people miss me ranting so here's a rant

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100 days of Phil is one of the reasons, to me, to stay alive... Love ya, and appreciate your hard work. Hope you get better soon💕

i just started crying?

late night thoughts

ooc: it could be entirely just me, but here’s what i miss about this community.

i miss times when everyone was just getting to know one another and these dumb ass cliques did not exist.

i miss the times when the fandom was an open breeding ground for new ideas, headcanons, plots, and memes.

i miss when i got on and i saw so many people open to rping with just about everyone instead your fucking girlfriends, boyfriends, and secluded ass groups that breed exclusivity and gossip. i am sick of standing by and watching friendships, relationships, and stories crumble because of bullshit.

yeah, yeah i know this shit is in a lot of fucking fandoms, and maybe i was stupid to hope that it wouldn’t happen in this one.

in general, i just miss this fucking community! i miss getting on and there were actual people here! i know destiny is a game much like the fucking tides! expansions come and then they go and then mostly everyone has another fandom to hide in and call a second home. this fandom is and was my home. this is where i got keep some amazing ass friends and i got to make some more amazing ass friends!

i loved the shit posts, the funny rants about broken guns in crucible, iron banner, and trials! i miss seeing people get so excited about the gear they’ve always wanted or obtained a new fucking light level.

i know we all have busy lives, busy minds, and are just fucking busy.

destiny 2 is right around the corner and the community will come back full force with new ideas and new blogs from new people galore, but at the moment i just miss this community. i miss it so much.

i doubt anyone will fucking read this or even agree with it, i doubt it will even fucking matter to a lot of you, but hey, i’m still here and ready to rp with just about anyone who can put up with my stubborn ass muse! lmao.

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Sunny, words can't express my humbled heart. You are one of the sweetest & most genuine people in this fandom & Bruno is missing out by not having you as one of his follows. Thank you for creating HHS where I've been able to rant, play, share info & mostly allows me to drag a hoe in my funny rants, yea that's me! Ugh! 😂 Seriously tho SunBun, I love you, never change unless it's for the better! Special shout out to Nerd, I love you too! & to Everyone here, You rock! Peace 😘🤗

Bless your beautiful heart. I appreciate you so much and love you even more. You’re the sweetest. Thanks for everything! Love you hun😭💛😚 thank you for your sweet words✨

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Your art is perfection oh my gawd every time I see it I cri ur awesome thank you for contributing to the stony fandom omg I'm sorry I'm ranting but I just really really love ur art ok bye have a nice day

Hello Lolip585! ahh thank you so much for writing me such a sweet message! I have missed this site and the lovely friends/kind people here like you! And Your not ranting at all, I genuinely find it really sweet and brave of you to write me this *hugs* I love how the stony fandom is amazing, not just the other creative artists, talented fic writers but I met so many awesome/kind/fun people in this fandom. You guys are all the best and make the ship/fandom great <3

Stony is the OTP i cannot stop drawing lol, I will be uploading more arts soon!

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Heya everyone! So not only did I just turn 23 on friday, and change my url (GOODBYE FOREVER HYPHEN!), but it’s been five months since I made my 1k back around christmas, and man have I gained a heap more wonderful followers! I’ve made new friends in the process - Some I can’t imagine being without now! 

So far this year has had some major lows and highs, but the fandoms i’m part of and friends I have here have always got me through. Thank you all so much ;3;

And as alwaYS! THANK YOU for putting up with my crackship leaku, my shit posting, my off topic rants - and rants in general. For being wonderful people that have changed me for the better since I made my blog around 1 year ago. 

Let’s see what the next year has in store, and keep our fingers crossed for KH3! 

Note: Mutuals if I’ve forgotten you or you’ve had a url change i’ve missed let me know! ILY all! 

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