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「•~Don’t be scared. I’m Scott Summers – and well, first off you don’t have to be scared. We reject Norman Osborn’s programs against mutants. We reject the hate crimes of Trask and his ilk. It seemed to us the people of the United States wanted us gone, so we left. But we won’t be pushed, prosecuted, persecuted, or punished any further. We seek peace and to live peacefully. Whatever happens next…is beyond our control. But all the same. The whole world is watching.•」 -Scott Summers

LONG Sailor Moon rant

I’m going to put myself out on a limb, and hope that it doesn’t break under my weight.

But I like Sailor Moon. All of it. Even Sailor Moon Crystal. 

I’m a die hard fan of the literary versions of stories, and I still love the nonsensical ridiculousness and the extreme off the path episode plot lines that the 90s show had.

I pick apart and analyze everything, and I’m still ok with how Sailor Moon Crystal looks.  Some of my favorite screenshots are of the “pre-edited” aired day one shots. (I will admit that the moonstick when it should have been the moonrod was a big oops.)

To me, I think the show is getting too much hate… in particular it seems to be from Westerners too. I think people were so infatuated with the 90s show that they easily gloss over mistakes/bad writing/bad animation that the original show had. Can you imagine if the internet was back then like how it is now? 

The show may not have made it 200 episodes if everyone was criticizing it in real time.  Go back and watch some of the episodes, particularly  episodes that don’t progress the story further.. some of those episodes are down right terribly animated. But I still love it regardless.

I’ve read gripes about the scouts being too thin, but I do believe that it’s skewed by our culture’s shifting view on body image… (There is a definite backlash and passive aggressive behavior towards thin people in our society right now) I will try to find the screen shots, but if I remember correctly: In the episode where Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino) goes up into the mountains to train with a monk, the girls in that episode were SUPER thin. I was smashing sandwiches against my TV trying to feed them.

There are times where I’m like “Holy crap Legs” but it doesn’t bother me that much because it’s similar in style to the manga. Takeuchi’s style seems to be emphasized waist and hourglass figure with 5 mile long legs. (Oh how I wished I could have legs like that when I was a little girl.  But I’ve accepted my hobbit legs because we’re all beautiful being wabi sabi.)

My story does differ from most other moonies, so I wonder if that is why I feel the way I do.

When I was growing up, I was extremely poor.. (well not that I have money now.. I’m just not food stamp poor anymore.) I was first introduced to Sailor Moon like everyone else, it just showed up on TV one day. Me(being a huge tomboy) hesitantly watched an episode out of the corner of my eye, but that was all it took. I was hooked.

It made me, feel.. a whole bunch of emotions that I still don’t fully comprehend.. but I remember feeling happy seeing that you could be Pretty, and Feminine, and Strong and Secure all at the same time.  You could be strong, while also being able to express your feelings. (One of the reasons why I think Sailor Moon is popular among boys as well, not just the short skirts.. but because it gives us all a pass to feel, and it’s ok to express emotions) 

I grew up in a time before the digital signal. Back when we had rabbit ears on televisions to adjust, and rotary phones. Shortly after Sailor Moon premiered in the states, I had to make one of my many moves to live with my grandparents. It was a dark time, or so I thought.

We lived in the middle of nowhere, a few miles off the shore of Lake Huron. I couldn’t get much signal on the American side, but I sure could watch Sailor Moon from Canadian tv.. I don’t know if it’s true, but I thought I remember seeing more episodes from Canada that weren’t aired in America.

Then another move. This time, I think Sailor Moon was starting to fade from broadcast television as they didn’t want to get into the controversial at the time season of sailor moon S.

I thought at the time, that this sadly would never resolve. I thought it was stupid too because who cares if Haruka and Michiru are both girls, as long as they love each other. 

Then one day, I got lucky when my mom visited a little sushi bar in Royal Oak, MI. It actually was a tiny Japanese grocery store that had a sushi bar in the back. Best sushi around, and really affordable too. But the sushi wasn’t the best part. (well it was and wasn’t but not the point I’m getting at)

In the front of the store, off to the left side of the door, there were small aisles of VHS tapes. All with handwritten titles in Japanese. The VHS tapes were from people that currently lived in Japan, recording specific tv shows, and sending them stateside for people that immigrated over. After a few tapes, they would restock with newer episodes. We asked if there was any Sailor Moon by chance, and there was. Several in fact because it was still airing in Japan in the Super S arc, and therefore quite popular. 

We rented all that we could, and we would copy those tapes so I would have my own copy. 

It was unedited, uncut, complete with commercials, and definitely NOT dubbed in the least bit.  At the time too, with the internet still trying to find itself, there was no real way to get your hands on a script. Still I watched, and re-watched, enthralled as if I could actually understand what was being said. I couldn’t, but you could still get the jist of it.

When I had a pretty big stock of VHS tapes, my friends and I would rewatch them and make our own dubbings. Some lined up really well, I’m sure when I rewatch Super S this year that I’m going to be laughing at parts that aren’t supposed to be laughed at. Just because I remember “our” story lines.

This is why I’m not the biggest fan of the dubbed versions. Once I started watching (it was an episode in the beginning part of Super S, but not the exact beginning, right before they get new powers from Pegasus) the uncut versions, I couldn’t go back.. To me, the dubbed voices didn’t sound right… Like they were trying too hard.. I in particular never liked Usagi’s American voice, and Chibiusa’s American voice had me punching babies it was so shrill.

I’m getting off topic… 

I LOVE Sailor Moon AND I LOVE Sailor Moon Crystal. Both shows have their strengths and weaknesses, but I’m so happy that I got to see something that I love get a revival. I like seeing new takes on stories. Frankly I think this is one of the best Reboots I’ve seen. (List of terrible recent reboots: Clash of the Titans, Karate Kid, Conan, Ninja Turtles, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Spider-man, Superman, Jem and the Holograms.. etc etc) It stays true to the story, it stays true to the art style while simultaneously updating it to fit alongside the anime we’re seeing now. 

I’m just saddened by all the animosity among the fans.. I’m worried that all the negativity will bring down the production of the show before it finalizes the story. 

That’s the point I’m trying to get across I guess, is that there are people who work on this show that put their all into it.. It must hurt to see so much backlash, so why then, would they be motivated to continue.. Or to improve on something if it’s just never going to be enough.

I think we need to stay more positive, and just wait and see, and give them a chance to show us what they can do.  I think we also need to treat each other with the same love and respect that Usagi would when faced with difference. So to my fellow Sailor Moon fan, whether you are a fan of the manga, 90s show, American version, SMC fan, I love you. I love you even if we disagree, because deep down the reason why you love a certain aspect of the story, it’s a part of what makes you, you. Even if I don’t love what you love, I love that you love it, because it makes you happy.

Seeing a part of my childhood that I didn’t think I’d see as an adult, I love it. It makes me happy and reminds me of the dreams and aspirations that Chibi me had when I first watched the show.

So thank you to all that have worked to reboot this Legend.

You have my back Sailor Moon Crystal. I hope that I will get to see all the arcs rebooted. 

yes idols seem perfect. yes they have flat stomachs and white teeth and skinny limbs, but please remember this: idols have a team of people to make them look how they do. they have makeup and hair artists to cover any blemish and flatten any frizz. they have strict diets that make their parents worry and hours of dance practice that wear on their bodies. the bags under their eyes and zits on their face are caked with concealer and edited out of pictures. they break down from the stress of looking perfect and being perfect and many struggle with eating disorders and suffer with mental illness from all the pressure to look how they look and look how you want to look. so please, stay healthy. don’t skip a meal to have that idol’s thin thighs, or this idol’s tiny wrists. don’t cry out of frustration when makeup won’t hide the bumps on your cheek while the photoshopped skin of the idol on your computer screen looks smooth. don’t tell yourself that you’re ugly just because you don’t have a team of people to make you look red carpet-ready or a job that forces you to overwork your body. yes you don’t look like an idol, and that’s ok.

Sealand: I hate Vietaaaaam!
Vietnam passes by
Finland: Honey, you’re not gay, you’re just confused.
Lesbian couple Belarus and Belgium walk by
Spain: I feel like I’m losing my children to America. They’re just gonna grow up and become boring old white people…
Old white people England and France enter behind them
Sweden: Most of our friends are white.
Seychelles and Turkey seem to be walking near them
Spain: I think keeping  in touch with your heritage only enriches our culture.
Sweden: Absolutely! I think we would all be better off it people would go back to where they came from!
World shuns you

Modern Family fjlskdjflj 


‘It’s pouring with rain and there’s space under your umbrella’

Connor and Troye had barely seen each other in three days. Between album work and meetings and filming and editing, they only shared the same place when sleeping. Even then, one was usually passed out in the bed when the other got home, and it seemed one was gone before the other woke. They texted more now that they were in the same city than when Troye was in Australia, and it felt like a greater distance somehow. Connor was stressed and Troye could tell; he could always tell when things weren’t right. He’d learned early on in their relationship what to watch for with Connor, always worried about him, always worried about everyone. Now though, he was worried because he didn’t have a way to fix it. The best thing for Connor was always getting outside; he loved walks on the beach or hikes in the hills, or just meandering around the neighbourhood taking photos of beautiful things. But it was raining in Los Angeles, for some idiotic reason, and it had been for days. Even if Troye had time to force Connor outside, he’d only be making things worse. Troye huffed as he thought about all this, sitting in the lounge room of the recording studio, eyes glassed over with preoccupation, not taking in any of the lyric edits on the pages in front of him. After nearly half an hour of tumultuous thoughts, Troye was frustrated. He stood to take a walk around the building, clear his head, and kicked the coat stand beside him. An umbrella clattered to the floor, and he picked it up, ready to put it back on the hook. However, holding it in his hand, Troye was taken back nearly a year to his first holiday with Connor, before they’d gotten together, before either of them had found the courage to start talking about, well, them.

May 2nd, 2014. Italy. It rained all day, but the boys didn’t care. They saw the Colosseum, some beautiful fountains, but most of all, they took advantage of the weather and ate so much food. From cafe’s to restaurants to gelato stands, they hopped around the city, getting their fill of the delicious cuisine. But somewhere between the last two places, when the sun decided to shine for a brief moment, Troye didn’t remember to pick up his umbrella from below his seat, and he left it behind. It didn’t occur to him at all, in fact, until they were leaving the covered market and crossing into an open square, where rain was once again pouring down, and the other boys had all pulled out their umbrellas. He was about to step out into the rain and deal with getting soaked when Connor turned back, walked over, and extended his umbrella toward Troye. The latter smiled and stepped underneath, gripping the handle alongside Connor’s fingers. They stepped out and followed behind Tyler. Troye nuzzled closer to Connor, not wanting to get wet and trying to make himself smaller so Con would stay dry too. Connor turned to him and smiled, sliding his hand up the handle of the umbrella and over Troye’s, fingers resting in the grooves between Troye’s own. It was small and simple and utterly normal, but for some reason, Troye felt like his hand was on fire, and he was certain Louis’ camera would be picking up his heartbeat; it felt like a drum beating in his chest. It had been building for weeks, months maybe, and any moment now, it might just burst through. For the moment though, Troye wasn’t afraid of the fallout; he was simply happy.

The memory made Troye smile, thinking about the aftermath of that moment. Within a day, he’d blurted out his feelings to what he’d thought was a sleeping Connor. Within two days, he’d discovered Connor had been awake, but also that Connor returned the feelings. A few blushing and awkward days after that, he’d kissed Connor in England, and by the time they left Europe, they were together. Troye didn’t know if Connor attributed as much to that rainy night as he did, but regardless, it was the spark that had started their ever burning flame, and it might just be what they needed to fan the fire. He sat back down in the chair, finally able to concentrate, a plan forming in his mind.


Connor arrived home from his seventh meeting of the day to an empty apartment. It was expected, but disappointing. Troye had tweeted about a short day at the studio and he’d hoped they might be able to at least eat dinner together before collapsing into bed. He threw his bag on the couch and walked towards the kitchen, stopping when he saw a folded paper on the table. Picking it up, he read. Meet me in Santa Monica, park where we usually do. Supper on the pier? Connor felt a little bit of warmth in his chest, eager to see his boy after so many days of not.

At this time of day, in the rush hour traffic, it took nearly forty minutes to reach the parking lot. By the time Connor arrived, it was raining heavily, and he hadn’t thought to bring a jacket. He had texted Troye but didn’t receive a response, so assumed they’d meet at the Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier, a favourite for both of them. Bracing himself to sprint through the rain, he shifted to open the door, only to have it open for him. There stood Troye, completely dry, protected by a large black umbrella. “Hi” Connor said, grinning just at the sight of his boyfriend. Troye smiled down at him and put out his hand for Connor to take, before he responded.

“Connor, a year ago you held out an umbrella and shared a walk in the rain with me. That little gesture, you being you and sharing and giving all the time, gave me the greatest thing I could ask for. So now I’m wondering, will you let me return the favour? Share a walk in the rain with me.”

So they did. Connor stepped out, placing his hand on the bar of the umbrella, slamming the door of the car behind him. They’d barely started walking when Troye moved his hand up, wrapping his fingers around Connor’s. Nearly a year later, the grooves were still a perfect fit.

Tumblr: Don’t trust police! 
Me: Okay, I can handle that. My own father as a cop doesn’t trust other cops.
Tumblr: Kill all the cops! 
Me: Okay no-
Me: Solving murder with more murder won’t solve anything. 
Tumblr: *edits post, makes you seem like a complete utter asshole* 
Me: ….you know what, i fucking hate this website.

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