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Boulou Ebanda de B'béri: The Promised Land (26:17)

For many Canadians, the history of African-Canadians is limited to the Underground Railroad. It’s a history that some historians are working to expand upon. Boulou Ebanda de B'Béri, professor of Communication and Cultural Studies at the University of Ottawa, and co-editor of “The Promised Land: History and Historiography of the Black Experience in Chatham-Kent’s Settlements and Beyond,” joins The Agenda in the Summer to discuss his efforts to move African-Canadian history out of the margins.

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You need to seriously get your head screwed on straight. It's posts like the ones you share and post that turn feminism into a blame game instead of an effort for equal rights. I can't put up with this anymore.

Feminism is about the advocacy of women’s rights to achieve gender equality. Women have it worse, that’s a simple fact. Just like people of colour have it worse, and LGBT+ people have it worse. You have to admit that before any progress can be made.

The patriarchy impacts men too… In the UK their suicide rate is 3x that of women because they are not allowed to express “feminine” feelings. I’ve met victims of male rape and talked it out with them. Feminism (and especially my brand of it) doesn’t blame men; it blames the patriarchy.

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Name: Paige
Nickname: Never had a nickname
Birthday: June 22
Star sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5 ish
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Favorite Color: PASTEL
Time right now: 8:37 pm
Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 5-9hrs
Last thing Googled: How much rawhide can a dog eat (I was worried for my dogs health ok)
Number of blankets I sleep under: 3
Fav fictional character: I have way too many
Fav/ crush famous person:  Taylor Swift, or Dan and Phil
Favorite Books: Looking for Alaska, Ruby Red
Fav bands: Of Monsters And Men or Fall Out Boy
Latest Movies: Lucy (I barely ever watch movies tbh)
Dream trip: Maybe to Australia, I’ve always wanted to go
Dream job: Something that is enjoyable or something that can improve peoples lives
What I’m wearing at the moment: gray sweatpants and a superman shirt (I’m cold okay)

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ok so i know there’s synesthesia with people seeing others as different colours ~ but is there something like that but for numbers?? b/c i associate a lot of people with single digit numbers (1-9) it’s weird

Applications open for UK Trans Info advisory group

UK Trans Info is a national organisation focused on improving the lives of trans and non-binary people in the UK. To support our work we run a small advisory group made up of unpaid volunteers. The groups role is to advise on the work we are doing, review draft documents, highlight issues that we should be tackling, suggest work we should be doing, and enhance the knowledge base of the organisation. 

Currently the advisory group has 18 members, but we are looking to increase this to between 20 and 25 people. We are hoping to recruit at least one person from each of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We especially welcome applications from people of colour, older people, disabled people and other people who face multiple oppressions. 

The work of the Advisory Group primarily takes place in a secret facebook group which you would need to be able to join. The group membership list is confidential, but if selected you would be welcome to make your participation in the group public knowledge at your own discretion. As the Advisory Group are all volunteers we are able to share information with them that we cannot share outside of UK Trans Info, and therefore all discussions within the group are confidential. While Advisory Group members do not need to participate in all discussions, there is an expectation that members should be reasonably active in the group. As a rough guideline, this means catching up on posts in the group at least once a week most weeks, and commenting on at least 1 in 5 discussions. Participation in the public UK Trans Info facebook group is encouraged but not required. Occasionally a member of the advisory group might ask or be asked to take the lead on a project, however this is completely optional and is not part of the Advisory Group role. 

If you are interested in applying to join the advisory group, please email telling us a bit about who you are and why you’d be suitable for the group. We will be accepting applications up to and including 31st July 2015.

As long as people of colour have been free to form communities, white supremacy has existed to remind us where we stand. And as long as white supremacy has resulted in violence against our bodies, white culture has existed to downplay the problem, instruct us on how to deal with it peaceably, and deny it exists at all.

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how do you unlearn white beauty standards and basing your worth off of looks?

1) stop (uncritically) consuming white media or media that idealizes white beauty

2) stop actively engaging in hating yourself. don’t reblog/retweet/like/favourite self deprecating “funny” posts about how ugly you are. unfollow people who frequently post such things. 

3) look at more pictures of people of colour and realize how beautiful they are. allow yourself to feel awe at God’s (swt) creation. marvel at the beauty of your fellow humans. 

4) look at pictures of your specific people. find features they have that are similar to yours. learn to love them. 

5) stop trying to make yourself fit an image you never will. stop contouring your nose and face. stop looking at white girls for “fitspo”. 

6) start doing some type of sports or fitness activity. realize the uses of your body instead of focusing on its appearance. value your body for the things it helps you do (run, stand, walk, hug your friends, hold hands, kiss your mom, look at the sunset, ect.) rather than what it looks like. 

7) realize that everything you think is beautiful and ugly was taught to you. nothing is inherently beautiful OR ugly. it all just exists. we as humans assign it meaning and value. crooked teeth, acne, body hair, uneven skin, bumps, idek literally everything: it’s all naturally occurring. it all happens to people naturally. we are the ones who decide those things are ugly. stop thinking those things are ugly. 

8) stop engaging with and valuing the opinions of people who base their judgement and treatment of others based on appearance. why do you care about the respect or admiration of such shallow people? 

9) realize that when someone is going to evaluate your worth as a human they will look at your actions, your words, your treatment of others, how you impacted people’s lives. realize that your appearance makes no difference in those matters. 

i hope this helps. 

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Where are the black nudist at? Lol

I don’t know! It does seem like most of the nudists on Tumblr and in photos are white people. Would love to hear from mor people of colour who are nudists.

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People are seriously butthurt because Sakura joined Sasuke in his travels and they conceived a child during those travels. It must hurt to know Sasuke their fictional obsession actually had many times sex with Sakura in some cave or forest. As if it was not enough they married and end up having a child too. fufufufu <3

Lmao yes people are so butthurt, true colours everywhere.

So this was the episode “review” I got almost all the to the end of my editing when fucking Tumblr crashed.  *sobs*  

Episode 15 -  Celestial Navigation

Ohhh Mendoza mention in the previously on!  That means he’ll be in the episode right!?!

And he is!  

SAM He was arrested. 

 And he’s in jail!  WHAT?  This will not go over well.


It is!!!

C.J. Then what was he pulled over for?

SAM Driving while being…Hispanic.

Gods!  This is so sadly accurate.  And it still happens to people of colour every single day.

TOBY Believe me when I tell you this, C.J. I will figure out a way to blame this on you.

C.J. I have no doubt about that.

*snorts*  Wait!  Not funny!  DON’T YOU DARE BLAME ANYTHING ON C.J. EVEN IN JEST!

LEO C.J., Sam sees one reporter when he gets off that plane, I’m gonna blame you.

C.J. Toby’s got you covered there.

Grrr argh!



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Stonewall, an upcoming movie on the Stonewall Riots in New York, doesn’t have a single PoC as the lead.

I repeat… Stonewall, an upcoming movie on the Stonewall Riots in New York- a stance against police brutality, WHICH WAS LEAD BY TRANS WOMEN OF COLOUR- doesn’t have a single PoC as the lead.

Not to mention that Marsha P Johnson, THE trans woman who started it all, is a minor character who is being played by a cis man.

First the depoliticization of Pride, then the erasure of trans people, and now the white washing of queer history…amazing.


Police search for missing York student Amina Lawal

Police are searching for a York University student who went missing nearly a week ago.

Amina Lawal, 19, was last seen on Friday, March 20, 2015, in the Kingston Road and Beechgrove Drive area, according to police, who released a statement saying they are “concerned for her safety.”

Lawal is described as black, 5’2”, and approximately 100 pounds with a thin build and long, braided hair.

The hashtags #FindAmina and #HelpFindAmina have been used by many people who are trying to help locate Lawal.

Police are asking that anyone with information call them at 416-808-4300 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, or on Facebook.

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Stone Age Spaniard had blue eyes, dark skin

Blue eyes may have evolved before blond hair and pale skin, a genetic analysis of a 7,000-year-old Spanish skeleton suggests.

The Stone Age skeleton of a hunter-gatherer was found in 2006 in a cave at the La Braña-Arintero archaeological site in northwestern Spain. DNA from one of the skeleton’s teeth shows that the man, called La Braña 1, is genetically different from most present-day Europeans, Carles Lalueza-Fox of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona and colleagues report January 26 in Nature.

The hunter-gatherer was lactose intolerant and carried few copies of genes involved in breaking down starch. Those findings are further evidence that the ability to digest milk and starch probably evolved after the advent of agriculture.

La Braña 1’s eyes were blue (or at least not brown), but his hair and skin were dark, the researchers deciphered from the skeleton’s pigment genes. The finding indicates that light-colored skin wasn’t the norm everywhere in Europe by the Stone Age, and that eye color changed before skin pigmentation did.


I. Olalde et al. Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic EuropeanNature. Published online January 26, 2014. doi:10.1038/nature12960.

Further Reading:

B. Bower. Ancient farmers, foragers kept genes to themselves.Science News. Vol. 184, November 16, 2013, p. 13.

B. Bower. DNA tracks ancient Mediterranean farmers to Scandinavia. Science News Online, April 26, 2012.

T.H. Saey. Frozen mummy’s genetic blueprints unveiledScience News. Vol. 181, March 24, 2012, p. 5.

Ethnic Minority? No, Global Majority.


Editors note: We asked 10 writers for their opinion on the classifications and terminology used to describe people. We stressed there was no right or wrong answer. Here are the results:

There are a great deal of acronyms and labels used by society to address and refer to people who are not white. There are reasons to be hesitant to use all and any of these labels in particular instances.

‘Ethnic minority’ is a term usually used to mean “not white”, but there are also white ethnicities that it is applied to, such as traveller communities. This betrays the wilful ignorance of the media or other users in applying inaccurate blanket terms. The updated version, ‘minority ethnic,’ is also problematic. As a homogenous group, ‘minority ethnics’ are not a minority at all, they are the largest demographic in the world in terms of population. It possibly reflects the domination of the white media that these terms are used despite their logical failings.

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