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Some exciting news! I’ve been accepted to have an artists’ table at next years Clexacon! 

I’ve never sold art at a con before, so I’m both thrilled and super nervous.  I’ll be selling prints and stickers (maybe some buttons too), but will be deciding what art/ships/fandoms exactly closer to the date. 

so many people unfollowed me because i translated the william and chris conversation, honestly what the hell? yeah i wouldn’t describe those two characters as gods gift to mankind either but should the people not understanding norwegian not get a translation because of that? you people are hilarious


“I used to have to work in boiling hot rooms all the time, so I don’t see why anyone else should be comfortable now!”

Someone should start a (Stucky? General Marvel?) blog where people can submit fic ideas they have but don’t want to write themselves so that writers blocked writers can browse it for ideas and then they can post the works when they’re posted so the person who submitted it can find it and everyone’s happy.

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Just how much do you love dave?

i can give you a really cheesy answer i use when talking to people i love ok are you ready for this

imagine a string thats tied around my heart. then it wraps around my body completely, covering every last inch of me. then it goes and travels all the way across state border into oklahoma and past oklahoma and it goes down and passes every single one of my friends all over the us and it completely covers them in string too and then it nyooms all the way over taiwan and india and russia and it makes sure to stop in every single country in the world. it says hi to my friends in australia and the uk and covers every square inch of them too. and then it goes around the world again. how many more times? lots more times and then it zooms into space. it wraps itself around the moon and around every planet and moon and asteroid in our solar system. it heads out of our universe into the infinite space filled with infinite universes and it zooms around until it finds the universe dave is in and it finds him and ties around his heart too and it says hi to john and jade and dirk and davepeta and everyone and then it goes and it finds skaia and it wraps around the towers, and it goes out into the medium and greets the horrorterrors and stuff and it zooms through allll the dream bubbles and then it wraps itself around the green sun and it turns around and it traces that exact path over again, therefore doubling its length until that string is all the way back at me and tied around my heart. 

the length of that string in millimeters is approximately 1/1025 of how much i love dave. 

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Pick n choose a couple for minicat? Maybe if you want to

Always weak for Minicat!

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…        

who is more likely to hurt the other? You would think Tyler, but do you know how many stunts Mini has pulled that ended with an elbow in Tyler’s face? Do you?
who is emotionally stronger? Mini is (until Mario Kart is involved)
who is physically stronger? Tyler is! (Especially when Mario Kart is involved)
who is more likely to break a bone? Mini is and Tyler wishes he would stop trying to do cartwheels just because of #AskMini.
who knows best what to say to upset the other? Tyler does and Mini tries to ignore when he’s mad.
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? Tyler does because he’s the one who usually starts the fights.
who treats who’s wounds more often? Craig is a FANTASTIC medic.
who is in constant need of comfort? Tyler does, and Craig is a great cuddler when Tyler is feeling down,
who gets more jealous? Tyler, hands down. He gets all grumpy and possessive (and Mini finds it adorable.)
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? The amount of times Tyler has walked out bc of an argument is amazing.
who will propose? Tyler would
who has the most difficult parents? Both of their parents are nice, but sometimes Craig’s mom calls him, concerned about the things they say on their youtube channels.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? Craig does, and he’ll swing their arms playfully as they walk and it kills Tyler every time.
who hogs the blankets? Tyler does, along with Kino and Archie. There’s hardly enough room in the bed for Craig, sometimes.
who gets more sad? Tyler doesn’t really get sad, he gets frustrated. Craig is the one who gets sad but it’s rare.
who is better at cheering the other up? They’re both great at cheering the other up, but Tyler can do it a lot easier.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Craig does!
who is more streetwise? Craig has seen some shit in LA.
who is more wise? Tyler is!
who’s the shyest? Neither of them are shy but Craig is far more outgoing than Tyler.
who boasts about the other more? Tyler does in his own way. (”Look at this fucking nerd. What a fucking idiot, look at him being so fucking cute, what a nerd.”)
who sits on who’s lap? Craig will sit in Tyler’s lap in a jokingly way, dramatically draping his arms over Tyler’s shoulders. Once he seductively whispered “Tyler lemme smash.” in his ear, and that was when Tyler dumped his ass onto the floor.

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keith could be bi, you know.

oh yeah, i know!!!!! i’d be more than okay with bi keith, like that’d be Nice. i’m just going off what we’ve been shown in the show. he hasn’t expressed interest in any of the female characters, there’s been plenty of opportunities for him to.

lance, upon his literal first meeting with allura: *FLIRTS*
keith, after knowing allura for quite a bit of time now, plenty of time to develop a crush, literally holding her in his arms: *deadpans*


keith, holding lance’s hand even tho they are “”rivals””: *tender smile*
keith, at lance on numerous occasions: *tender smile*
keith, at lance after getting his lion back for him: *teases and flirts*
keith, at lance after hitting him with a spore ball: “heh, like that? ;)”
keith, faced with two Babe aliens, nyma and rolo: *checks out rolo*
keith, the resident “emo”: has laughed his loudest with hunk
keith, in general: seems more open and comfortable with male characters
keith, holding a gorgeous alien space princess in his arms: -_-

trust me, if keith was confirmed bi, i’d be like hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, at this point in time, from what i’ve been shown in canon, i can’t get behind him liking girls romantically. 

ok tbh im 100% tired of the hate for animation memes. yes they’re predictable and repetitive but its an easy format people can use to start animating and get their original characters out there. its taken over the animation community but really? before stuff like animation memes and animatics became popular on youtube, there wasn’t much of an animation community to begin with :/