people of color matter


Projeto Identidade is a Brazilian project idealized by Noemia Oliveira and Orlando Caldeira. The project raises the question of the black representation in pop culture. (Part 2 here)

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What would movies look like if they were shown in color?

Most of Hollywood is white, white actors, white characters. And people of color are almost only cast in movies when the roll is stereotypical to that race. What this video is saying, is that people of color can act and perform just as well as white people can, and that there’s no reason for a person to be denied a position, solely because of their skin color.

The industry almost completely cuts out people of color and all roles are given to white people.

Seen today at my university. University at Buffalo. Circa 2015. This is for anybody who thought that racism is over and done with. This is for anybody that thought that if we stopped talking about racism, it would disappear. This is for anybody that thought that people of color had nothing to worry about. This is for anybody that believes that when I scream BLACK LIVES MATTER, they should scream back ALL LIVES MATTER. This is for anybody that thought Buffalo, New York was safe. I’m here to tell you that I am never safe. I’m here to say that we are never safe. I’m here to say that if you have a problem with me being here for my brothers and sisters of color, then DELETE ME AS A FRIEND. If you are white, please know that I’m not denying your friendship or denying that your lives matter, but remember that I’m not here for you if you aren’t here for me. Remember that my people die every day because of signs like this and mindsets like this. STAY WOKE.