people loving gwen is my fave thing

anonymous asked:

I love seeing the interactions of Jen and Kingston with Blake. Jen, telling him off just like a SIL, Kingston casually lying in bed with them. There's just so much ease and comfort with them that it speaks volumes about their relationship. I feel that Blake and Gwen are just easy people. And maybe it's more the fans who over analyse and stress more about the relationship than they do.

I LOVE Jen’s relationship with him, to be honest, and laughed way too hard at their interaction. Also, what I haven’t even seen mentioned ONCE, his casual talk of wondering about the Easter card, lol. It’s just so damned NORMAL, and that’s my fave thing in the world…

I’ve been hanging out for snaps of Apollo in bed with them, but I can’t say I was disappointed at getting King instead. I mean, even just Blake’s arm just casually leaning on King when Betty was taking up all the room was just. Le sigh. 😊