people like this are why we can't have anything nice

okay God I’m sorry but this belief that ~real neurodivergents~ don’t get distracted by fidget spinners and they automatically turn the users into studious little good noodles and it’s only the bad loud neurotypical children who ever cause problems with them is so frustrating.

like, I don’t have a problem with spinners to begin with but CHRIST maybe don’t impose your fucking weird Good ND/Baaaad NT dynamic on literal children, especially when I feel like “neurotypical” is a bad label to apply to children to begin with.

as far as I can say, being an ND adult (OCD, anxiety, ptsd and cyclothymia with very likely comorbid ADHD) who works with kids (as a sitter/homework helper, not a therapist or anything), spinners… aren’t great for helping kids focus to begin with. they’re GREAT for providing stimulation in boring situations that could otherwise lead to meltdowns or sudden bad moods, etc, and that is also a good thing and something that should be allowed. but like, one of the kids I sit is definitely ND, and if he has his spinner during homework time he starts trying to balance it on his nose and stuff. his *cube* is super helpful with focusing, but the spinner, not so much. I don’t think confiscating them is the answer but I think it’s fair to ask for spinners to be put away during class time, because kids are kids and kids goof off regardless of neurodivergence or lack thereof.

but even aside from all that, you don’t know who’s ND and needs it and who isn’t and this website’s weird obsession with imposing this absolute dichotomy of good nd/bad nt (and treating both of these as instantly visible and easily distinguished on sight) on people in general is bad enough, but putting it on children is especially terrible.

I know little cis boys are the most likely to get diagnosed as autistic (for just one example) but I’ve spent a lot of time seriously wondering how many of even them fall through the cracks because their special interest is like, sports or pro wrestling and their not liking to be touched or stimming is seen as jockish aggression or whatever, and this attitude? this contributes to that! so many people around here are so hung up on identifying neurodivergence based on perceived virtue (right up until it’s being used to excuse abusive behavior) that you start talking shit about LITERAL CHILDREN without knowing anything about them or what their needs might be.

congratulations, tumblr... you’re doing it again.

Are people really losing their minds over a video Mark did like A YEAR AGO?

You’re barely now having a problem with it because he shared it on twitter and said he had a lot of fun doing it????? Like, are you really going to viciously attack him for doing that? He’s not the only Lets Player who’s done a makeup challenge, yet I don’t see anyone else being scrutinized for it. 

Calm down, guys. Take a deep breath and really think about what you’re spewing out onto the internet… I don’t mean that you’re not allowed to be offended or hurt by anything, but think about why. You know he wasn’t doing the makeup thing to maliciously make fun of anyone (or any group of people)! He never once said anything negative about OTEHRS using makeup. I mean, is there something I’m missing when re-watching it?

Quit trying to find something to hate him for. Sure, he’s not perfect; NO ONE IS. Instead of calling him all these names while you grab your torch and pitchfork, maybe try explaining why what he did/said is harmful to you or a group of people. Grow up and use your words.

So, turns out Disney XD released 2 upcoming Wander Over Yonder episodes on demand today, The Nice Guy and The Timebomb! So if you have access to them, go watch! 

And for those who already watched, i’m thinking now that we know what the episodes are like, we help spread the word and promote them (nothing spoilery, though!)? I see the Cartoon Network shows do this a lot, where artists will draw something to promote the episode and inform people of when and where to watch. I remember Gravity Falls doing this too, so why not have some for Wander?