me this opportunity to put my writing out here on Tumblr, and for inviting me into this family.


~ 3 Months later ~

“Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! In today’s video I am going to be doing…” I sighed as I watched the edited version of my latest YouTube video, that I had just posted a few minutes ago.

The feedback I was receiving was only getting worse by the second. People sent hate comment after hate comment, with what seems to be no regrets. I don’t understand how someone can intentionally hurt another person with no remorse?

The comments stung. A lot.

“You’re a whore. You don’t deserve Grayson.”

“You called yourself Kayla’s ‘best friend’, and you go and sleep with her boyfriend behind her back? You’re a fucking walking Cliche.”

“What kind of person steals her best friends man, and doesn’t even apologize?”

That last one got to me. They had no idea what they were talking about. What Grayson had gone through, what Kayla had done to him, what I did. They only knew what Kayla told them, the day after her relationship with Gray ended.


I had only received the news when the #Graythecheater started trending on Twitter. Kayla had blocked me on all social medias, therefore resulting in my lack of knowledge of her posts.

She had spilled everything to them. Everything but the truth, that is. In a video one of my fans sent me of Kayla in a livestream on Instagram, she sat on her bed, with red rimmed eyes, and mascara tracks running down her face from her tears.

“I just…” she swallowed, and wiped away a tear. “I feel so betrayed, you know? She was my best friend, I loved her. I loved him. I loved them both, and they go and they do this to me?”

The comments on the screen were going wild, as people called me and Gray various names, saying that we had only done it for attention, and to hurt Kayla.

Kayla looked blankly at the screen as she read some of the comments, nodding along and replying to some of them. One them asked “did you suspect anything was going on between them?”

“No, no I didn’t, that’s why this is so hard.” She laughed sadly, and groaned. “I know that this will get to you, El. If you’re watching this, I hope you’ve realized that what you’ve done is unforgivable. I supported you, I picked you up when you fell down, Im the one who fucking convince you to come to LA and pursue your dreams in the first place, and this is how you repay me?”

*End Flashback*

Kayla intentionally didn’t mention her affair with Jared. She couldn’t risk tying her reputation as the victim, and she basked in the attention she was receiving because she knew we wouldn’t say anything. She knew we didn’t want to draw anymore attention to ourselves than there already was.

And that’s what hurts the most about this whole godawful mess: That she was hurting me on purpose. Not that she found out, or that Gray and I were constantly being tormented for continuing to be together after we were exposed, and certainly not that she cut off all ties with me.

She knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted publicity, and thats exactly what she was getting. With every picture she posted on Instagram of her and Jared (Her “new” boyfriend), she would make some vague comment about not letting those who have let her down in the pat get to her. Every subtweet she posted, she knew I would see eventually.

Her fans were just like her; saying awful things, with the intention of hurting me, all just to please her, and stick up for her. It was pathetic, and petty, but there was nothing I could, or wanted to do about it.

Despite all of this, Grayson and I are happy together. We can go on dates (to private places, in order to avoid any haters, but hey a date is a date.) We can take selfies now, and even though we rarely post them, at least we can see them. And the immense support from Ethan and Wren, is more than I could’ve ever asked for. Not to mention the support from the twins fans, as they will support the boys to the grave.

And my fans as well, although I have lost some, continue to support me. Both the boys fans, and mine, notice the fishiness that is Kayla’s behavior, and will not hesitate to call her out on it. That’s why I love them. They all mean so much to me. But not just because they don’t believe Kayla, but because of how much they love Grayson.

The amount of anxiety this boy has been through because of us isn’t fair. And Kayla making it public was basically a huge “fuck you.” With a stab in the back to top it off. This boy doesn’t deserve the kind of hate he’s getting because of me. I hate myself more and more everyday because of all the shit I’ve put him through, yet his love for me remains unwavering.

He really is my mini sunshine.

But with all of this in mind, I still couldn’t help but obsess over every little comment that was posted for the sole purpose of hurting me and Gray. It was like an addiction: I had to read each and every one, to see just how badly people thought of us as a couple.

Obviously the Kaylanators (as she liked to call them) hated our guts. They called us the ugliest couple they had ever seen. They despised our smiles, and told us that we didn’t deserve to be happy. They told us that our love would fade, once we realized how bad we were for each other.

They told us we wouldn’t make it.

I wanted to break down and cry, because deep down I knew they could be right. What if one day, Grayson becomes so tired of all the hate and negativity that he leaves me? What if he decided to quit YouTube altogether? What will his fans think? And Ethan?

I may have just ruined The Dolan Twins.

Tears leaked from my eyes, and I couldn’t hold back the sobs in my throat. What the hell will I do if all of this is true? How will i come back from this? I most likely won’t. I’ll probably become so discouraged that I’ll move back home, and never show my face on social media again.

Oh God. My parents’ll never let me back into their home. They expressed their disappointment in my actions, and I didn’t have the heart to fight for myself. It’s been a rough patch, trying to convince my parents that I’m okay, when I’m really falling to pieces.

The only people I can really rely on, is Gray, E, and Wren. They’ve been my backbone throughout these past three months, and without them, I wouldn’t have made it this long.

Wren especially had been a huge help. She’s become like a sister to me, someone that I’ve grown to love, and cherish. You might even say, that’s she’s an even better friend towards me than Kayla ever was. She’s the type of person to naturally help those around her, and I cannot begin to imagine how it going to repay her later on once this all blows over.

Lots and lots of sleepovers.

And Ethan is the big brother I never had. He’s been so supportive, and protective, a reaction that I expected for him to show solely to Grayson. But when he defended me, I knew that he was the best brother in the world. He loved Grayson, and would do anything for him.

Let’s not forget about Grayson: Because he knows exactly what I’m going through, he knows that when I’m in a mood, all I need is a night in, with no phones, no social media, wrapped in his arms watching a Disney movie.

He can read me like a book. I can try to hide what I’m feeling from him, but it’s fruitless. He’ll figure it out, and do all that he can to fix it. That’s just Grayson. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“El?” His voice called out from the front of my apartment, as he slammed the door shut behind him.

“In here.” I wiped away my tears quickly, and rose from my desk. He walked through my bedroom doors, and the sight of him nearly knocked the wind out of me.

“H-how was your run with E?” I eyed him from across the room, watching as he collapsed into a lounge chair across from my bed.

“Long.” He answered curtly as he laid an arm over his eyes. A few seconds later, he pretended to snore, which made me chuckle.

“You’re such a dork.” I swatted his shoulder as I passed him on my way to the living room.

“Owww.” I heard him complain. I rolled my eyes as he pretended to be hurt, and began to follow me into the living room. His bare feet made little padding noises behind me across the hard wood flooring.

He took long strides towards me, and started tickling my sides as revenge. I fell to the couch in a fit of laughter, as he continued to attack me with tickles, laughing loudly above me.

“Stop! I can’t breathe, stop!” I could barley get words out between my obnoxious laughter. He finally relented, and I held onto my sides as they ached in pain.

“I hate you!” I said jokingly, as I swatted his shoulder again.

“Mmmm, no ya don’t.” He said cockily, with a smirk.

“Oh yeah?” I raised an eyebrow.

“You love me.” He gloated, with a lazy smile and half-lidded eyes.

“Do I?” I asked, as I pretended to make a thoughtful face.

He leaned down, and caught my lips in a chaste kiss. “You do.”

We gazed into each others eyes, and in that moment I felt the exact thing I felt every other time we had moments like these. People could say whatever they wanted about us; that we were whores, that we didn’t deserve each other, Lord knows I don’t deserve this man sitting here praising me with his eyes, yet here he is. But the one thing they cannot question about us is our love.

That’s where I draw the line.


“Wren! It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you, how are you darling?” I asked in a faux snooty-flooty accent.

Wren played along, and stuck her nose up into the air, with her hands held elegantly at her sides. “I am just grand, and you’re right, it has been far too long since our last exchange.”

“Didn’t we just Oder pizza last night together?” Ethan chimed in, as he and Grayson watched our greeting with laughs spilling past their lips.

“Shut up, E.” Wren rolled her eyes, and turned back to me, cheeks a flushed red and lips turning up at the corners. She may hide it, but she sure loved the witty exchanges she and Ethan had daily.

“No, but seriously, how are you? You look like deaths ugly sister.” Wren blanched, and held her chest in mock pain.

“Well, at least I don’t look like a deflated pool with bird shit all over it, in a puddle of mud that looks slightly questionable considering there’s dog shit all over the yard.” She countered, with a winning smile. She and Ethan fist bumped, and watched as I stared in shock, with my mouth wide open.

“Close your Mouth, you’ll catch flies.” Wren brushed past me, with a charming smile, making her way to the living room of my apartment, Ethan trailing behind her with heart eyes.

“Hey,” Grayson said loudly, catching the attention of everybody in the room. He stood behind me, and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. “Leaf my girlfriend alone.”

We were all silent as Grayson started wheezing with laughter, holding a lead in his hand. I shook my head in embarrassment, and but was secretly trying to hide a smile.

“Seriously, Gray, stop with the fall jokes. Summers not even over yet.” Ethan complained, rolling his eyes at his younger brother.

Grayson sighed. “I’m sorry. That joke was a little Corny, wasn’t it.” When none of us seemed to get the joke, he pointed towards the jar of candy corn that I had put out as soon as I had bought it.

“Ew, you eat candy corn?” Ethan scrunched his nose in disgust. “That shits nasty.”

“Um, excuse me, are we all forgetting that this is my apartment? What is this, rag on El day?” I plopped down into my couch with a pout, and my arms crossed over my chest.

“We’re sorry, babe. We promise to stop.” Gray sat beside me, and pecked my cheek.

I shrugged and turned to Wren, who was scrolling through her phone with an expressionless mask on her face. Her eyes though, were blazing with anger, and one look at her screen said it all. Just like me, Wren was addicted to reading hate comments. Although theirs weren’t nearly as bad, she and Ethan were getting hate comments as well. The fans can be very…jealous when it comes to the twins, and now that they’re both in relationships, they feel the need to make it known that they don’t like Wren with E.

Of coarse more fans ship them than the ones who don’t, and that thought comforts me. Wren never asked to be judged Day in and day out, by twelve year olds behind a computer screen. She just wanted to be in a relationship with the guy she loved. She doesn’t deserve any of the hate comments she receives, and when she reads them, I sympathize with her on every level.

“Hey,” I grabbed her hand, and smiled at her. By the look in my eyes, she knew exactly what I was going to say. She shrugged as if to say that she agreed with me, that she and Ethan were a beautiful couple, and no one was going to tell her otherwise.

Nobody could tell us how we felt. Nobody could tell us that we didn’t have anyone, because that just wasn’t true.

We had each other. And that’s all I could ever want.


A.N.- 😭😭😭😭 THE END. I’m sorry if there are any typos, or mistakes. Please leave me some feedback, I love you, thank you for reading!!

You know writing unnecessary ass comment to a fic that is you NOTP, just to spread your two cents is probably the most saddest thing to do.

This blogger is an awful person for shitting all over @darisu-chan fic…Her hard work, her creation, taking time and effort on writing this fic for others to enjoy, just to see someone who clearly not suppose to be there spew out BS like this.

and seeing how you are also a writer yourself, you have the audacity to go out of you way to spread your nasty hate towards a fic that had nothing to do with your precious ship.

The ‘tite said Ichigo and rukia are just nakama’ argument that you seem to not let go of when we actually gave you some receipts to prove on how wrong you are is sad.

And for anyone who is asking is this the same blogger…


and for @darisu-chan, I’m so so so sorry that you are  dealing with people like her, I’m sorry despite them being canon they spend time on hating on other people’s happiness and hard work.

And to any Ichiruki fans who are reading this, please continue making beautiful fanfics, art, edits, Metta, theories, etc. You, who took time and effort to make something for the Ichiruki fandom fills my heart with joy. You, as an artist, continue making art that will make the antis blood boil. You, as a writer, make your own universe with your creativity. You, as a fan, who supports each other already have my respect.

Please block this person because this one will not stop spreading hate. Thank you. 

*Please don’t go out of your way to “witchhunt” this person that I have talked about in this post. This post purpose was to let people know that spewing ugly ass comments on people’s hard work makes them an awful person*

Rin Okumura

Okay, so if you haven’t already seen season 1 of Blue Exorcist and you don’t want anything ruined, stop reading now! Otherwise, I have a question. When everyone from Rin’s class finds out Rin is the son of satan, why do they get so upset? Can’t they understand how hard that would be on him? Yukio explains everything saying Rin just found out a couple months before, and grew up as a regular human. So not only was his father killed by what he then finds out is his biological father, he also finds out he’s half demon and that his biological father is Satan. And he starts seeing demons without understanding what’s going on. But clearly this is all his fault and we should hate on him because of all these things that are totally out of his control? Like wtf people how can you all be so mean? It’s not his fault! Look at things from his side. And Yukio is also a son of Satan, but no one seems to care about that. Poor Rin. Other than Shiemi, he needs more understanding, empathetic friends. Anyhow, rant over, let me know you’re thoughts haha.

***EDIT*** Since people are still seeing this, here are my thoughts after watching season 2- basically things make much more sense.

Quick question~ Would anyone be interested in helping out as a beta reader to a finished original story I’m trying to edit? Mostly for grammar and the usual fun stuff I never seem to be able to catch when I look at my own writing.

Denethor of the House of Húrin

Reblogging an old essay of mine that I originally posted on LJ. I used part of it in a college lecture to highlight the editing changes that went into the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion. Hey, if I do have to do a lecture which I hate because it means talking in front of people, I can surely do it on a topic I love. :-)

I mainly used the History of Middle Earth books VI-VIII who deal primarily with different drafts on the events of the Lord of the Rings. To my great delight a whole chapter got dedicated to the development of our dear Faramir who seemed to have wormed his way into Tolkien’s novel by chance for originally there was only Falborn, a ranger of Ithilien who took Frodo and Sam under his wing and questioned them. Well, I can never thank Tolkien enough for inventing Boromir’s little brother.

The majority of this post shall not be about Faramir’s persona as such but more about his father, Lord Denethor who underwent several changes throughout the writing of the book (and even more later on in the movies where he seemed to have grown into an utter bastard). While I was rereading The Return of the King again, I noticed on several occasions that while stern and sometimes unforgiving, it was noticable that Denethor indeed harboured love for his younger son though it never surpassed the love for his heir. Many lines that were crucial in the books also appeared in the movie, but whereas book-Denethor appeared severe and wise, yet also angry at his youngest, movie-Denethor seemed to have been lost in madness and cruelity concerning Faramir.

This seemed to have affected fanfiction dealing with the House of Húrin a great deal and while I loved reading many of the stories wherein Faramir suffered a great deal under his father’s iron hand, I want to show you that Denethor was not a complete bastard. Much of his actions and deeds were influenced by the constant threat of the Shadow, the constant need to face  this peril and protect Gondor. Many a people have written how Boromir and Faramir were never allowed to grow up in peaceful times, have written that Faramir might have grown into a scholar if it weren’t a time where the was a need of a warrior and not a scholar. Yet, in the same instance many seem to forget that the same pressure was placed onto Denethor that a lot of his actions were driven by politically necessary decisions. It was not a time of love. I also think that it is highly overrated that when saying he loved Boromir more than Faramir, it was meant the elder got showered with love. Nay…Boromir was Denethor’s heir and as such was  always first priority in the Stewards plans.

Now as I said…the books proved that while lamenting over Boromir’s death, Denethor maybe subconsciously always showed a little of the love he harboured for Faramir.

In earlier drafts of the novel, the undercurrent love even in an otherwise severe situation was much more obvious and only Tolkien’s need to portray Denethor harsher and deepening Faramir’s desperation while riding to Osgiliath changed but didn’t erase that. In the following three passages I will show two of the earlier drafts and the final version that appeared in the books. Maybe you understand then what I mean.

“Do you wish then,"said Faramir,"that our places had been exchanged?”
“Yes, I wish that indeed,” said Denethor.“Or no,” and then he shook his head; and then rising suddenly laid his hand on his son’s shoulder.“Do not judge me harshly, my son,"he said,"or think that I am harsh. Love is not blind. I knew your brother also. I would wish only that he had been in your place, if I were sure of one thing.”
“And what is that, my father?”
“That he was a strong in heart as you, and as trustworthy. That taking this thing he had brought it to me, and not fallen under thraldom. For Faramir, and you Mithrandir, amid all your far flung policies, there is another way that is not yours nor Boromir’s. It is one thing to take and wield this power for one’s own victory - you, Mithrandir, may think what you will of me
-”War of the Ring, p.328

Amazing to what we later read…Denethor openly ackknowledging the strength of Faramir’s heart, a definite indication to me that (maybe if only in drafts) Denethor loved and admired his youngest.
The next draft altered the following lines a little, but is still a far cry from what we later read in the final version of RotK.

“Yes, I wish that indeed,"Or no.” And then he shook his head, and rising swiftly he laid his hand upon his son’s bowed head.“Do not judge me harshly, my son,"he said quietly,"or believe me more harsh than I am. I knew your brother well also. Love is not blind. I could wish that Boromir had been at Henneth Annun when this thing came there, only if I were sure of one thing.”
“Sure of what, my father?”
“That he was strong in heart and selfless as you my son. That taking this thing he would have brought it here and surrendered it, and not fallen swiftly under its thraldom. For, Faramir - and you too, Mithrandir, amid all your wide webs and policies - there is a third way, that is neither folly of wizards nor the lust of warriors. …”
War of the Ring, p.332

Christopher Tolkien mentioned about this part that it was certain that there was no element of embittered banter in these words,“That he was strong in heart and selfless as you, may son.” Denethor was coldly watchful as always of those he spoke to, but he expressed the true bearing of his mind.

There can also be detected a deeper laying affection in him for where he laid his hand upon his son’s shoulder in the earlier draft, now he is laying it upon Faramir’s bowed head.

Tolkien writes about the final version that the early conversation of Faramir and his father must be altered. Denethor must be harsh. He must say he did wish Boromir had been at Henneth Annun - for he would have been loyal to his father and brought him the Ring. Faramir grieved but patient. Then Denethor must be all for holding Osgilath “like Boromir did”, while Faramir and Gandalf are against it.  In the earlier drafts it is Faramir who is adamant at holding the outer defences for Denethor had neglected them. The popular lines “Much must be risked in war. But I will not yield the River and the Fields of the Pelennor unfought, until my father commands me beyond denial.” Those lines were originally spoken by Faramir, but when Tolkien altered the drafts, he also changed the speakers and thus added to Faramir’s desperation, using the arguments previously given to Denethor. At length in submission, but proudly, to please his father and show him that not only Boromir was brave he accepts the command at Osgiliath. Men in the City do not like it.

For those who are not familiar with the final version:

“Do you wish then,"said Faramir,"that our places had been exchanged?”
“Yes, I wish that indeed,"said Denethor."For Boromir was loyal to me and no wizard’s pupil. He would have remembered his father’s need, and would not have squandered what fortune gave. He would have brought me a mighty gift.”
For a moment Faramir’s restraint gave way.“I would ask you, my father, to remember why it was that I, not he, was in Ithilien. On one occasion at least, your counsel has prevailed, not long ago. It was the lord of the City that gave the errand to him.”

Note that any uncertainities concerning Boromir’s strength have been erased. He is presented as the proud heir of Denethor who would not have failed in bringing his father a mighty gift. Also the underlying affection for Faramir vanished and in its stead the accusal of being a wizard’s pupil was added. A slight softening of Denethor’s stance can only be found a little later when Faramir sways and his father bids him to rest.

While each of the drafts mention Denethor’s wish of Boromir’s presence at Henneth Annun in Faramir’s stead, the first two are accompanied with Denethor being unsure of the strength of his eldest, in the final version this changed and now can nearly mistaken for a wish of Denethor’s that Faramir had died in Boromir’s stead.

The movie completely erased any affection that Denethor might have harboured for his youngest. The lines were altered into the following.“ You wish now that our places had been exchanges, that I had died and Boromir had lived.” “Yes, I wish that.” Not a reversal of places, Boromir at Henneth Annun and Faramir either in Imladris or in Minas Tirith, but a reversal of life and death, the wish to rather see the other son dead.

Well…the interaction between the members of the House of Húrin always interested me and I do not think that the subject of Denethor’s persona can only be seen in Black and White as portrayed in many stories, no matter how good they are. Denethor was neither a cruel madman nor could he be considered a loving father. He was a vastly complex, sharp-minded, far-seeing man crafted by the times he was born into.

[[ Hello anon, good to meet again. I always promised myself to not give anon hate a platform on this blog  but you seem so headstrong that you won’t quit no matter how much I ignore what you do. I’m saying ‘you’ and it might be plural. I do not know this. It all started about a year ago (!) when people found something wrong with me. 

To this day I do not know what it is that I did. I know some people cut me out of their lives and that’s fine. I won’t hunt down anyone for making that choice. We all have a life and we are all people and sometimes people don’t fit in our life as friends and that’s fine. 

There are people who cut me off without warning and  while I 100% respect their decision it does make it hard for me to learn from a mistake I made. I am all for personal growth and if I offended or hurt someone i would like to know this and apologise and grow from it. I am not perfect nor will I ever be. No one is. But there is a limit.

 At first the anon’s were kinda cookie cutter 'kys’ that kind of thing. It didn’t bother me. I saw it happen a lot on Tumblr and while these words did hurt a lot I just figured it was someone throwing around a favorite insult. It went quiet for a while, the occasional kys popping up but I always ignore it. 

I didn’t want to give it a platform. That changed in June. I was doxxed in June and it hurt me greatly. I had to post edited asks because you, or whoever, managed to find out all my personal information and post it online and threatened to leak information about me if I didn’t close down this blog. 

You make the same threat now so I think you know something I don’t.

I am so sick and tired of this. I can’t go anywhere without feeling watched. I had to disable my Facebook account because people found it and tried to log into repeatedly, I had to remove my PayPal from everything because people were using my real name to find me online and harass me. Last night, I posted my discord for the first time in a while and I got a few e-mails telling me that someone else tried to log in, other than me. Thank God for the fact that both Discord and Facebook alert me of fishy log in attempts. I feel hunted and scared. 

I really don’t want this and i want it to end. If you want to make a point to me, please come to me. I promise I will not be angry or mad. I don’t want to make this bigger than it already is. I know it’s still keeping you busy because a few weeks ago you came into my ask box and accused a totally innocent person. 

That’s mean. If you have a feud with me then keep it with me, not other people. Again I happily invite you to talk to me via chat or send me an ask explaining what I did that made you so upset. it hurts me that there is a person out there that is so bothered by my existence that they’ve been bothering me for a year. 

I won’t get mad. I will promise you this. But I want closure for the both of us (or all of us?). I always kept this RP blog a secret from my real life because it’s a way to escape. I like being here. I like drawing and writing here and I will and won’t be bullied away. 

If you can find in your heart to explain what I did wrong so I may grow from it then I would be very grateful. If you can’t do that then I humbly request that you leave me alone. 

No more doxxing, no more trying to log into my discord, no more bothering or bullying. Thank you so much.

PS. For people who see this twice, since I do not know who this person is I set this post up to reblog itself later so I hope they might see it. ]]

khajitseductionisdestruction  asked:

I was wondering if you could give me a link to the beginning of your primley legacy so I could read it from the start?

Hi Dear!

That’s so flattering!☺️ I’ve been wanting to make a navigation page for my legacy but I still haven’t figured that out yet how to do that😔. But for now you can click HERE and it will bring you to the beginning, page 18.

EDIT: For some people the link isn’t working (the universe really seems to hate me…😑 ) below is another link that should be working. Thanks for the head’s up @tumbrlalexvlad