people rise up

There’s all these stories of famous mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists, who were poor but by chance got lucky and found, and vastly improved the world of science and mathematics, because they got lucky.

This doesn’t mean that other poor people didn’t just rise up for the community because they weren’t smart enough. No. Capitalist has hindered our scientific and mathematical advancements, everyone poor who vastly contributed to our world all acknowledge how lucky they got, and so many are not afforded this luck.

There are just as many people passionated, dedicated, and clever enough to make further advancements in our society who will never be given the chance to add to our society. That’s what capitalism has done to us. It has made education a thing for the rich and lucky, not for all. If education was for all and failure wasn’t penalized we would move so much further as a society.

I think Trump might actually bring the change we need in country. He’s inspired so many people to rise up and protest against the government like…holy shit. If you asked me a year ago if I knew anything about our healthcare and education system I would have been like nah bro. But now, thanks to Trump, our generation is fully aware and educated on everything going on and what we need to do to change it. So thank you Trump, you played yourself. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿


Wow wow wow. Yes. 100% yes. ✌🏼️

Beginner’s Guide to Organizational Materialism

What are you Doing?”-Robbie Rotten

This question that the great Robbie Rotten asked is of absolute importance in times like ours.  What are we doing? Who is it for?  Before us is a dozen struggles, but who is fighting them, and how?

To answer this, we need to look at organizations in a way that is (relatively) rare in the Left.  We need to treat organizations materialistically, which is the point of Organizational Materialism.

In the medium term, in the space in which you and I live our lives, the struggles of society don’t occur abstractly, but within and between organizations.  This isn’t to say that people don’t rise up on their own.  But each time that has happened, over a period of months, those spontaneous activists turn themselves into several dozen organizations, each trying to capture the spirit of that original uprising.

These organizations are crucial, they’re the spaces in which the abstract goals we want–the creation of socialism, the ending of racism, of sexism, or homophobia–turn into concrete things that we can attain or fight for.  But it’s here where things start to get difficult.

At the center of organizational materialism is the idea that organizations structure themselves based around what they do, whether it’s work for votes, organizing actions, feeding people, or writing articles.  This structure creates it’s own reality, which restructures the organization’s goals so that they are amenable to their means.  “Build the party” becomes “write articles about building the party” becomes “write articles criticizing other groups of not building the party correctly”. Steadily, the organization’s activities become more about continuing its own existence than about helping people.

This tendency towards narrowing becomes self reinforcing as the practice a group does and the theory a group creates become in line.  This leads to organizations turning what they do into something that is all important, to denigrate the work of other groups.  “We need to organize this protest” turns into “this protest is all important, protest is all important”.  “We need to get votes to win this election” becomes “me getting voted in is a political revolution”.

How do we fix this?  By being conscious of the correct practices? By reading the right books? By just organizing? No.  These tendencies don’t come out of people not knowing the right stuff, it’s inherent to any given organization. Be conscious of this.   Ask yourself if your goals are to uplift the organization and only the organization or are they to uplift the people in your community.  Because the organization isn’t what’s important on its own, the struggle is, and the way to keep these narrowing tendencies from afflicting the whole movement is to have a diverse group of organizations that do different things.  A revolution is never any one thing, it’s a ton of them, and by working on different fronts, we can create a movement that is broader and focused on what’s really important.

I want to make something very clear.

Even if Donald Trump wins. If any racist two-tooth having fuck thinks that this is the time for white people to rise up, band together, and claim what’s theirs; and try something with my black ass? They’re done. They’re getting fucked up seven ways till Sunday. This asshole making it this far had emboldened racist attacks throughout this country, 25% in California alone, and even if he wins, I ain’t ever letting one of those fucks laying their hands on me. They’re signing their hospital bill if they think their boy Donald getting elected means they can lay hands on my black body.

This, this is why we have the electoral college. Many people are whining saying that the electoral college doesn’t work. Actually no, it doing it’s intended purpose. The electoral college was established for two primary reasons. One reason was so that smaller states could still have a voice heard in the election besides larger states like California and Texas. The second reason why we have the electoral college is to protect people from a majority rise up. Notice how the blue areas are largely urban areas like New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle. How would you like it if people in those cities said what goes and not giving the TRUE majority what they feel is best. Stop saying Clinton won the popular vote. It doesn’t matter. It’s like the participation trophy of the election. The electoral college does not need to be reformed. It does not need to be abolished. It served its purpose. The problem is not the electoral college, the problem for people is the result. Whether the electoral college is abolished or reformed Trump will still be president.

Legion, arise!

Our name is Legion. Ave Diana et Lucifero, i genitori nostra. We are many. We, the Little Folk–sorcerers, whores, rebels, the abject. The witches. We, who are hidden among the people. We are awake. 

Witches, rise up!

Let us become like our Faery Prince, the Devil, and raise the horns and don the cloak, the mantle of the Wild. We know the Turnskin Spell, it is writ upon the backs of our eyelids and carved upon our bones. Let us come as Liberator and Fire-bearer, the Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

We are the Wild, the poison medicine growing up through the cracks in the asphalt.We are one with the Dead.We are called Mad by those who would subjugate us.We are Poets, all of us.

Our tongues are our swords, and we will whisper goblin-dart and trollshot to them. We will pray to their Ancestors and be heard. We will never cease to be the Wild’s Voice. Where there is a witch there is no rest for the ignorant.

The Secret Rose blooms beneath the moon where we hold our night revels. Our dance is one of divine frenzy and we shall tear at them with tooth and nail, claw and talon. We will taste blood and be drunk upon it.

Our Sight pierces all lies. We follow Truth’s torch even if it leads us to a deeper darkness within the Darkness. Carry a knife in your hair. Our watchwords are: discern and resist.

Via Nocturna we tread the crooked, twilit road, the blackthorn at our side. We shall steal into their palaces and make a feast from the Tyrants’ cupboard. Their cattle will give no milk, their ale barrels found empty at morning’s light. Their plenty is reaped from the sweat of our backs and sown of our suffering. Nightmares follow in our wake as they wallow in their comfy beds. Some will not awake.

Our gleaming scales–the very same as the Old Serpent–protect us now and in all these works. The mask and the cowl are our benefit and shield. None of our names will protect us, so let us wear mirrors instead and give up our names to the Winds.

We will root out reeking oppression and pay out the highest price to buy liberation from the chain. We have already given our hearts to the Fire and they have become coal-black.

We will not restrain our Love for the people or planet, only the guiding hand of Fate shall tame our task. Our tears fill seventy times seventy jars.

We will play midwife to Justice, and She is not blind. We will gladly accept the titles of scorn and malice that the State will heap upon us. Love and Hate are two horns on the same Goat.

And to all tyrants, oppressive State regimes, and their agents:Choosing not to believe in the Devil won’t protect you from us.

my moms watching this white savior movie called McFarland USA about a white guy who starts a track team with a bunch of latino students who are “at risk” and i’m like mom i know its a true story but like i hate movies like this and she got all mad and said “these kids were doing nothing, so youre saying a white man cant help them because hes white” and i told her that that wasn’t true and i never said that. I said it was because it’s all we see in film. Freedom Writers, The Blind Side, The Last Samurai, Radio, Hardball, Finding Forrester, Dances with Wolves and so many more movies have obvious white savior narratives and we never see narratives and stories about our own people rising up without the help of white people, which makes it seem like we can’t prosper without white people helping us when that has never been the case. She told me that if we want movies about it so bad we need to make them and i told her that we do, but we never see them in theaters or hit the mainstream because white directors and white businessmen dominate the film industry and they only give us what they want to give us. For once, I want to see a story that focuses on the lives of the people of color. I don’t give a shit about a teacher’s marriage falling apart because she’s helping poc students, i don’t care about a coaches rocky life while trying to help poc students. I want to hear our peoples stories. I want them to follow us around. I want us to be the center of our own stories.

tbh i really dont get why we need legitimate canon ‘evidence’ to say a character is trans?? u can headcanon all u want but as soon as ur like ‘idk i think this character is trans’ theres this whole army of cis people ready to rise up like yES BUT WHAT ABOUT IN EPISODE 7 AT 26.3456654 MINUTES THAT PROVES THEYRE CIS damn son maybe i just like the idea of josh washington being a trans dude step off

People are rising up, standing up for what they believe in, and the most awesome thing about it is that they’re not going to stop because this country was born on a sense of democracy and these people (and the vast majority of America) intend on keeping it that way.

The opposition tells us to go home or get over it and accept that we lost but what that message is really saying is that if we do not agree on something, instead of working together to create a world we can all be happy to live in you would prefer to silence our voices so that only one voice of less than half of the American people can be heard and adhered to. That is not how people thrive, and that’s certainly not how The United States of America thrives.

We are great because we unite with one another through our differences. We are great because we are equal parts progressive and conservative, we are great because there is great strength in freedom of speech, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, and culture.

Greatness doesn’t come from an isolated group of fear mongering people spreading hate, racism, xenophobia, and terror.

And so we’re gonna rise up. And we’re not going to quit. We’re gonna move this movement until our last breath because we are Americans. Because we believe in peace and progress, we believe in the power of diversity and unity through diversity. Because we believe it is in the world’s best interest to take care of the earth we’re blessed to live on.

This is only the beginning.

We shall overcome.

TWD: Bury me here...with cobbler

We are one step closer to seeing the war, people! Morgan’s other self came back yesterday and in turn Badass Carol is back and the King now understands that he must fight. Rise up people! Rise up! Here are my thoughts for a surprisingly good episode (especially without Richonne or Daryl). 

- One melon. That can’t be good. 

- OMG. We’re opening to black?! This makes me nervous. The Sopranos taught me that nothing good comes about during the black fade. In this case, Carol is having a nightmare, which the reality of what happened is probably worse of what she was dreaming about. She knows Daryl lied and needs Morgan to confirm it. 

- She killed the walkers with a street sign! It gives new meaning to street signs. 

- I’m not going to lie. I’m not a fan of Morgan but I like how controlled he is (well for now anyway) and how he offers to go with her to Alexandria so that she can hear the truth. “That’s between you and Daryl.” Because obviously there is a her and Daryl (#Caryl for life!)

- Uh oh. Ben is being clingy. He wants to “learn” from Carol. I wonder if that’s a ruse for just walking her home to keep an eye on her for the King. 

- “Shiva likes you.” “That’s what I’m afraid of.” “I think I just pissed myself.” LOL. I like Nabela already. 

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- Oh no. More Ben bonding with Morgan. I have a bad feeling about this. 

- Jerry’s eating cobbler! He is all of us not wanting to put his cobbler down. I rewound it several times but I didn’t catch what he said. But the five seconds the camera was on Jerry - it made my day. Smiles all around!

- More bonding. More teasing about the girl he likes. This isn’t good. 

- As soon as the count was off, I understood Richard’s play. And that sealed the deal for Ben. That sucks. And they hit Jerry! Poor Jerry…

- When is someone going to kill the longhaired guy? He needs to die. Soon. 

- On the way to meet his parents, Ben said to Morgan, “To injure an opponent is to injure oneself.” I think he said that cuz he knew that Morgan would be angry. Maybe he tried to diffuse the anger by reminding him of his words. The student became the master. May the force be with you, Ben. We’ll watch out for your little bro. 

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- OMG. Morgan killed Richard with his bare hands! Flashes of his son, his wife and the killer used to be kept popping up. I didn’t see this coming. I mean, I love that he killed Richard, but I didn’t connect that Morgan would see Ben as his son. When he was at Alexandria, he was around Carl but I didn’t feel him care for Carl like a son. Anyhow, now Morgan is pissed that Ben is dead and Richard is to blame. Bye Richard. Don’t let the big ass door to hell hit you on the way out. 

- Richard got his wish. Morgan buried him next to Katy’s backpack. And we’re getting ready for war. Morgan told Carol the truth. Now she knows Glenn, Abraham, Olivia and Spencer are dead. She’s sad. She’s pissed. And now she’s ready. She leaves Morgan at the shack of personal revelation and goes to the Kingdom to help them get ready to fight. The King acknowledges that cold hard fact but, in true king fashion, says they don’t have to start getting ready right at that moment. It’s about healing from the death and trying to plant new crops. 

- I really liked this episode. It had a lot of witty one liners and also killed Richard. It also brought Badass Carol back, which I know she doesn’t fully want to be but her strength will help others. And maybe less of the survivors will die at the hands of the Saviors. Maybe it’s Carol who kills Negan. Afterall, Carol is our Wonder Woman. 

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If the Rich Keep Stealing the American Dream, the Poor Will Rise Up Against Them

Very soon, there will be nothing left but to eat the rich.