people need to be more respectful!

Mission: Find more OG and respectful Katie fans to fit in with.

Today grossed me out. I’ll still defend the new, chill and respectful fans to the death. You guys are great. I still love Lena Luthor. I still ship SuperCorp. I still love my amazing mutuals/followers. I’m so excited she has more exposure! I’ve been waiting for that. I love responding to the Character Analyst requests!

But I’m too old for the crap that went down today. I’m not angry. I’m just old and tired. I need more balance on my dash… Send help.

Thank you

Ho boy what a weekend.

If you haven’t noticed, I skipped out on that hiatus I talked about taking. You want to know why?


Yes you, reading this now. Don’t you go dissing yourself. I 100% honestly mean you.

On Friday, I was in a really bad head space. I don’t need to replay how nasty it was, but I got a few messages attacking my person. Disagreeing with my opinion I could respect, but some messages were flat out mean spirited, aimed to hurt me and nothing more.

I deleted them on sight. No use replying to hate messages. But the thoughts that surrounded them still lingered, since I’m only 100% authentic with a few select people when I know I’m safe, and I wondered if I overstepped my boundaries. I worried that I hurt people, and that I was becoming a bad person because of it. Thoughts spiraled, and Saturday morning, I woke up late and didn’t want to get out of bed for the first time in a while.

But for some reason, you stuck up for me.

I don’t know when it started, but ask after ask started flooding in. They reassured me I was a good person. They told me I was someone worth keeping around. Some of them brought me to tears. And with my year anniversary of my YouTube channel coming up, I couldn’t be more grateful for the support.

Last night got a bit dicey again, but for a whole different reason. I’m not going into detail, but I did roll around in bed thinking some very negative things. I don’t know how I got to sleep.

But then I remembered your support.

And I wondered, why did it matter what some drive by anons had to say? Chances are they didn’t respect me as a person. They didn’t respect I had a right to say what I felt needed to be said. Why let them get to me?

So here I am, coming out of the ashes with a new perspective on myself. And I have you all to thank for it.

And if you messaged me with nice things, just know you will always have a special place in my heart. 

Thank you. <3

Unpopular opinion, but I think Jacksepticeye’s take on Pewd’s fuck up was better than Markiplier’s.

Jack acknowledged that what his friend did was wrong and that the consequences of his actions are justified. I think that took more courage than Mark’s “you need to respect people even if they hurt you” speech.

It’s unfortunate that everyone on YouTube is lining up to kiss Mark’s feet, while all the comments on Jack’s video are screaming about his “betrayal.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think because Rebels isn't as violent at Clone Wars (in terms of deaths), it isn't as good? That seems to be the mentality of most Anti-Rebels people. "More Violence=Better amiright?"

I believe that ongoing opinion of “violence is better” is stemmed more from the critique that SW Rebels does not show the realities of a galaxy thrown into war as The Clone Wars did.

However, I feel that the fans that say that The Clone Wars is *better* in this respect are actually projecting onto SW Rebels for not being The Clone Wars series in every shape and form.

Though the critique is valid, we also need to take into consideration of how censorship is handled with DisneyXD in comparison to CN. I believe CN can be more lenient depending on how blatant the content is. 

From what I’ve observed, DisneyXD is a little apprehensive with on screen death and that may also be the reason why many of the characters who do die in SW Rebels are essentially faceless or their death is just heavily implied off screen. To their credit, they do show that death happens and that there are consequences to every decision being made. 

As to whether or not this means the show is good or bad in comparison to The Clone Wars series, any opinion that is stated is entirely dependent to one’s personal preference. 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when a person answers which of the series they like – whether it is one or the other or both. Everyone should be able to enjoy what they like for their own reasons without persecution. 

I’m not here to convince anyone of liking what they do not want to.

– Admin CG

greentaleteller  asked:

Jacksepticeye made a video last night explaining what his tweet meant. That Pewds really fucked up and got what he had coming, due to making a stupid joke. IDK, he felt like the only one so far treating it with respect... But maybe I'm biased.

Yeah his one was way more reasonable than Mark’s kumbaya hand holding one BUT he’s still supporting him, still tweeting him messages, still sticking by him which is shitty. 

This isn’t even pdp’s first fuckup it’s just one of his biggest. I mean, I really am fond of Jack but you gotta drop shitty toxic people out of your life, he needs to cut ties with that fucker.

//heavy sigh this is the last I will say about this because it’s just causing me so much more stress than anything right now and I don’t need the extra anxiety fuel and these are people who aren’t even friends of mine or all that much involved in my life. I don’t even like Felix’s content. I just want to get back to doing my own thing without my dash being clogged with irrational spouts of anger. So here is my take on the issue, particularly pertaining to Mark’s video, Respect.

There is a difference between recognizing respect for someone as a human being who has the potential to grow and change (a very important distinction here)

and respecting someone for their choices and actions. Respect for choices and actions can be lost. Respecting someone’s potential and ability to change those beliefs should not be lost.

Yes, please debate (civilly) and logically present your arguments. A civil debate (even with those who hold views that cause others great harm) can change people for the better if done right. People change, and it’s a conscious choice to forgo old beliefs. Respect does not mean agreement, nor does it mean passivity. But be warned: most people will have a counterargument. If it is logical and has a solid foundation, then it is your duty as a human with the ability and potential to change as well to listen before responding. The word “debate” includes both sides of the argument being taken seriously.

On a side note: throwing words around without actively thinking critically and piecing them together to make a statement does nothing. If one means to critique with the intention to initiate change within the other, then one needs to piece together the argument logically and not entirely out of the passion of the initial emotional response. Emotion tells you when something is wrong. It is the spark to push for change, but is not the best foundation for an argument, especially with someone you wholeheartedly disagree with. Passion has its place, but it is not here.

Remember, people (no matter how bad they may be) are still people whether you put them down or raise them up, and they will act one way or another. Whether someone deserves punishment is a different argument. That isn’t what I’m talking about here.

There is a duality of meaning of the word “respect” here. I think that’s what Mark was trying to get at.

Please hold yourself to the same exact standards you hold others to. If you say that no one can change and is inherently bad simply because of an action or choice they have made, then you yourself are saying that you are unable to change. You have lost respect for both the other and yourself in that way.

I say this as someone who has taken a step back to view this issue from all sides. I say this as a mature adult who can stand back, observe, and learn.

I am not in a position to say if Mark’s words were the “right way” to react to this, and neither are many of you. I am in no position to say if Jack’s response was the “right way” to react. I am not asking you to be passive on this issue as a whole. I am only asking for you to take a step back and acknowledge the other party’s potential to change and to work towards that change together in a manner that works.

This world is fallen, but it is up to YOU how you interact with it and its people.

. . .

Is it that hard for some people to be patient in this fandom? I understand their excitement and their need to discuss about the new episode. BUT they need to respect all those people who haven’t watched it yet and be patient. It just got aired! I’m tired of spoilers, and I’m tired of reckless people. And this happens every damn time. Today’s episode contains huge spoilers, and people need to be extremely careful. But for one more time, they are not. Give everyone the chance to enjoy the episode!

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anonymous asked:

Respect is earned, not given. Treat people civilly definitely, but the problem is Mark told us we need to respect Felix after what he did. What about the Jewish people he outright disrespected? Joke or not, it was in poor taste and he seems more upset that he's being punished and not that he hurt people. We are in a very toxic environment for minorities rn, we dont need Felix adding to that with those kind of "jokes".

Hi anon.

I would agree. Based no the information I know about what Felix did, we shouldn’t be brushing it under the carpet. Sure he apologise, but he should never have done it in the first place.

I think what Mark was talking about was the names, and stigma he is now getting. I do not believe for a minute that Felix is anti-semite. At all. I just think he made a bad judgement call. Thats what Mark was talking about. So many people have labelled Felix.

Maybe respect was the wrong word. I’m not sure.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Some Basic Friendship Skills


1. Talk about things that interest others, and not just things that interest you.

2. Share the conversation. Don’t talk over others, interrupt others, or seek to be the centre of attention.

3. Be interested in what other people have to say. Ask open questions, and try to find out more.

4. Notice when people do well, and make the effort to praise them for it. Try to be an affirming, and encouraging, friend.

5. Be respectful, considerate and polite. Be sensitive to the feelings of others.

6. Think before you speak. (Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to speak your mind and upset or offend).

7. Learn how to ask for what you want and need in a non-threatening, and non-defensive way. Don’t react; and don’t pick needless arguments.

8. Try to understand the perspective of others – and don’t just assume that you are right and they are wrong.

9. Look out for others – and be a trusted friend

10. Back off, don’t dominate, and give your friends some space.


1. Don’t brag about what you’ve done or what you’ve got.

2. Don’t put others down.

3. Don’t judge and stereotype people.

4. Don’t take over the conversation. Let others tell their jokes, and have their say.

5. Don’t try to control other people, or to make them do what you want them to do.

6. Don’t talk, or gossip, about others.

7. Don’t make jokes at others’ expense.

8. Don’t demand perfection – allow your friends to be human, and to sometimes make mistakes.

9. Don’t be sensitive and quick to take offense.

10. Don’t be mean or stab others in the back.


I am posting this on here, Tumblr, because I really think a bunch need to learn what the word RESPECT means

This is also regarding for something a bunch of people ask me before; “do you know what happened to UltimaAlmighty?”, and what happened to him after his mistake was awful, and all thanks to people treating him with HATE,  a way to disrespect someone as a human, instead of ignore him or block him. If you don’t like someone (including me) don’t waste your time, keep living and block the people you don’t like, like ignoring someone in school. The same with Felix AKA PewDiePie, JonTron and MORE, hope they are doing super ok.

Jokes are not defining people, our actions in real life defining us, don’t follow someones post with a hate, or some news on the internet, no no, look at what people do in real life, or just ignore and keep living!

I really hope a bunch of you learn from someone really nice, Markiplier.. I hope this video teaches you something, maybe a little thing, but something good.


“Treat people the way you want to be treated”

Everyone, have a really nice day.

and sorry, again, for not posting drawings, I am still working on this animation WITH JOKES, the most scary thing for everyone!!

Latinx women are breathtaking. Latinx women deserve to be treated like human beings because we are. Latinx women are so capable and strong and intelligent and amazing. Latinx women have come so far and deserve so much more. Latinx women deserve to be happy, healthy, and safe. Latinx women are multitalented and giving and we don’t hear it enough. Latinx women have broken barriers, can break barriers, and will break barriers. Latinx women are so precious. Latinx women are allowed to cry and have feelings and feel sad. Latinx women need to be treated with more respect. Latinx women deserve the world. Latinx women must be respected at all times. Latinx women are hardworking and discredited. Latinx women stand together and call out abuse. Latinx women are humans. Latinx women are deserving and great. Latinx women face so much adversity and don’t deserve the hatred they face. Latinx women are allowed to feel angry without people fetishizing their anger. Latinx women are deserving of life and respect no matter where they were born. Latinx women are not creatures, but humans. Latinx women are not spices, but humans. Latinx women are allowed to speak out against things that are unjust. Latinx women need more representation in the media. Latinx women come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and from all over the world. Latinx women speak any language. Latinx women are introverted or extroverted or ambiverts. Latinxs women are allowed to be shy or outgoing. Latinx women are doctors, lawyers, stay at home mothers, teachers, janitors, chefs, cashiers, hairstylists, dancers, politicians, sex workers, accountants, vets, dentists, volunteers, artists, public speakers, managers, therapists, nannies, models, writers, athletes- everything and all deserving of the utmost respect. Latinx women own their own bodies and are in control of their own lives. Latinx women love. Latinx women are allowed to feel numb. Latinx women are revolutionary. Latinx women are, but not limited to, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, unsure, trans, asexual- unending. Latinx women are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Atheistic, Agnostic, Pagan and more. Latinx women do not deserve to be fetishized. Latinx women are humans, not sex objects. Latinx women are allowed to struggle with physical, mental, and developmental illnesses. Latinx women are survivors. Latinx women are warriors. Latinx women are allowed to laugh and cry. Latinx women are allowed to rest. Latinx women are so much more than what is written in this post. Latinx women deserve justice. Latinx women deserve to not be spoken over. Latinx women deserve positivity. Latinx women deserve to not have their issues derailed or ignored. Latinx women are so beautiful.

You don’t need to be “more relaxed” or “chilled” about your pronouns if you don’t want to. Pronouns can mean a whole lot to people. They show respect and dignity amongst other things.

You’re allowed to be rigid in you requests for people to use your proper pronouns. You’re not “being mean” you’re simply asking for something that you should get by default. 

im here for ace kids

im here for scared, confused ace kids not knowing who or what they are

im here for ace kids who dont feel safe, offline or online

im here for ace kids who’re told they’re too young to say that they are

im here for sex repulsed ace kids who’re uncomfortable all the time

im here for ace kids who feel othered, who feel like outcasts

im here for ace kids who feel broken, who hate themselves because of it

you deserve so much more, i’m so sorry for how the world treats you right now

you deserve more. you deserve better. you deserve love and support and happiness, you deserve respect, you deserve safety, you deserve community, representation, people to look up to

i will work my hardest to make sure you guys have these resources, things i desperately needed but never had growing up

you arent in this alone. there are people that support you. there are others who know how it feels. we’re here for you.

you are not alone.

Can you imagine the changes to the workforce and how we treated workers if no one HAD to work to survive?

Like often I see these complaints about a universal basic income that are like “well then no one would work!” and I think there are lots of people motivated to have more money even when they have enough to get by, but I also I think, that’s kind of true, if regular employment looked and functioned the way it does now.

But with UBI if both employers and society wanted people in certain jobs those jobs would have to offer more than just “you need us to survive”. They’d have to offer satisfaction and community and purpose.

Imagine the changes places like WalMart and McDonalds would have to make to how they run their enterprise if they had to woo and entice their employees into wanting to be there. Imagine the end of “the customer is always right”, both because employers know their workers won’t put up with and because consumers are forced to have a respect for workers choosing to do this with their time to make the community function when they don’t have to.

Imagine the progress to automation and technology now that we don’t have to worry about unemployment as a result. So instead of a store having 40 employees, they have 10 and automated self check out and price scanners and store apps you can pay on, and automated self-driving bots to keep inventory and restock at night. (And that’s when you don’t just order online, shopping in-store is now inherently a Boutique experience).

But those ten remaining employees are So Valued by the company, and so carefully educated and trained and respected as experts in what they do. People go “you could do that when you grow up, help people shop and find what they need and know what products are best for them.” And it wouldn’t be an insult like “you’ll wind up flipping burgers”, but instead a respected option “you can help people have warm fresh food in one of the oldest and most prestigious international groups in the world, and look at their travel programs and free clubs and classes” (McDonalds wins the Fast Food Mario Kart Tournament every year, their team is best in the nation and if you want a good esports program you work at McDonalds).

Evidence shows people would still work. Evidence shows people want to improve their situations and want to have structure in their lives. Evidence shows the only populations who take advantage of a UBI to not work are students who choose to focus more on their studies and new mothers, who choose to spend more time with their kids.

But it would increase the bargaining power and social power of the average employee by so much. They’d have the option to walk away. And employers would know it and consumers would know it and employees would know it. So if we wanted it to keep working, employers would have to start catering to their employees wellbeing and health and happiness as well as their wallet.

And it would be so good.

hey heres something you need to consider too: stop respecting your politcians

your politicians are temp workers. you hire them to do some short term work and if you like them, you keep them on the job. if you dont you toss their ass out on the street and make sure no one uses their services again. 

YOU hire them. YOU fire them. they work for YOU. when you say jump, they should ask when high and when they can come down. it is ridiculous to think we should be deferential to people whose jobs we control. why do you respect them? they owe you their job, personally. unless you didnt vote for them, in which case you have more of a reason to be pissed and want to make it clear youre getting a new guy in there.

you have to make your local politicians sweat for their jobs if you ever want them to listen to you. you need to make it clear that they SERVE YOU, not the other way around. they’ve forgotten how this system seems to work, so maybe some crude reminders are in order. treat your local politicians with hostility until they get their act together and remind them who’s in charge.

pls calm down mm fandom

the mm fandom seems to have a lot of rude people. specifically towards artists and other content creators such as writers. i see so many people that are totally awful towards the artists and writers. people that just continuously ask about updates, rudely criticize drawings and fics, disregard an artist’s request to not repost or credit their works, people who more or less demand a specific drawing or fic, etc. people need to realize that these wonderful artists and writers do all of these things FOR FREE. they are creating these works FOR FREE ON THEIR OWN TIME. you need to understand that you are making these poor creators feel like they’re doing a job. it’s meant to be for fun and enjoyment and the rude people are just draining the creators to the point where they just don’t want to do anything mystic messenger related anymore. i don’t like seeing our favorite creators tired and upset because a majority of the fandom acts like spoiled little children.








  • it is not a virtue to not set boundaries
  • ignoring your own wants and needs is not a healthy way to show love
  • people worth loving will respect your boundaries
  • people worth loving will not want you to set aside your own wants and needs to make them more comfortable
  • ‘having no boundaries at all’ describes a person who is very hurt, not a person who is very virtuous
  • suffering for others’ comfort is not how you be a good person, it is just how you become very hurt
  • sometimes you need to make others uncomfortable in order to get your needs met
  • your needs are more important than others’ comfort
  • your comfort is equally important to others’ comfort
  • making other people uncomfortable is not, in itself, ethically wrong or morally dubious

I want to let the fandom grieve, but I have to speak out because I hate the thought that this fandom’s disrespect for Louis’s family may have made this past year any more difficult than it already was. Dan mentioned Freddie in Jay’s obituary. People denying that he is Louis’s son absolutely need to stop. Please. Now is the time to respect what Louis’s family have chosen to share with us, to stop speculating about private matters.

It’s so clear at this point that any secret knowledge people claim to have cannot reflect a true understanding of a private situation, that things we don’t understand probably have explanations that we are not entitled to. But even if you continue to insist that you know the private realities of Louis or any of the boys’ lives, please stop denying that Freddie is Louis’s son. 

These sad events show how important it is to be respectful of what we are shown, since we have no way of knowing what else might be happening. Jay wasn’t able to share photos of her grandson without being attacked by part of the fandom. Look at the responses she got when she requested a drawing of Freddie. People feel empowered to do that because rejecting what we are told, even about something as extreme as Louis’s own child, is normalized in this fandom. People say these things because they are told people KNOW what is happening behind the scenes. But we obviously don’t know, so we should not talk about these intimate, private situations in a way that encourages this type of invasive, disrespectful, appalling behavior.

Danielle came with Louis to visit his family over Thanksgiving. Even if you somehow can’t fully accept that they are dating, please at the very least accept that she is an important person in Louis’s life. She is not someone he hates. She is not someone who is just forcing him to be seen with her. She’s the person who supports Louis in difficult times. Do not demean her, do not belittle that. Do not assume you know how Louis feels and use it as an excuse to spread hatred and negativity.

I desperately want people to be able to accept that Freddie is Louis’s son. I want it to be as easy as possible for people to do that. I know there’s a lot of confusion about Briana’s pregnancy, and I am happy to point people to information and explanations. However, even if you still have questions, we need to accept that Briana is involved in this private, important part of Louis’s life and that nothing positive will come from stalking (cyber or otherwise), insulting, and encouraging hatred against her. We do not, and should not, know the details of their relationship or their custody arrangement. Co-parenting is complicated and difficult, and fans cannot possibly understand a situation from the outside. People mocked Briana (and Louis) for possibly flying Freddie to the UK in economy class. Now it turns out it was a genuine emergency and that there might be limited infant seating available. Presumably there are also reasons we don’t understand behind the choices about where to swap custody of Freddie or what Freddie is photographed wearing and all of the million other things that Larries have attacked Briana and Louis over.

Even if you do not feel confident that what we see of Louis’s life is the “full story,” even if you think we’re being manipulated, even if you don’t fully believe what we are shown, please do not think you can come up with a version that is more likely to be real. Insisting that Danielle is not Louis’s girlfriend or that Briana is not the mother of Louis’s child can only be based on speculation about what is happening behind the scenes. It should be more clear than ever that we do not have enough information to do that. We can’t insist on some made up version of Louis’s private life. We need to think about if we’re being respectful based on what we are told is happening, because that is all we know.

Just as this fandom is now stepping up to support Louis as best we can in his grief, we should have been there to support him in his joy over the birth of his child, in Jay’s joy over her first grandchild. If you think the things we say can have any positive impact, then you must recognize the risk of our words having a negative impact as well, and the importance of always being as positive and respectful as we can.


The only thing I have to do is be happy with myself. Girls should accept themselves the way they are. And others need to be more accepting of us too, we deserve more respect. There will always be people who criticize me, and I am a very sensitive person, but I have learnt to care less about what people think.