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My cousin is a professional hippo keeper and has advanced far enough in the field of professional hippo keeping that she’s head of..idk, hippos? all giant herbivores? at Disney and has been consulting with the Cincinnati zoo about Fiona.

And being her facebook friend has really introduced me to the subculture of hippo keepers, who apparently all know each other and also can recognize most zoo hippos on sight. 

And man, if you thought cat ladies were bad about the “my precious panther children just bit the shit out of my arm and then vomited on my rug”  shit then I need to tell you that it is NOTHING compared to how hippo people talk about hippos with each other.  For example, my cousin will post a cute video of Fiona and her mother and all her hippo friends will comment things like, “Aww, look at Bibi.  She’s beautiful. Remember that time she bit down while I was brushing her teeth and she broke every bone in my hand?” and all the other people are like,  “Aw, precious Nile princess! I remember riding with you in the ambulance!”

Or she’ll post a picture of baby Fiona gnawing gently on her caregiver’s leg and someone will respond with a picture of a massive bruise she got when a teenage hippo did that and everyone will be like, “hahaha, these nightmare murder beasts sure are wonderful.”

Black Marble: NASA View Illuminates Earth at Night

When the sun goes down, the lights on Earth shine bright. A new look using our satellite data captures the lights coming from our neighborhoods, vehicles, buildings, factories, fishing vessels and other human activity brightening the night.

Our scientists have just released the first new global map of Earth at night since 2012. This nighttime view of our home planet, dubbed the Black Marble, provides researchers with a unique perspective of human activities around the globe.

By studying Earth at night, researchers can investigate how and why cities expand, monitor light intensity to estimate energy use and economic activity, and aid in disaster response in near-real time.

The data on Earth at night comes from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite, jointly managed by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

VIIRS captures visible and infrared light, allowing researchers to glimpse the Earth as it looks to astronauts peering out of the International Space Station. The new map is a composite of data collected in 2016, and it took several months of processing to filter out clouds, moonlight, airglow, and other interfering features to create the global image. In the coming months our scientists will release daily nighttime lights data at even finer resolutions for the first time.

The East Coast sparkles with population hubs, suburbs circling cities and major roadways. The I-95 corridor includes the most densely populated region of the United States – the stretch from Washington, DC to Boston.

To get images like these from the satellite data, our scientists had to filter out moonlight, aerosols and other sources of extraneous light – the goal is to eventually be able to detect the lights from a single building or fishing boat.

Daytime satellite images, like this one from Landsat 8, can show us the forests, deserts, mountains, waterways and built-up cities. Add a nighttime view, and scientists can study when and how people are using these limited resources – like the lights tracing the Nile River leading to the metropolis of Cairo, Egypt.

Lights aren’t confined to land. With the global nighttime view, the ocean is dotted with fishing fleets, including boats that try to attract their catch with bright lights.

What lights illuminate your neighborhood? Download a high-resolution version of the Black Marble HERE, and find out more about our new night lights data HERE.

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Tell me about the domestic house cat.

Long ago in a kingdom by the Nile, a people cried out to their gods in anguish. A plague of rats, rats and mice and vermin of every shape, had devoured the grain and robbed the people of their dinners.

One god heard them, Bast, and tasted the meat and smoke of their offerings. She went up into the desert and found a pride of lions.

“Give unto me your smallest cub,” said the goddess, “that I may make an end of this plague.”

“Goddess,” said the lionesses, “surely you deserve the strongest and largest of our young for this divine mission.”

But Bast paid no heed, and took with her the weakling cub, so much smaller than her brothers and sisters.

“Blessed are thee, small daughter of the lionesses, above all others. Though you are small, you shall be brave. Once thought weak, you will be made strong, and entire kingdoms will sing songs of your greatness.”

And such is the wisdom of the gods, who make their greatest triumphs out of those who seem most unworthy. The small lion became a cat, with a goddesses blessing and a hunter’s heart, and soon the waters of the Nile ran red with the blood of the vermin.

For the smallest of lions is still a lion. For a small hunter is still a hunter. And the least among us are not to be underestimated.

His crush remains a mystery, but the clues begin to make themselves apparent

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Eruri Headcannons

- Erwin taking Levi to the massive high-street in Wall Sina for the first time and losing him and panicking like a father losing his child.

- After Erwin’s death, Levi continued visiting Erwin’s father’s grave and changing the flowers because Erwin could no longer do it.

- Erwin and Mike decide to take Levi drinking after their third or fourth expedition, and find out through a healthy competition of drinking that Levi can’t just drink one pint, but the whole tavern, and still not falter a step even with the burden of two disastrously drunken blondes.

- Erwin finds out that Levi’s cravat is actually precise cuttings of his mother’s shirt.

- Erwin, notices Levi becoming more morose as the anniversary of Isabel and Farlan’s deaths was approaching. Feigning going to an ‘important meeting’, Erwin goes instead , into the underground and finds Levi’s old house- which unsurprisingly has been raided and ripped to ruins, covered in dust too. He sweeps the shabby-house several times, happening upon nothing but a couple of creaky floorboards. Curious, he sets to prising them up and he finds a dusty little box, opening the delicate thing he’s surprised to find a soothing melody playing starting to play, inside the box lie a couple of scrawls of paper, some sweets, some fabric cuttings, a white feather, a small knife, couple of tea-bags and some battered coins. He takes the box back to the surface, and gifts it to Levi.

- Erwin about to playfully chide Levi for paying more attention to the window than his reports, and notices the falling snow. He realises that Levi has never seen the seasons change, or experienced the different weathers, particularly the now falling snow. Abandoning the papers for the first time EVER, he decides that Levi should experience the snow, and takes him out.

- Some ass-punk is shaming commander Erwin in the street and Levi absolutely trashes them.

- Erwin sweating his bollocks off meeting Levi’s stern uncle Kenny at a sit-down-dinner for the first time.

- Levi shaving Erwin’s face when he loses his right arm, and cutting his hair.

- Erwin teaching Levi about the act of giving which comes along with Christmas and kinda-criminally misunderstanding it, resulting in him stealing a lot of ungrateful rich people’s stuff and giving it to appreciative poor people. Erwin having to explain to Nile where all these extravagant red curtains covering the barracks- which definitely don’t look like the king’s, have come from.

- Post expedition, where Levi is chilling in his bath, and Erwin just comes sliding in and making the water overflow the tub.

- Erwin and Levi slow dancing around the bedroom at new years to absolutely no music at all.

- Levi and one-armed-Erwin on a fishing trip, Erwin falling in the river and accidentally knocking the only paddle in with him and losing it. Trying to climb on the boat is almost impossible with one arm, clinging to the boat tips it, and with his legs getting tired from treading water he has no choice but to swim to shore, leaving Levi stranded in this little row-boat in the middle of this giant river without a paddle, cussing up a storm.

- Levi making Erwin a different tea every morning in an attempt to figure out which is his favourite.

- Erwin patiently teaching Levi how to read and write.

- Levi painstakingly waiting for Erwin to finish his reports, and falling asleep in his arm chair. Erwin’s internal monologue going over what he loves most about his sleeping lover.

- Erwin and Levi camping and having a run-in with a bear, some bees and ending up sleeping in a tree (which has nothing to do with the pissed-off bear at the base). 

- Levi finding Erwin’s diary and reading about the day they met.

- Erwin spotting Levi on the roof, looking at the stars, its cold out. With determination, he roots through the closet taking out one of his coats and makes his way up to his newest soldier, he gifts Levi the boyfriend coat.

- Levi showing Erwin this underground library with a stash of books about the outside world.

- Erwin slowly recognising that the number of knives Levi carries on his person is slowly decreasing as he becomes more comfortable around him.

- Levi teaching Erwin how to pick locks.

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I love The Nanny so much!! I feel like Niles represents all shippers lol

He does!

The show was great.  And I even loved me some Niles x C.C. Babcock.  

Some people refuse to watch because of Fran Drescher’s voice…

but she was so endearing and her comic timing was excellent

I remember watching the Lambchop episode (set to Chariots of Fire) with my whole family back in the day and every single person was laughing so hard they were crying. I feel like true laugh out loud comedy is hard to find on TV these days. Now things are more ironic and witty.  This show was just so pure.