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Oh my gosh, I was going through your blog, and I just saw the long ask that someone sent about being annoyed over descriptions of mars in cancer sexually, and sweetie, me too. I'm gonna stab myself in the eyeballs if I see one more person say "gets turned on by the thought of getting pregnant during sex". Like can people stop saying that please? It's so weird and unnecessary, and I don't know any cancer mars people who think like that at all, including myself.

Yeah… I feel like any placements that are in fall or detriment are not really understood. I’m sorry you feel that way :(

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Remember, if you’re a man who happens to have a vagina you’re still a man. Nothing can change that. Those signs are wrong. And people trying to assign you the label of ‘women’ for having a vagina are wrong.

You are male and you look super cute today.

Aries Mars: He is forward with his intentions, might rush, fire is in his eyes, he takes what he wants, adores his love interest, is ardent.

Taurus Mars: He is slow but steady, he wins you over with his sensual touch, he can hold you all night, his scent is strong, such endurance.

Gemini Mars: Charms with wit, wants to get to know your mind, breathes excitement, experiences different intimacy with different people.

Cancer Mars: He is emotionally entrancing, goes after you in subtle ways, sensitive but surprises in the bedroom, slowly reveals.

Leo Mars: Bravely sweeps you off your feet, wants to be center stage in the bedroom, generous with affection, wants your admiration.

Virgo Mars: He is cautious but has a keen eye, wants to get to know you first, secret side in the sheets, can be sassy, learns to be fluid.

Libra Mars: Just wants to make you smile or…scream, easygoing, keeps everything light-hearted, he knows how to win you over, is a prince.

Scorpio Mars: He rides in on a motorcycle and leather jacket, uses mystery to get you, into the taboo, takes intimate risks.

Sagittarius Mars: Wants to explore you, can be wild, open minded, he grabs your attention with generosity and optimism, likes to share.

Capricorn Mars: Cool then surprises you with a sudden grab, can take charge, straight forward in the bedroom, very… physically active.

Aquarius Mars: Has a twinkle in his eye, engages in you unexpectedly, gives you a night to remember, always fun, will talk things out.

Pisces Mars: Mr. dreamy eyes, likes it when you take charge, giving, he takes your hand and pulls you under the covers, is kind and flexible. 

Attraction placements

Attracted to foreigners

  • Sagittarius/Aquarius/Aries/Gemini/Pisces Venus.
  • Jupiter/Uranus in the 7th house.
  • Aries/Sagittarius/Air signs/Pisces in the cusp of the 7th house.
  • Venus/Mars in the 9th/11th house.
  • Venus/Mars in any aspect to Uranus/Jupiter.

Attracted to older people

  • Capricorn/Libra Venus/Moon/Mars.
  • Saturn in the 7th house.
  • Capricorn/Libra in the cusp of the 7th house.
  • Venus/Mars in the 10th house.
  • Venus/Mars in any aspect to Saturn.

Attracted to intelligence

  • Air signs/Virgo/Capricorn/Sagittarius Venus/Moon/Mars.
  • Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter in the 7th house.
  • The air signs/Virgo/Sagittarius in the cusp of the 7th house.
  • Venus/Mars in the 3rd/6th house.
  • Venus/Mars in any aspect to Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter.
  • The Sun in the fourth house or Leo on the fourth house cusp:
  • Is the star and performer of his home. His sunshine is familial love and the ability to reproduce and create his own offspring he can nourish and provide for. There is a lifelong search for a comfortable dwelling
  • Moon in the fourth house or Cancer on the fourth house cusp:
  • He is intrinsically maternal and his emotional undercurrents are buoyed by his capacity to nurture others and cultivate a homely sanctuary. If his home life is unstable, his emotions become a sea storm. His psyche is influenced severely by the mother.
  • Venus in the fourth house or Libra/Taurus on the fourth house cusp:
  • Nothing makes him more valiant, overjoyed, insane and exasperated as family. He enjoys collecting antiques that connect him to his heritage and creating from the home. Seeks to create a life of pure beauty.
  • Mercury in the fourth house or Gemini/Virgo on the fourth house cusp:
  • Spends a lot of time contemplating the needs of his family and who he is/what he needs. Enjoys learning in the home and requires open communication with loved ones. He knows what other people are thinking
  • Mars in the fourth house or Aries/Scorpio on the fourth house cusp:
  • His home is a hub of energy and vitality and his more aggressive side may be displayed in the home. He is passionately defensive and protective of his family. The fourth house child may have felt restricted or overly controlled by the father
  • Jupiter in the fourth house or Pisces/Sagittarius on the fourth house cusp:
  • He feels a sense of belonging amongst laughter typically experienced a fortunate early life. His inner life is magnified and he navigates through life on the emotional spectrum. His purpose is connected to home.
  • Saturn in the fourth house cusp or Aquarius/Capricorn on the fourth house cusp:
  • Is deeply influenced by his primitive experiences and the need to protect, create and nurture his own bloodline. He likely wants to escape that which reminds him of his own personal history. The father figure was and is very important, without this, he is swept away in unconscious longings
  • Uranus in the fourth house or Aquarius on the fourth house cusp:
  • The home is a source of inspiration and humanity is his family. Early life may have been erratic and chaotic. Unusual and eccentric places cultivate his sense of belonging. Odd living habits.
  • Neptune in the fourth house or Pisces on the fourth house cusp:
  • His home is a temple and a beacon of spiritual enlightenment - a place of worship. He enjoys the privacy of his own home and has a great need for the nourishment of the Divine. His home is his hub of creativity
  • Pluto in the fourth house or Scorpio on the fourth house cusp:
  • He is a heavenly healer whose inner power can cut the tethers of inherited structures, such as family curses, and create something new from the darkness into the light. He may have felt threatened in younger years and so spends his life yearning to make others feel safe.
Interview with Majken Roelfszema

From April onwards we will be posting an interview with one of our members on our website monthly. In this way, we hope to show the world what is happening in the Dutch world of H.E.M.A.

Majken Roelfszema is our first candidate. This 22 year old longsword fencer won a silver medal in the ladies competition in Helsinki, making her the first Dutch woman to win a medal in a Nordic League Competition. Having become curious about what motivates her as a fencer, we decided to ask her a few questions.

How did you end up in H.E.M.A.?

In my second study year a friend of mine wanted to go to sword fighting training, but didn’t know anybody there. Very scary of course. So, he asked if I wanted to join him and I did. I stayed because of the great group of people. Only later did I learn what H.E.M.A. is all about and did I realize it’s fantastic.

Where do you train and what do you train?

I mostly train in longsword with a focus on Ringeck at MARS in northern Netherlands. Sometimes we also train with dagger and ringen. In the past year we have trained a lot with dussack in our free hour, and we also organized a dussack tournament when one of our oldest members left.

What do you like about your club/school/organization?

MARS has very friendly atmosphere but also trains hard. The shared fascination for this sport, love for pushups and the great group dynamic make MARS the best sports club that exists, to me.

What do you train for?

I train because I want to be a better swordfighter. That includes wanting to be physically fit, have good control and balance and wanting to be able to use the right technique at the right moment. Tournaments, to me, are an important way to test if I have mastered techniques under pressure, and to see how fast I can make choices.

Do you also study manuscripts?

I bought my first book about swordfighting not too long ago, which I am currently studying. I’ve also studied the zettel. I wouldn’t say that I’ve studied a lot of manuscripts, but I expect to be spending more time doing so.

What are your ambitions?

I’d like to win a tournament, but above all I think it’s important to fight, according to my own definitions, technically. That means, amongst other things, trying to take the vor only when I can (and when I have it) and not by simply trying to be faster.

What are your expectations for the future of H.E.M.A.?

H.E.M.A. will continue to grow. I think H.E.M.A. will come to be seen as a real sport more and more, partially because instructors are becoming more official and structured. However, I do hope that we will keep plenty of room for discussion about manuscripts and about what specific movement is used by what specific bit of text. Apart from that, I hope that there will never be an official European or World Championship, because the tournament structure as it is now has its charm, but also because it’s very difficult to determine what makes a good swordfighter.

What are you proud of?

A while ago, I had a lot of difficulty getting the hang of swordfighting, and I thought about quitting. I didn’t. Besides that, I started off thinking pushups were horrible, but by now I enjoy them and wouldn’t want to miss them. Burpees, on the other hand, haven’t won me over yet.

What is your dream?

It’s my dream to be a serious contender at Swordfish in a couple of years. I’d like to be able to see the big names like Kristian Ruokonen and Carl Ryrberg as rivals.

We thank Majken for her time and wish her a lot of luck!