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Unforgettable birthday

Word count: 2.021

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Shouting and tears

“Two days. In two days, everything must be perfect and I still don’t know what to do”, you sighed to yourself and snuck further into your blanket, which was hanging loosely around your shivering body. Winter was at its finest this time of the year and your house, being quite a big one, was partly cold, even though the heater was on. The end of January was coming, which meant cold, snow and of course warm clothes.

But above all that, the end of January meant the beginning of February. And the beginning of February signaled Harry’s birthday. You always wanted to make his birthday a memorable day but you always ended up organizing something common and just too plain for your liking. Harry never minded that your ideas were simple; he just loved the fact that you devoted some of your time to think of him and show him you cared.

You , on the other hand, felt not so good about it. You would always beat yourself up about it and be irritated that you couldn’t give to him what he really deserved. Harry had made fun of you the first time you were all pouty and grumpy over such a small thing but he just couldn’t understand. He had managed to make your own birthday a day you would like to live again and again, every single year that day came around. So, why couldn’t you do the same for him?

That was the only thing you wanted to do. To make his day be the reason he would like to press a repeat button and start it all over. Having this in mind, this year, you had set a goal to create the best memories possible. First, you had tried to decorate the roof of your apartment and have some of your closest people come by, but the roof had been reconstructed lately and instantly, this option was out of the picture. Next, you had tried to organize an excursion to a beautiful place, just the two of you for a couple of days, but your empty wallet said otherwise.

All these difficulties were keeping you back from doing what you had envisioned to do and it was driving you mad. Under no circumstances would you sit for a plain dinner night with some lit candles again. You wanted and had to keep your eyes open for new ideas. Even your parents had tried to help and lend you some money to make that excursion a reality, but your pride stopped you and even though you were dying to take the money, they had already done enough.

“Why can’t I think of something spectacular for once?”, you cried over the phone to your friend, who obviously, had nothing better to do than listen to your complaints and whining.

“Maybe you are over-thinking this whole thing. Just let it flow and see where it takes you”, your friend said and you got up. She was right. You were trying too hard to make an idea pop into into your head that all of your energy had vanished.

“I hope sleeping will help”, you said hanging up and going to bed. After a lot of tossing and turning, you decided to call Harry. He was in his own apartment, probably sleeping, but you needed to hear his voice. You weren’t living under the same roof yet but it was in your future plans for sure.

“Love, are yeh okay? Why are yeh callin’ meh this late?”, Harry’s groggy voce said and you felt a tad bad for waking him up.

“I am alright but I missed you and I decided to call you. I won’t keep you up for long I promise”, you defended and you heard his chuckle.

“I have no problem baby but yeh had meh worried there”, he giggled and you smiled yourself.

“Sorry about that. How was your day today?”, you said and you both ended up talking through the phone for the whole night. It was completely natural for you. Talking with Harry was something else. You never got bored and he never got tired of hearing your voice.

The next morning though was indeed boring because it found you on your laptop, trying to contact your boss to inform him that you couldn’t turn up to work tomorrow. He tried to make it clear that he needed you in your post but he eventually gave in and gave you your day-off. Jumping from your chair, you looked yourself in the mirror.

“Tomorrow’s the day and you got nothing. Think!”, you shouted to your reflection like it would be scared and it would hand you the perfect plan in a heartbeat. Of course, this didn’t happen and you got more frustrated. Harry had suggested the night before, you go to his house and stay there for tomorrow and the weekend so you thought this was a great opportunity to walk a bit and let the cool wind clear your head.

Arriving to his house, you entered with your spare key and called his name but no response was given. Going up to his your bedroom, you placed your duffel bag in the closet and your gaze was stuck somewhere out of the window. You didn’t want to surrender and face the bitter truth that Harry’s day would once again be dull. He never told you that, but you knew it; it was boring experiencing the same things over and over again.

You had already bought his present and everything but this was not enough. Not in the slightest bit. Having nothing more to do you cooked a meal for when Harry would come back and you turned on the TV. And just then, he appeared in front of you in all his glory answering questions and sharing his contagious smile which had many girls going crazy. This time though, you didn’t feel like smiling. You felt like crying. Just like that, you turned off the TV and headed upstairs to relax.

You read your favourite book, listened to some music and even placed your clothes on the hangers but Harry was still nowhere to be found. He should be home by now and you knew nothing about a meeting or so. You picked up your phone and you were ready to dial his number when a notification from Twitter flashed through your screen. Anne had twitted something. Opening the application, you felt like fainting. She was wishing Harry Happy Birthday today.

“No no no no this is a joke. Tell me this is a joke”, you said while checking the calendar on your phone. Your eyes bulged out of their sockets when you saw the date. 1st of February. How was this possible? It was still the 31 of January. It had to be. You couldn’t be that mistaken. But then again your calendar couldn’t be wrong. You pressed your phone against your ear waiting to hear Harry’s voice but that irritating sound had taken Harry’s voice’s place telling you were on voicemail.

You tried to calm down while your mouth was still hanging open. The only thing you wanted was to surprise Harry this year and make him feel appreciated the way he deserves but instead you lost the track of days and forgot his birthday! How ironic! After trying to get in touch with him for the fifteenth time that night, you had to charge your phone so you plugged it and waited. It was 1:45 and you were wide awake. You didn’t know what you would tell Harry for this terrible mistake of yours but you needed to see him.

After two more agonizing hours, you heard the front door open and close and all the air was knocked out of your system. All this time you had persuaded yourself that you would face him but now that the time came all you wanted to do was open a hole on the ground and hide in there forever. His footsteps were heard outside of the room and when he pushed the door open you knew you were unjustifiable. He was looking anywhere but you and his face were radiating sadness and disappointment.

When the first word came out of your mouth, he took a sharp breath and turned to look at you making you close your mouth again. It was hard for you to explain yourself but you had to. You owed him that.

“Harry I- I don’t know how it happened I swear. You know I would never do that to you”, you started but he just shook his head.

“I hope your reason is good enough”, was the only thing that was aimed at you and you were ready to break down.

“All these days, I wanted to come up with something extraordinary for your birthday. I didn’t want it to be like all the previous years. But I lost track of time and the day came and I don’t know. I was so caught up trying to please you that I did the exact opposite. I am so sorry Harry, I really am”, you started to walk towards him but you stopped when he made a step back.

“Is that so? I hope this is the reason yeh were so distant all these days and not somethin’ else. Or better yet, someone else”, Harry said venomously and it was your turn to take a step back. Was Harry really hinting that you were seeing someone else behind his back? This had your blood boiling in a matter of seconds.

“Excuse you? I know I messed up and forgot about your birthday but this gives you no right to accuse me of something so wrong! You know me! I would never do such a thing to you! Are you kidding me?”, you said clearly offended throwing your hands in the air.

“I don’t know Y/N! First, yeh are all closed up and yeh only call meh one time in the day when yeh used to call meh at least three! Next thin’ I know, I get no wishes from meh girlfriend! And I had to lie to everyone that yeh couldn’t make it tonight!”, Harry screamed at you.

“This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? All you think of is what other people will say and how you will be able to make up a story of why I am missing! I never asked you to do it Harry! And I already apologized for forgetting your birthday!”, you said and turned around not wanting Harry to see your tears.

“Your tears aren’t goin’ to save yeh this time Y/N!”, Harry said and you had enough.

“You know what? I still don’t understand why you are so worked up. I thought I showed you my real self but I guess I was wrong. You got it all wrong Harry”, you said, looking disappointedly at him.

“So now this is meh fault? I really didn’t see that comin’”, Harry said sarcastically laughing to himself while you were standing there looking at him in disbelief. He was exaggerating and you had no clue why. Yes, forgetting about his birthday was something serious but was it serious enough for such an outrage?

“I want you to calm down Harry. I don’t know where this is all coming from but let me tell you it is nonsense”, you tried to reach out for him but decided against it and stayed put.

“You slippin’ through meh fingers is nonsense to you? Glad to know Y/N!”, Harry shouted and you covered your ears. That was it. He needed to calm down right now.

“No one is slipping through your fingers Harry! And if you don’t want it to happen anytime soon, you have to calm down so once you do, call me so we can discuss about it like the adults we are!”, you said furiously and got out of the room, put your shoes on and slammed the door shut, leaving a determined Harry behind, ready to walk out the house and come find you.

This took an unexpectedly angsty turn may I add. I feel like I haven’t written for years damn. How are you all? I hope you are doing great! I want to thank the people who dropped this request in my inbox and I truly hope you liked it! I surely liked writing it! (Yes, I am a sucker for angst, how did you know?) Don’t forget that my inbox is open and requests are too! Have a good day/night!

“I grew up in the suburbs. I used to think that I could write a prescription for a poor man: ‘Get a job, save your money, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.’ I don’t believe that anymore. I was ignorant to the experiences of poor people. I’d invite anyone to come and meet the people who live in this neighborhood. Right now we are surrounded by working poor people. These are the people who sell your tools at Sears, and fix your roofs, and take care of your parents, and mow your lawns, and serve your meals. They’re not getting a living wage. There’s no money left to save. There’s nothing left if they get sick. Nothing left if their car breaks down. And God forbid they make a mistake, because there’s nothing left to pay fines or fees. When you’re down here, the system will continue to kick dirt in your face. You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto. We aren’t paying our brothers and sisters enough to live. We want them to serve us, but we aren’t serving them.”

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(Saracstic Ask) How to develop each function?

How to develop Se

To fully experience that rush of living in the moment, you must jump off a cliff. Don’t have the guts? Well, you obviously don’t, since you don’t have enough Se. You may also train yourself by riding a rollercoaster repeatedly until you cannot remember who you were or feel anything anymore. The only thing you will be able to experience is the appreciation of this moment. Beautiful, isn’t it?

How to develop Si

This one is quite easy. Just go take those SAT vocab practice tests for fun. Here’s a link: If you can memorize everything, your Si is at the top of the game!

How to develop Ne

Get high.

How to develop Ni

One cannot “develop” psychic abilities, one can only be born with it. Just go find a fortune teller, or a crazy INFJ.

How to develop Te

Model from the best. Remember that bully from your elementary school? Yes, you remember them, don’t you? Strong Te has that lasting effect on you. Pretend to be like them and go boss people around. Your Te will go through the roof in no time.

How to develop Ti

To have a fully developed Ti, you need the following items:

  • 20 of the most frustrating chain puzzles you can find
  • 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle (the whole thing must be the same plain color)

Solve them, take them apart, put them back together again 10 times, and you will be able to solve anything the world throws at you from then on.

How to develop Fe

Put on a “free hugs” T-shirt and go stand at the busiest mall in the city for 5 hours per day for 1 month. You’ll learn to absolutely, unconditionally, wholeheartedly, devotedly be in love with people (no sarcasms intended), just like Fe-doms.

How to develop Fi

You must learn to FEEL! And express that FEEL! - Go watch 100 movies that make you cry. Here are some examples:

  • The Notebook
  • ET
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • A Walk to Remember
  • P.S. I Love You
  • Marley & Me
  • Toy Story 3
  • Inside Out

Good luck,

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Anyone else with a mental illness really get down on themselves about how it affects their activism? (I’m sure aaalllll kinds of disabilities have a similar experience, please comment if you do, I’m just specifying mental illness in relation to myself because it’s something I personally have, but not other disabilities or conditions.)

Like all I want is for my support and #resistance to be practical and NOT performative but on bad days sometimes reading articles and sharing and showing support to other activists is all I can do and it makes me feel really fake to be honest. 

Like… no matter what disability or illness related-reasons causes it… 

What if sometimes you can’t go out and march because your bones feel like they’ll collapse or being around so many people sends your PTSD/stress through the roof? 

What if sometimes you can’t donate any more money to your favourite causes or ANY causes because having below a certain amount in your account gives you panic attacks and 24/7 anxiety? 

What if sometimes you dodge the political society people on campus (the ones you love and agree with) because you’re so overloaded or manic that you can’t even bear the thought of a conversation? 

What if sometimes you are totally taken down by the intellectual, physical and emotional labour of calling and messaging politicians and representatives to give us rights we should already have? 

What if sometimes you have to disconnect from any awareness of worldwide tragedy and injustice for hours or days at a time because the level of catastrophic depression in your mind LITERALLY puts your life in danger if you don’t wallpaper yourself in peace and hope for a while? 

What if sometimes you get sick to death of the ableism in activist circles (or ANY circles), from the tiny microaggressions to the huge inequalities and it makes you drown in negativity? 

What if your condition means all these things apply all the time, not just sometimes? 

And how do you tell the difference between your genuine issues and you making excuses, to hold yourself accountable for doing what you want others to do, even though it’s never easy?

All I want is a better world but holy hell does all this get me down. It feels like I almost only ever have the energy, means, money, time or literal mental ability to talk the talk and not walk the walk. I hate it. 

But I survive because I know I’m not alone, and that my struggles are part of my fight, not the end of it. Mad love to you all.

Title: Let Me Take Care of You

anonymous requested: Omg I’m so happy you’re taking request, your writing is awesome! I was wondering if you could do one with Negan helping you bandage a scrape and cool off after a very trying day. Super fluffy?

Character(s): Negan and Reader
Summary: After sorting out the supplies from a successful run on a hot, summer’s day, you accidentally cut yourself after opening a box with your knife. Negan takes notice and decides to take care of it himself.
Word Count: 2,194
Warning: Fluff!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent this request in! As of late, I am a sucker for fluffy!Negan for some reason! So, I hope this is just exactly what you imagined when you asked for super fluffy ;-). Enjoy!

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123 || @multireality || @ashzombie13 || @constellationsolo || @isayweallgetdrunk || @fyeahashley88 || @sweetsweetpeach || @heartfulloffandoms || @myheart4ever47 || @asshatry || @laymetorest77

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imagine your OTP
  • two people staring up at the sky on the roof of their house
  • Person A: *tries to swallow the lump in their throat* What do you think is gonna happen?
  • Person B: hm? What?
  • Person A: *voice starts to crack with uncontrollable breathes* When i die, what do you think will happen?
  • Person B: *starts laughing between sobs* You're gonna go to hell and it's gonna be a big party with glowsticks and hookers.
  • Person A: I thought you didn't believe that stuff?
  • Person B: I don't. I just want to think that we'll be together in some awesome place and that i'll see you again without you being in pain and dying.
  • Person A: I'm sorry. i'm so sorry. I don't want to leave you; I want to stay here with you. Please, don't leave me. *grabs Person B's hand*

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comfortable : peacock loki 💚


That was the second word that came to Thor the moment he saw Loki after entering their home.

Comfort, a sense of belonging, relaxation and the slow vanishing of the tension in his shoulders and mind. He liked how comfortable Loki made him feel by sharing his life, by his presence, by sleeping in Thor’s bed, on his couch, draped over the back of Thor’s sofa, reading on his rug before the fire or on the roof.

His comfort made Thor feel comfortable.

The first word was magnificent. Unimaginably magnificent, Loki was, so absolutely beautiful.

Everything from his hair to his eyes, from his pale skin to the stunning plume he carried behind him everyday, making Thor wonder how he got this magnificent creature  all for himself.

Men had died pursuing enchanted creatures like Loki or gone mad after their obsession to capture them failed.

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Hi, i am learning hanguel and i find it hard to hear the difference between ㅓ and ㅗ. And also ㄹ i dont really know how to prononce it. I know it makes an r/l but i dont really know how roll my tongue and it's just so frustrating. Do you have any tips?

I am so sorry it took me so long to answer. I have been suuper busy with moving into college and getting settled.

  • The difference between ㅓ and ㅗ is really hard for a lot of people who learn Korean to differentiate through so don’t feel bad. Even some natives might have a hard time. I found this video that breaks down pronunciation. It has “ㅓ” and “ㅗ’ along with other sounds that often sounds alike. I hope it helps.
  • For “ㄹ”the only tip that I can think of, that people have said, is that your tongue should kind of hit the back roof of your mouth when you pronounce it. Have you listened to “Rookie” by Red Velvet. When they pronounce “Rookie” it actually sounds like “Lookie”. Try to mimic the way they say that in the song and carry on the sound to other “ㄹ” based words. I don’t know if that even makes sense but the sound is how they pronounce “ㄹ’ based words. Also this video helped me. I hope this helps you, love.

Stereotypes about black people (thanks, mainstream media) are glued to our skin everytime we go out and can mean death penalty when a cop happens to be there.

My blackness alone can send me to the grave tomorrow, today, anytime. I have to be careful about every single thing. So here’s a few tips to ensure a safe life.

Well okay, to TRY to save your life. Cause cops are really scared of black folks, they think we’re demons. To prove them we’re not, we shall do this every time we see them…

Don’t talk too loud.
Don’t talk ghetto.
Well. Just don’t talk.

Don’t go at pool parties or any party in an all white neighborhood. Even if you’re invited. People gonna think you’re here to disturb the peace and and annoy all the sweet and innocent white folks.

Don’t buy skittles or any kind of candies. Okay, let’s say you still buy them, don’t put them in your pocket.
Don’t put your hands your pocket.
They need to see your hands, to make sure you don’t have a gun, a knife… you know.

Forget your bitch face if you’re black. Cause if you don’t smile, they are gonna feel very threatened. So put the brighest smile on your face, make them happy.

Don’t wear a hoodie, fly sneakers, or any piece of clothes that can remind of the “hood” or the “ghetto”. They gonna think you’re a gang member and shot you with no mercy.

Never post picture of you smoking, twerking, dancing, throwing the middle finger , or any picture not showing you in a positive light. When you’ll die, CNN, FOX NEWS and other powerful media outlets will show these images to the world to prove you’re a worthless thug, a threat to society that deserved to die anyway.

Don’t defend yourself. Self defense is not allowed for black people. If you fight back, they gonna say you’re a criminal.

Don’t start an argument about police brutality and racism with these sweet white folks. They gonna remind you of this: police is doing their job. But YOU, you are killing each other already in the hood. So you can’t be mad, you know.

There are other tips I think. But I’m running out of ideas. There are so many things to think and be careful about as a black individual.

The easiest way to avoid being killed as a black person would be simply NOT TO BE BLACK. If we could erase our blackness or just be really really light skinned, maybe cops, white people, would be nicer with us.

But I CAN NOT erase my blackness.
We can’t. We could NOT pass as whites even if we wanted to. Heck, they didn’t even claimed Michael Jackson as a white person even after his skin turned white. But Rachel Dolezal can be black easily. And Dylan Roof is a “very light skin black boy”. Yeah.

I guess society wants black born people to act accordingly to white and eurocentric standards, rules, feelings.

Sigh. I can’t even exist for myself, like, just myself, no. My existence is meant for the sole comfort of white people and my allegiance to them. Making sure they don’t feel this, and don’t think that. Woah.


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Sombra tries to hack a reader when she's surprised that she can't hack them and they're more augmented than she is reader also has a cybernetic eye

hey anon! mod apollo here to deliver you this really cool concept! hope you enjoy ^^


Sombra flicked through the holographic files in front of her, eyes half lidded with boredom as she scanned through them quickly. Any that were irrelevant were flicked away and disappeared, while most the others just stacked up against each other.

She sighed.

This was boring. Not only did these files contain basically nothing important, but she just wasted time looking through them.

A flick of her wrist, and they all disappeared from the air, gone without a trace. She leaned back in her chair, and began to think over the information a little bit more, and recalled that she read something rather interesting. Some sort of vigilante fighter or whatever was on the rise in Europe. Rumor had it that they had connections to Overwatch or some similar government whatever. Sombra flexed her hand open and the files she previously batted away appeared once more in front of her.

After finding the file where she remembered the information came from, she read through it some more.

“..mysterious vigilante.. Blah blah blah… rumored to be previous overwatch agent..” Sombra mumbled to herself, before sitting back in her chair. She flicked her wrist, and away those files went once again.

“Seems like I have some work to do,” She mumbled after a soft sigh, pushing herself out of her chair and on her way out.


The nighttime scenery of this city was rather pretty, you had to admit. Many of the streets were lined with some sort of club or restaurant with blindingly bright lights, flashing and glowing in the darkness like beacons. Plus, from up above on the rooftops where you currently sat, the expanding landscape of these beacons shone like stars in the sky.

You had, for once, a peaceful night. As some sort of vigilante or whatever the internet wants to call you nowadays, you were usually kicking someone’s ass during the day, especially at night. But from where you can see, and from what your cybernetic eye can provide you, tonight was quiet and peaceful and safe from any danger from suspicious people.

You stood up from your seat upon the roof of some apartment complex. You wiped your pants clean of any dirt they may have collected and looked around once again, admiring the scenery one last time before sliding down the fire escape ladder you used primarily to get up here in the first place. Your gloves slid easy and frictionless along the red metal, and within no time you were on the solid ground of an alleyway, one side blocked off by garbage cans, and the other open to one of the numerous streets of the city.

You left the alleyway and freely walked along the sidewalk. Despite being prime suspect and target to numerous organizations and groups, it didn’t matter to you walking openly at night. Bastards have never been able to take a non-blurry picture of you since you began your life as a vigilante.

As you walked down the street, the faint noises of music from diners and clubs alike murmured through the brisk night air. God, could this get any more serene?

You passed by another alleyway, dark and smelly just like the last. You stuttered in your steps however, when you felt someone was.. Watching you? You looked into the alleyway, and your cybernetic eye began to scan the area–

Before being talked to the ground and teleported somewhere else instantaneously. When your eyes came back into sharp focus you saw a dark figure above you, pinning you to the ground of what looked and felt like another roof of a building. Her body was warm and solid above you, and you struggled from within her grasp.

“Found them,” She said, though clearly not to you. Perhaps she had some sort of commlink attached to her ear. You could hear the faint static and murmur of words from it.

She then reached up and plucked the comm out and tucked it in her pocket. Your wrists shifted to the hold of one hand. Despite her small frame, she was damn strong, as your struggle against her barely did anything to loosen her grip or buck her off of you.

“Took me a while to track you. Pictures of you are blurry but the scenery isn’t,” She said, now talking to you. Your cybernetic eye was slightly out of calibration from the tackle, but now was able to scan the girl on top of you.

It’s searches found nothing. Interesting.

“You’re augmented, aren’t you?” She mumbled, then smirking. Suddenly and with her free hand, she began typing away rapidly at some hexagonal keyboard, beams of light attaching to your eye, temporarily blinding it.

“What the hell are you doing?!” You struggled harder against you, trying to break the beams of light from your eye, but to no avail. You merely had her shifting around slightly above you, grip still strong.

A low beep then resounded twice along with a brief error message upon your eye. You struggled harder, knowing that your chances of getting out free without her damaging your systems was extremely low–

Another beep and error message. She hissed out a sigh.

Eventually you gave up your fight, realizing you perhaps had better odds than you originally thought. Plus, your struggle was clearly in vain; you’d have to wait for the exact moment to seek your escape.

“Third time’s not a charm. Seems like you can’t hack in,” You commented as she went back to work. Her eyes shifted to your own, and you sent her a smirk.

“Where the hell did you get this tech from?” She hissed at you, the hand binding your wrists loosening just a fraction. Instead of answering, you used it as your opportunity.

You manage to break free from her grasp and push her off, her connections to your eye severed. You whipped out your handgun and aimed it at her head, keeping your hand steady.

“Try and hack me again, and you’ll never find out.” You kept eye contact with her for a second more to capture an image of her, before you holstered your gun and quickly leapt down to a metal walkway on the side of the building, quickly making your escape through the back alleys before she could trace you again.

Perhaps you met your match today.


Sometimes family is more than just the people under your roof. They’re people who jump in headfirst, who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves to help you, who don’t hide their faces in shame if you fall down. If your family is suddenly bigger than you expected and your house gets too crowded, do you tell your family that they need to find a different place to live? You make room, you adapt, you find creative solutions to keep people together. Our schools are our family. And as school trustee, I will not divide us. Bailey Downs stays in the Glendale school district. I stand for inclusion, not exclusion. I will be your mother hen, and I will keep our chicks together.

This thought suddenly came to me, and I’m sure plenty of people had said it too but just let me get it out there.

The Superman that a lot of people claims they want, someone who smiles and is positive all the time, sounds like a complete douchebag.

We’ve all met someone who’s obnoxiously optimistic and positive, even when shit is going down, and their optimism does nothing but annoys you.

Superman is emphathetic, how can a person be empathetic, sees the state the world is in, and still flies around all smiley and happy? 

It’s possible when someone has a very ignorant view of the world, which isn’t possible for Clark since he works for a freaking newspaper publisher, he sees tragedy and injustice every day.

Imagine being one of the people struggling on the roof of your house hoping to be saved, and this guy comes in with a wide smile even though he sees the misery you’re in.

Instead if you see someone with an equally solemn look on his face, you feel safer because you know this person understands the weight and seriousness of what he’s dealing with.

On The Run - Chapter Three (Draco Malfoy)

(Chapter One)      (Chapter Two)

(Chapter Four)      (Chapter Five)

Summary: What would life be like on the run with Draco Malfoy?

Warnings: fleeing a war, anxiety, fear.

A/N: This is so long omg..FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! Again, if anyone wants to be tagged just send me an ask saying so. This is the edited version!

Originally posted by evansmaximoff


“Y/n.” Draco shook your shoulder as he whispered in your ear. The fire was out, leaving the eerie and creaky house bitterly cold. You groan and roll over to face him.

“Why is the fire-” He cuts you off by clamping his hand on your mouth. Then, you hear it, the footsteps outside. He takes his hand away and you look around you frantically.

“Why would they be here? I swear, Lestrange has us on a bloody wild goose chase.” The grumbling voice of a man quickly approaching the house makes your eyes widen.

“I don’t ask questions.” Lucius Malfoy, that was Lucius Malfoy’s voice. Draco sends you a wide eyed look and you return it. You’re scared he’ll find you and drag you back to the manor to be tortured, to be given more scars by his sister-in-law and Draco’s scared he’ll be drug back to the manor to endure a different type of torture, the torture that leaves scars mentally.  

You stand up slowly, crouched so they won’t see you through the front window and Draco does the same. You pick up the blanket you two had been sleeping on for the last two days and Draco grabs the food. You shove them into the bag before running to a closet. Draco shut the door and locks it. The door to the house opens and the two men walk into the house, their footsteps heavy on the old wood.  

“No one’s been in Azkaban as long as her and stayed sane.” You hear the other one grunt as he bumps against a wall in the dark.

“Lumos.” Draco grabs your hand in the darkness.

“Don’t even see why the boy’s gotta be brought back alive, he’s a blood traitor, he’s as bad as that mudblood if ya’ ask me.”

“I didn’t ask you, Dolohov.”

“They ain’t here, Malfoy, we oughta go.” A closet door on the other side of the room shuts and you grasp Draco’s hand so hard you’re sure your knuckles are white.

“Another dead end.” Dolohov grumbles as they walk out of the house, shut the door, walk back down the yard, and apparate with a ‘pop’ before you or Draco can even think about trying to breathe again.

“That was close.” You stumble out of the closet in the darkness before you turn to Draco and wrap your arms around him.

“I thought we were gonna die.” He hugs you back, holding you close to him. You pull him down to kiss you, trying to calm your adrenaline filled body. You break away from the kiss and hug him again. He pulls out of the hug this time.

“That was my father.” Draco says, still shocked. “Why would they send my father after me?”

“To test his loyalty? If he brought you back then that would be the ultimate test.” You reply.

“Okay, okay.” Draco turns around, looking around the empty house. “Did we get everything? We’ll need to start walking again soon.”

“Yeah, yeah, I think we got everything.” You look around with him for a little while. You really didn’t want to leave, you wanted to stay here. This house had a warm fire, a roof that wasn’t tree branches, and a water pump in the back.

“Let’s go.” He starts toward the back door. You follow him out, making the small leap over the fence in the backyard.

“We need a safe house.” Draco comments begrudgingly as you climb the hill behind the house.

“The Weasley’s!” You exclaim, turning around and nearly slipping on an icy rock in the process. Draco catches you.

“What about the Weasley’s?” He asks.

“Their house is a safe house.” You say excitedly before hugging him.

“Draco, you’re a genius!” He wraps his arms around you hesitantly.

“Okay…” Draco trails off, “There is one fault to your plan.”

“What?” You ask, breaking the hug to stare up at him.

“The Weasley’s hate me.” You roll your eyes.
“They don’t hate me. I’m a friend of Fred and George…or at least I was before the war started…haven’t hear from them much since…” You trail off, “And I know Mrs. Weasley, she’s a good woman.”

“They’re going to ask us something, to prove we aren’t imposters, I mean.” Draco says. You start to walk up the hill again.

“I know. You just have to tell them something only you would know.”

“Like what?” Draco asks, his shoes make squelching noises in the mud as he walks behind you.

“Like… that time Molly made you a sweater because you couldn’t go home and you looked lonely.” Draco blushes at the memory, his ears tint pink.

“I still love that sweater..” The comment brings a small smile to your lips.

“Couldn’t we just apparate there? Can you remember it?” Draco asks as you go zip up your sweater so you won’t be col when you start to walk.

“Last time I apparated I splinched.” You hold up our hand, your pinky finger was still missing a fingernail.

“We could always try? It would save us the walk. Besides, a fingernail is worse than a leg.” You roll your eyes.

“Okay fine, we’ll apparate, but when you lose an arm don’t come crying to me.” Draco rolls his eyes and takes your hand. You close your eyes and try to picture The Burrow in your head.

When you open your eyes you’re standing at the front gate of The Burrow, Draco throws up from the sensation and you stand still, swaying slightly as you try to will away the nausea of apparating.

“I’m still not used to it.” You mumble as you push the gate open with one hand, the other over your stomach. Draco wipes his mouth on his sleeve.

“Stop right there!” You look around you and our eyes and on Mr. Weasley marching out of the door with his wand raised.

“Mr. Weasley!? It’s me, it’s Y/n!” You throw your hands up in surrender and Draco does the same.

“Prove it!” He shouts back, still pointing his wand at you as Mrs. Weasley comes out of the house and points her wand at Draco.

“Last year, when me and Draco first got together, I asked Mrs. Weasley to make him a sweater because he felt left out!” You keep your arms up as you shout across the lawn to them. They lower their wands and Mrs. Weasley fast walks across the lawn to hug you tightly.

“We were so worried, dear, when we didn’t hear from you… there are Death Eaters all over… looking for you.” Mrs. Weasley hugs you tighter and you hug her back.

“And Harry, he told us that Draco…” She trails off, eyes lingering down to his left arm.

“He saved me. If it weren’t for him Bellatrix would have killed me, she got pretty close.” You rub your arm slowly.

“Oh, dear, come inside. I’ll take a look at that.” You walk back into the house behind them, with Draco holding your hand as you do so.

“Mr. Weasley, it’s so good to see you again.” You stop following Mrs. Weasley to hug him.

“And you, Y/n. When I heard your name on the missing report I thought that surely you were…” You shake your head and hug him again.

“In here, Y/n!” Mrs. Weasley calls from the kitchen. You break out of the hug with Mr. Weasley to go to her, finding her with a first aid kit.

“Take a seat dear.” You sit down on a chair and she sits across from you, lifting up your sleeve. She frowns at the word that Bellatrix had carved into your arm, ‘MUDBLOOD’, it was starting to look green.  

“The word doesn’t bother me, you know, not a bit. It’s just another insult, I can handle those.” Mrs. Weasley smiles feebly as she looks over the healing cut.

“I can’t heal it, if it was fresh maybe but with it already scabbed over it’s nearly impossible. It does look infected and I do have something for that…” She rummages through the first aid kit and pulls out a bottle full of an herbal remedy, probably for the infection.

“I didn’t even noticed it was infected, we hadn’t even gotten the chance to shower so I never checked.” She wraps the wound with a spell and then pulls you into another hug.

“Well, you two best get a shower and rest up, I’ll make you some food.” She smiles at you and you smile back, but the uneasy feeling of something terrible looming over you didn’t go away.

You and Draco took showers and walked back down the narrow spiral staircase to the living room. You were still cold, even as you curled up in the throw blanket on the couch and put your head on Draco’s shoulder you were cold. You held Draco’s hand limply as you both fell asleep, bodies sore, heads throbbing, but you were both clean, not hungry, slowly becoming warm again, with an actual roof over your head and with the people you love.

mlmcrane  asked:

You're an outdated pretentious cunt who only cares about themselves and I hope I live to see people like you being wiped from the face of this earth. You think it's funny to encourage ideas that put people in danger because who cares when you have your roof to live under and money to spend right? I would have put this on anon, but I'm sure you're too much of a little bitch to take comments unless you have someone to target. I don't care at this point, I'm just sick of seeing people like you🖕

I lost my apartment, sold my car for $500, and have completely run out of money while I have just started a new job earning commission only and I just finished training this week. I lost all this because I also lost my career in auto insurance due to my failing health.

I also had two surgeries this year, am in debt to multiple hospitals, and cannot afford health insurance. Couldn’t afford the “free healthcare” either.

So, you don’t like seeing poor folks like me trying to survive and who want the government out of my pocket? Someone who is tired of seeing career politicians who don’t care about any of us, and enjoyed seeing a career politician who only cared about herself lose to someone with NO political experience, ever?

Yeah, you know my whole life story, kid. I’m a racist scumbag in spite of the fact that I let a homeless Hispanic man who was a stranger to me live in my home when I had one until he was on his feet.

Sorry I’m such a horrible, privileged person. Please show me the bank account with unlimited white money and the closest KKK meeting.


Survey #143 : Long Bold What's True

Your shirt is either blue or white.
You would rather lie and not get caught than tell the truth and get caught.
You hate when people show off.
You’ve dated an Alex.
You woke up before 10 AM this morning.
The color blue looks better on you than yellow.
It’s rained today.
Your school’s name begins with a N.
When you were little you would play in a sandbox.
You know a Maria.
You don’t have a barn at your house.
You’ve never had to wear a gas mask.
You know at least 2 people named Kevin.
You hate chocolate.
You don’t understand how money works in another country besides your own.
You’ve never been dumped in a text message.
You are one of those people who are afraid of clowns.
It’s past 2:46 PM.
You don’t ever wear skirts.
You’ve eaten a sucker within the past week.
You’ve kissed someone whose name began with a V, B or R.
You hate when people say “I’m a unicorn!”
You’ve seen a koala before. 
You like the name Jonathan.
Your favorite color of balloon is orange.
The color of your TV remote is mostly white.
You spend most of your time in your bedroom.
When you get a new song on your iPod you listen to it over and over again.
You’ve never been to the beach.
You have over 345 songs on your music device.
You’ve written your name in the sand multiple times.
You laughed hard today.
You wore shorts today.
The color of shoes you wore yesterday were white.
You started dating someone on the 3rd of some month.
You’ve been in a private jet.
You’ve carved your name in a tree.
You can’t play the guitar.
You currently hear a Katy Perry song playing.
Whenever you order ice cream, you always get the same kind.
You grew up in a small town.
You haven’t cried in a long time.
Your favorite song is in the top played songs on your music device.
The color of your dream car is red.
The person you like was born in Jan, July, Aug or Dec.
You want to take a nap.
Your smile is your favorite thing about yourself.
You’ve been to a Coldplay concert.
You spell ketchup like catsup.
You’ve had the same phone for about a year now.
You’re listening to your favorite song right now.
Your hair is longer than your shoulders.
You could never be a doctor, fire fighter or cop.
You miss someone right now.
You like silver jewelry more than gold.
Your favorite hoodie is red.
Your last name begins with a P, F or G.
You’ve been to one of these: Houston, TX, Cleveland, OH or New York City.
You don’t have a swimsuit yet for the summer.
You have more than $60 in your wallet.
You have about 1 or 2 pops/sodas a day.
You’ve been to the Cheesecake Factory.
You don’t know what you’re having for dinner.
You’re currently eating candy.
You like curly hair on yourself better.
You’re terrified of thunderstorms.
You like cottage cheese.
You blame Disney for high expectations for relationships.
You hate mayonnaise.
You listen to music when you’re mad.
You don’t own a pair of yellow socks.
You like the red Powerade.
You hate Trix cereal or yogurt.
You didn’t wake up last night in the middle of the night.
You’ve had a pet fish that was blue. 
Your wearing a long sleeved shirt right now.
You like Jason Derulo.
You’ve danced on top of a table before.
You’re a fast runner.
You wish you could redecorate your bedroom.
You’ve learned a lot from your past relationships.
Your best friend’s name is Elise.
You can’t stand it when people don’t use smiley faces in texts.
The roof of your house is black.
The homepage on your computer is something other than Facebook.
You were born in Feb, Mar, Apr, Aug or Nov.


Family. That’s my… agenda. Sometimes family is more than just the people under your roof. Um, they’re people who jump in headfirst, who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves to help you, who don’t hide their faces in shame if you fall down. If your family is suddenly bigger than you expected and your house gets too crowded, do you tell your family that they need to find a different place to live? You make room, you adapt, you find creative solutions to keep people together. […] I will be your mother hen and I will keep our chicks together.