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Listen I have been in direct action focused activist groups that were specifically infiltrated. I have sat and had breakfast with and shared intel etc with people who turned out to be cops. I am not saying this is not a threat because it is and it’s one that I have personally run up against and had to deal with. I know the people everyone avoids in Montreal because of the rumors that they’re cops. I know the people who I personally have suspicions about. I have had my phone tapped and surveillance photos taken of my apartment building. It’s a thing, it’s scary, and we do need to talk about it and deal with it.

But I feel like this current climate of heightened paranoia is like, a lot of kids’ first experiences with actually realizing that infiltrators are a thing, and so a lot of people are just using this concept like their new word of the week, and it’s weird and counterproductive and just honestly annoying. Not everyone who disagrees with you about whether or not asexuality is LGBT is an undercover cop or alt-right plant. Like. Please go outside and actually do some shit, I don’t care what, just like, talk to people about this instead of acting like because you read a mother jones article you’re an expert on picking out provocateurs now.
Montreal just became a 'sanctuary city' for undocumented immigrants

Canada’s second most populous city has voted to declare itself a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants, allowing authorities to provide council services such as housing and food banks to people without legal immigration status. Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, joins three cities in Ontario – Toronto, London and Hamilton – in adopting a “sanctuary city” status to help protect undocumented immigrants.

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Hey Montreal people I just got back from buying cat food at the vets office and they told me that there’s people leaving poisoned cans of cat food out for cats around Verdun lately, if you have a cat who goes outdoors in the area maybe keep an eye on them or keep them indoors for a little while! The Animal Health Clinic in NDG is where I got the info, feel free to call them for details.