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Chris Colfer on Behind-the-Scenes on the Set of Glee: ‘I Wasn’t Hooking Up with Anybody’

There may not be a tell-all book of behind-the-scenes drama underway, but Glee star Chris Colfer says he is not opposed to penning a chapter!

“I think I would maybe save that for an autobiography, maybe have that be a juicy chapter, rather than the whole thing,” Colfer, 26, tells PEOPLE Now.

Perhaps his set “buddies,” who he shares are co-stars Ashley Fink and Amber Riley, would make the cut. In this hypothetical “juicy chapter,” however, it would spare hook-up stories.

“I wasn’t hooking up with anybody! Who was I hooking up with?” he insists. “Maybe it was happening and no one was inviting me.”

Colfer went on to chat about his actual novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction. His favorite chapter? “Truth Shaming,” which he explains is like fat shaming but for honest people.

“Anyone I’ve ever met in the industry, I’ve stolen from their life,” he says.

please don’t ever laugh at someone at the gym who’s lifting very little amounts of weight, or running only a little bit on the treadmill. don’t make fun of someone for putting a machine at the lowest weight or only bench pressing the bar (it’s already 45 lbs on its own). don’t laugh at the people who are just starting out or who physically can’t do too much weights or running or pull ups or squats or whatever. Everyone has to start somewhere

People who constantly have to stress how good they are at video games are so exhausting tbh. Like when I’m telling someone how difficult I found a certain boss and that someone is immediately like Hahaha lmao lol I beat it on my first try haha :)
That’s great, Timothy, I’m happy for you. But it doesn’t make you cool. You know what it makes you? A boring person to talk to.

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What did Ash say about Press?

Interviewer: If you were President of the United States, who would be your VP? Don’t say Krieger!

Ashlyn: “I would probably say Christen Press, yeah I think she’s like really brilliant so she would keep me in line. Like I’m the crazy like go get-her and she’d be like seat back I feel like it would be a good compromise. She’s a smart girl she’s a Stanford girl so I kind of always trust them.”

Interviewer: “She’s got that peace and love thing about her.”

Ashlyn: “Yes, she’s got that cool Cali vibe she’d be doing yoga on the beach and working out while I’d be surfing in the water.”

Christen Press

Christen Press enters the Starbucks feeling very anxious. She has spilled the last several drinks she ordered. But she’s been practicing drinking coffee, ten cups with her right hand, ten cups with her left, until she feels ready. She walks up to the bar to order…and hits it.