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So, it’s really obvious to me that Trump’s staffing picks are about two things, but weirdly I haven’t seen anybody commenting on the second?

The first is that he’s setting up a kleptocracy. He and his cronies are going to milk the country for every dollar they can get, and fuck whatever lives or institutions they destroy along the way.

The second, though, is a strategy Republican governors have been using for years, and which the Bush administration used heavily as well: if you want to destroy a government agency, put someone in charge who’s either incompetent or actively opposes that agency’s mission. The agency becomes ineffectual, people who have to deal with it get pissed off, and you build support for defunding or dissolving the agency. Do it enough, and you start building support for the idea that government itself is ineffectual or worse, which is how you persuade people dependent on government assistance that the very programs they depend on need to be cut.

In short: the reason it seems like Trump is deliberately picking the worst imaginable people for each position? Is because he is.

In which Gabriel is king of flirting

For @casandsip because fluff.

Gabriel was the king of flirting. Everyone knew it. He told them so all the time.

He was charming. He was witty. He was reasonably good-looking and knew how to persuade people he was more than that. He could flatter his way into anybody’s good books.

But he still couldn’t get that gorgeous, adorable, floppy-haired art student to notice that he was hitting on him.

Every weekday morning at eight he’d shuffle into the coffee shop where Gabriel worked, rubbing his eyes and mussed-up and yawning hugely behind his hands, rubbing them together in their patched brown woollen gloves to chase away the late-winter cold. Every day he’d order the same boring boring black coffee in a take-away cup just in case he had to run away early (which he never did), and he’d smile the same sleepy distracted adorable diffident smile when he thanked Gabriel for making it. Then he’d curl up at one of their corner tables with his books and pencils (or charcoal, or pastels, or whatever it was that day), and go to work.

Gabriel had considered the question at great length over the last month or so—usually out loud, to Balthazar or Charlie or Anna or Castiel, until Balthazar draped a towel over his head to shut him up—and had come to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing in the world so attractive as the expression of concentration on the face of a gorgeous genius as he made gorgeous works of genius. Unless it was the way he sometimes nibbled on his thumb when he was thinking. Or lowered his glasses on his nose to squint over the top of them for a different view. Or the way he filled his worn old shirts. Or—

Or the way he completely failed to notice every time Gabriel winked and flattered and tried to draw him into cheerfully suggestive conversation, because apparently his brain travelled straight from sleep to art without bothering to notice mundane details like the cutest of baristas in front of him.

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whatever you do don’t think about abby with little clarke JUST DON’T

Ok but dig this

Sex demons who always ask for consent first

Incubi who stalk nightclubs and bars looking for meals but also to make sure unsuspecting mortals get home safely, who will fight ANYONE who tries to “persuade” people against their wills, sniffing out roofies and making sure drugs don’t get past this line, helping young intoxicated people home personally and not being satisfied until they’re in their home with the door locked, going the extra mile for people who have been abandonded by a freind or who are lost or gotten too smashed to help them find a safe place to sober up

Succubi at strip clubs always always ALWAYS protecting their mortal coworkers, from dancers to bartenders to waitresses, eyeing anyone who looks tipsy or handsy and breaking fingers that try to touch, succubi working as waitresses and bartenders at male strip clubs to make sure the same doesn’t happen there

Sex demons who work totally unsuspecting jobs like librarians and hair dressers and IT workers who are always keeping an eye out on everyone from coworkers to customers to delivery people to scope out a partner but also to make sure that no one is getting harrassed, you don’t want a succubus CEO on your ass, you just don’t (I mean you know unless you’re into that)

Sex demons who biologically card their dates, “I don’t care how fake your ID is you’re sixteen go home”

Sex demons who look for online predators in their spare time, like got nothing else to do might as well set somebody up or make sure my neighbor’s blind date isn’t a creep, why the hell not? I have eternity

Sex demons who are like… staples of the community, the incubus that lives on the third floor always accompanies girls on blind dates just in case, the succubus living in the last house on the street makes sure she knows if there’s a “domestic disturbance” going on in her neighborhood, always being quicker than all hell to escort kids to and from places or jump in as a freindly face if something seems off somewhere

Sex demons who help shy people make freinds/come out of their shells by being a little more social without making them uncomfortable, helping awkward people learn how to break the ice or be charming or whatever, helping people who have issues with being touched learn how to cope and how to deal with the little things or helping sex trauma survivors overcome their demons by being able to talk to them so much more openly and candidly than most mortals can and being SO clear about exactly HOW it is definately not their fault because excuse me I literally live off of sex I WOULD KNOW, or just being there for shy/sensitive/awkwad/touch-sensitive people as a voice to talk to when they don’t have anyone else and not pushing them to come out of their shells

Sex demons who double and triple check consent with their date because they don’t want to accidentally pheremone-roofie anyone, who are cool with going out on ACTUAL dates, having relationships, one night stands, doing it in the car if that’s what their date wants no biggie but like… if there’s even somewhat iffy consent big fat NOPE they’d rather starve sorry they’ll just go to the club across the street and look again after their date is home safely ok?

Sex demons who are actually like??? Really good dates??? Flowers and nice resturaunts and polite conversations making mortal dates look bad probably

Shy sex demons who dress in sweaters and wear glasses and stutter when they ask people out, who probably have a couple of go-to hunger bedfellows when they don’t have anything going on in their romantic lives

Mortal freinds of sex demons who are always available to help them out- not always personally, but you know Jamie works at the local bar and can 100% set up his Incubus pal with anyone on any given night, Amy has a contact list as long as your arm because she’s a social butterfly and her Succubus freind is kinda awkward but that’s ok because everybody trusts Amy to hook them up with eachother

Ace-spectrum sex demons who survive off of platonic touches and innocent affection like forehead kisses and hand holding and yeah ok they need MORE of it than the actual sex-having sex demons do but hey more nights on the couch binging Supergirl and cuddling? This is how you do life

Just… give me sex demons who actually are really kind emotional people and aren’t just going to be jackasses and like suck out your breath in your sleep or lure you into alleys or whatever excuse you no WE ARE A POLITE SOCIETY WHO JUST HAPPEN TO FEED OFF OF SEXUAL ENERGY THANK YOU that kind of sex demon

P.S. I’ll give you anything for sex demons who actually run fake relationship businesses, order a sex demon to be your date for your cousin’s wedding because you don’t want to go alone, hire one to go with you to meet that freind from the internet because you aren’t totally comfortable meeting a stranger alone, get one to go with you to your office Christmas party because Handsy Steve always makes lewd comments to you at work and oh my God he’ll just be so much worse drunk, hell maybe one will go with you when you have meetings with your boss who makes you really uncomfortable, fake relationships to please your overbearing mother or impress the new boss or because you told your distant cousin that you were married with six kids like twelve years ago or to take to your class reunion it doesn’t matter just hire a sex demon for platonic fake relationship shennanigans (Bonus: Sometimes they’ll go catfishing for you!)

I feel like Maeglin staying in Gondolin was a huge disservice to what he could have been. And I will never forgive Turgon for not telling Fingolfin about Maeglin’s existence. I know there was a possibility he was angry at his father for making the Noldor cross the ice, but if so, that grudge literally just stopped Maeglin from being a potential king of the Noldor. Like…if I’m looking at the line of succession right, Maeglin would have been king right after the death of Fingon, or perhaps Fingon would have stepped down and given it to Maeglin.

Maeglin was very patient yet persuasive, and could pull many to agree with his ideas. And I think that, given he wasn’t in a place like Gondolin, where I feel he faced a lot of hardships, he would have been able to thrive in Himring in a positive way (persuade people in a positive way)

I mean…he’d have Maedhros as his teacher, as a comrade who could lead him on, along with Fingolfin. Maeglin would have been suitable king.

And he would have united the Sindar and the Noldor after the slayings. That could have been really good for everybody.

But I just feel that Turgon’s anger toward his family really screwed Maeglin up in the end, and he selfishly took away Maeglin’s chance of greatness. Like uhg…

I think Gondolin was the worst thing that happened to Maeglin, and going to Himring, he could have made a difference and reached his full potential.

Okay, time to write for something that doesn’t get me angry.

Determining Houses

Question: Okay I took your quiz and I got slytherin, which I understand. I have goals and I’ll do anything it takes to get them I’m sly and manipulative great at arguing at persuading people. I also feel like the other houses too and here’s why: I love learning. Absolutely I love to know why things happen and I’m hardworking. I feel like I have a little of each of the house in me, so could you help me understand the houses a little better please?

ANSWER: Ok, basically, we all have traits of each house, because that makes us well rounded people.  No one is 100% all the traits and only the traits of a specific house.  It comes down to two things, what you value, and what is the final, end all goal for you.  Is it being true to yourself and what you believe is right above all else?  Is it being fair, and just, and keeping a natural balance by working hard to maintain it?  Is it the goal is the result itself of winning (doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing as long as you win)?  Or is it searching always for MORE information, more to know, more to understand?

What of these trumps all the others?  Example: Is it more important to do with your life what makes you happy, what you truly want or what brings you joy/you’re good at, and hey, if you get rich and famous, great, but otherwise, who cares?  Or is it to choose areas of your life where you know you’re going to be the best, or at least it’s most likely that you will, even if it’s something you care less about/isn’t what you enjoy doing? Is it doing what is fair and right, even if it’s not good, and making choices for the greater good, working steadily on things because they should be done and the world needs them, but personal gain or winning is all secondary?  How about searching and discovering and contributing, because it is important that ideas be created and spread both to yourself and others, because there’s always more, and the other things are secondary?  

Pretty much, you’ll associate with one of the four being more true for you than the others, and that really is a core aspect of your house. 

fionahsieh replied to your post “Dog scenting/tracking book recommendations?”

Oh I assumed you just wanted some books to read! If you want to actually train (horse, dog, whatever), I’d find some nose work class near you and sit in a few, I’m sure the trainer would let you. There’s complexities and timing in training that can’t be found in reading. Especially for a horse, learning about nose work training would fit best, rather than SAR.

I agree, that will probably be my next step. First I want to get a good theoretical background though, so that I can understand what I see and thus make the most of my money :)

People who say an English degree is pointless or that it’s the least admirable degree by employers are so naive. You can literally do almost anything with an English degree. I mean of course you can’t be a brain surgeon, but you can do so much with an English degree that if you don’t know what to do with your life, you can major in English and be set after you get your bachelors. You will be able to find something. Employers want people who can write, they want people who can move a crowd with words, they want people who sound intelligent, and people who can write sound smart. Whether they are truly and completely knowledgeable in a certain subject doesn’t matter because they can persuade people with their writing. They can make it sound like they know what they are talking about. All they need is a little research. If you can write, an employer will find you interesting right off the bat from your outstanding application letter. So really, don’t think an English major/English degree are pointless. It’s not just about writing fiction or becoming a professor. The opportunities are endless.

I think I know what’s bugging me about The Final Problem.

Two words: rushed, unrealistic

Now I know Sherlock isn’t exactly the model for “realism”, but I can’t get over how Euros managed to control/manipulate/persuade/hypnotize everyone in the freakin’ facility

Like … that just does not happen. If that happened in real life, the world would be in chaos. History has already shown us that a “charismatic” or “persuasive” person can persuade many people to do horrible things (Adolf Hitler for example). But people like that can persuade others for a reason. Racism, sexism, fear, economic problems, blackmail, etc. You can’t just say “oh yeah, I want you to kill your family” and some guy will just do it

It would be much more realistic and cool if she and Moriarty had conspired to blackmail everyone in the facility. But I digress

What I want to say is that the world is now.. I don’t know. Grown-ups say things about the current society and they compare it with the old times. Maybe that is the reason this world is or has been like that in the first place. But there is lots of anger in this world. They persuade people who are still in their youth to give up. All these new words describing how the society is so we don’t have the motivation in the first place. They blame everything on us. I think the current society is kinda like that right now. That’s what youth is about these days. All those discouraging words.. it made me really sad. We didn’t lose our dreams because we wanted to give up. We didn’t go after our dreams because we knew we’d give up.
But that’s how society is right now, and it’s really sad. I’m part of the young generation in today’s society so I felt frustrated. I feel discouraged many times and I get disappointed with myself.

Kim Namjoon, talking about “this generation” ’s issues. 

aka what I’ve been forever trying to explain to the elders, but they would just keep blaming everything on the youth and say we’re not doing anything well

Pre-Islamic Iran was Zoroastrian for well over 1,000 years

The basic tenants of Zoroastrianism are “good deeds, good thoughts, and good words”. Zoroastrianism was the religion of the three Persian empires of Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empire, which ruled modern-day Iran from 550BCE to 651CE, at which point the newly born Islamic Caliphate attacked Iran. The Muslim conquests consisted of forced conversions, but there were also voluntary conversions, and in many cases people were persuaded to convert because of political benefits of becoming Muslim. Today, a small, but growing Zoroastrian community exists around the world, with the largest concentrations being in India, Iran, and the United States. 

Persuading other people of your ship

A friend of mine had stopped watching GoT in season 4 as to not get spoiled about the upcoming books. She finally relented and watched season 5 and 6 with her husband. When we met yesterday, she said: “It looks like Jon and Dany will meet and hook up, why has she dropped Daario, if not for that? I’m really disappointed. If they end up together that will be so boring and I don’t think they would be good together.” (She has not heard about the leaks yet.)

I told her that my theory is, that if anything happens with Jon and Dany it will be only a short fling and that it will be Jon and Sansa at the end (if they both survive). I still think it is possible that Jonsa will be canon.

Her face literally lit up, she was all excited and said: “Oh, that would be georgous. They would be great for each other, what a wonderful idea! How did you ever come up with that?” And she picked up her phone to call her husband and was all excited about Jonsa! And her husband was all into it. They talked about all the scenes of Jon and Sansa in season 6 and got all excited about the romantic vibes. Two more Jonsa shippers, that went smoothly.

Unfortunately I had to tell her, that it was not my idea. I would have liked to claim the idea of Jonsa…


“Asking a feminist to sum up their argument is wrong.”

Wow, that was easy.

In my experience, people who refuse to bottom line their arguments and then yell it at the people who ask are trying to use a lot of words to hide how little they have to say. Or they know that their argument doesn’t hold up once you take away the protective screen of buzzwords.*

In this case, I think we’re dealing with someone who wants authority without responsibility.

* In case you haven’t noticed, I can write in a fancy way, but I don’t, because it’s less accessible. And accessibility is very important when you’re trying to persuade people.

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[H]egemony, as Gramsci theorized it and as Hall interprets it, is the term for a multilayered system by which a dominant group achieves power not through coercion but through the production of an interlocking system of ideas which persuades people of the rightness of any given set of often contradictory ideas and perspectives. Common sense is the term Gramsci uses for this set of beliefs that are persuasive precisely because they do not present themselves as ideology or try to win consent.
—  J. Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure (17)