people of california

I really hate it when it’s finally fall and all the pumpkin spice flavored stuff comes out and so many people around me are like “ugh, it’s too cold” or “ugh, I want it to be warm so I can wear cute clothes” or “ugh, not everything has to be pumpkin spice”. Like just shut up. You got your season now I’m getting mine. I have to patiently wait for it not be scorching hot (from like March to late October), and for it to get cooler to wear cute clothes (because I like to be covered up like all the time), and I have to wait for my damn pumpkin spice latte while all y'all are having your fun time. So now it’s your turn to wait and be patient, and let me just have my fun. Stop “ugh-ing” and let us enjoy our pumpkin spice everything.

IMPORTANT for Northern CA friends:

Sonoma County is home to many undocumented and similarly vulnerable people.

Some are too scared to get help during these fires for fear of being deported. For people who can get there safely, Elsie Allen High in Santa Rosa is offering a sanctuary for people to safely go during this time.

Everyone is suffering and we must be there for the most vulnerable people in our communities.