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PFFT. “Bill Nye the SJW Cuck”, if that’s the most creative thing they can come up with, no wonder they can’t wrap their heads around the gender spectrum. Really though, I know Youtube Comments are awful most of the time but antisemitism, transphobia and just lots of unpleasantness within three comments is concerning even for that. What the fuck?

People take different positions of consciousness depending on wants and needs.  If a person needs to THINK about something, Mercury is the position of consciousness that the person will take.  If asked instead about how one FEELS about the same thing, the position of consciousness shifts to the moon.
—  astrology 

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OK, I'LL SAY IT! I secretly ship Reylo, it's so interesting, I think it'll bring something fresh, new to SW (On movies, if you know what I mean) I do it secretly because antis are so f*cking annoying. It makes me anger to see people wishing death and throwing bullshit on others because of a ship (I mean, really?!) Y'all seem to be so cool and nice, fully concentrated on the fan arts, fics and mind-blowing theories made for talented people and that makes me so happy. Love to all my fellows! <3

Aww, thanks for reaching out! I think there are lots of people in your position, tbh, because the fandom drama scares people off. However, I have seen lots of new Reylos emerge recently, so you’ll definitely be in good company when/if you do decide to ship it openly!

I work for pro-Trump crazies who talk so much shit about Obama and Clinton and anyone they disagree with. I have to write area analyses for the counties and cities we work in. Recently I’ve done everything I can to add positive notes about Obama and Clinton in any report I can. I just wrote a report on the Clinton airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, and talked about how great it is for the area. I talked about a landmark Obama made a historical site and how it’s generated economic impact. It’s not going to change their minds about them, but at least they have to read something positive about people they hate.


Some people Need this. Including me.

how to look like a nonbinary person

1. be nonbinary

2. wear what you like

congratulations! you now look nonbinary, because you are nonbinary! heres a lady bug to brighten up your day 🐞

Disabled people’s lives are not tragedies.
Parents and carers are not “heroes” for loving disabled people.
Disabled people’s private moments should not be shared without consent on your “warrior mom” blog.
Disabled people are not your pity hires, dates, or friends.
Disabled people do not exist to be saved or spoken for by non-disabled people.

Treat disabled people with respect and dignity.
Treat disabled people like people.