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Thomas Roberts

Portrait of Tony Small

Ireland (1786)


[mod note] Although I have a lot of questions about the nuts and bolts of this story, and there should be quite a bit more about imbalances of power (when one person has the power to “offer” someone their freedom, that’s not a meeting of equals), I think the information here has a lot of value towards analyzing heteronormative assumptions about narratives like these.

Yes, there WERE some people of colour in early modern Ireland!

Warning - in the extract below there’s a lot of congratulatory patting on the back of a rich white man for not being a completely racist asshole. On the other hand, there’s also some homo-romantic subtext.

Donal Fallon writes:

One figure associated with Edward Fitzgerald I’ve been fascinated by for a while now is Tony Small, an escaped slave Fitzgerald encountered in the United States who he later employed as a personal assistant. Small became a frequent sight around Dublin in the 1780s and 1790s, in a city where coloured men were few and far between. Fitzgerald commissioned a portrait of Small in 1786 by the artist Thomas Roberts.

In her brilliant biography of Fitzgerald, Stella Tillyard noted that “If Lord Edward’s mother was his great love, his constant companion was Tony Small, the runaway slave who saved his life in North America in 1781″, and she went on to note that “Tony embodied and brought to life his master’s commitment to freedom and equality for all men.”

Small had witnessed the British and Americans at war firsthand in 1781, as when his owners had fled South Carolina with their possessions and slaves, Tony had escaped and stayed on. On the 8th September 1781, Tony wandered onto a battlefield, and as Tillyard has noted he stumbled across “the blood-soaked uniform of a British officer of the 19th Regiment of Foot. The man was alive but unconscious, overlooked by the search parties of both sides.” The man was Edward Fitzgerald, and when he next awoke he was in the small hut Tony Small knew as his home. Fitzgerald offered Small liberty, and a new life working as his servant, in return for wages. An incredible and unlikely friendship had been born.

Kevin Whelan discusses the friendship between the two in his entry on Lord Edward Fitzgerald for the Dictionary of Irish Biography, noting that “The best-documented Irish example of imaginative sympathy between a white and a black man is the subsequent relationship between Fitzgerald and Small. Until his death in 1798, in a sprawling career that took him across much of Europe, America, and Canada, Fitzgerald never subsequently parted from his ‘faithful Tony’.”

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I just saw the first page of a presentation about American Imperalism in the Middle East on tumblr and under the title it said "How white people fucked up my country" and that's where they lost me. If you are going to talk about American imperalism you can't just talk about white people when you have had a black president for 8 years and I somehow doubt that US army only send white people to the Middle East. If he had written how the US fucked up his country I would have been fine with it. 1/2

But why do people always pretend like it’s only white people in the US when they’re talking about American Imperalism or when they talk about imperalism from other Western countries. I just annoys me so much, escpecially because it’s not about white people vs people of colour (if you can really use that word when it comes to other countries), it’s about western countries vs non-western countries and pretending it’s just white people in the West helps no one. 2/2



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i hate the word poc because 1) it's racist 2) some black people of tumblr are obsessed with it and try to rule the world because poc=black even if there is a brown skinned character it will be drawn as blac. Sinecerly from a fillipino.

And it’s really no different from ‘coloured people’ which, unsurprisingly, has been used in a racist way. 

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I think Nate probably killed Wes. I can't see the writers making a white character kill Wes and get away with killing him. They already got a lot of backlash for killing of Wes with him being a main black character. If they make Frank or Connor kill Wes and get away with it people will scream racism. Unless the person who kills him gets what they deserve. What do y'all think?

First of all, I’d like to say I’m answering as a white person here. If any people of colour have other opinions on the issue or even feel triggered by any stuff I’ll say in the following, please let us know. I’m not in the place to tell what is racist and what is not (my white ass certainly has to listen to actual people of colour saying what’s racist), and I do not wanna trigger anyone here.

Now, to the actual question:

On the one hand, I feel like making the only remaining black man in the main cast the murderer would even be more racist and problematic? Because then we’d have the black male lead dead, and the remaining black male main cast member a murderer, and somehow that reeks of an anti-black sentiment, in my opinion.

On the other hand, I think that it actually doesn’t matter anymore because killing off Wes can already be seen as racist. Apart from the question if a white or a non-white fictional character killed him, you have to consider that it was a WHITE MAN (aka nowalk) who made the choice to kill off the fictional black male lead. We’re already beyond the question of racism, in my opinion, because this mess is already racist. Making the killer a black or a white fictional character doesn’t matter anymore because a real-life white man already decided that it would be a good idea to kill off the black male lead (and to fire a wonderful, black actor in the process). But again, I feel like making Nate the murderer would even be more problematic in terms of racism.

- Mischa


Projeto Identidade is a Brazilian project idealized by Noemia Oliveira and Orlando Caldeira. The project raises the question of the black representation in pop culture. (Part 2 here)

More about the Project on facebook and instagram


Desmond Cole and others are giving a much needed reality check on the hashtag #WhatyoudonotknowaboutCanada (which is largely filled with dismissive Canadian stereotypes aimed at US Voters wanting to flee to the ‘utopia’ that is apparently Canada).

It is a well-documented fact that by the age of 5 monolingual White children will have heard 30 million fewer words in languages other than English than bilingual children of color. In addition, they will have had a complete lack of exposure to the richness of non-standardized varieties of English that characterize the homes of many children of color. This language gap increases the longer these children are in school. The question is what causes this language gap and what can be done to address it?

The major cause of this language gap is the failure of monolingual White communities to successfully assimilate into the multilingual and multidialectal mainstream. The continued existence of White ethnic enclaves persists despite concerted efforts to integrate White communities into the multiracial mainstream since the 1960s. In these linguistically isolated enclaves it is possible to go for days without interacting with anybody who does not speak Standardized American English providing little incentive for their inhabitants to adapt to the multilingual and multidialectal nature of  US society.

This linguistic isolation has a detrimental effect on the cognitive development of monolingual White children. This is because linguistically isolated households lack the rich translanguaging practices that are found in bilingual households and the elaborate style-shifting that occurs in bidialectal households. This leaves monolingual White children without a strong metalinguistic basis for language learning. As a result, many of these monolingual White children lack the school-readiness skills needed for foreign language learning and graduate from school having mastered nothing but Standardized American English leaving them ill-equipped to engage in intercultural communication.


What if we talked about monolingual White children the way we talk about low-income children of color?

Excerpt from a satirical blog post from The Educational Linguist that makes a good point about which language skills we value as a society and the problems with talking about a “language gap”. [Edit: I’ve seen a lot of comments asking how this is satire so if you’re wondering this I’d strongly recommend clicking through to the full post.]


Black Women are Cosplaying Harley Quinn and Slaying!  With Suicide Squad heralded as one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters in film, it’s no wonder fans of the DC Comics-based series have taken things up a notch by cosplaying their favorite characters such as the canonically bisexual character of Harley Quinn

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Police search for missing York student Amina Lawal

Police are searching for a York University student who went missing nearly a week ago.

Amina Lawal, 19, was last seen on Friday, March 20, 2015, in the Kingston Road and Beechgrove Drive area, according to police, who released a statement saying they are “concerned for her safety.”

Lawal is described as black, 5’2”, and approximately 100 pounds with a thin build and long, braided hair.

The hashtags #FindAmina and #HelpFindAmina have been used by many people who are trying to help locate Lawal.

Police are asking that anyone with information call them at 416-808-4300 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, or on Facebook.

Additional photos via bellanaija

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: no but do u understand what Hamilton means to poc? people think it's just some fun quirky musical that decided to cast ethnic minorities as the old white founding fathers but do u kNOW what it mEANS to reclaim your country's history??? a country that was built on the broken backs of your people? a history that brutalised and slaughtered your people and tried to erase you from their narrative? do u know what it means to immigrants for their stories to be told? what it means for immigrant families who studied and worked and wrote their way out of hell? what it means to make people understand? this is not a story of the american revolution. the real revolution is people of colour putting themselves back in the narrative.