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Riddler doesn’t care about child abuse. He doesn’t care about kids. He doesn’t care about women. He doesn’t care about minorities or politics or anything that doesn’t directly affect him. Sure he has opinions on those subjects, who doesn’t? But he doesn’t go marching for equal rights or makes an effort to help those in need

because at the end of the day, the only person Riddler cares about is himself and that’s never going to change.


Let’s Talk About Race And Racism, Because Those Are Uncontroversial Topics.

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The idea is that under communism, the ideal democracy is in effect, right? People have complete political power/control & everything is voted on? But how could this be regulated without some form of government/ circle of elites? Some few would have to "lead" this, right?

The idea is that necessary resources and infrastructure are controlled democratically by their participants (rather than by the property-owning elite), yes – ideally in a super decentralized context whereby directly-democratic councils and assemblies coordinate community needs and set about fulfilling goals to meet them. Any elected “leaders” ought to be readily recallable if they do not meet their obligations or start consolidating power. The council formation has traditionally demanded that delegates come from the actual group they represent and that they continue to perform group duties otherwise, thus cutting down the tendency towards corruption. 

I appreciate, Anon, that you aren’t implying that your proposed scenario would “just wind up worse than capitalism” – it’s a common argument and it’s annoying as hell. “Won’t this socialist ‘paradise’ inevitably end up with a bloated corrupt elite taking advantage of the actual hard workers?? Why ruin an imperfect but good status quo in favor of something so highly corruptible??” I’d say “bloated corrupt elite taking advantage of the actual hard workers” already describes capitalism perfectly, as well as any class system we’ve historically had or could ever have. Class systems are inherently unjust because they’re structured around ruling class control of the stuff needed to reproduce society – the workplaces, the resource pools, the living arrangements, etc. – with the working class generating the actual goods and receiving meager bullshit as compensation. We look out and we see human nature as highly corrupt and prone to hierarchy, but that’s because we live in an environment that actively promotes corruption and inequality. We can overcome that environment and create a new world that promotes new values: solidarity, justice, compassion, egalitarianism, decentralism, direct democracy, creative self-actualization, etc. 



When you think that there is not a problem simply because it is not affecting you. 

As a human being we all have a duty to help others that suffer, even if you do not understand their suffering

This is what I think most of the current politicians on TV are forgetting. They’re far too concerned with bashing the opposition so that they can get into power instead of helping the people they are meant to represent. 

Compassion, empathy and understanding are three of the most important emotions a person can feel because they combat privilege and encourage selflessness. 

It’s not so much that I’m scared of Trump becoming president. I know he’s bound by laws and the checks and balances of government, despite all the branches being a Republic majority.

It’s that I’m scared that his followers will feel justified in their racist, sexist, all-around terrible actions.

And I’m scared that, in the end, there will be no punishment, because hey, if the President does it, then what’s the problem?

Mikhail Bakunin (30th may 1814-July 1st 1876)

Mikhail Bakunin was one of the founders of anarchism as we see it today. His Ideas of social anarchism soon saw him as one of the most famous Philosophers of the 19th century . 

Mikhail Bakunin was born into a modestly wealthy family in the Tver region of Russia. His family owned 500 slaves. Despite this mikhails father was heavily involved in the Liberal social circles of Russia known as the decembrists.        At the age of 14 Mikhail travelled to st Petersburg to study at a strict millitary school but was expelled in 1834 for poor grades. He was assigned to the polish barracks as a junior officer and was disgusted at the treatment of the polish people by the Imperial army. Mikhail left the army at the age of 21 and travelled to moscow to study philosophy. 

When he studied at university he began to mix in democratic circles and was a supporter of the growing liberal movement. He travelled all around the world after leaving unviersity from Berlin to Dresden. Until eventually ending up in Paris where he met Karl Marx. Marx influenced his ideas and made Mikhail into an anti imperialist and a marxist. He was expelled from france after giving a speech on polish indpendence.

Mikhail became increasingly radical and when the european revolutions of 1848 sparked into life, Mikhail seized the oppurtunity to make a name for himself. He led the insurrection in dresden and spread political articles on anarchism. When the rebellion was put down Bakunin was arrested and sentenced to death. However the Austrian monarchy also wanted him after they found his articles denouncing the european monarchies as despots. However russia ordered for his extradition and he was exiled to Siberia. 

In 1861 Bakunin was smuggled out of Siberia on an American ship called the SS Vickery. They managed to sneak out of Siberia under the nose of the imperial navy and make his way to Europe. Joining the international workers association (IWA) where he was reunited with Karl Marx. 

 Karl Marx and Bakunin turned from good friends to bitter enemies         Bakunin argued that the state needed to be destroyed and the world should be divided into federations of free workers. Marx argued that the state should be overthrown but not destroyed. Bakunin also disagreed with the authoritarian structure of marxism, arguing that men should be free to rule themselves.    The supporters of Bakunins ideology became known as Anarchists and him and his followrs were expelled from the association in 1872 after being voted out by a marxist majority. 

Bakunin continued stirring shit throughout europe and was involved in the overthrow of the paris government. He wrote works and manifestos including god and state which was the basis of modern anarchy. He died in in 1876. 

“By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible”



So long story short Skeleton King needs to be overthrown so Princess!Nova enlists the help of Cowboy!Sprx to get her there and she drags her bodyguard Knight!Otto along with her. Along the way they run into Vampire!Gibson, who helps them out both because they’re totally helpless without his medical help and because he’s really lonely okay. 

Aaand they’ll probably also get Ghost!Antauri and Zombie-Monster!Chiro along the way. And maybe Mummy!Mandarin. 

And there you go an AU I’ll never do anything with except cute sketches. Drawing cowboy hats is fun and you should all check out the captions. It’s 2 AM I am tired.

Some prospects

According to the latest social polls, it became known by what criteria Americans will be guided choosing new president in 2016.
86 percent of US citizens have admitted that their choice will largely depend on the state of the economy. The second criteria - the problem of terrorism (74 percent) and international relations (61 percent). The numbers may change, but the economy is likely to remain crucial. The surge of interest in international issues appeared because of the recent initiatives of the Obama administration, including the coalition’s actions in Syria and Iraq, as well as difficulties in relations with Russia.
Unfortunately, health, income inequality, interracial issues and migration worries Americans much less.

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ic for a southern gothic (louisiana bayou) disney + pixar (and related) spirits with powers. mystery, government quarantined town, all sorts of subplots and character involvement in the wider plot. very spooky and people with powers vs. people without, political struggle, small southern town stuck in the past + v dark vibes. focus on plotting, forming friendships + general community. would anyone be into that???