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Asian aromantics are so important and wonderful. Whether you’re South Asian, West Asian, North Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, you’re so vital to the aro community. You have so much worth that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Also? Some people on here need to stop acting like they know shit about me or my feminism because I post about liking traditionally feminine things. Those things are my preferences for my life and my appearance. I don’t think that girls/women need to embrace traditionally feminine things (I talk on here and on other blogs about how great all types of girls/women are. Make ya own choices, it’s your life!) But I, personally think a lot of “girly” stuff is cool and am happy that I’m over (at least most of) my internalized misogyny that made me hate those things growing up, and as a result made me look down on the girls/women who enjoyed them.

My feminism is letting every girl and woman wear what they want to wear and do what they want to do as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. My feminism is NOT treating other girls/women on the internet like they’re stupid for what they wear and enjoy.
And it’s a lot more, too, for the record, but that’s for another time.

TL;DR if you really want to make someone else’s business yours, make an effort to understand where they’re coming from instead of jumping to conclusions.

do you ever wonder how others in the fandom see you?? like,,, what am i to you??

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sorry to bother, but is it okay to use your art as a reference when practicing? i'm super bad at drawing and i'm not going to "copy" your art or anything and i will not post it anywhere. i totally understand if that's not okay. in any case, thank you!

please read my reply here!

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After reading your answer to the question, what is your favorite levihan moment?

Ah! I get this question a lot. I usually direct you guys to this post. I think it is still my favourite moment to this day. Whenever I read that post again, my heart just blooms. lol. But for you anon, I scoured for another worthy moment that gave me the tingle tingle.

The levihan date with Roy and Pierre

I like how they were wearing their own jackets, the proximity of their hands and in the next few panels, Roy praising Hanji for a doing a good job. Hanji was bashful and all but Levi was “Write something nice about us! You ungrateful old man”. I improvised the line.

And of course, how could I leave out this-

That.. that.. I cried. I squealed. I laughed when I saw that. Levi the emotionless clean freak, warning Hanji the excitable scientist. That is the core of every Levihan fanarts and fanfics. You can’t deny that.

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So, I wasn’t necessarily intending to wait until now for this, but I have reach just over 400 followers on this blog. I’m so super happy that over 400 people have taken their time to follow this blog, even if they don’t necessarily like or reblog my posts or asks questions. I am even more extremely thankful for those who do reblog and like the posts on this blog, as well as the ones that ask questions. You all are the ones that truly keep this blog going, and I want to thank each and every person who spends any amount of time on this blog. This blog has affected my life very positively, and has helped me through a few stressful moments in my life. Even though I can’t exactly say I’m not still going through things, since I seem to constantly not really feel super well emotionally, this blog really does help me. And I’m it’s been able to help other people too. Remember, the Host and I are always here to talk, if you need it.

Anyway, enough of that! Here are my top four fans!

1. @malectrash8714

2. @killerpancakesarepancakes

3. @fiery-candlemaker (It won’t let me tag you)

4. @adreamoverlife

Big thanks to you four for the attention you’ve been giving this blog! And, of course, a big thanks to everyone else. Even if you aren’t on here often or liking a majority of my posts, maybe just one or two, I am so grateful for all of you! You really are what makes this blog keep going.

I would also like to thank my 350th follower: @markiplierloveschica

And, of course, my 400th follower: @planet-kayde

Congratulations for being those two lucky numbers, and thank you for following! And, of course, a big round of applause for ALL OF MY OTHER FOLLOWERS!!! Seriously, though, you ALL mean so much to me, not just the ones that happen to be on specific numbers or give this blog the most attention. You are all so great and wonderful for giving your time to this blog long enough to want to see more of it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to express the gratitude I feel towards you all; thank you a million times over, but I still don’t think that’s enough.

Hopefully the event that was originally started at the 200 followers milestone (man, have we grown since than!) will continue within the next few days. Unfortunately the volunteer work I’m doing right now is strangely stressful because of some specific people at the camp, so I don’t know if I’ll be doing much in terms of writing until I’m out of this week.

I will again be offering for you all to ask me, the mun, questions, all of which I will be answering next Monday. I will try to find some ask memes to reblog to here, which you can use to ask questions to both me and the Host. I will also take drawing requests, if anyone would like to take me up on that offer (I got only one person last time, can we get more this time?)

If anyone has any ideas for other things to do, I will be all ears for the next week or so. So if you have suggestions, bring them right up! This includes but is not limited to a magic! anon (which might be weird when it’s all text based but might be fun), a fanfiction, or some other art piece. I want you guys to have a say in this!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say this time. It’s a little late but I’ll be answering a few more asks before I head off. I’ll try to post reminders for people to ask questions for the mun, and like I mentioned, I will be reposting ask memes specifically for the mun (though you can also ask the Host, I won’t force you to ask me things).

I want to remind you all again how much you matter to me. Also, if any of you want to interact with me/the Host but are afraid to do so, I say go ahead! I can definitely understand being shy or anxious, and I am in no way forcing you to interact with me, but for those that are afraid you’ll annoy me; I’m giving straight up permission for all of you to interact with me. You won’t annoy me in the slightest!

Anyway, that’s all for this. I hope all of you have wonderful days and nights, wherever in the world you are. See you all!

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➋ Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just left an unforgettable impression on you?

Munday Interview. || Accepting.

Oh absolutely. There are so many people that have left an impression, both those I’ve written with and those who I haven’t gotten the pleasure of writing with yet but that I admire on my dash. @belayaknyazna and her love for Tat and also her writing, @exsuperatus for a lot of shit, too much to list tbh, @niesmiarotny, @enchantmentandculture@damnprussia for her problematic son and making me love him even more, @inionnaforaoise for a lot of interesting questions and character development, oh gosh who else I know I’m forgetting people kihosdkl.

@ppl who are getting top surgery

I’m not going to make a long masterpost of dos and don'ts about post-op care for top surgery, there’s plenty of those, but I will say this:


it’s not that expensive, you can find it bottled in the beauty department or in capsules by the vitamins.

What does it do? It softens your skin. After surgery, your skin is pulled extremely tight, painfully so, even a week after I couldn’t raise my arms very high because it pulled at the incisions. It prevents stretch marks, softens your skin, and helps reduce scarring

I finally got some today and it was instant relief, it’s just a thick oil and you can put on drops or puncture capsules to cover your skin in it, this is the most pain-free I’ve been since before the surgery

So just, if you’re getting that (or really any surgery that’ll result in really tight stitches or incisions), get some vitamin E


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names