people lulz


“You didn’t give a damn about your duties yesterday. Your eyes positively lit up. Some intrigue to liven up your humdrum little life.”

nvr 4gt
  • nogitsune: *wreaks havoc on anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with him; causes ungodly amounts of property damage; maims some people; murders some other people for the lulz*
  • stiles: ay dude wtf
  • nogitsune: *hurts scott*
  • stiles: welp, time for me to remove myself from society
  • scott: why so extra bb i'm fine we can help y-

I hope Yana does the backstories for all the supernatural characters in one go. And all the shinigami have emotional tragic sobby backstories. And then at the very end, there’s Sebastian’s tragic backstory. Tragically hilarious backstory. What I hope to see:

  • He made a contract with a random guy once. And the guy’s wish was, “I have this wart on my butt. I think it’s infected. Can you take a look at it? No one else will.”
  • He started the Black Plague by accident because some other demon created the common cold and Sebastian wanted to be cool like them. Instead, the plague happened and the other demons were all “dude, that’s so gross.”
  • He possessed people for the lulz and made them do things like pee on noblemen, eat grass, make lame puns, flirt with policemen
  • He disguised himself as a priest and snuck into churches to deliver sermons or hear confessions; then at the end he rips off the costume “Silly humans! I’m not a priest- you’ve all been fooled HAHAHAHAHA”
  • He “fought” the real Sebastien Michaelis once. He was really smug and gloaty and all “lol u can’t defeat me, stupid human” then Michaelis owned him and 5 seconds later, he’s on the ground begging for mercy
  • He tried to play practical jokes on the pope until the Vatican caught him and sent him screaming via holy water
  • He once drank holy water by accident because some other demon was like “hey, try this cool drink” before going “LOL Fooled you, sucker!”
  • His home in hell has had terrible ventilation problems since 1 BC and for some reason, he’s still in debt since 1 BC and is now wanted for tax evasion
Probably unpopular fandom opinion

Now that there is so much promo material flying around, I keep seeing stuff that basically boils down to, “Aw, Carol’s so great! Now all we need is Daryl.”

I love my shipping. I truly do. I’m a shipper to the core. But Carol Peletier is a fanfuckingtastically awesome character all by herself. She doesn’t need anybody else around to make her awesome. Her awesomeness does not become more awesome just because Daryl enters the scene, or because Daryl also trends on twitter, or because MMB and NR are on set at the same time.

Her awesomeness just is. And sometimes it would be so great if we could celebrate the love, affection, and hard-earned press attention that this amazing character is receiving without immediately defaulting to, “So how can we turn this into a Caryl thing?”

I’m here for All Hail the Queen first and everything else second.

Values I dislike in the current state of the truscum community
  • Not allowing the questioning of established ‘facts’, despite the origin of trusum being specifically the questioning of established ‘facts’.
  • Ostracision and banishment from the community being the immediate norm for minor ‘trespasses’ (including saying that person X or people with X view are automatically shitty people, blocking anyone who disagrees with you, public call-outs) for all but the most extreme circumstances, e.g. call-outs being when you cannot agree to disagree as substantial harm is being caused and attempts to engage with the person has failed, etc.
  • People participating in groupthink and mob mentality, rather than refusing it, despite the origin of truscum being a minority backlash against groupthink and mob mentality.
  • People using the truscum label as a fad bandwagon to leap on and be a dick to people for the lulz, without attempting to understand the depth of the issues or help anyone.
  • Over-focus on the rules rather than the spirit, and the watering down of truscum. It is now about dysphoria, solely, no matter what that means, and no longer about the situation for individuals who have a medical requirement to transition.

These can be summarised as lack of engagement, lack of desire to do good and add value, and lack of understanding.