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I want to make sure this idea isn't inherently horribly offensive, before I invest time into it: people getting superpowers from how "othered" and "I don't belong" they feel (from race, orientation, disability, etc). The powers themselves are not determined by the "otherness", only the strength of the power. Any character who finds a "home", no longer has superpowers (but they have people who love and accept them).

Powers Gained from being Oppressed

Matilda works like this – the original book, not the movie – except it’s not about oppression, it’s about abusive and neglectful parents. They don’t let her read at her reading level (she’s six but she’s smart enough to be in the sixth grade) so she winds up telekinetic. Once she’s moved into the proper grade level at the end she stops being telekinetic.

I don’t know how I feel about applying that towards pain from bigotry. It sounds like it could be a “satisfying” idea to write (like, your hatred only makes me stronger! you can’t tie me down) but at the same time it puts a positive spin on something there really isn’t any positive to. Like, in real life, I can’t fly because of homophobia. I don’t get any benefits because of homophobia. It is a 100% negative.

But I could also see someone wanting to write out their own pain this way. Like “ha! you wouldn’t let me in the right bathroom? Well, I can now poop money.” So I don’t want to tell another oppressed person how to cathartically deal with their own pain.

-Mod Shira

It depends on who writes it and how it’ll be written. At first read this felt as if your characters’ struggle was somehow fodder for your story and that we’d be enjoying some sort of struggle story while they would be punished for finally getting a better life (as they lose their powers). 

But Shira made some excellent points in that it can be a way to process and deal with your own struggles. That you can find the strength to get through all the horrible things life throws at you and that in the end you find a different kind of strength. Something like that. From such a perspective I feel like something very beautiful could be written which could be very empowering even, but it needs to be written by the right person and it takes a lot of care and research to know what to do and what to leave out. 

So my advice to you is to write this close to home. To give it a personal touch so it can be authentic. You can still write characters who experience struggles unlike your own, but you’ll definitely need good beta-readers to help you crop out the problematic parts and show you where you might have strayed too far. With this I mean to not write other people’s stories or what it’s like to experience life as an identity you don’t share (random example: like adding in a Black character, but not to write about what it’s like to be Black in present day America, etc. if you as a writer are not Black yourself).

~ Mod Alice

How do people meet people

honestly most superhero movies take place in big famous cities with millions of people and the heroes are usually so disconnected from the people. 

so having power rangers be set in small town was really refreshing. like in the end its about the kids defending their home, and people in their lives, whether they love or hate them. It’s not just nameless people in crowds. It’s personal. I love it

seriously tho… I feel like this is a common occurrence on big brother. there’s always a dominating alliance that would literally be out numbered if all the “leftovers” worked together but instead of working together they throw eachother under the bus in order to please the people with power. it’s so fucking ugly! and when this happens people always say shit like “do what the hoh wants” or “it’s to soon to…” like fuck off, play the game and stop handing people money

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signs as drugs and why?

hahaha… here goes….

aries - meth, it makes you hyper and can make people act more mean, confident, powerful, and pushy (please never do meth, not even once, I personally would like it to remain illegal…)

Taurus - diet pills, they love comfort food and loafing around so much that they don’t want to control what they eat and exercise

gemini - Adderall, they’re so scatterbrained that they want something to focus them so that they can concentrate on reading and writing more!

cancer - weed, it numbs emotions (for some people). it makes people day dream. however it does harm your memory and cancers tend to love memories.

leo - cocaine, it makes you energetic, and quiets feelings of insecurity. it is expensive and a leo’s pride thinks they’re worth spending a lot on something (it’s so unhealthy, please don’t do it)

virgo - speed, so that they can get stuff done at a rapid pace, virgo being the sign of self improvement, some people find themselves motivated to work on necessary tasks and zone in with precision. Then again, maybe Virgo would be so discerning, they’d pick out the finest wine!

libra - valium, it’s mellow, dreamy, and makes you feel painless (please don’t ever do this unless it is prescribed to you!)

scorpio - bath salts, they want something so intense and they kinda like being self destructive… (not even once)

Sagittarius - alcohol, it makes you feel excited, adventurous, more outgoing, people tend to act more preachy when they’re drunk

Capricorn - coffee! it is an antidepressant, making Capricorn more capricious and less gloomy. I read this online so idk about accuracy, but supposedly humans discovered the effect of coffee because goats ate the red berries before they become beans, and the little goats would jump around all happy, so humans were like, let’s try this!

aquarius - acid, it unlocks new mental pathways, it can bring out someone’s brilliance, it can give a sudden inspiration that revolutionizes your view of life

pisces - shrooms, people I know who have done it say it connected them to the spirit world, apparently it can make you see colors and it can open your heart.

Disclaimer: I do not condone substance abuse, but what you choose to do is none of my business. I am not encouraging any illegal behavior with this post. Please don’t take this post seriously, it’s just a joke.

“Kami-yo” in “nin-yo”
By Reverend Shinkichi Kawai

“Now we are asked to live our lives with a “true and sincere faith” as our Founder taught. Amid in the society of the progressive worldwide secularization, we have to live “Kami’s Way” in our daily lives.

In Oboecho (Record of Revelations), the following
revelation was written in 1880:
Kami-Sama revealed,

  “Right now the world is human-centered. All things are done by people’s own power, and many people are going against the teachings of the universe.
Those who follow my teachings shall become connected to kami, and thus a living kami themselves. Long ago, it was a Kami-centered world. Now it is a human-centered world.
Because of this, I shall teach people to return to a Kami-centered world. Difficulty and suffering are caused by people’s own hearts. Whether or not they can live a peaceful world also depends on their own hearts.”

As stated, we are living in “nin-yo (human-centered world). And many people live confused, hurt, and suffer from various hardships. “The True Way of Faith” which is “the Way of Kami and people” was opened in this “ninyo,” and the world of inochi (life) to be helped will be born continuously. Therefore, “Kami-yo (Kami-centered world)” should be realized in “nin-yo” within Konkokyo, Konko hiromae, and believers’ home.

What kind of world is it that the inochi life can be helped?
The inochi life does not mean an individual life nor biological life. This is the whole life that flows continuously from ancestors to descendants. It is the life that pass through the past, present and future. 

Through a continuation of practicing “the True Way of Faith,” we are able to live our lives receiving the divine blessings in any situations. In any moment, we can walk such “the Way of Kami and people.” When our lives were tuned in by Kami-Sama, our ancestors and descendants who related to our lives are also saved at the same time. In this way, the way to receive blessings is open.

The world of secularization continuously cut deep into our lives.
Now, it is the time bringing light of “Kami-yo” into right in the middle of “nin-yo” through our faith. Let us seek and practice true faith.

Seek, convey and support “true and sincere faith, and nurture, enrich, broaden and deepen the true and sincere faith

When we consider the Konkokyo as a practical “way” rather than an organized religion, we could describe our “way” as a “Way of Faith.” Our Founder taught, “Practice a sincere faith.” Therefore, the network of “care” should be brought out so that we could understand how to enrich, broaden and deepen the true and sincere faith.

Let us take “Toritsugi” as an example. “Toritsugi” consists of place for mediation, mediator, and the art of toritsugi. “Teachings” and faith stories are also important.Services and etiquettes are essential. There are all kinds of actors to nurture our faiths.

The Konkokyo faith has been enriched by a tradition that could nurture each individual faith. Therefore, our faith has been nurtured through tradition. For example, this tradition has been nurtured by a long history of Konko Church of Amagi, which is still alive in Hawaii. In the same way, varieties of faith from traditions exist in Konkokyo.

Our current mission is to create better conditions for each individual faith, so the faith will be nurtured and enriched.

For these reasons, we have to rediscover what could make our faith lively. Furthermore, we need to establish an environment and “care” network to learn and be guided to the “way” of “true and sincere faith.””

Left handed people are more powerful than you could ever imagine. I bend space and time to my will to use so called “right handed objects” on a daily basis. Right handed peeps will just never understand the power I hold.

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cap venus crushes are like at least 2 years in length, planned, future careers lined up, and like intense devotion. lol also EXTREMELY formal about it. they're usually into people that are powerful or older so they really kind of play into that dynamic and they are by no means mushy or lovey-dovey.

dude idk about that
like either im the worst Cap Venus ever or something isnt right bc basically NONE of that applied to me
Maybe if theres a conjunct between Sun and Venus there or it’s also in the 10th house but otherwise I would disagree

More people are getting injured on Melbourne trams, mostly because the newer trams don’t have many seats and are basically standing room only to pack in more people. They also have very powerful motors and drivers who take after the SpaceX “suicide burn” approach to landings: approach the tram stop at maximum velocity then brake hard at the last possible moment. Combined with the sluggish myki ticket terminals you have a lot of confused people who get on the tram and try to swipe their cards when the tram suddenly accelerates and throws them off balance. Maybe if the trams were filled with some kind of goo to cushion the acceleration then drivers could execute these kinds of maneuvers without injuring so many passengers. 

I read an interview with Toby Whithouse where he admitted that he couldn’t understand why women were attracted to Mitchell. So, he decided to make him darker and darker to see how far he could go…

Ouch. So sorry to hear you really hated Mitchell’s trajectory. Thankfully series 1 will always live on - a gem.

I liked it it. I mean, I hated what it meant for the characters, but I got it. A lot of of S2 was explicitly based on the damage and awful necessity for unpalatable action forced on people by a power vacuum - the consequences of regime change. Always morally compromised. All of them.

Of course Toby understood women were attracted! I’ve even heard this weird myth that Toby was jealous of Aidan and deliberately trashed the character in revenge. As if. I don’t often yell bollocks on this site (though I do, often, in real life) but - BOLLOCKS. Aidan was so up for it ;)

Mitchell was always a mass murderer. That was never in doubt or excused. Both a good man and a vampire at the same time. There’s no get-out clause for him like a curse that splits his personality or a possession. Vampires in BH are lethal, and as far as we know no vampire ever successfully abstained or survived without blood or killing (even Bernie did, I think). The idea that it was an addiction you could kick was a cruel hope dangled in front of the vampires and the audience. I think ultimately the evidence says it was impossible. Mitchell came so close… 

…and that’s why I was compelled to write fanfic! Sniffs.

what’s so frustrating is how the entire world is silent right now. especially these fucking celebrities and the media who all speak up when there’s a tragedy in America or Paris etc. but are MUTE right now on everything going on in Aleppo. Why are people turning a blind eye? this is a genocide. a crime against ALL of humanity. is it because it’s muslims being killed that no one wants to speak up? and at the same time its so mind-blowing how none of the other muslim leaders in the world seem to be doing anything to help their brothers and sisters in Aleppo. the world is silent while innocent people are being killed.