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  • Interviewer : So guys as a general knowledge question what do you think is the most appropriate solution to overpopulation ?
  • Lauren : Condoms?
  • Ally : *flustered*......Education ?
  • Normani : What about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • Camila : Or we could just fly all the extra people to mars.
  • Dinah : Even better - the hunger games.
  • Dinah: *high fives Camila *
  • Interviewer: So guys as a general knowledge question what do you think is the most appropriate solution to overpopulation?
  • Marcus: Condoms?
  • Edmund: *flustered*......Education ?
  • Genevieve: What about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • Zia: Or we could just fly all the extra people to mars.
  • Erika: Even better - the hunger games.
  • Erika: *high fives Zia*

#BlackHistoryMonth #tbt: Being the first African American woman to travel to space is one of Mae Jemison’s many accomplishments. A dancer, Peace Corps doctor, public speaker and astronaut, Mae went to college at age 16, holds 9 honorary doctorates and has founded many STEM-related programs for students. 

Remember, if you’re a man who happens to have a vagina you’re still a man. Nothing can change that. Those signs are wrong. And people trying to assign you the label of ‘women’ for having a vagina are wrong.

You are male and you look super cute today.

Descendant Signs 101

What? Your Descendant is ruled by Libra and Venus. It mainly represents relationships, partners, romance and who are attracted and why. Your Descendant is exactly opposite to your ascendant/rising sign and is held on the cusp of the 7th house. 

Aries: You will attract and are attracted to people who possess Mars like qualities. People who are obvious, loud, aggressive (not like punch aggressive), blunt, and bright. You will have a libra Rising, and this indecisive, fair ‘attitude’ directly contradicts with the bright, aggressive, in your face people they attract. You are attracted to very kind and generous people too though.

Taurus: People who can provide for you are attractive in your opinion, in a relationship you crave someone who can be co-dependant with you and you can equally (heavily) rely on each other. You will have a Scorpio Rising sign, and this means you love to help people become the best version of themselves, so you may be attracted to people who are not similar to you so you can help them build on qualities they lack. 

Gemini: You have a Sagittarius Rising to go with your Descendant. In relationships you like to be with someone you can feel free with, you like adventurous, constant change, and not too heavy commitment (at least at first). It will take the right kind of person to persuade you into marriage but you fall in love with the people you think are the most true and kind hearted (that’s your weakness). 

Cancer: With a Capricorn rising , the people around you are the ones you hold the most dear and near to your heart. You are attracted to people who have similar family backgrounds to you, because this is a part of your life you find important to relate on. You attract people who want to take control of a relationship, you love to have an equal involvement, but like to be treated and be the one in a back seat. 

Leo: Love can become an obsession to you, you are likely to be undoubtedly in love with love, This means you are attracted to people who are romantic, and pick out the smallest of  details. You are incredibly attracted to people who make you feel like you can do more than what you already do, people who are inspiring and kind. You attract eccentric people who don’t know how to fit in because you show them they do. (Aquarius Rising).

Virgo: You are someone who changes yourself for you partner without even realising. You fall in love and are attracted to people who point out things about you that are permanent and you don’t change. For example “I love your natural curly hair”; it makes you feel actually wanted. You attract (luckily) very kind hearted people because they know they can give you a lot of love and affection. Pisces Rising. 

Libra: You are someone who might overuse the term “it’s not you, it’s me”, but really mean it. You are attracted to people who tell you to sort your head out, and tell you not only when you are in the wrong, but when actually you aren’t. You are also attracted to people who really considers your feelings and needs. You attract lively and tenacious people, people who are fun loving and natural smooth talkers. Rising is Aries.

Scorpio: You partner will choose you because they want to really feel love. Your rising is Taurus. You are attracted to passionate people, who never do anything to make you feel jealous and concerned (unstable) in your relationship. You attract strong minded individuals. You fall in love very hard and crave the same in return. 

Sagittarius: You are attracted to people you can talk on another level with; whether this is a deep talk or an intelligent conversation, In fact, you value the conversations over anything else. You attract people with hell of a will power. You attract people you are blunt and not co-dependant. Your Rising is Gemini, so you also think a physical connection is important, and will attract partners who feel the same. 

Capricorn: You have a very emotional and sensitive rising sign; Cancer. You are attracted to people who value family and get along with yours (no matter what your relationship with them is). You tend to really fall for people who don’t make you feel like you have to do anything, as you often will feel like you need to be perfect and do everything perfectly for them. You attract people who have a huge sense of humour and love to be safe and feel secure.

Aquarius: You are attracted to people who challenge and attract people who are full on and intense. You fall in love with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and love very openly and publicly. You attract people who want a 24/7 relationship and someone to really rely on. The people who want you tend to be wanted and are fairly dependant on you to make them feel good. You also attract very understanding people. Rising in Leo. 

Pisces: Your ascendant/rising is Virgo (the virgin). You attract people who are sensual, and love the physical parts of relationships. You also attract very intelligent people, who like balanced and honest relationships, too (just pick them apart wisely). You like people to be romantic for you, especially when they aren’t naturally romantic people. You are attracted to people who are unapoligetically themselves, people you just couldn’t change even if you wanted to. 

Future Wedding

I’m still not over it…I might do an alternate storyboard since I have seen a few on Youtube. I have some ideas that would be fun explore. The original ending is still beautiful but……………. ^_^ What do you think? 

I think Ashi would be happy to make her own wedding dress just like her outfit in the show. Jack would repair a new motorcycle. He would grow a small stache in memory of his father etc. They would travel the world and save the people that were still marred by Aku. 

(EDIT) Seeing so many people feel the same way. I started on the storyboard so keep an eye for it! I’ll upload it when its finished.

Aries Mars: He is forward with his intentions, might rush, fire is in his eyes, he takes what he wants, adores his love interest, is ardent.

Taurus Mars: He is slow but steady, he wins you over with his sensual touch, he can hold you all night, his scent is strong, such endurance.

Gemini Mars: Charms with wit, wants to get to know your mind, breathes excitement, experiences different intimacy with different people.

Cancer Mars: He is emotionally entrancing, goes after you in subtle ways, sensitive but surprises in the bedroom, slowly reveals.

Leo Mars: Bravely sweeps you off your feet, wants to be center stage in the bedroom, generous with affection, wants your admiration.

Virgo Mars: He is cautious but has a keen eye, wants to get to know you first, secret side in the sheets, can be sassy, learns to be fluid.

Libra Mars: Just wants to make you smile or…scream, easygoing, keeps everything light-hearted, he knows how to win you over, is a prince.

Scorpio Mars: He rides in on a motorcycle and leather jacket, uses mystery to get you, into the taboo, takes intimate risks.

Sagittarius Mars: Wants to explore you, can be wild, open minded, he grabs your attention with generosity and optimism, likes to share.

Capricorn Mars: Cool then surprises you with a sudden grab, can take charge, straight forward in the bedroom, very… physically active.

Aquarius Mars: Has a twinkle in his eye, engages in you unexpectedly, gives you a night to remember, always fun, will talk things out.

Pisces Mars: Mr. dreamy eyes, likes it when you take charge, giving, he takes your hand and pulls you under the covers, is kind and flexible. 


Royai Week, Day 4: “Promise”

This is a collaborative piece between me and @capthawkeye . She is just the best! Art by me and the amaaaaazing fic by her!

Day 4 of Royai Week: Promise
Rated: K || Words: 868

It’s a quiet mid-morning in Central. The day is vibrant and a slight breeze ruffles the grayed bangs away from her face. She recalls several days like today: the calm deception of the Promised Day or perhaps a proud, short day such as the last Fuhrer’s inauguration. The memories remind her how much has changed since then.

The saying goes: Time leaves nothing unaltered.

Aches settle in her bones and her hands now tremble. She uses a curved cane to bolster her steps and her muscles no longer respond with youthful vigor. The Hawk’s Eye precision blurs with passage of time. The years of building up strength dwindles with each passing day, but she carries the weight of their past all the same.

An old woman walks in her shoes now, past her golden years. She blends into the crowd seamlessly, an elder enjoying her routine stroll. A bittersweet smile sneaks onto her lips; for years now, her walks across the park are lonelier and all she cares to do is reminisce.

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  • Aries/Libra mars: it's not mean if it's standing up for ourselves
  • Taurus/Scorpio mars: it's not mean if it gets us what we want
  • Gemini/Sagittarius mars: it's not mean if it's telling the truth
  • Cancer/Capricorn mars: it's not mean if it keeps us safe and secure
  • Leo/Aquarius mars: it's not mean if it preserves our identity
  • Virgo/Pisces mars: it's not mean if it's helping other people

Aries Mars playing monopoly:

Taurus Mars playing monopoly:
*I just want to hoard all the money and properties, NO TRADE!*

Gemini Mars playing monopoly:
*Talking up a big game, trying to trick people with bogus deals*

Cancer Mars playing monopoly:
*Pretending not to care, secretly wants to win so bad*

Leo Mars playing monopoly:
*Brags about past wins, pressures others into trades, makes entertainment out of triumphs and fails*

Virgo Mars playing monopoly:
*The one telling everyone else how they should play*

Libra Mars playing monopoly:
*Trying to save friendships and cool down arguments*

Scorpio Mars playing monopoly:
*Just waiting for the next person they can take down, being cutthroat the whole game*

Sagittarius Mars playing monopoly:
*They just want Boardwalk and Park Place*

Capricorn Mars playing monopoly:
*Strategic, possibly taking the game a little too seriously*

Aquarius Mars playing monopoly:
*Surprise attacks, crazy deals, taking up all the train stations and utilities*

Pisces Mars playing monopoly:
*Sometimes a sore loser yet a “humble” winner, ready to flip over the board anytime*

The signs as interesting space phenomena

If you like this whole mixing astronomy and astrology thing then also check out this post!

Aries: Gamma ray bursts

While gamma ray bursts are commonly though to be caused by supernovas (due to stars being the only known thing in the universe to cause enough energy for a gamma ray burst.) There is no actual proof that they are caused by stars.

Taurus: Shape of the universe

While it is generally perceived that the observable universe is spherical around us, it is also thought to be flat. As for the global universe, all we have are theories, and they are unproven.

Gemini: Space roar

This is a radio signal from space that can be translated into sound. It is six time louder than the output of old stars and there is still no explanation for where it is coming from or why it is so loud.

Cancer: Mars crab

Given the ready availability of high quality images of Mars, people are discovering all types of unexpected things. One of them is what appears to be a red crab. Scientists dismiss this as just seeing familiarity ini images but you have to wonder, are they wrong?

Leo: The size of the universe

The universe has been expanding ever since it’s beginning 13.8 billion years ago. Astronomers estimate the diameter of the universe to be about 91 billion light-years, but that’s merely an estimate.

Virgo: The formation of our solar system

Our solar system has four inner planets with metallic cores and rocky exteriors, and four mostly gaseous outer planets with extreme temperatures. It is unknown how that came to be and at the moment random chance is just as valid of a guess as any other. Once the formation of solar systems is studied more we may be able to understand the formation of ours better.

Libra: Why is the Sun’s Corona so Hot

The sun’s corona is a region of plasma surrounding the sun and extending outward for millions of kilometers. This region of space is actually much hotter than the Sun itself, on the order of 150 – 450 times hotter. Their is no consensus among scientists as to why it is so hot.

Scorpio: The Next Meteorite Extinction Event

Approximately 66 million years ago, a huge meteorite 6 miles in diameter is thought to have struck the Earth, killing the dinosaurs. 80,000 years ago a 60 ton meteorite struck the Earth. Most meteoroids are small and burn up when entering Earth’s atmosphere. However, five to ten per year are sufficiently large enough to be observed and recovered, although certainly there are others which fall into remote locations. Scientists are beginning to track the large known asteroids that could strike Earth, but many unknown and uncharted objects remain in our solar system. No one knows exactly when the next meteorite extinction event will occur.

Sagittarius: The color and size of Jupiter’s storm

While we know that yes, it is the “great red spot” and it is currently tinted a orangish shade and that three Earths could fit inside of this giant storm. What we don’t know is why it has been shifting colors and why it has been shrinking.

Capricorn: Dark energy and the expansion of the universe

Our current understanding of gravity predicts that all large celestial bodies attract each other and smaller objects. But it appears that most space objects are moving further apart. Dark energy is theorized to be the force causing the expansion of the universe. It is hypothesized that this makes up 70% of space but dark energy has never actually been detected.

Aquarius: Alien star

KIC 8462852 is a strange star that has odd patterns in its light output. One explanation for the light flickering we observe is orbiting alien superstructures. These orbiting objects are hypothesized to be so large they block our detection of the star’s light for short periods. Astronomers think these massive structures could have huge solar panels affixed to them to harvest the star’s energy.

Pisces: A multiverse

External image

Scientists are pointing to data gathered by the Planck telescope as proof that our universe is just one of many. The Planck telescope detects the background cosmic radiation in the universe. This background radiation was expected to be relatively uniform, but instead it has hot and cold spots. These spots are thought to be caused by the pull of other universes on our universe.