people need to listen this great band

it sucks that people are already shitting on new Gorillaz just based off this one song, which, by the way, is just the album launcher (and conveniently released for the inauguration), not their true comeback song. it’s like a Welcome To the World Of Plastic Beach kinda thing.

people think that it’s all about “oh fuck Trump!!” but Hallelujah Money isn’t just about him. it’s all about how money controls power and how money wins politics (i need to look into the lyrics more, but that’s what i got from it). i personally like it, and honestly it’s gonna take a few listens to love it, but it’s a good damn song. and most of their songs are related to political and problematic things.

also, people are failing to realize that Gorillaz have always been experimental and collaborative. people who know this band inside out have heard a great handful of songs that dont even feature 2D’s (Damon’s) voice, or barely feature him at all (like White Flag and November Has Come, among others)

enjoy the fact that they are rising from a 6 year death, and surviving the threat that there might have never been a phase 4. it’s great to have them back

Everyone likes music, you’ll never find a person who says nah fuck music that stuff sucks. However I think our appreciation for music has changed. For a lot of people (myself included sometimes) it’s just background noise, something to listen to while driving, working or mindlessly browsing the internet. So many rarely even listen to full albums anymore. They have thousands of artists stored up on their ipods but few have more than a couple songs from each. You know that moment you’re looking through a friend’s music and get excited to see one of your favourite artists only to discover they only have that one song that was in rock band or some movie. Sometimes you just need to sit and listen to an album from beginning to end to truly appreciate it. Noise cancelling headphones are a plus. 

People pour their heart and soul and often an entire year of the lives of so many people to make something that sounds great. It should be enjoyed as more than just a sweet chorus in between cursing at people for cutting you off or as bubblegum for your subconscious while you read some mind-numbing list article. People used to pay to go to clubs so they could just sit have a beer throw on some headphones and listen to music.

Of course this only applies to good music, your top 40 pop trash gets more than enough attention already.


favorite things (bands)  → Marilyn Manson

“I don’t expect everyone to get something deep out of it. Some people can just listen to the music, or get their aggressions out, but I think with any great painting or movie, album or whatever it is, it’s better if people can take what they need from it. That they’re not forced to get some particular message.” 

Why can’t people in the bandom accept that 5SOS is growing and evolving into their true sound. They are fucking friends with AND write with many of the bands in the bandom. Just because they toured with One Direction doesn’t mean they’re a boyband. Does Fall Out Boy touring with Wiz Khalifa make them rappers? Different types of bands can tour together and make something great but that doesn’t determine who they are as a band nor what music they create. If you would just listen to 5SOS and get to know them as people you’d see they’re cool guys who just want to play the music they want. They’re in the likes of their idols and favorite bands, why do you feel the need to tear them down? And if you’re mad they won over your band at the APMAs, its not their fault or your bands, you probably should’ve voted more. Shots fired.

(Disclaimer: I love most if not all of the band in the bandom so don’t start with me)