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Hey there, my name's Sydney and I am new to the world of coming out as trans C; I admire your spirit and find great inspiration in you! Would you be willing to check out my blog and maybe repost so I can get it off the ground a bit?? I'd love to have a following like yours where I can educate people about our cause! <3 - Sydney

Check out this girls blog eryone! She has lots of really cute outfits and wants to educate people which is super cool!

A conversation with my coworker as I forced him to listen to Hamilton
  • Me: So that's John Laurens. He's Hamilton's best friend, and no one can prove it but it's widely accepted historically that they were sleeping together.
  • Him: but but but...his wife! Their kids! You said they had eight!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: People can be bisexual, Justin.
  • Him: ...
  • Him: I KNOW, it's just surprising!
  • Me: ok we have to rewind now we missed all of Ten Duel Commandments.

Do non-Australians know the story of how Canberra, our nation’s glorious capital, was founded? If not, gather round.

Most folks think Sydney or Melbourne is the capital of Australia, but no, that would actually make sense, and Canberra is not here to make sense. Canberra is here because Mum and Dad didn’t want to play favourites with the bickering children.

Basically, after Federation in 1901 when Australia became a country in its own right instead of just a bunch of Britain’s convict colonies, people couldn’t decide whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital. There was a huge rivalry between the cities (one that still exists today. Melbourne is better btw) and they squabbled and fought for YEARS over who would get it, until finally in 1908 they decided, “right. NEITHER of you get to be the capital.” They compromised by building a city entirely from scratch halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, smack-dab in the middle of the bush. Observe:

(Look at that tiny void of despair.)

For some reason the city planners also decided that grids and sensible symmetrical roads weren’t desirable for the capital, so the city layout is a mess of circles and hexagons and triangles and weird geometrical shapes. Roundabouts. Roundabouts everywhere. And since it’s literally just Parliament House dumped in the middle of nowhere, the city is entirely surrounded by dense bush and there are real problems with kangaroos invading the suburbs, and every summer there’s a good chance it could burn down because of bushfires. It’s so far away from anything that no-one lives there unless they have to, and the people who have to live there are the ones who need to work there, and the ones who need to work there are all politicians. It’s a city full of Tony Abbotts, tbh. Truly a dismal, dismal place. 

tl;dr Canberra is a tiny custom-built nightmare of roundabouts, kangaroos, fires and politicians that exists solely to punish us because Sydney and Melbourne were like bickering siblings who couldn’t get their shit together.


White man loses his job after posting racist selfie with 3-year-old black boy

After Gerod Roth, also known as Geris Hilton, posted to Facebook an image of himself with his colleague’s 3-year-old son Cayden, accompanied by racist comments both from his friends and himself, people were justifiably pissed. Sydney Jade, Cayden’s mom, started the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden in defiance of the derogatory and objectifying remarks — and it took off. Roth was promptly fired — but that didn’t stop him from making excuses and claiming to be a victim.

I wanna put my arms out and fly
Up in the sky
’Til I can see all of Pennsylvania
Woman who attacked two people with an axe in Enmore is denied bail
Evie Amati, 24, who allegedly attacked two people with an axe at a Sydney 7-Eleven on Saturday, has requested a supply of three prescription medications while she's in jail.

Trans woman attacks people with axe.

For people who always scream violence because of minor bullshit - they use actual violence pretty often.