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“I want to enjoy competitions this season so I can show everyone my healthy form “

Interview with Satoko Miyahara from Figure Skating Team Japan Memorial 2017 that took place around THE ICE: Nagoya back in August. Thanks to @yanablumka for the scans! Please do not use/repost my translations without my permission.

ーYou devoted yourself to rehabilitation in the second half of last season, but what kind of mental state do you have now?

S: My condition is gradually coming back, so I’m looking forward to next season, but I also feel that “I have to properly do my jumps.” I had my body rest for a somewhat long time so I’ll have a late start, but my feelings of wanting to do everything I’m capable of at every competition hasn’t changed from a regular seasons, so I want to do my best.

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Birth control can help prevent knee injuries, according to study

Researchers analyzed a decade of prescription and insurance information of 23,428 women to find out if there was a correlation between needing reconstructive surgery on their ACL and taking birth control. The people who had undergone ACL surgery were 18% less likely to be on the pill. Here’s how birth control helps.

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