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Sleepy adorable cat pictures, because I need them, and I suspect people on my dash need them too. And it’s hard to duplicate cats and drop them purring into the laps of everyone who needs one right now.

Y’all, doing this was so stressful and I’ll probably never do it again cause it was exhausting trying to remember everyone so if I forgot you please don’t kill me, I love you.

To everyone on the list, thank you for all your amazing content and for being amazing people. I admire you so much and I love seeing you on my dash everyday. Please note that I adore all of you and I’m here if anyone needs anything

To those in bold, y’all are my extra babes.

I put some symbols next to some URL’s and put a message at the end for you.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you for existing.

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anonymous asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

Aww Anon, you’re so sweet!

Some things that make me happy, I tried to keep it somewhat related to sims/the community;

1. Dinosaur shaped chicken/turkey nuggets

2. Seeing cute videos of animals being silly 

3. Seeing the discord chat with my friends being active and having fun just chatting away and being silly with them :’)

4. Seeing the simblr community being kind and supportive to each other on my dash (y’all are so adorable I can’t even)

5. Seeing people like and use my custom content 

not all dragons like the ocean

for @glitterifficshipper because of this post :-) it came up on my dash and i couldn’t not write it it was so freaking cute | au in which draco can’t swim and harry thinks it’s adorable as hell

Draco never understood the point of swimming. In his opinion, if people were meant to swim they’d have been made with fins, gills, and eyes that could handle being open under water. None of his friends shared the same way of thinking, however, and on the first warm day of the year he found himself seated in the sand a good two hundred meters away from the waves at the beach. 

Ron and Hermione were seated beside him, their matching swimsuits giving him a twinge of anxiety. What kind of couple actually did that sort of thing? Pansy’s two-piece bikini barely covered any skin and Blaise couldn’t take his eyes off her the entire walk down to the water from the dunes. Draco looked down at his plain grey swim trunks and then up at Harry’s.

Harry had become quite fit in the past two years. His shoulders were wide and his torso narrowed into a thin v-line that disappeared into his maroon swim trunks. A light sprinkle of hair that Draco knew all too well could be seen trying to make an appearance over the elastic. 

“… Draco?”

Draco was sure his mouth had been staring open in awe at the way Harry’s body looked, soaking up the first bright rays of sunshine. He and Blaise were standing in the shallows of the water, throwing a frisbee back and forth while Pansy splashed Blaise to distract him and keep him from catching it. 

“Hm?” he asked, turning to Hermione and Ron. Ron nudged Hermione’s arm as if to tell her not to say anything. She, of course, pressed on.

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hello my sweet friends! not so long ago i hit 2000 followers and it still feels unreal because i never imagined that i would reach this big goal of me! thank you again for making it happen i really appreciate it! this is the main reason i wanted to make another follow forever, to show my gratitude to you guys, on the other hand i’ve started to follow more beautiful people with amazing blogs and i felt they need to be on this list among the lovely people i already follow. thank you for making my dash better every single day! <3

the closest and most important people to my heart, thank you so much for being in my life, you are the most perfect friends i could ever dream about! ilysm

@feyreacheron @ismena @hacelgrace

beautiful people who i really adore and always put a huge smile on my face every time we talk seriously you are so precious ily

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smol angels ♥

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x09

Season 1, Episode 9: “Trou Normand”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Got some pre-liveblogging ~over-arcing thoughts~ for you again this time, thanks to some nice timing with which episode I had coming up right after Mads Mikkelsen spent a week being ADORABLE and ASTUTE all over my dash. Most relevant to “Trou Normand” I think is a bit from an interview where he talked about how Hannibal rarely lies, he just shows different sides of himself to different people, which @theglintoftherail highlighted. What I actually want to quote though is not Mads, but her:

“And the most amazing thing about this is: the show works either way. It works when you think he’s only a scheming, lying monster, and it works when you know he’s also a lovesick idiot. It’s so layered.”

The realest, and “Trou Normand” is such a testament to that, as it turns out!

“Trou Normand” is another one of my favorite episodes — we are really in a stretch of my favorites right now, dang. One of my most dearly beloved MINDFUCKS is in this ep (more on that later), along with some incredible imagery and some equally incredible plot development. Honestly this episode totally messed me up the first time I watched it, and I…. was into it. Hannibal comes across as an aaAAbsolute monster, for me the most dangerous he has been yet this season, but also the most entrancing. Enticing, almost. It’s a delicious devilry, he’s SO manipulative and so elegantly EVIL.

Well, on one level. Unfreakinbelievably, there’s a whole other dimension to this that I didn’t see the first time around, and frankly I don’t think I was even meant to. It’s not hidden, but it’s not on plain view for an initial watch, and I think that’s intentional. So, soooo much of the joy of this show for me is the way things dawn on you, and I’m obsessed with all the different ways that manifests throughout its run. Hannibal’s genuine affection & fondness for Will needs to be something that bleeds back into your memory, because that’s going to match the way it will work on Will in S2. His love needs to well up under your skin like a bruise you don’t remember getting, and hurt just the same.

So here, Hannibal begins working some of his most blatantly cruelties right in front of our eyes, but — he also tells Will that he cares about him for the first time. I watched this episode doing dual screaming: at Hannibal slash @me for ever forgiving this abusive dick for his UTTER TERRIBLENESS, and again at the discovery that for all his abusive dickery, he was much more conflicted & vulnerable in this episode than I eeever saw before.

These Post-S3 lenses we’re wearing really are something.

Alright, Live-Blaahgadgdsjff after the cut — it’s long as hell again but clearly you all don’t seem to mind, so like, ONWARD.

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so, this is my second christmas follow forever and honestly i didn’t really though i will make it, but here we go. i decided to do it, since literally everyone on tumblr is doing follow forevers, so i just couldn’t not join the trend haha  i hope every single one of my followers will have a wonderful holidays and great new year ♡

this year has been such a roller coaster for me, so thank y’all for staying with me no matter what and making my dash absolutely perfect with your posts. i wanna thank everyone who follows me and sends me nice questions. you guys are the best!  (◡‿◡✿)

p.s. the bolded ones are babes who i really adore and love and  bringing up my mood and just being amazing peoples and. oh and by the way i’m too lazy to write everything in alphabetical order, my bad haha p.p.s.  i’m really sorry if i forgot somebody, it’s just.. i’m following like 300 blogs and it’s quite difficult to put everyone in this ff.  but i love and adore every singly one of you and i hope you forgive me for this  ❅ ❅ ❅

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HELO EVERY!!!! it me…. the birthday girl. a simple june 14th gemini :D and i decided… u kno what?? it’s almost halfway through 2016 and it’s also been nearly a year since i’ve had this account on tumblr (even if i’ve only been a kpop blog for like two months), so y not make a follow forever??? (:

first of all, i want to thank all of u on this list for being AMAZING!! my tumblr experience would not be what it is today without u guys there on my dash. i love reading ur tags n getting to kno u through your place!! u guys are all amazing people and i lub u all a lot!!! <33

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Hi dear followers! I finally made my first follow forever to kind of celebrate my 2.3k followers and I still don’t know how this is even possible!! To me this is an amazing goal and I should have done this ages ago but I didn’t really find the time, so here I am. First of all I want to thank all my followers because really without you this blog would be so dead, thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff and thank you for always being so kind to me, are you angels?? I still don’t talk to a lot of people here but you should know you’re all so beautiful and adorable and special and I feel so lucky to know some of you and being able to share my feelings with you. Thanks also to all the people I follow for making my dash super flawless every single day, how can I not love you for everything you post and say and even if I’m not good with words, I hope you’ll understand how precious you are to me. Let’s love exo and jongin like we always do or maybe even more. Right here you’ll find all the blogs I follow, you’re all amazing and lovely and again precious and ILYSM!! ♡ (P.S: I know the self-made header is ruining everything here and sorry if i missed out something/someone, bear with me). Still thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ – Chiara.

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I decided to do a follow forever now that my exams are officially over! This is really plain and simple but let’s put it all to the side and admire Oikawa being the adorable alien loving nerd that he is please(人´∀`* ) 

So thank you to all you lovely people for making my dash so wonderful every day! Everyone here is so cool and majestic I don’t even know why you follow a loser like me honestly but I do want to tell you that I appreciate it even if I don’t understand it! Thanks for sticking with me despite how I am!

Some of you I recently followed but I decided to put you in here too because your blogs are stellar and deserve recognition okay? Bolded are my favourite blogs and bolded + italicized are my lovely friends at least they are to me I really hope they consider me their friend too.

Thanks so much!

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My endless list of flawless people (in no particular order) → 37. Rosario Dawson

“I always thought my jaw line was manly. I have this pockmark on my chin from when I was 9. I used to get freaked out about it because people thought it was a pimple. But those are the things I’ve become really comfortable with as I’ve gotten older. My scars.”

you’re not a monster for liking the monster

there’s a lot of discussion on my dash this morning about Handsome Jack’s fans/apologists/haters. reminds me that I said I would point out something about the whole thing, like, weeks ago.

so do you know what I’ve found most interesting about being in this fandom so far? it’s that most people I know really, really adore Handsome Jack’s character, and that their reaction to him is honestly something like relief.

overwhelmingly, people either get caught up in a weird bit of guilt/shame about liking Jack, or they 100% bypass that to embrace what we colloquially refer to as the trashiness of the character.

I think there is something very freeing about having a character like Jack. he’s unabashedly a fucking monster. he’s done truly atrocious things, is a hedonist who is rich enough to cater to every one of his vices, and while he operates by a pretty understandable internal logic, his routine disproportionate retribution ranges from hilarious to downright disturbing.

and people fucking love it. but outside a few people who actually take that shitty Game Theory video seriously, people aren’t trying to downplay or cover up Jack’s actions. everyone’s aware that Jack is a terrible person, and almost revel in that terribleness.

Jack, as a character, is a unique beast, being the far and away most popular character in Borderlands AND being the villain. Because so much nuance and brilliant writing and infuriatingly great voice acting has gone into crafting him, people latch on and don’t let go.

And yeah, some people like to AU Jack to be, shall we said, marginally less of an unrepentant fuckwit, but those same folks are reblogging and commenting on the more “accurate” canon Jack material too. Jack is useful to a lot of people in a lot of ways. He’s a phenomenal outlet for us all, a character we can safely project a lot of shameful things onto.

Because if we project the things about ourselves we’re ashamed of or hurt by onto him, they become more palatable.

just for one example: a person who is into Jack pulling a Grand Theft Rhys and forcing Rhys to work with him. it’s something you see a fair amount of around the fandom. that sort of content is a reflection of the canon, sure, but it also comes from actual people with desires to see content like that, stuff that is hard to talk about or produce content on outright because the person’s discomfort/shame and because the current Tumblr environment’s gross need to attack people for their inclinations in fiction.

but Jack, by being an irredeemably villain with too many points in Charisma, is a safe outlet for that. if you use him as a tool to explore hard and uncomfortable desires that you want to see, most of the burden of those things settles on the character’s shoulders, and you can almost always say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s already canonically done worse. instead of judgey assholes looking at your content and going “you’re sick/gross/wrong,” the reaction is “Jack’s fucked up, he’d do it.”

I just came from a fandom that didn’t have a Jack character, and anytime I wrote something that was dark, that explored heavier concepts than some knew how to handle, I was the one attacked. so being in this fandom now and having a character like Jack to use as a tool? its incredibly freeing and a goddamn relief.

that’s honestly really powerful.

Point is: you’re not a bad person for liking Jack. Tho Jack’s a bad person for liking Jack, ha.

hi hello i just hit 5.6k and i thought i’d make an updated follow forever because why not. i’m sorry if i forgot anyone, i love you all regardless!

thank you for always being incredibly lovely, you are all my faves and make my dash an enjoyable place to be. whenever i am having an off day, there is always someone on here that makes me smile and that means a lot. i bolded a few of my main faves and friends that i adore a lot ! just know that i am always here for you if you need to talk/vent. stay smiling and have a nice morning/day/evening :))

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My Follow Forever!

Okay since I’ve somehow reached 6k followers I wanna thank you all for being on this blog with me for so long, for caring about what I post, for messaging me, and for caring about me as a person. It really means so much to me. I’ve never had big group of friends, and suddenly now I have this group of online mutuals, and this so amazing. I love all 6k of you, but I wanna give a special shoutout to few wonderful and special people who make my life and dash brighter. I adore you (even if we don’t talk much) and your blogs. So I wanna thank: 

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I hope I didn’t forget about anyone cause that would be a shame. I love you guys! And thank you for everything. 


Since 2015 has just recently started, I decided to make another follow forever! I haven’t been very active for most of last year due to college, real life, etc. but I’m definitely going to try & continue being active as much as I can, despite college starting up again now.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand; all of the blogs on this are blogs that I adore & always make my dash look really pretty! I’m really sorry if I’ve made any mistakes (they’re inevitable when it comes to me), but I did try not to!

I also want to thank all of my followers for following me as I reached 8k just a few weeks ago & I never thought I would ever have as many people following me as I do!

I also hope you all had a wonderful New Year & I hope that 2015 is a great year for all of you! (*^-^*)

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These people make my dash a billion times better. Thank you for being in my life, i love you all ♥ (forgive me if i forgot someone)


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yay, so I recently hit 1.7k and I really wanted to do a follow forever. here are some amazing blogs that I absolutely adore and highly suggest you following. thanks for making my dash so great, y’all ❤️ (side blogs are @digorykirke and @michaljfox)

sadly, I probably missed a ton of people so here is my blogroll for some more amazing blogs

bolded are my personal faves


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I was not aware

that so many people that I follow watch Suits. Where have y'all been? Where have I been? How did I not know this? I am so glad that y'all are filling my dash with Darvey goodness. I love you for this!!! Let’s talk and fangirl together. We should have a viewing party on Wednesday. You know, the finale. When Donna (strong, no nonsense, perfect, adorable human being that she is) confronts Harvey about the “I love you” bomb drop. 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

Heavy dog talk ahead!

Are the bags under my eyes as big and dark as I ithink they are? 

Tumblr, it has been a WEEK. Obviously, since I got Dash last Saturday things have just been crazy. A summary:

-SIX Dash filled days!

-FIVE workdays full of dramz. Seriously people. Can we get our t-shirt orders together in a timely fashion?

-FOUR cute little paws. Attached to a pretty adorable little body.

-THREE times I have actually gone on a run. None of them were really quite up to the training plan specifications but I consider it a victory to just get outside and let Dash get used to being alone in the crate. 

-BONUS THREE times Dash has spent the whole night in his crate. Last night was with minimal crying.

-TWO times I have cried. My roommate moved out this week and it was totally amicable and all that but I cried because I knew I was going to miss her and because change freaks me out.

The other time I cried was last night after puppy kindergarten. Dash was kind of a mess and acting aggressively to another puppy. The trainer pulled me aside after the class and told me that she thinks Dash might have been bullied and was afraid of other dogs and might be super damaged for the rest of his life from that. Then she said he could be a “project dog.” And yeah, I cried. I just want him to be okay and happy and well-adjusted. After the crate training struggles and the fear of the outdoors and everything, it felt like a lot.

ONE Mallory to handle all of this. I know it gets better and I’m actually okay but right now, WOAH. Let’s just say TGIF and leave it at that!