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The New CHUM, Largest Healthcare Construction Project in North America, Opens its Doors

I don’t typically share my work here in ARCHatlas but I spent the better part of 2014 + 2015 traveling to Montreal (and other CannonDesign offices) as part of the team that worked on this project. Its great to see phase 1 opening its doors to benefit the people of Montreal!

After nearly a decade of work, CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). Begun in 2009, the CHUM teaching institution is the largest healthcare construction project in North America and the largest public — private partnership project in Canadian history. Already, the building has ignited the revitalization of a neglected sector of Montreal’s urban core.

“It’s remarkably rewarding to see so many years of preparation, planning, design and intense effort come to life,” said Jose Silva, Principal for CannonDesign. “The CHUM has always been an extraordinary project — from the bold vision that set it in motion nearly a decade ago to the beautiful building it has now become. This is an exciting moment for both those who worked on the project and those who will benefit from this state-of-the-art facility.”

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MZW 2017 - Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie by Sharon
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My favourite wee zombie out of the entire zombie horde yesterday…

LOLing at the fact that I had to look up proper terminology for large gatherings of zombies!!  The nomenclature of choice, in no particular order: horde, infestation or plague.  All have a delicious ring to them, non??


Montreal Zombie Walk 2017 - The Walking Dad Zombie  | Chainsaw Gang Zombies

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Clearly a dad deadset on spending quality time with his kiddies.  The one with the chainsaw?  Yeah, she was a real cut-up.  Almost had us all in stitches… and pieces but when you are outrunning someone who basically shuffles it’s not exactly a deadheat.

In the second shot there was a lot of smoke hence the slightly fuzzy clarity but it certainly made the visual impact of this rolling zombie two-seater that much more effective.  The older girl reminds me a bit of the (dearly departed) Beth Greene character from TWD.


Montreal Zombie Walk 2017 - Cheeky Zombie by Sharon
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She was ready for her close up and she’s got such a lovely complexion don’t you agree?

Listen I have been in direct action focused activist groups that were specifically infiltrated. I have sat and had breakfast with and shared intel etc with people who turned out to be cops. I am not saying this is not a threat because it is and it’s one that I have personally run up against and had to deal with. I know the people everyone avoids in Montreal because of the rumors that they’re cops. I know the people who I personally have suspicions about. I have had my phone tapped and surveillance photos taken of my apartment building. It’s a thing, it’s scary, and we do need to talk about it and deal with it.

But I feel like this current climate of heightened paranoia is like, a lot of kids’ first experiences with actually realizing that infiltrators are a thing, and so a lot of people are just using this concept like their new word of the week, and it’s weird and counterproductive and just honestly annoying. Not everyone who disagrees with you about whether or not asexuality is LGBT is an undercover cop or alt-right plant. Like. Please go outside and actually do some shit, I don’t care what, just like, talk to people about this instead of acting like because you read a mother jones article you’re an expert on picking out provocateurs now.