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Ficlet: Vicissitude (Thorki, explicit)

A porny ficlet for @grimsister​ who asked for kink: war prize.
Warnings for dub-con.


Thor has never experienced anything like it: no lament of defeat, no pleas to spare the captives are ringing in the dark. Just stony silence from the people of Jotunheim and their king and princes, as they silently watch the king’s youngest son pay the price for their defeat.

Loki meets his eyes, calm and fearless despite his nakedness and what they both know is about to happen. He is indeed the Jewel of Jotunheim, beautiful with his dusky blue skin framed by raven locks, and amid it all his eyes, one red as blood, the other green as the trees in Idunn’s garden.

He drops to his hands and knees without a struggle at the slightest push, spreading his knees to make room for Thor. Ah, at least one of them knows to accept his defeat with grace.

Thor pulls out his cock and oils himself with quick, efficient moves, mainly for his own comfort than out of compassion for Loki. He’s hard, ready to fuck, has been since he first laid eyes on his captive. Between Loki’s legs he can see the pink gash of his cunt, but he’ll save that for later. Much, much later. This isn’t a coupling for pleasure, it’s a show of dominance and he makes sure everyone can hear the lewd thump of his cock slapping between the cheeks of Loki’s arse.

This is what you’ve lost.

No sound comes from Loki, but his back bends under the pressure of Thor’s fat cock pushing against his hole without any preparation. Thor doesn’t hold back the hoarse groan that spills from his throat when the tight clench of Loki’s arsehole finally gives way for his cock and he slips inside. Loki is trembling under him, but he doesn’t resist, even spreads his legs to alleviate the pain he must feel.

Thor rides him in short hard trusts, fucks right up into Loki’s guts, deep and long. Now there’s a murmur among the crowd at last, a nervous energy brimming in the room as they watch their prince’s debasement. It’s forbidden, a sign of weakness in this bleak realm, and Norns, this one here is tighter than any virgin Thor has ever had.

And he doesn’t give a damn about what is forbidden, it seems.

It starts as a quiver in Loki’s thighs and travels up his spine, drawing a low gasp from Loki that resonates like a clap of thunder around them. Loki’s hole tightens around Thor’s cock and he pushes back, arching his back in a wordless plea for more.

Blinding heat explodes in Thor’s gut, a heady mix of lust and sweet, sweet victory. He tugs on Loki’s hair, makes him kneel up and pulls him onto his lap, his legs spread wide over his own thighs so everyone can see his stuffed hole.

A gush of liquid drips over Thor’s balls, warm and wet.

“You like it,” Thor whispers into Loki’s ear, grinding his cock deep inside. Loki shudders, arching his spine against Thor’s chest to coax him deeper, to impale himself even further. The back of his thighs is damp against Thor’s and when Thor slips a hand between his legs he finds Loki’s dripping cunt, so wet it drenches his hand.

“You love it, everyone can see what a filthy little tart you are,” Thor taunts and turns Loki’s head, licking a lewd imitation of a kiss over his slack mouth.

“Yes, yes,” Loki hisses, barely more than a breath against Thor’s lips. “Now fuck me and then take me out of here.” His eyes are bright when looks up at Thor, something sharp and dark lingering behind the veil of lust that’s clouding them.

Endless possibilities race through Thor’s mind, but they all burn to ashes when Loki shifts on his knees, sliding even deeper onto his cock, trying to fuck himself with his breath coming in hot pants. There’s nothing but the clench of Loki’s arsehole around Thor’s cock, the wet spasm of Loki’s cunt when Thor slips three fingers into him and he comes with his teeth bared and his eyes locked to Laufey’s, the king’s red eyes blazing with fury while he watches Thor’s come drip from his son’s fucked open arse.

Frostbitten - Chapter Thirteen

TITLE OF STORY: Frostbitten
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: King Loki of Jötunheim is in negotiations with the Allfather to broker an uneasy peace between the two realms. His last request, a request made simply to offend the proud Asgardian, is for the Allfather to offer up one of his citizens to be the Frost Giant’s bride.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Beta’d by ladyaudiophile. The end is nigh! Last chapter, epilogue to follow. Thanks for sticking with me. xoxox 

Previous Chapters  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Loki made his way back through the energised crowd, leaving it to Arngeiri and his advisors to get the citizens back to preparing for the winter closure of the city. He entered his chambers to find Kolga pacing anxiously outside the bathroom door.

“How is she?”

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iamartemisday said: AU prompt: Loki is a Joutunn prince and Jane is his mortal concubine.

And the drabbles (by drabble I of course mean a 3k fic that wandered out of my hands because dammit) take a turn for the severely, severely dub-con. Readers be warned.

Once upon a time, a mortal woman lived in the world of Midgard. Midgard, meaningless Midgard, backward Midgard, Midgard which sat so strategically planted between realms and planets that no race of creatures dare leave it be for more than a decade or two at a stretch. Midgard, where gods and demons of all stripes walked freely and took what they wished without regard for the primitive inhabitants.

Once upon a time, a mortal woman came to the world of Asgard. A woman of science – that way of thinking which denied magic, that spoke of universal constants even the gods must obey, that concept which reared its ugly head every century or so until Galileo was burned and Newton was hung and Einstein was locked away to scream his blasphemy at padded walls – who was looked upon kindly by the Prince of the Aesir. A woman who, resistant to pomegranates and puzzle boxes, fell prey to the lure of the stars.

Once upon a time, a mortal woman attended a feast in the halls of Odin. An anniversary feat, thrown to commemorate the end of a war which all knew would begin again as soon as a legitimate opportunity presented itself, bringing together two peoples happy to celebrate the peace whilst simultaneously preparing for the next battle. The mead flowed and the food was plentiful, and the mortal woman drank and ate and enjoyed the attentions of one prince without realizing she had drawn the eye of another.

Once upon a time, a mortal woman learned of the indifference of the gods.


Jane Foster spends the wait picking at the silk sheets and cursing her own stupidity.

She knew what became of people who drew the attention of gods (aliens, not gods, just other people from other planets who think they get to rule us because they freaked out our ancestors with some ice and lightning). Dusty tomes and tabloids alike were littered with cautionary tales about reaching too high.

Julius Caesar. Anne Boleyn. Marilyn Monroe. For every William Shakespeare there were twenty Lindsay Lohans.

If someone from another world calls you worthy and offers to blow your mind, you walk the other way.

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I’ve been thinking about jotunn biology, and I have a thought. I am pretty sure that we never have actual, incontrovertible canon evidence that your average run of the mill jotunn is incapable of growing hair on their head. (Or elsewhere, to be honest.) Comicbooksmoviesandstuff points out here that Laufey does in fact have eyelashes, which means that they do have the capability to have hair in certain places.

It is therefore possible that jotnar can grow hair, but that the jotnar we see - Laufey’s army and its remnants - simply don’t. Running with this, we have to ask ourselves - why?

A lot of them have green bits on their heads. It could be that having hair interferes with these, and that they are vital for either communicating social status, increasing one’s food intake, or some other purpose. It’s possible that shaving it all off is a military thing.

It’s also possible that jotnar vary in the amount of hair they grow. The planet is large and they definitely should have differences between different groups, considering how important diversity is in a species. Laufey’s group don’t grow much - and may shave what they do grow - whereas others grow a lot more.


Oy! So, I’m writing with Jotun!Loki in a RP, and I got to wonder… Yep. How is Jötun anatomy working? I mean -if he cries, does he shed liquid tears? I can’t picture someone crying snowflakes. Like, human body works with so many liquids -I don’t know how to deal with these guys, to be honest. Do you have any idea?

First of all, my apologies for how late I was answering this.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at tagging physiological speculation - you could try the people of Jotunheim tag, but I can’t promise that it will be in there. So I’m just going to give a brief overview of how I think their bodies work.

I do not think they are without liquids, or without a body temperature warm enough to keep those liquids liquid. There are a few ways I think they cope with it. Firstly, I think they have flesh that can take having all the heat and liquids channelled away from it, and it is possible that there is a layer of this on the surface of their bodies, in most areas, that is normally left cold as an insulating layer. Secondly, and more importantly, I think they have minute and conscious as well as subconscious control over the flow of body heat inside them. They are capable of creating ice in their hands, and of deliberately causing their hands to burn others; these abilities are probably extensions of this body temperature control. This ensures that core body heat is retained and that extremities can be kept alive with the minimum possible heat loss. It also means that they may have the automatic reaction to being cut of withdrawing all heat from there so that the area instantly freezes, minimising blood loss and allowing the jotunn to fight on.

Would they cry liquid tears? Well, tears are, biologically, a way of keeping the eye moist and protecting it. This is a bit more tricky in Jotunheim; while I don’t think it’s cold enough for water to freeze instantly in the air, there would be that danger, and ice in the eye doesn’t sound fun. Presumably the eyes are areas that are kept warm, and I would not be surprised if they had a transparent extra eyelid (humans have the remnants of one, after all) to sort of keep the moisture close against the eye. So yes, liquid tears would happen, and presumably they would take body-temperature-related steps to ensure that they did not freeze inside the eye.