people need to sit the f*** down

ACCC16 ft. Jon Bernthal, Charlie Cox & Elden Henson

(talking about graveyard scene between Daredevil & Punisher in which people thought Matt was crying)

Charlie: Then I remembered at the beginning of the scene, I had to carry this motherf*cka- *points to Jon*

Jon: DUDE I THOUGHT YOU WERE CRYING! I saw the tear and I was like this f*cking guy is crying under a mask! He don’t even need to do that sh*t!

Charlie: I carry him up the hill four or five times in a row, and then I had to sit there, listening to his speech and the sweat is pouring down my face! And just from sheer luck-one-one of these droplets of sweat comes down the center of my eye! And then it appears from under the mask, and I look like I’m crying!

Jon: *continuously laughs*

Charlie: If they ever put me in for an award, I hope they use that! Cause it’s sweat!

Control Training - Liam Dunbar and Scott McCall

Originally posted by spraystills

Request: Imagine request: you recently got bitten by Scott. And your training to use your wolf abilities to there extent. Since Liam and you are dating he’s there for moral support. You need to learn how to control your anger but scot hits you and you get really mad and start to wolf out on him and try to attack him cause you anger gets the best of you. Liam and Scott calm you down.

Summary: (Y/N) has just recently been bitten and Scott is training her how to control her power. Of course, (Y/N)’s boyfriend Liam has to come for moral support which is much needed.

“How are you feeling? What are you thinking about?” Scott asked me as he stood opposite me with a bag full of lacrosse balls. It was after school hours and no one was here but us. We told coach that Scott was going to train Liam some new Lacrosse tricks but actually, he was training me how not to kill people.

“Good. Just wondering if when they wrote the 3 little pigs or red riding hood they actually knew about werewolves and like… were hunters or something… or just tryna make us look bad or something…”

“Okay… Well, you need to focus. We need to see how good you are at maintaining calm. You have to keep your heart rate down or else you’ll turn, and we can’t have that happening in public.” I nod and look over to Liam who’s sitting on the benches. Suddenly, I’m hit in the face with a ball. 

“Um, what the f-”

“Stay calm.”

“How can I when you’re throwing balls at me?”

“This is how Stiles trained me. Pretty much right where we’re standing too.”

“Okay but I’m not yo-” Scott threw another ball at me and I heard Liam chuckle when I glared at Scott.

“(Y/N), they put me in handcuffs. Trust me, this is better. For both of us. I don’t really like the idea of Scott putting you in handcuffs.” Liam interjected trying to make light of the situation. 

“Okay, okay. If this is how I have to learn then go for i-” Scott threw another ball.

“You could’ve let me finish what I was say-” And another. I breathed in deeply as he kept throwing balls. I tried to compose myself and stay calm but when I heard his voice ask me a question I snapped. I felt my claws come out and I growled lowly, showing my teeth. The others paused and when I started running at Scott he quickly changed form too. 

“(Y/N), calm down!” He shouted over the vicious fight. I could feel something inside my chest get hotter and hotter. It was like some internal fury that I was now externalising onto Scott. I could feel his skin under my claws every now and then when I swiped at him and the smell blood intensified. 

“(Y/N).” I hear Liam’s voice and I froze. 

“(Y/N), please stop. Control yourself.” I feel his hands grab onto my arms. I had forgotten that he was even there. In fact I had forgotten I was even there. It felt so surreal; like it wasn’t even me that was hurting Scott. I froze and started taking in big breaths, realising what had happened, what I had done.

“Oh my god.” I whisper as my body changes back to normal. I see blood coming from Scott’s cheek and shirt. “I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me.” 

“I’ll heal. And don’t worry, we all tried to kill someone our first transformation.” I looked over at Liam who laughed and nodded, looking at Scott and then back to me. It wasn’t until then that I realised that I had hurt Liam. A gush of blood was seeping from his shoulder. I jump up and grab ahold of him arm seeing how deep it was. 

“Don’t stress. Like Scott said, I’ll heal.” 

“Okay, I think that’s enough training for one night. I’ll see you two back here tomorrow.” Scott said as he picked up his bag and smiled at the two of us. 

“Yeah, see you then.” Liam said for me as I was still in a small state of shock. “Come on, lets go wash this blood off.” Liam says as we begin walking to my car. 

“A warm shower sounds nice.”

“Yeah it does.”

“By myself.”


“You heard me Dunbar, theres been enough excitement for one night.” I giggled.

Hey! Sorry this took a lot longer than I expected. I have no excuse, I just bought a Nintendo Switch and got extremely side tracked! I haven’t even done 1% of my holiday homework ahaha. Anyway, hope you liked it! xx

The Man You Were Meant To Hate

-Here you go anon, I found it a bit hard to put fluff into a mafia request but if you just hold on until the end I’ve tried my best!

-Requests are open!

The school grounds were packed with students eating and cramming down on last minute study sessions. Something about the air around you felt weird and you looked around to see if anything was out of place. Everything was normal. The bell was ringing to signal lunch was over and you linked your arm through your best friends.

“We’ll be dead if we’re late for this class!” She stressed. She was a teacher’s pet. She dragged you along with her as she rushed back into the school building. The bell came to stop and everyone seemed to look to the closest PA to them as your principles voice rang through the speakers.

“This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Students are to make their way to their classrooms immediately, leave your things behind and return to the safety of your classroom immediately. The school is going into lockdown. Do not leave the classroom until it has been deemed as safe to do so” The hustle and bustle of the halls grew stronger, this wasn’t the first time your school was going into lockdown, but that didn’t mean people weren’t scared for the value of their lives.

“Come on Y/FN!” You exclaimed and dragged her shaking body through the crowd, determined not to leave your friend behind. When you got to your class the door was already locked and Y/F/N began to panic as you shook the door handle and screams echoed from inside the classroom.

“Y/N! Y/F/N!” A familiar voice exclaimed and you turned around. Your cousin waved the two of you over to his classroom and you rushed over with Y/F/N. He slammed the door behind you and locked it as the teachers voiced boomed over the panicked students.

“What are you doing in here? Get to your classroom Y/N!”

“Our teacher already locked the door, sir! They won’t let us in” You argued as Y/F/N shook beside you and the teacher sighed.

“Everyone stay as low as possible, we don’t know what sort of weapons these people have!” He exclaimed and several students who were still standing dropped to the ground.

“What’s happened? Who’s here?” You asked sitting against the wall wedged between Y/F/N and your cousin.

“Some mafia has raided the school, they’re over in the North wing of the school but there’s no doubt they’ll come this way. They’re looking for someone but no one knows who” Your cousin explained hurriedly as he pulled on your arm and the three of you sank lower until you were laying on the floor, merging with the rest of the shaking students.

“You need to calm down” You heard the teacher speaking, you looked over to see him cradling a shivering student in his arms, hiding under the desk as best as he could with the student who was holding in their terrified screams.


“Y/N please come to the front office. Y/N please come to the front office immediately” Your principles voice was stern through the speakers and your body stiffened as you realised it was you being called out.

“No Y/N!” Y/F/N exclaimed, already close to tears as her quivering arms clung to you who sat up.

“Don’t go Y/N”

“No, I think I know what this is about now” You answered, looking down at your cousin, his eyes widened as he understood you and he let go of the grip he had on your other arm.

“Let her go” The teacher demanded, he was hesitant in his words as his own shaking eyes tried to will Y/F/N to let go of you.

“I’m not letting my best friend walk to her own death!” Y/FN screamed making the other students in the class mimic her.

“She won’t die Y/F/N” Your cousin whispered as he tried to get her off you. You finally stood up and she tried to claw at your ankles as you stepped over the other frightened students, each of them meeting your own eyes with their terrified ones as if they were taking one last good look at you before you died.

A resounding click echoed through the silent classroom, everyone stared at you. Your eyes met your cousins and Y/F/N’s as you gave a single nod of your head and opened the door. The students screamed as the strong shake of another door and other students screaming pierced their ears. You quickly shut the door behind you and leant on it, hearing it click locked behind you again.

“Jung Daehyun” You let the name slip your lips, he stopped hitting the door to your original classroom with his gun and let go of the handle. His sharp eyes turned to meet yours and you had grown out of wanting to falter at their menacing glare.

“Start walking” His gun pointed down the hall and you turned emotionlessly, walking ahead of him with your head held high.

Your father had been a bit of a troublesome man, mixing with the wrong people and making deals he couldn’t keep his end of. Your own mother had died because of the dept your father had put your family into. Jung Daehyun, he was an underling, one of the strongest members of the mafia your father owed his life to.

You opened the door to the office and Daehyun followed you in, closing it behind you as you scanned the room. Six familiar men and a few unfamiliar ones were surrounding your principle who sat at his desk tensely. Most importantly, he was here, the one your father owed everything to, the mafia boss was standing behind your principle with a hand on his shoulder mockingly taunting him in his fear.

A grimace found its way to your face as you made eye contact with him and your heart sped up. You were meant to hate the older man, he was meant to be cruel and ruthless, he hated your father, but he couldn’t keep his hands off you.

You wouldn’t let yourself fall in love with the man who was meant to lead you to your death.

“What are you doing here?” You demanded it must have been important if Bang Yongguk was here in person if he simply wanted you, Daehyun would have come to get you alone.

“You’re coming with us, princess”

“You can’t take my student” Your principle spoke up as Yongguk came to stand in front of you.

“I don’t believe you can stop me from doing so, sir” He smirked as he looked down at you. His heart clenching in joy as you were finally with him. He took your hand in his and pulled you towards the door as the principle began to yell.

“I’m calling the police!” The door was slammed in his face as everyone evacuated the office.

“You can’t make me go!” You exclaimed, the other men slammed the walls with their weapons and yelled as loud as they could, sending fright through the other people in hiding.

“I certainly can princess” Yongguk chuckled, his pet name coming out for you as his arm scooped around your waist and under the back of your knees. You were in his arms before you could even blink and you let out a shout as you slapped his chest.


“He’s not going to come and get me Daehyun” You answered, he sat on a chair in front of you, using the back of the chair as a place to rest his folded arms as he stared back at you. There wasn’t much in the room, a small simple table and two chairs, you sitting in one and Daehyun sitting across you in the other. A few dishes with food on them sat in front of you, your arms were crossed as Daehyun leant over the back of the chair he sat backwards in and grabbed a piece of the chicken you were barely touching.

“I know” He shrugged and you blinked at him.

“Then why am I here?” You asked and he continued to shrug again.

“Yongguk has threatened your father, but he also wants you to stay here”

“What?” You choked and instantly regretted taking a mouthful of water.

“I don’t know, he’s fascinated with you for some reason and wants the rest of us to get along with you. It’s weird for a guy his age to like a kid like you. But I guess you’re not too bad” He gave you a small smile and your eyes widened.

“I’m eighteen” You muttered.

“And he’s twenty-five”

“Oh,” You huffed and looked down at the table.

“He’s back” Youngjae came into the room and Daehyun looked at him before glancing back at you.

“Come on” His head flicked towards the door and you blinked at him as you stood up with him.

“You’re not going to treat me like a real hostage this time?” You referred to the previous time you were kidnapped by the mafia.

“I would rather live a little longer than have Yongguk kill me” Daehyun smiled sarcastically and left the room.

“Princess!” His deep voice exclaimed as the front door slammed shut. You stood stiffly as you were engulfed by him. Yongguk squeezed your body tightly and swayed side to side. When he pulled away you looked up at him with wide eyes, fighting your hammering heart as your cheeks turned red.

“Oh god get a room!” Zelo scoffed from the sofa and you backed away in embarrassment.

“Don’t forget you’re living in my house Zelo Yongguk pointed a finger at him and Zelo put his hands up in mock surrender. You looked at Yongguk’s outfit, clad in a black suit with a white button-up shirt underneath the jacket, he clearly had some business to attend to. A grin found its way to his lips as he caught you looking at him.

“Like what you’re seeing?” His arm slung over your shoulders and Zelo groaned again as he walked down the hall with you under his arm. You watched your feet as you walked with him and he opened a set of large double doors.

Surprise had you looking up and gasping as you saw what was behind the door, you would have been gaping at the entire house if you took notice of its rich attire. The bedroom was the size of your lounge room and kitchen put together, another door was on the others side of the room and a large king bed was placed in the middle of the room against the wall. It looked as if millions of dollars went into this one room.

“What am I doing here?” You asked when his chuckle brought you back to reality and you watched as Yongguk took off his suit jacket and turned to your with a gummy smile.

“Am I not allowed to have you here? You know I like your company” He answered you and you blinked as he walked towards you.

“I got you something while I was out today” He pulled you over to his bed and you found yourself sitting down with a flushed face as he turned away again.

“A stuffed bear?” You asked and Yongguk beamed at you

“Look how big it is! It’s almost as cuddly as me!” Yongguk rushed over and put the big teddy on your lap, an ‘oof’ escaped your lips as you fell backwards, it was practically the same size as you.

“This is really sweet Yongguk, but I don’t think I can accept any of this treatment” You sighed after managing to get the bear off you.

“And why not?” He asked as he sat next to you, you sat up and Yongguk blinked at you innocently. This wasn’t the big scary mafia boss you were meant to be hating.

“Because Yongguk, I may hate my father but some of your men killed my mother and our family is in debt to you for an eternity. You’re the leader of a mafia and I’m a school kid, with everything that’s happened between you and my family, I should hate you” You rushed out and Yongguk smiled at you.

“But you don’t. And I never brought you into any of your father’s mess did I? I know your mothers dead, it was never meant to happen and trust me, the men that did that are dead now”

“That doesn’t change the fact that my mum is dead” You muttered and looked away from him as Yongguk sighed.

“I know and I’m sorry” He carefully put his arms around you and you let out a shaky breath when he pulled you into his embrace.

“I would never hurt you princess” He reassured and you nodded.

“I know you won’t” You replied and he smiled as you allowed him to hug you.

“This may be too soon Y/N, but I really like you”

“I like you too Yongguk” You looked up at him through your long lashes and a chuckle wracked through him as brought his face down to nuzzle his nose against yours.

anonymous asked:

why do you think asexuals don't belong in lgbtq+??? there are aphobics out there, there are people who don't believe that i'm asexual when i tell them so, there are people calling asexuals p*dophiles in disguise and such. i'm fairly fucking sure that counts as getting put down ? ? ?

A.) Asexuals do not suffer under homophobia or transphobia which are what the LGBTPN community was formed to combat so thats the easy answer to why they don’t belong.
B.) “Aphobia” does not have the institutional or cultural history that creates a coherent form of oppression. “Aphobes” are usually either LGBTPN ppl who are vocal about not wanting cishets in their spaces or ppl just being rude neither of which constitutes oppression.
C.) If you want to come to me a fucking gay person and complain that some rando said ace ppl are pedophiles in disguise without context or source and expect me to cry for you then you need to wake tf up. LGBTPN ppl have been stereotyped as pedophilic and predatory for years to the point of us losing our jobs and children. Actual legal institutions have ruled on the side of these stereotypes so don’t act like some random asshole on the internet is the same thing as this.
D.) People not knowing what asexuality is or not believing you’re ace is literally just ppl being mean. Sometimes it falls under an axis of oppression like misogyny, ableism, etc. Other times it’s literally just a case of someone being a dick.

You actually need to sit down and realize that people being rude isn’t automatically oppression. Some things in life can make you more vulnerable to certain taunts without it being fucking oppression. I grew up with red hair lmao, but I’m not going to sit around all day sending ppl irritating guilt trip messages about how I’m so oppressed over kick a ginger day and being called soulless. Y'all exhaust me.

Sleep With Me [Part 2]

This Imagine is Smut

Request: I lost it lol (◕✿) I’ve gotten a few requests to do a smut (which I don’t do) but last night I gave in and bippity boppity boo here you go, this is me giving into peer pressure and this is my one-way ticket into Hell, I can feel God judging me for writing this filth, this verbal porn, this indecency, this smut! I’ve turned a character from a children’s book into a work of sexual desires for you lot, I hope you’re happy! I’m probably putting you off, enjoy (✿◕)

P.S. It’s now morning and I have too many morals to re-read this because I don’t want to cringe at the fact that I wrote this, so pls don’t mind the spelling errors

You were staying at the Burrow for the Christmas break, and with you, you had brought some of the most high-tech devices of technology known to Muggle, including your laptop and your phone, which the Weasley family was beyond fascinated by,

“So you can talk to people as if they were in the same room as you on this Hi-phone?” Arthur had asked you, “and you can take it with you anywhere?

As you were getting into the nitty-gritty of the concept of a touch-screen, dinner was ready, so that meant it was the end of the technology lesson, so you went upstairs to put away your devices. While you obviously had the world’s biggest crush on Fred, the two of you weren’t an item. You were best friends with the Weasley twins as well as the rest of the family. Now that Molly had agreed to let you stay in the same room as Fred and George, you threw your phone and laptop onto his bed carelessly before rushing downstairs for dinner.

Once dinner had finished, Fred and George were on cleaning duty, meaning that of course you had to offer to help. After all, they were the reason you were here in the first place.

“Blimey, it’s freezing in here!” George exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around himself.

Fred shivered, “I’m going to go up and grab a jumper or something, this weather is ruddy ridiculous I tell you, no condition to be cleaning in!” And with that he ran upstairs to his, George’s and your room.

As he walked into the dark room, he saw nothing but a lit-up square sitting on his bed, walking up to it realising that it was your phone that you had mistakenly left unlocked, and being the mischievous devil he was, he decided to have a snoop around, seeing if there was anything funny to use against you on the device.

While going through funny photos and these little square things called ‘Apps’, he tapped a blue button. He remembered you explaining that this was called the “internet”, so he decided to have a better look.

While going through all the different opened tabs, he came across one that was different from the rest…

He opened it to see a website called PornHub. The video looked to be of a woman in a number of compromising positions while a man did different things to her. As soon as he pressed the triangle button, the phone started making moaning sounds, and that’s when it clicked what Y/n had been watching.

Fred managed to somehow go through all her history on the website, finding all the different videos she had watched, turning him on a little, now knowing what she was into.

— Your POV —

“Fred have you died from hyperthermia up here?” You exclaimed jokingly as you walked up the stairs to your bedroom. As you walk in the doorway, you see Fred sitting on the bed with your phone in his hand, illuminating his face.

“Whatcha looking at, Freddie?” You say as you sit beside him on the bed. Your eyes widened as you see the video that had just finished playing.

“O-oh my god… Fred, that’s not… I didn’t—“ you look up at him, with fear in your eyes and your cheeks already bright red with embarrassment.

“Is this what you’re into, is it?” Fred asks in a flirty tone, looking back down at the phone,

“Fred, I really don’t want to talk about it, this is embarrassing enough as it is, can you just give me back my—“ You lean forward reaching for the phone, but as you do so, Fred met his lips with yours, his hand quick to hold the back of your head, pulling you towards him.

After kissing for a few moments, Fred dropped the phone onto the bed and wrapped his arm around your waist, pushing you onto your back so he was now on top of you. His tongue found its way into your mouth and the two of you were heavily making out on his bed. He sucked the bottom of your lip, his teeth brushing over it softly causing you to moan unexpectedly.

His hands roamed all over her body, slipping under your dress and rubbing your bare skin, making you gasp and moan again.

“You don’t need to watch videos of other people doing things when we can do them right here,” Fred whispered seductively in your ear,

“F-Fred, what are you saying?” you ask, panting for breath from your heavy make-out session with Fred Weasley,

“I think you know what I’m saying, Y/n,” he says in a raspy tone, ducking his head down to suck on the sweet spot of your neck, causing you to moan,

“Unless of course, you don’t want to,” he said as he sat up straight, looking out the window, him still sitting on your lap with his legs straddling either side of you.

Before making any moves, you washed him, his hand rubbing the back of his head, deliberately flexing in front of you. You sat up and before he realised what was happening, you were kissing him even more fiercely than before, and pulling him by his collar back down on top of you.

The two of you picked up where you left off, both of your actions getting more and more heated as you went on. Fred’s hands slipped back under your dress, his hands running to your back to unclasp your bra. As he did so, your dress had ridden up with his arms, and he pushed both your dress and bra over your head, to reveal your almost completely naked body.

“Wow…” he said, rubbing a shaky hand through his hair, “I just… Wow…”

He sat on top of you, his eyes wondering all over your bare skin, your arms above your head to give his eyes full access to your body,

“Your turn, Weasley,” you say, sitting up to pull on his shirt.

As soon as you did, he pulled the shirt up over his head, revealing his bare chest, and within a heartbeat he was back on top of you, your skin pressed together.

“A common theme I saw in those videos…” Fred started, causing you to breathe a little heavier,

“Was that you liked something a little like this…” he said as he slowly slid down your body, his head now in-between your legs, still looking you dead in the eyes.

His hand began massaging through your now soaking wet panties, causing your legs to tense. You gasp at the sudden contact, making Fred look back up at you, smiling at you knowing what he’s dong to you.

You look back at him, your mouth agape and your eyes begging for more. He winks at you seductively, before pushing your wet panties to the side and making contact with your skin.

You let out yet another moan, your eyes fluttering shut as he rubs you. Still looking at you enjoying yourself, he slides in two finders, causing you to groan out his name. He moves his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, causing you to breathe loudly, making small whimpering noises.

Knowing that you were close, he ducks his head down, so that his mouth were now doing the work, causing you to throw your head back in ecstasy, moaning loudly as you do so,

“Shhh!” Fred warns from between your legs. All you could see of him was his hair sticking to his head from his sweat, and his eyes looking at you with that look of mischief, before he goes back down.

You try to stay as quiet as possible, but when he sucks on your clit, it’s too much for you, and you yell out again, your head thrown back once more.

Fred comes back up in an instant, his body now hovering over yours, his hand clasped over your mouth, both of you panting,

“Y/n, if you can’t be quiet,” he says, smiling down at you, “we’ll just have to do something else”.

He kneels above you, undoing the flyer of his pants, taking his sweet time doing so. You sit up on your knees, undoing his pans and sliding them down with his boxers, his hard erection bouncing out as you do so.

Knowing that he was intending to fuck you, you shake your head, with a smile and biting your lip,

“Uh-uh, Freddie,” you say, the confusion clear on his face, “My turn”.

You sit on your legs and take him in your mouth, causing a breathless “oh my god” to come from Fred.

You suck on him, your head bobbing back and forth, causing his breaths to come shakier and shakier with every mouthful you take of him. His hand entangles itself into your hair, his fingers shaky as they play with your hair. You knew the effect you were having on him, with him now letting out low moans, saying your name breathlessly.

You suck on the tip, your teeth grazing against it slightly, causing his hand in your hair to tighten, with a loud groan emitting from Fred.

You sat back up, “Now now, Freddie,” you start, your hands wrapping around his neck, “If you can’t be quiet, we’ll just have to do something else,” you say with a seductive smile.

His lips crash onto yours as he pushes you back down onto the bed, him once again on top of you, his hands roaming all over your body, before finally resting on your hips.

He looks up at you, one of your hands on his back and one behind his neck, playing with his hair,

“You sure?” he asks with a smile. You nod with an equally excited smile, and before you know it, he’s entered you.

The two of you let out a gasp, as he enters you fully. He looks down at you with a smile and kisses you passionately, as he begins to slowly pump in and out of you,

The two of you part as he begins to speed up, your foreheads pressed together as you both pant in sync, small noises emitting from both of your lips.

Your eyes would flutter shut every now and then from how good the feeling was, and as soon as you open them again to look at Fred, he would meet your eyes and kiss you, still pumping in and out of you.

After a while, you began to grind against him, your hips moving up and down to take in even more of him and to speed the motion up. Fred let out another deep and raspy moan, breathlessly saying your name as he quickened his pace.

“Fred… I’m gonna—“

“Me too, Y/n” he says, his voice becoming weak and breathless.

As the two of you were reaching your climaxes, you said each other’s names in desperation. Fred let out small whimpers, “Y/n… Y/n…” and before too long, he came inside of you, both of you gasping at the same time, you legs and his arms tightening around each other.

Once he had finished, he collapsed on top of you, his skin wet and hot with sweat, his heart racing a million miles an hour. You could hear each intake of breath from Fred, as he lay on top of you, his arms still wrapped around you, holding you tighter to him.

Once the two of you had caught your breath, he propped himself up on his elbows, still hovering over you. One of his hands made its way to your chin and delicately tilted your head up so that your lips met him, and he left a soft, romantic kiss on your lips.

As the two of you parted, the two of you smiled at one another, both letting out a small, breathless laugh,

“God, Y/n, I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” he admits, rolling off you so that he was low lying next to you, still propped up on one arm to look at you.

You rolled onto your ride so that you were facing him. His free hand ran its way from you cheek down you body, feeling every curve you had until it rested on your thigh,

“Do you think we should go back down?” you ask, not wanting to move,

“Just a bit longer,” Fred says quietly, as he scoots closer to you and pulls you closer to his chest, pulling the blankets over the two of you and wrapping both his arms around you tightly. Even though you were completely butt-naked in bed with the guy you’ve been in love with for two years, you had never felt safer.

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The Love Of Your Life

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 745


Request: Requested by anonymous: a John X reader where he cheats on the reader with their best friend and the reader walks in on them and it’s just very angsty (btw ik this will bite me in the ass but no happy ending pls thank u)

F/N: Friend’s name

You thought of all the things you planned for tonight with John. After work you made a run to the store to pick up wine and a cake for a surprise dinner with John. You never saw him anymore, and you were going to make up for it.

The door unlocked with a quiet click. You pushed the door open, glancing suspiciously at the pair of heels that stood by the door of the apartment. When you looked up, you saw a coat draped carelessly on a chair.

This isn’t what it looks like.

Muffled voices from the bedroom confirmed your fear. As you crept up to the door, you noticed a dress thrown down the hall. It looked so familiar to you, and then everything clicked.

The heels.

The coat.

The dress.

They were F/N’s.

As you stared blankly at the dress that sat on the ground, you almost didn’t notice the door open.

“Y-Y/N?” John’s voice made your head turn. Your expression didn’t change as you moved your gaze to find F/N.

John ran a nervous hand through his hair, taking a step towards you.

For fear of breaking down, you didn’t say a word. You spun around before John could reach you. As you walked down the hall, grabbing your purse as you exited, you heard John’s footsteps following you.

Suddenly you broke out into a run, sprinting into the elevator and mashing the Close Door button.

The last sight you saw as the doors closed was John standing in front of the doors, helpless.

Of all people, he chose F/N? My best friend?

I trusted her!

I trusted him.

You sighed deeply as you gripped the steering wheel, tears stinging your eyes. Whenever the tears would blur you’re vision you would wipe them away.

You couldn’t cry.

You were stronger than this.

Knock knock knock

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Angelica answered the door, confused.

“I- I need to talk.” Your voice was hoarse, despite how quiet you’d been.

“Oh my god what happened. Sit down, tell me everything.” She ushered you onto the couch, keeping a hand resting on your knee.

“John and F/N-” Angelica’s eyes widened as you stopped to take a deep breath.


“He cheated on me.” You finished quietly. Your voice was barely above a whisper.

Without another word, Angelica stormed from her house.

“Angie- what-” You started to run after her, but she stopped you.

“I’m gonna go kick his ass.”

Almost an hour later, Angelica entered once more. She had a triumphant look in her eye that concerned you.

“What h-”

“When I got there, F/N was gone. John was literally crying-” You couldn’t help but let the guilt build in your chest at that. “-and when I told him off, he was shocked into silence!”

“Jesus, I feel bad..” You muttered, idly glancing at your phone. When you opened your messages, you noticed a text from F/N that you didn’t see from a few hours ago.

When will you be home? I’m at your house and there’s nothing to do!

Oh, she found something to do alright.

All the guilt that built up was replaced by anger as you turned off your phone.

A knock on the door surprised you out of your daze. You thought about who it could be on your way to the door as Angelica sat on the couch with a book.

It could’ve been Peggy, she left a few things here that Angelica put on the table.

Or it could be Eliza, she always liked visiting Angelica.

It might even be-

“Y/N, listen-”


“I don’t need to.” You spat, slamming the door in his face.

You would never forget the hurt look you left him with.

This time you couldn’t stop the tears. They flowed freely down your face as you fled to the room Angelica was sat.

“Oh god. It’s ok.” She jumped up, pulling you down to the couch.

The sky grew darker as you laid next to Angelica, sobbing quietly.

You’d just lost the love of your life.

No Buts

Steve x Bucky x daughter reader

Inspired by a conversation with @ursulaismymiddlename, @always-a-marvel-addict, and @sulasaferoom

Warning: Daddy steve and daddy bucky fluff., cursing(not in front of the young reader)
Author’s note: This is a real song that would have been around when Steve was little. I also changed one little piece of the prompt to make it work.

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anyway to clarify before bed, interracial relationships are good, relationships with trans people are good, but posts positing heterosexuality as the principal, singularly important medium with which they should be represented are not radical and calls to action for “more heterosexuality” to fix issues of racism and transphobia do not make sense. no one is forgetting about heterosexuality. everything is hetero. that’s not the part of these relationships that matters, posts trying to dress it up and say “m/f is still important and we need more of it” are distracting from the actually important aspects, such as being interracial in nature or having trans participants. when it comes down to it, i’m gonna prioritize m/m and f/f relationships and making them inclusive. sitting here and twisting my words to mean that i don’t care about straight poc is particularly disingenuous and you know it. trying to guilt lgbt people into being concerned about heterosexuality, as if that’s something they’re not socially conditioned to do their entire lives, and acting like heterosexuality needs defenders from lgbt people on the basis of these other axes is really manipulative. you don’t need to be invested in straightness as a concept in order to care about people who are hurt for other reasons

Untruths about each Letter (MBTI)

Extroverts: Don’t enjoy spending time alone. ENFP’s are a great example of this. They really need that time to be alone. We just go away from this alone time feeling very ready to see people. 

Introverts: Dislike spending time with people. Not at all! They enjoy going out just as much as extroverts do (if the circumstances are right) they just get tired quicker.

Sensing: Are Dumb. Or incapable of understanding and discussing theoretical concepts in depth. This is not true! Its just not our natural inclination. But we can and do enjoy and partake in those conversations when people are having them. We are just unlikely to start one.

iNtuitive: Always interested in Psychology and are bookworms. Some iNtuitives hate that stuff. Or are just not super interested.

Feeling: Incapable of logical decisions. Logic does matter! Its important and defiantly needed. But if it comes down to it what’s morally right or what “feels” right will win out.

Thinking: Incapable of feeling. T’s can feel things deeply, just as deeply as an F. They are not heartless. But if making a decision logic will win out over feelings.

Judging: Always judge people. Nope. Judging is more about needing closure. Finishing things, being organised, having a deep care for things such as school. They can be more likely to judge you but not necessarily in a negative way. And its not set in stone. They are often open to letting you change that first judgement.  

Perceiving: Are all dopey. They are spontaneous, fun, and a little bit crazy. But that doesn’t mean they are all airy fairy and cannot sit down and have an intelligent, serious conversation. 

reytheblakes  asked:

“i’m knocking on your door 3am in the morning but you’re not my friend. but i need a beer and possibly a hug because my gf broke up with me” au.

Here you go *-* It’s a little bit longer than I expected, but that happens sometimes. 

Tagging: @marauders-groupie @bellamyblake @cupcakeblake

The first time Bellamy meets Clarke Griffin he is just about to end the worst Friday of the entire month, because as if finals weren’t already kicking his ass (a fact revealed by the multiple empty coffee cups and crumbled notes covering the table by his couch), he was forced to work four hours longer at the library since his douchebag of a co-worker called in sick last minute so that he had no choice but to take the guy’s shift - something that he would have done without a thought if he wasn’t already stressed to the point where he smoked more cigarettes in a day than he usually did in a week.

Yawning around his toothbrush, Bellamy silently thanks the universe for actually allowing him to go to bed on a night that he doubted would have an end. However, just as he is about the thread across the hallway to his small bedroom, a knock on the door stills him. Muttering more than a few curses, he changes direction and opens the front door to find out who the hell has the nerve to disturb him when it’s way past midnight.

Honestly, Bellamy didn’t really know exactly who he had expected to see - perhaps a shitty, wasted neighbor - but one thing was certain, the last person he would’ve expected was her: a five foot-something girl in a worn Arctic Monkeys t-shirt and unbrushed hair. Even despite the darkness surrounding his doorstep, Bellamy could tell that she’d recently been crying, her ocean blue eyes red from the irritation of tears. “Hello,” she started, voice hoarse, “I- I was… Oh fuck it. Never mind. I’m- I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

Only then can he completely stop himself from gaping to hold her back: “No, wait…” As she looks at him over her shoulder, a strand of her hair sticks to her face, and he tries to find the right words even though there shouldn’t be many alternative ways of saying: “What did you want?” The softness of his own voice surprises him when he prior to opening the door had been more than ready to fight whoever proved to be standing outside.

That surprising softness draws her back towards him, and she forces a tiny smile. “I was just wondering if you had a beer - you know one of those really cheap, shitty ones? I’ll pay for it, whatever, I just don’t have any in my… Sorry, I’m rambling,” even though every bone in Bellamy’s body is screaming with exhaustion, he can feel the corners of his mouth begin to curl upward when he nods slowly. “I happen to have two different kinds of shitty, cheap beer in my fridge. Do you care which one it is?”

“Not the slightest.”

“Great,” running a hand through his hair, Bellamy walks the few steps to his kitchen and returns with a bottle of beer that Murphy brought over not long ago. “According to my old roommate, this brand of beer is pretty disgusting. Haven’t tried it, but maybe I should.”

“Then you should drink one with me.”

It takes one second of eye contact for Bellamy to know that she is serious. After that, he just shrugs and goes to get himself a beer while she sits down on his black leather couch, seeming surprisingly comfortable considering the fact that they have never seen each other before, and she just randomly showed up at his apartment, asking for cheap booze. Once they have passed the initial awkwardness, a conversation starts to flow: Her name is Clarke Griffin, and she lives in the apartment directly below his. The only dish she can cook from scratch is spaghetti, and she adores the poster of Augustus on his wall.

Eventually, he has to ask, because he’s beginning to feel too captivated. “Why did you need a cheap, truly disgusting beer at 1 A.M?” At his question, she averts her eyes, causing him to fear that he went too far, but he cannot take the words back now. Suddenly, he senses a strange feeling in his gut as he thinks about her leaving. He has been walking the streets of loneliness for a while, only talking to his sister on the phone and scribbling notes on paper as if it was his sole purpose in life.

Then, Clarke finally answers: “My girlfriend broke up with me. Over the phone, she… We’ve had a long-distance relationship for a while now, because when I went to college, she got a scholarship to a fancy art school in Paris…” Her next breath comes out shaky, and she takes a swing of beer to hide it yet ends up grimacing at the taste instead. “I genuinely thought we’d pull through, but… She called me to say that she didn’t want to hurt me, but since she had chosen to stay in Paris to work, she thought it was best to end our relationship so that I could move on where I was.”

Glancing at him, Clarke forces the rest of the beer down, and he can’t help but notice the tears clinging to her eyelashes as she attempts to blink them away. “Break-ups suck.”

He nods slowly, frowning. Even though it’s sneaky, they both seem to notice: thin fog of understanding rising between them, which deflate the awkward tension completely. Clarke is a stranger, yes, but she is a stranger that somehow doesn’t seem like one - instead, she reminds him of the friends you had when you were a kid who had your favorite cookie flavor in the cupboard for you every time you came to visit - those who knew all of the little things about you without much effort. “I’m curious, but why did you come to my apartment?”

Now is the first time she smiles at him, and it’s real - so real, like distant fireworks and stars, so he mentally tells himself to remember the image. Then, she sighs in relief, shrugging: “I don’t really know…  But I guess, you’re a dude so I figured that you had beer - that’s stereotypical thinking, I am aware. It gets better, though, because I’ve seen you before and you looked like the type of guy who spends his free time saving kittens from trees. I thought you wouldn’t turn me down, although I hardly resemble a kitten.”

Unable to help himself, Bellamy chuckles, not knowing if he should agree. Instead, he simply allows time to pass, as Clarke stays next to him, and they laugh about random things that the lack of sleep has stolen from his memory when he wakes up the next morning to the sound of chirping birds and coffee brewing.

Their friendship grows from coffee beans and their spilling hearts, as they start to meet up even more, until it no longer seems random. With time, her smile becomes more permanent, guided by his cheesy jokes or funny childhood stories. At some point, Bellamy shows up at her apartment too, and he enters her world of art, the drawings with pastels hanging on the walls while the dark-toned ones are hidden away for him to find eventually. When he does, she is surprised that it doesn’t scare him away, but as she will come to learn, there are horrors in his past that never quite left him, lingering in his soul like childhood monsters.

One evening, she cooks spaghetti for him and they lay on the couch to the distant sound of a Netflix documentary, and the truth simply surfaces as a murmur: “I don’t talk to my mother,” closing her eyes, Clarke cuddles herself into his side, causing him to put his arm around her as his protective instinct immediately kicks in. “Because she– She told their boss that my father intended to email all of the costumers and partners to tell them the truth: that the company was going to fail, so that they could get themselves out in time. But when the boss heard of it, he shot my father,” the fact that she tells the story with some amount of ease gives away that she has told it before, yet she begins to cry after a moment of silence - Bellamy knows all about this kind of pain having endured it his entire life. It leaves a hole in your heart that can never be repaired, and the only way you can try to mend yourself is to find somewhere to seek refuge - he did in stories, and she does in art, which is a good thing, but she admits to use cheap alcohol way too often, since the art is often more of a constant reminder of the parent she lost than a pain killer.

“I’m always here if you need cheap booze, remember?”

“Shut up, asshole. I need you. That’s why I come here, not for your bitter-as-fuck red wine.”

She’s not supposed to start crashing there, either. Then again, they have never been the people wasting a lot of time on planning - in fact, they plan nothing at all - so when she falls asleep on his shitty couch, Bellamy just carries her to his bed, because carrying her down the stairs to her apartment would not only be silly, it would also wake her up, and she deserves the rest.

Without thought, he takes the couch that night, however as soon as she notices the next morning, her eyes widen: “Now I feel like a monster.”

“Relax, Princess. It’s not the first time my shoulders have bothered me. I’ll be fine.”

“You will when I’ve given you a massage.”

“Yes – Wait, what?”

“Are you gonna turn me down, Blake?”

Frankly, he has no idea what to say, and if he should suddenly have one, he would bet his ass that he wouldn’t be able to word it correctly. With that knowledge, Bellamy stands there dumbly, aware that she is just going to find it amusing, because in the end, that is who Clarke Griffin is - Confident and smug as hell, a true competitor, which is why she will race him to the trash can if they happen leave their apartments at the same time.

A smile playing on her lip, Clarke lifts a brow, her ocean blue eyes commanding him to sit down. At first, he considers not obeying her, but he very well knows that she will just push him down if she has to, and that will make him look like a bigger idiot than he feels right now, which is saying something. Giving up, he lets himself fall back onto the couch, and Clarke nods, looking pleased.

“I’m going to need you to take your shirt of,” she says once she has taken a seat behind him. Grabbing onto the hem, Bellamy hopes that faking a frustrated sigh will help him maintain a contained façade while on the inside, all of the alarm buttons have been pushed.

“Do you trust me?” Clarke asks, suddenly concerned. “Because if it makes you uncomfortable, I’m-“

“I’m not uncomfortable. Just a little– Don’t worry.”

“Right,” at that, Bellamy can feel her smirk as if she is pressing her lips to her spine, but she isn’t. At least not yet, because she certainly will if she thinks that doing so will knock some of the bravado off him. She hates his bravado - his cocky smirk whenever he conquers the remote or wins a game of chess, but she loves trying to melt it. “Does this hurt?” She inquires, pressing her fingers to a spot beneath his shoulder. As he shakes his head, Clarke moves her fingers along his spine until they are touching the place where two muscles meet: one of his neck, and his shoulder, where a painful knot has formed during the night. When she applies pressure there, he can’t suppress a hiss. ”Got it!” She remarks triumphantly, and Bellamy wouldn’t have made a snarky comment if the pain and his on-going plan of not getting turned on didn’t distract him.

While trying to loosen the knot from the muscle of his shoulder, Clarke is firm, but it fails to surprise him, since she is determined at every little thing she does except from rising at early hours (basically, she is a delight when she walks around his apartment, searching for caffeine as if it was the last drop of moisture on the planet). At one point, Bellamy has to fight the urge to put his fist in is mouth to prevent whimpers from emerging, but then she stops, presenting a sudden change of tactic as she presses her lips down his spine - to his blade of his shoulder and the side of his neck until he grows a very telling: “Fuck, Clarke.”

“Sweetness turns you on, Blake?”

“Like nothing else, Princess.”

“Then come here,” the smile on her lips is radiant before it curls as it meets encounters his, shy yet powerful. And Bellamy buries his hand in her hair, wanting to keep her as close as possible, but she is not going to leave. She never does, and he won’t either. Who would leave such a woman? A woman with oceans and stars caught in her eyes, and floods of love pouring from her bandaged heart?

“How long will you love me?” She murmurs against his chest hours later.

“Until the day that my red wine stops being shitty.”

“Now that is the most creative way of phrasing the word ‘forever’ I have ever heard.”

hamilton characters

alexander hamilton:

- needs to talk less
- cheats on his wife who’s literally the sweetest thing ever
- “oh btw i’m an orphan!!!!!”
- sings about not throwing away his shot

aaron burr:

- he just wants to be in the room where it happens
- doesn’t know what political party he’s in
- his name is often followed by the word “sir”

the schuyler sisters:

- work work
- angelica is queen
- eliza is in the narrative, then she erases herself from the narrative, then she puts herself back in the narrative
- and peggy

king george:

- da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da da da dat dat da ya da
- will kill your friends and family
- but only because he loves you


- america’s favorite fightin frenchman
- awesome rapper
- guns and ships is basically the best song ever

john laurens:

- in love with hamilton
- he dies
- pretty chill dude


- gets everyone psyched
- spyin on errbody
- his pants are hot

george washington:

- history has its eyes on him
- hamilton’s father figure
- likes meeting people inside

thomas jefferson:

- biggest bum ever
- what did he miss
- looks a lot like lafayette
- loves france
- is busy doing whatever the hell it is he does in monticello

james madison:

- “yeah, what thomas said!!!”
- somehow becomes president

maria reynolds:

- you can’t say no to her
- hottest voice ever
- stayyyyy

philip hamilton:

- he’s a poet
- looks a lot like laurens
- counts in french
- saddest death

john adams:

- needs to sit down
- is a fat motherBLEEEEEP

samuel seabury and george eacker:

- no one knows who they are

charles lee:

- he’s a general


I'm on a road trip

So I thought I’d write a small road trip headcanons thing I don’t fhakccking know.

Kuroko: Sits shotgun because he’s the calmest tbh and can mediate any fights over music or directions or food or bathroom breaks. But if people start to annoy him he’s gonna purposefully blast shit music who the f cares about the whole “driver chooses the music” crap.

Kise: banished to the farthest seat in the back bc he’s too excitable. Is the one who marvels over the scenery and takes all the road trip pictures, especially ones of anyone who dares fall asleep around him. Constantly needs bathroom breaks.

Midorima: Driver. Incredibly stressed the whole time. Swears up and down that he’ll never go on another road trip with anyone who is in the car with him. Is constantly threatening to “turn this damn car around” or “drop you on the side of the road”.

Aomine: Fights about music the most. Is not above getting into petty fights about anything. Falls asleep like three hours in. Physically beats anyone who tries to wake him up. Claims an entire bag of chips for himself, refuses to share.

Murasakibara: Asks the “are we there yet??” question like seventy times. Is the one who keeps careful tabs on exactly who ate how much, and how much everyone can have. Falls dead asleep a quarter into the drive, misses every bathroom and snack break, then acts grumpy and claims no one woke them up.

Akashi: Human GPS, and backseat driver. Keeps everyone in line the whole time, remarkably doesn’t sleep. Practically runs on coffee. Also drives. Has a last say on anything. Makes sure everyone in the car doesn’t get lost. Is the one who asks random people on the street for directions.


Word count:1,794

Haven’t posted anything in a whilst. Sorry. This is pretty garbage too so sorry for that as well. But if by some miracle you guys like it, I might continue it.


I reached down to pick up his books. In complete honesty his books spend more time on the floor then they ever do in his hand. Not because he’s clumsy or anything like that but the idiots on the football team always seem to pick on him.

“Hey, (Y/N) why don’t you stop helping the loser and come help me?” I rolled my eyes at his sleazy innuendo.

“How about one of your team mates help you, ass.” I spoke whilst putting some papers back into his folders. The football idiots had finally gotten bored and left. I looked up to see Harry grabbing some of his papers. I extended my arm, handing him his folder and a calculus textbook.

“I’m taking calculus too. My names (Y/N) by the way.” I gave him a smile. We both stood up simultaneously.

“I know. My name is Harry.” He spoke with the cutest English accent. His hair was slicked back with way too much hair gel. His glasses were about 40 percent of his face. He wore a tan vest over a same color button up. His khakis were pulled up a little too high. I still found him quite cute. Vest and all.

“Well I’ll see you around, Harry.” I smiled and waved as I walked away from the boy. I saw him smile at me before I turned away.

That was the last time I saw Harry. I moved away a couple days after that. I never got to get to know him. That was our first and last encounter. This was all of course in high school. The beginning of senior year.

Today I moved from California to New York. It was a long ass flight and I was exhausted. I moved here to go to school. I graduated high school about four years ago at the top of my class, I went to Berkley for four years and got my bachelors of science, majoring in science and minoring in business. I’ve been accepted to Cornell University for medical school. I’ve been accepted for next year so whilst I wait I’ll be living in the city in this cute little loft apartment my parents rented out for me. They’ll be paying my rent and I’ll be working to cover utilities and all that jazz. Thing is I have no idea where I can apply for a job. Oh and not only do I have chronic tachycardia but I have blinding anxiety, so I have no idea how I’ll be walking around this city. Bumping into everyone, all the loud noises, the crowds. Its so overwhelming I could cry right now. I tried to stop myself from thinking so much into it as I was in the elevator with two of the movers.

The elevator finally binged and the doors just smoothly slid open. I walked through the hallway with the movers right behind me. Taking the key from my pocket, I smoothed the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door, opening the door wide open so the movers could walk in with the boxes. I scanned the big living room, formulating different kinds of ways I could design the empty space.

After the long day of bringing in boxes and unpacking some I decided it’d be best to just make myself a nice hot cup of green tea. I filled my teapot with water, placing the teapot on the flame from my stove. I let it boil for a whilst. I grabbed one of the vinyls from my record collection and placed it on the record player, which was now residing on the floor next to an outlet in my room. Arctic Monkeys soon filled the whole apartment. I went back into the kitchen. I grabbed the teapot from the stove, filling one of my mugs with the steaming hot water. I placed a teabag inside the water and let it sink. I tied my hair up in a half ponytail bun.

I started drinking my tea but soon got too tired to even hold up my mug. I brushed my teeth and I almost ran toward my bed. Seeking warmth I buried myself into my pillow and let the comforter of my bed swallow me. It’s freezing in New York.

I woke up and looked around my room. Seeing the mountains of boxes. I sighed. I really couldn’t deal with this right now. I have to go out and find a job. Whilst i get up, I get a text message from my mom. ‘Hope everything is going well. Best wishes.’ Wow she’s so dry. I look through a couple boxes before I find a decent outfit. I try to shower as quickly as possible and get dressed. I grabbed my make up bag from the box labeled makeup. I apply my foundation then concealer and then some translucent powder. I applied some bronzer under my cheekbones then some blush on my cheeks and highlight on the apples of my cheeks as well. I did a subtle smokey eye, I put on some liquid lipstick and boom. I grabbed my bag that had my phone and wallet inside. Then grabbing the stacks of resumes and leaving the apartment. I locked the door.

Walking around the city this whole day I came to the conclusion, New York is beautiful. The architecture, the ambient. The city is alive and the people in it are as well. I’ve been to about 4 job interviews, they were all really bad. Theres always someone more qualified than I am. Finally i get to HES co. The last stop of the day. I walk into the tall building. It was gorgeous inside. Black marble floor and white statues. The walls were all painted white with these beautiful and modern paintings. I walk up to the front desk. The front desk was almost completely silver.

“I’m here for the job opening.” I spoke softly to the man on the other side of the desk. He looked up and smiled at me.

“Go up to the 15th floor and ask for Mr. Styles.” I nodded. That name ringing the slightest of bells, but of course I don’t give it much thought cause I’m an idiot. I walked into the elevator and pressed the button to go up to the 15th floor. When the door opened the floor was now an off white marble floor with beautiful black design and the walls again were white.

“I’m looking for Mr. Styles for the job opening.” The girl at the front desk barely looked at me.

“Through those door.” She nodded with her head to the direction of these really big double doors that were painted black… (like my soul) I walked toward the doors and knocked lightly.

“Come on in.” I heard a deep voice speak from the other side of the door. I opened one of the doors and walked in quickly. I closed the door behind me, whilst turning I lost my balance but soon recovered it. I heard a chuckle then I looked up. A beautiful man was sitting on big leather chair on the other side of the desk in the middle of the room. His hair a bit past his shoulder, falling in curls all around his well structured face. His lips were so pink they look as if he used lipstick. His eyes are greener than tree leaves. He seemed just about the same age as me.

“Hello, sir.” I spoke as I stood in front this man. He shook his head and laughed.

“No need for all the formalities. Please sit down.” His eyes were so damn familiar but I mean how many other people could have green eyes. I sat down and handed him my resume. He looked over it and a smile spread on his face.

“(Y/F/N) I knew you looked so familiar. Of course you look even more beautiful now than ever which I didn’t think possible.” I was so confused. Am I supposed to know who this man is? He chuckled, I’m guessing at my face of complete confusion.

“You’ve no idea who I am do you? I mean I’ve changed quite a bit but I didn’t think I was completely unrecognizable.” His British accent thick. I shook my head.

“I’m so sorry. I really don’t know who you are.” I felt like a terrible person.

“I’m Harry. Harry Styles. Remember from high school?” He questioned now with both his elbows on the desk in front of him, both of his hands clasped together covering his lips. As if he was expecting me to remember. When he noticed that his name did not spark any form of memory he grabbed his hair and pulled it back. No fucking way. It couldn’t be the same Harry from high school. I was shocked and my face must’ve reflected that same emotion cause he just smiled.

“B-but. How.. I..” I couldn’t structure a coherent sentence for the life of me. He laughed.

“Yeah ditched the sweater vests and the hair gel in high school. My father died and so I inherited this nice business after I graduated college. How are you doing? How is your life?” He questioned with intrigue obvious on in his face.

“I um I graduated college last month, majoring in biology. Now I’m just looking for a job before I start med school at Cornell.” He was nodding along just full on staring at me.

“Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot this was a job interview. well…” He looked down at my resume and looked back up at me. “The job is all yours. You’re obviously qualified and the job is my assistant so I’d rather have you then the other old hags that came for the job.” I smiled.

“Really?” I was little too excited. Not only because I got a job on the first day of trying but because I would work for this beautiful man. I stood up from my seat.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Styles.” I shook his hand. Again he chuckled.

“Please call me Harry.” He looked into my eyes and smiled his dazzling smile at me. I nodded quickly.

“I’m sorry.” I took back my hand as we were now just holding hands. “So.. um when do I start?” I questioned.

“Tomorrow. You can start tomorrow.” He spoke. “We’ll have fun.” His grin was simply adorable. I nodded at him, not really knowing what else to do. I started walking away. When I got to the door I turned back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, si.. Harry.” I corrected myself and walked out of the room before I made bigger fool of myself and made him regret his decision.

What are we? (Harry frat boy au)

Word Count: 2601

A/M: This may have some warnings attached, touching and stuff. Anyway, this was heavily requested, and I took a hell of a lot of time to write and actually post this. And anyone that was waiting for this I’m sorry it took a while, it’s really long to make up for it:). Anyway. I hope you enjoy it. I hope this turned good and thanks for loving the series. I do like writing these kinds  

And if you’ve never read the other parts to this here’s the links: 
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“This whole paper is complete bullshit.” You heard your friend say sighing out with frustration.

You began laughing, “How? You’re the one that chose the topic that is actually related to the course.”

“Yeah… maybe, but it’s still bullshit that I have to actually write this. You know no matter how much I research I don’t think I’ll ever understand what this is all supposed to mean.”

“Well that’s worrying.”

“It’s just an elective. It doesn’t matter too much.” And you both began laughing.

Your phone then buzzed now indicating a notification, and you looked at it and began smiling, “Ugh, it’s Harry again isn’t it?” you heard them say, and you looked up.


You heard them sigh and watched as they rolled their eyes, “I really don’t know what you see in him.”



“Because he’s a part of a frat? Yeah. You’ve told me that enough.” You said annoyed.

“Yeah. Because he is. You know what frat houses are, it’s just a house full of fuckboys and he’s the leader of the fuckboys.” You sighed as you looked to your phone and replied back to him, “All I’m saying is be careful with them, and him. He may be a pretty face, but I don’t trust him.”

You couldn’t take these criticisms anymore, and you looked back to them, “Now I wonder. You’re the one that invited me to tag along to that party, at the ‘fuckboy house’ as you call it, and told me to go and make friends. I did and all you’ve been saying since then is that I should have never done that and that it’s a mistake that I’d be seeing him? Also you’re the one that goes to these frat parties and I never do. So why the hell are you telling me off?”

They stared at you, their eyes furrowed in confusion looking very surprised at your sudden outburst. They began to look down a little disappointed, “You’re right. I’m sorry. I really don’t have a place to say those words. But I’m just saying that I don’t trust him. Guys like him… they get what they want whether you want to give it to them or not. I’m just looking out for you. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

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Preference #1: How You Meet

Y/N - Your Name Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name


“Harry! Lauren! Pizza’s here!” You call out once you step inside of your mum’s friend’s house again with a warm pizza box in your hands.

You’re spending your Saturday night babysitting rather than going out like other teenagers would prefer doing. It was worth it though because in the end, you were getting payed.

Harry and Lauren’s brother Ashton, whom you’ve never met before, was supposed to be there to take over at nine; that task was overdue an hour ago.

Two pairs of footsteps rush through the house and into the kitchen.

“No running,” You remind as you place a slice of pizza on each of their plates.

“Sorry,” They both mutter under their breath.

Before you can say anything else the door bell rings. When you answer a boy about your age is on the other side with a few bags by his feet.

“Um, hi,” You say awkwardly, “You wouldn’t happen to be Ashton would you?”

He smiles, “Yeah I am. Sorry I’m late, my flight got delayed.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” You say honestly.

“Ashton! Ashton!” Two voices chant, their feet stompin through the house until the reach the front door, rushing past you to get to their older brother.

“Hey, guys!” He says happily. He hugs both of them, and bright smiles are on all of their faces.

“Do you..uh…need help with your bags?”

“No that’s alright,” He says as he easily picks them up and carries them inside the house. While he does so, you run into the kitchen and grab your phone and bag off of the counter.

“The kids were just about to eat pizza and watch a movie,” You inform.

“You’re leaving already?” Harry asks.

“You were supposed to paint my nails,” Lauren reminds.

“I know,” You sigh, “Maybe next time?”

“Please,” Lauren begs, giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah, please don’t go yet,” Harry beams.

“Don’t you guys want to spend time with your brother?” You giggled, looking down at their pouring faces.

“Yeah, but he can’t paint nails!”

You laugh, “Well I’m okay with it if Ashton is.”

You look up at him to see a smile on his face too. “The more the merrier!”


“How about him? Tall, blue eyes, nicely dressed,” Your friend, Y/F/N, suggests as the two of you sit outside on a park bench, casually watching different people stroll by, some with their kids, some with their pets, and some alone.

“Y/F/N, I don’t need a boyfriend,” You groan.

“I’m not trying to get you a boyfriend, just someone to talk to until you’re ready to get another boyfriend,” She smiles.

“You know I just got out of a relationship.”

“Yeah, like two months ago!” She scoffs. “You’ve got to stop moping around about him.”

“I have,” You defend, “Or at least I will.”

She rolls her eyes, “How about that boy over there with the dirty blonde hair?”

You sigh, hey! If you can beat ‘em join ‘em, right? You look over to where your friend’s finger was subtly pointing, “Nah, but his friends looks nice.”

"Black hair with the flannel?”

“No, green hair with the band tee.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“What?” You shrug, “He’s cute.”

“His hair is green!” She shouts, drawing attention from the group of boys who look over at the park bench.

You instantly blush and shyly wave, earning a smile from the boy with the green hair.


“Is it too late to back out?” You ask your friend who had took the initiative in setting you up for a blind date with another friend of hers.

“Yes. He’s only here for a week until he has to go back,” She says. “Besides he’s a great guy; you’re gonna love him.”

“From what you’ve told me, he’s a high school dropout and a nudist. I don’t usually peg those two things on a list of what I’m looking for in a guy.”

She groans, “Stop whining. He’s using his time for something else besides school.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“He’s in a band,” She mumbles under her breath, but you still manage to hear it.

“A band?” You ask in mock excitement, “Great,” You say sarcastically, “I bet he’s covered in tattoos and piercings too,” You roll your eyes.

"No piercings,” She says. You sigh in a bit of relief. “But he does have some tattoos.”


“Only, like, three!” She concludes, turning into the parking lot of a fancy restaurant.

You unclick your seatbelt. “Will you at least stay for awhile?” You ask.

“Fine,” She sighs. She practically drags you into the restaurant, and just when you expect to see some deadbeat in a cheap tux, she leads you over to a boy with nicely combed black hair and a nice smile.

“Calum this is Y/N, Y/N this is Calum,” Y/F/N introduces.

“Nice to meet you,” You smile.

“Same to you.”

“Well, Y/N wanted me to stay, so—”

“Oh, you can leave,” You interrupt, still smiling at Calum who is casually returning the action.

“But thought you wanted me to—”

“No, no, you can leave,” You say through gritted teeth. She finally gets the hint and leaves.


Your aunt was a photographer, and there were often times she’d invite you to different photoshoots to get you to help around. It was sort of like an internship thing, and the bonus was that you got to meet some pretty huge celebrities.

“Y/N!” You heard your aunt call.

“Yeah?” You ask once she’s in ear-shot.

“I’ve have to go run some last minute errands. Do you think you can handle this photoshoot?” She asks.

“Yeah, of course,” You answer, gently taking the expensive camera from her, “Who were you supposed to photographing anyways?”

“Just some band, Five Second of Summer, I think,” She shrugs nonchalantly.

You nearly drop the camera in your hands as your mouth hangs agape. Thank God for the neck strap. “Oh my gosh, I love them! Please tell me you’re not joking”

She laughs lightly, “They’re right over there getting their outfits adjusted.” You bite your lip to keep from screaming. “Come on, let me introduce you to them.”

Before you cam process what happening, your aunt is already leading you over to the four boys now standing at the edge of the set, laughing and talking with one another.

“Hey boys,” She greets, “I have some things to take care of, so I won’t be able to do your photoshoot. But my niece will and she’s just as good as me.”

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” You say timidly. You instantly feel yourself blush when all of their eyes are on you.

“I’m Ashton.”


“I’m Michael!” He says loudly.

You were waiting for Luke to introduce himself, but he just kept staring at you until Calum elbowed him in the stomach.

“I’m Luke.” He blushed.

Your aunt turns to you, “Now, are you sure you’re going to be able to handle this?”

You nod, biting your lip once more, “Yeah, I have a feeling this is gonna be a really good photoshoot.”

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anonymous asked:

I dont understand the "clarke is rep" argument people keep trying to make. Like yes clarke IS rep and thats great but bisexual and lesbian are not the same. Telling people to be happy they have rep because there's another kind of queer is gross.

not only that, but clarke is the worst kind of bi rep there is. her female lover was killed just for her to end up with a man. what kind of disgusting message is that… bisexual women will have their f/f relationships end in tragedy so they can end up in a “socially acceptable” relationship? any bisexual who doesn’t see a problem with this needs to sit down and take a minute to think about this.

5sos preference #3: 5sos bsm, you have a crush on another boy.

Ashton is your brother and you like Michael, age 5-7:
You ran into the living room, where Ashton was laying on the couch, half asleep. “Hey sweetheart,” Ashton said when he noticed you. “Ash, can we dye my hair blue? (Fact: I have blue hair xD) you innocently asked. “What? No!” Ashton said as he sat up, suddenly more awake than before. “But Mikey does it all the time!” You said stomping your foot, as you ran to your room. Ashton sighed as he stood up and walked to your room. “(Y/n), sweetheart can I come in?” He asked. When you didn’t answer he just walked in. He saw you laying on your bed under the duvet, (is that what you call it?) so he just crawled in next to you. “Sweetie, why do you want to dye your hair blue?” Ashton asked. “Because Mikey had blue hair once, and if I got blue hair he may like me, as much as I like him!” You said. Ashton sighed, hoping it was just a phase. “I’m sure he like you already, even without the blue hair.” “Really?” You said, as your eyes widened. “Of course! Let’s go see him and then you can ask him.”

Michael is your brother and you like Luke, age 17:
Michael’s pov: I’ve been out all day, writing with Calum and John Feldmann. When I finally got home, i was confused to hear strumming coming from a guitar. Weird, i’m the only one in the house who can play guitar, I thought. I walked into the living room, to see MY bandmate Luke, sitting with MY sister (Y/n), on his lap, teaching her how to play guitar. At first I got confused, but after a few seconds I got mad. “What the fuck are you doing?!” I yelled. It must’ve startled them, cause (y/n) jumped of Luke’s lap, causing his guitar to fall onto the floor. I looked up from Luke’s guitar, to see them on each side of the couch, looking awkwardly at me, “i think it’s best if i leave,” Luke said as he got up of the couch. “Yeah you better leave, and if you ever go near my sister again, i swear to god, I won’t even hesitate to beat you up or kick you out of the band!” I yelled after him. “Michael please calm down, it wasn’t his fault, it was me who asked if he could teach me how to play guitar,” (Y/n) said softly. I relaxed a little, “why didn’t you ask me?” I asked, more hurt than mad now. Because you’ve been really stressed lately, with the upcoming album, tour and all,” she said. We drifted into silence, as I sat down on the couch, staring out the window. It wasn’t an awkward silence, it was comfortable. I’m gonna regret asking this, i thought, but the words slipped out of my mouth anyway. “You really like him don’t you?” I asked still looking out the window avoiding eye contact. “… Yeah,” she answered after a while. I sighed, “he likes you too,” I quietly said, hoping she couldn’t hear me, but to my luck she answered me within two seconds. “Really?!” “Yeah, and I think it’s better that you date him than some douce bag, but i swear to god, if he ever lays a hand on you, I won’t hesitate to fucking kill him.” I said, getting angry at the thought of my sister getting hurt. “I won’t hurt her,” a voice said from the doorway. I looked up and saw Luke. “Didn’t i tell you to leave?” “You did, but I forgot my guitar,” Luke said sheepishly. “It’s fine,” I said as I stood up and gave him a ‘bro’ hug. “I’m gonna invite the boys over, and I’ll get us some food, but don’t do anything while I’m gone! I trust you Hemmings… For now,” I said as I walked out the door.

Luke is your brother and you like Calum, age 17-18:
You were in your room getting ready. You were going to eat dinner with your brother Luke, and his best friend Calum. You’ve had a crush on Calum for a long time, and the only person who knew was your best friend (y/f/n). (Y/f/n) came barging into your room, “why didn’t you tell me you had a date with Calum? I though we were best friends!” “First of all, how did you get in? And 2. It’s not a date, Luke is there too,“ you chuckled. “Oh… Well, for your info i invited myself so I could help you get ready, and the door wasn’t even locked which just made it easier,” she said. After an hour you were finally ready. “Come on (y/n), ready to go?” Luke said. “Yeah,” “good luck,” (y/f/n) whispered. You just gave her a thumbs up. You and Luke were driving to the place you were gonna meet Calum. When you and Luke finally arrived at the restaurant, you were so nervous. You and Luke walked trough the door to see Calum talking with a girl. Your heart dropped immediately. “Hey guys, this is Lauren, i hope you don’t mind that she’s eating with us,” Calum said. “Not at all, I’m Luke and this is my sister (y/n), it’s nice to meet you.” “Hi,” you said quietly, you were quiet for most of the dinner, and didn’t really eat much either, the worst thing about Lauren was that she was one of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met. “You alright?” Luke asked. “I’m fine, feeling a little sick, but it’ll probably get better,” you reassured Luke with a fake smile. Luke still looked concerned, but didn’t ask any other questions. After the dinner they decided to go to the cinema. At this point you were nearly crying, so you told Luke that you felt worse. “Do you want me to drive you home?” Luke asked concerned. “No it’s fine, i’ll just get (y/f/n) to pick me up, have fun” you said as you hugged him. You started to walk away “(y/n)!” Luke yelled. “Yeah?” You turned around “promise me you’ll call if you need me,” “yeah, of course.” You walked until you were out of sight, where you broke down crying. People were giving you strange looks, but you didn’t care. You dialed (y/f/n) number. “Hi (y/n), what’s up?” She asked. You to cry again, “c-can you p-please p-pick me up?” You stuttered. “I’ll be right there,” (y/f/n) said as she hung up.

Calum is your brother and you like Ashton, age 18-19:
You and Ashton was awkwardly sitting on the couch, while Calum was in the shower. Ashton was just scrolling trough twitter, and you were beyond bored. You’ve had a crush on Ashton since he joined the band, but Calum told him the same thing as he told the the other boys, “my sister is of limits!” It’s now over two years since he told Ashton that he couldn’t date you, and Ashton has become a lot more attractive since the first time you saw him. You realised you’ve been staring at him, and quickly look away as you blush. After a few more minutes of awkward silence, you got an idea. You quickly took Ashton’s phone, and started to run. “What the? (Y/n), give me back my phone,” Ashton whined. “If you want it back you have to catch me,” you said as you ran into the kitchen. “Oh, it’s on,” you heard Ashton say. As Ashton opened the kitchen door and ran towards you, you realised you had no where else to go. You were surprised when Ashton tackled you, as you were laying on the floor still in shock with Ashton straddling you. Suddenly he started to tickle you “Ash, s-stop, p-please!” You laughed. “Only if you say I’m the funniest and most sexy person in the whole world.” “I-I’m the funniest and most sexy person in the whole world,” you said. “Not good enough, say the sentence with my name,” he said as he continued to tickle you. “Never!” You yelled as you pushed him of you, so you were straddling him. You just stared into his eyes, when you started to lean in. You closed your eyes and kissed him, until you realised he wasn’t kissing you back. “Fuck,” you muttered, as you quickly got of him. “I’m so so sorry,” you said as you ran to your room, leaving a stunned Ashton on the floor.

A/n: do you want part 2 of the last two? Also I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes I didn’t proof read :3

We first met at South By Southwest at 3am, outside a hot dog stand. We became friends and hung out from time to time. We had four or five days once, where we were just together the entire time. We were married – sleeping in the same bed, cuddling, watching TV. He’s brutally honest with me, and it’s good because not a lot of people are. When it comes to my label, I’m quite bratty. I think I know best, and I always shut them down. Whereas, he does that to me. He tells me to shut the f*ck up when I need it. Sometimes, though, he drives me crazy because he likes to take his time. He’ll sit for 20 minutes considering if we should change the word “fire” to “flame”.
—  –Charli XCX on Rostam Batmanglij
On The BBC

Ok, some things you guys might need to know about the BBC. Because some of you, especially non-Brits, have a very wrong understanding about it. It is not this progressive beacon by any stretch.

Background: In our country we have Labour (was centre left, sort of like Hilary, now going left again with Corbyn, like Sanders), and the Conservatives (right wing). I’m simplifying but you get the gist.

Conservatives have been in power since 2010, originally as part of a coalition, then as a majority. They hate the BBC, pretending it’s about money and texes and shit, but actually because truth errs towards the left. 

The BBC is now run by ex high up Conservatives, people married to high up Conservatives, and some ex head bankers iirc.

If you’ve got to watch BBC news, you might have noticed in the last few years it’s becoming increasingly more right wing, with tone, choices of what to report etc.

Shows have been doing a similar thing, such as one that had people compete to do minimum wage jobs, whittling them down to a winner who would recieve the prize of a year’s living wage. Sit and parse that. I’ll wait.

I believe, if there is nothing else, that Sherlock was not allowed to continue with their original story, and that they decided they’d rather burn it down as a statement to prove that there is a need and a gap for the story they want to tell. I’d suggest they’re betting that f it doesn’t get picked up for Series 5, they didn’t get to pick up new writers and half ass something, and if it does get picked up, it will be with the allowance to tell their story cus you saw how that went last time.

As to why they wouldn’t openly criticise the BBC, that’s easy (and if you’ve been reading Mark’s tweets carefully, you’ll see that he has been having subtle digs for a while). The BBC is in constant danger of getting shut down, you have no idea how bad it is. The idea behind the BBC is vital, the independent broadcaster etc. Unfortunately it’s not been independent for a VERY long time. Now people are starting to wonder if it’s worth tacitly supporting more right wing garbage, but keeping the foundations for the future, or speaking out against what’s happening. All this while they are still one of the biggest media employers. Most are staying quiet and fighting in other ways, like they’re doing in the NHS (the UK’s free healthcare), because the root is worth keeping.

Slowly eating away at a service to make it worse and to stop people’s support of it, is what the conservatives do. It’s their MO. It’s why they chronically underfund the NHS to ‘prove it isn’t working’.

I would absolutely believe that their story had been shut down. I’m not saying it’s true, but I am saying that the situation with the BBC is a long way from that old LGB report, and has been for quite some while, and I need all of you to understand that.