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Give Me A Break Montreal Fans

When Bruins captain Zdeno Chara slammed Max Pacioretty into the stanchion face first a few nights ago, reactions were mixed. Some viewed the hit as dirty, a cheap shot to a player in a defenseless position. Others thought Chara was just doing his job, angling the player hard into the boards. But the reaction of the people of Montreal has been absolutely priceless.

Directly after Pacioretty was crushed, and as he was laying on the ice being attended to by the trainers, 800 of Montreal’s finest citizens dutifully called the police to report Big Z to the cops for assault. Then the director of criminal and penal prosecutions of Quebec decided to launch an investigation.

Canadiens owner Geoff Molson even penned an open letter to fans, stating:“We understand and appreciate hockey being a physical sport, but we do not accept any violent behaviour that will put the players’ health and safety at risk.”

Is this the first violent hit that has ever taken place during an NHL game? Because the people of Montreal certainly are acting that way. Seriously. The Marty McSorley stick swinging incident? Nothing. Todd Bertuzzi jumping Steve Moore from behind? Silence. But angling off a player who’s head hits the stanchion? Let’s throw him in the slammer for life.

If people really are against the violence in hockey, they should be against all violence in hockey. Not just when it happens to their team. Montreal has some of the most passionate, hockey crazy fans in the world. But their reaction to this hit is exactly the reason they can’t be taken seriously.

re: that last post like I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with like, pointing out issues that are specific to certain insular urban queer communities, like the Montreal queer community has a lot of fucked up dynamics that are specific to it that need to be addressed within that community and that’s legitimate. The problem comes when we act like the issues that are specific to these urban communities are universal, even to more rural communities. Like people in urban areas, people who live in the Montreal radical queer community who come from like, the suburbs of Toronto or wherever, from their accepting/accepted Good Family or w/e, idk… they often don’t get how slow things are to change in non-urban areas etc. 

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anonymous asked:

There were a few tweets a few weeks ago about people seeing Jen shopping in Montreal (this was August 10th). Some talked to her and one even got her autograph! All of them said she was so beautiful and so nice!! <3

Aah that’s nice, I’m happy for that person :)

She’s always beautiful and I’m sure she’s always trying to be nice too! :D