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Derek’s Pack// “Teen wolf 2.0″

when i saw “liam’s pack” - corey, mason, liam, and hayden, tbh it really made me miss the old teen wolf. i love all of those characters, as well as parrish, malia, theo, kira, etc., but i miss the first 3 seasons, when half of what was happening was like scott trying to get mr argents approval, and scallison and jydia going on group dates. I miss them having social lives and carefree moments. everything is so dark and extreme now. so many people are dying and getting hurt. Again, I still love teen wolf and all the newer cast members, but seeing liam and his “pack” really made me miss isaac and jackson and allison.  I miss lydia being kind of a self absorbed bitch, and jackson lowkey bullying scott because of all of his own problems, and derek being grumpy and sarcastic. Derek. oh my god derek fucking hale. before it was scott’s pack, it was derek’s. how did we forget how important derek was? And i guess the only people alive knowing derek’s whole story are scott, stiles, and lydia. those are the only three left from the “original teen wolf”. wow.

So, as much as i truly love teen wolf 2.0, as Jeff Davis himself has called it, Derek’s pack will always hold a special place in my heart. 

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Nemeton Revolution days one and two.
  • Crystal said that her favorite scene is when Allison and Scott are in the photobooth because Tyler Posey’s acting was comfortable. 
  • Crystal said that she would have loved to play Jackson, because he was a Kanima.
  • Crystal said that she misses working with the Teen Wolf cast.
  • If Allison was still alive, Chris would still develop some romance with Melissa and Allison would def approve.
  • First impression JR had of Crystal was the she was BEAUTIFUL and was obsessed with her eyelashes.
  • Crystal is aware of everyone wanting Allison to have a funeral & thinks lots of people would’ve gone- more of a celebration than a sad time.
  • Crystal said earlier today she would like to become closer to Arden because she’s a great person.
  • Tyler wishes Allison and him didn’t hate each other because Derek always secretly had a soft spot for her.
  • Crystal thinks both Kira and Allison taught Scott a lot, and he loves them both and neither SHIP deserves hate.
  • Crystal loves scallison, but she has such a huge love for scira, she can’t decide which one she likes better.
  • Crystal’s favorite part about playing Allison was the combat scenes and the cool bows and the knives and blades she really enjoyed it.
  • Crystal likes the idea of stiles and allison, but she always was more a stiles and lydia girl.
  • When asked about Tyler crystal said “I miss working with him most he always made my days just a little bit better”.
  • When asked on Kira, crystal responded, “Despite the boy, Kira and Allison would’ve had a very close friendship I believe”
  • Crystal does in fact ship stydia, she stated “I think they’re meant for each other, all this time and they still manage to be there.”
  • When asked about allydia, crystal said “Lydia was the most important person in Allison’s life, she literally died for her.”
  • Jr says Allison was a very important part of his life, and without her he just feels empty, but being chris, he tries not to show it.
  • Crystals favorite colors are purple and orange. 

“If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid back and no one cares. It’s really nice.”


Dylan Sprayberry for DA MAN Magazine by Mitchell McCormack lockscreens with psd

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imagine for@suchcutepancakes

Hey! First off, I really like your imagines and I think that you deserve a million more notes! Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t really how people request things (I’m a tumblr noob). But my request is just that the reader and Dylan are dating and they’re at the Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con and Dylan keeps staring at her and they’re being all cute and flirty. Sorry if this is really broad, but I thought that I would leave the rest up to you!

You smiled at all the faces you could see at the front, the rest were out of your sight the bright lights stopping you from seeing all the fans faces.

“so we are going to open the floor to questions” the whole room filled with light finally allowing you to see all the faces that had come to see you. you smiled at everyone loving seeing all the support.

“first question please”said the interviewer.

“hey”a small voice said from a few rows back, you homed in on the voice and smiled at the teenage girl. “my question is for Dylan O’Brien”she said.

Dylan lean in forward to get a better look at her face. “hey”he said smiling at her. you smiled as you watched your boyfriend, you loved how amazing he was with the fans.

“how is it acting in scenes with your girlfriend?”

“awful”he joked looking over at you sending a wave of laughter through everyone including Tyler who was separating you. Tyler put his hands on your shoulders and rubbed them as he laughed and you glared playfully at your boyfriend. “no of course I’m joking”Dylan laughed. “its amazing you know” he rubbed his nose with his hand. “it makes everything easier like i don’t have to pretend to be in love with her, i already am”

your heart melted a little bit as he looked at you and smiled. what he said we true, playing love interests with your real life partner was the best thing.

everyone aaawwwed and the next question was asked, you lay your head on the table as Holland was talking. Dylan did the same and you locked eyes. you stuck your tongue out at him and he copied you making you laugh.

“(y/n)?”asked Jeff. you shot back up again making everyone laugh. “you ok there?”

“yep, Dylan distracted me” you laughed. “what was the question sweetie?”you looked at the young boy with the mic.

“what made you decided to follow acting?”

“oh well..”you paused to think of an answer. “i went to clubs when i was young, and it was what i did after school. like someone does a sport , that was my thing. i loved doing it, i had so much fun, and when i got older people started telling me that i was really good, like people who knew there stuff and then that was when i thought first about doing it as a career, and then thats what I’ve always to do, and hard work and luck got me here”

“you’re so pretty”Dylan said as he lifted his cap from his head and ran his hands through his hair. you smiled at him and watched as he put his cap back on.

“whats the funniest thing that has happened on set?”

“oh i have one”Dylan said leaning forward excitedly. “so basically, it was a really early morning shoot and we were outside and it was pretty cold, so (y/n) isn’t a morning person right, and we had just done this serious scene and then (y/n) was meant to run off but except when she did she tripped right over this wire and fell into this sound guy and he fell into about 3 other people knocking over some seriously expensive equipment, so there was a pile of people on the floor and (y/n) just looks at me from under these people and goes ‘i fucked up’, it was the funniest thing”

“hey! i thought we weren’t going to talk about that!”you protested. everyone laughed and so did you. everyone went back to answering questions as you caught Dylans eye.

“i love you princess”he mouthed.

“i love you too”

She’s a little odd - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Request]

A/N: requested by @loveislouder14. I hope you like it. I really like the idea, so I hope it turned out well.
Requests are always open!

word count: 1476

It all started off with one simple tweet. People got used to Dylan O'Briens girlfriend – the Teen Wolf super-fan, but things got strange once they learned about me shipping Stydia. The day it finally happened on show not only I went totally nuts but also questions over-floated. They always kept wondering how I could be so supportive, when it actually came to my man kissing some other woman and when fans hearts stopped as wishes and dreams finally came true, I was one of them. I felt it becoming one of the most discussed topics in fan groups or even Tumblr, but to be honest I never got their point.

First of all this was part of Dylans job, so there was actually no chance I got jealous about him kissing someone else. Well, to be honest at first I had to get used to it, but it didn’t took me this long. Apart from this I simply didn’t care as long as I knew who his heart belonged to.

Now that months have passed, each day advanced towards Comic Con. In fact Dylan offered me more than once to accompany him, but I declined kindly every time he asked.

To anyone else there haven’t been much of a reason for my behavior but to me and my best friend (Y/F/N), this has been our event for ages now and I wouldn’t want to break with this tradition for anything – not even Dylan.

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Chapter 8 Crossing Paths

Authors: @joeynihil and me
Warning: Smut

“Well now that you stopped making out they’re some people that would like to see you” Ana said as Pia and Sebastian took a step forward.

Jo covered her mouth with both hands in disbelief, her eyes got watery and Pia smiled pulling Jo into her warm embrace.

When Ana noticed the confusion on Scott’s face she spoke again “This are my siblings” the girl explained and Scott looked even more confused than ever “I know, I have some explaining to do” she said knowingly.


“We’re going on pairs for the training” Scott said and Isaac quickly spoke

“Dibs on Ana” he said intertwining his fingers with hers, Pia growled under her breath.

“I’ll take my brother” Pia said and she smiled, Ana giggled resting her hand on Jo’s shoulder

“Oh, then that leaves you and Scott” she beamed innocently, before whispering “Just try not to make out in the process” Jo send her a death glare before leaving with Scott.

Ana turned over to Isaac and smiled mischievously “Ready to get your ass kicked?” She mocked Isaac, who raised an eyebrow smiling “Bring it on” he said putting his guard up. She wasted no time and threw the first punch at him but he avoid it smoothly.

He backed away and stared right into Ana’s eyes as he moved in circles, finally he threw a punch on her rib, she tried to block it but she wasn’t fast enough, then Isaac threw another punch on her chest at the same time that she tried to aim his head with her foot.

Both attacks were blocked mutually, Ana punched Isaac on her abdomen and she tried to do it again but Isaac caught her hand in his roughly, she tried to sweep him off his feet but failed and Isaac took the opportunity to catch her other hand.

When he did he turned her around pinning the brunette in her own arms. Ana’s back was facing Isaac chest and his nose was slightly touching the soft skin of her neck. He could help but breath in the girl’s scent.

To his surprise the scent was extremely intoxicatingly pleasant.

Ana’s breath flickered and her heart was pounding roughly against her chest, but then something weird happened.

She started feeling tickles on her private zone, the feeling was oddly pleasant.

“Do you smell that?” Pia asked unconsciously following the scent, she stopped when she was in front of her younger sister who had already pulled apart from the blue eyed boy.

She sniffed her quietly an then opened her eyes widened as she opened her mouth slightly. “It’s you” the girl frowned confused “Ana you’re in heat” she said and Ana’s mouth fell to the ground.

“WHAT?” She yelled


Ana knew what being in heat was. It meant that you were mature enough to have sexual intercourse as a werewolf. But if you had any kind of sexual interaction with anyone that was a werewolf during your heat that person would be your mate for a lifetime.

Now that you were on your heat, your scent would attract any werewolf until you were finally marked.

“Don’t even think about it Lahey” Jo warned him angrily with her arms crossed on her chest. Isaac was having a hard time with this situation, from the moment she entered any room he was tempted to take her immediately, so everyone else on the pack was keeping him from doing so.

Until one day you were left alone. Pia and Sebastian went to buy clothes, Jo and Scott and Malia were doing a study group at Malia’s house for the Calculus exam, while Stiles and Lydia were on detention for one of Stiles’ master plans.

Ana didn’t went to school because of her heat and Isaac got earlier from school. As soon as he entered the house he smelled the girl’s distinctive scent of arousal, he bit his lip when he saw her on the kitchen trying to reach a bowl for your cereal.

He went over to her and easily grabbed the bowl, Ana seemed to freeze at the contact of his muscular chest against heated back, she slowly turned around facing him, his deep blue eyes locked in her dark brown ones, Isaac looked at her small fleshy lips before kissing her passionately.

Ana immediately kissed him back with the same force as him, her fingers locking in the boy’s curls. Isaac’s tongue ask for entrance which she easily granted, Isaac’s hands found their way to her thighs to pull her up and place her in the kitchen counter.

He started trailing a path of wet kisses from her jaw to her right breast, the knot on Ana’s stomach kept growing, as she moaned softly because of the boy’s ministrations.

Isaac went back to Ana’s neck and started to kiss it slowly, but when her moans became slightly louder and realized he reached her sweet spot he started kissing it roughly as he began to slip his hands up to her bra

“Isaac… we… we can’t” Isaac groaned as he kissed her slowly, ignoring her statement “Isaac” she called him again breathlessly, making him stop as he rest his forehead on hers.

“I love you Ana” he said stroking her cheek with his thumb “I love you and I want you to be mine forever” she looked into his eyes as she puts her arms around his neck “I know it sounds crazy but you make me feel things that not even Alison could” He says truthfully

“Mark me” she whispers in his ear, he puts her down and takes her hand in his to guide her to his bedroom. He sits her on the bed and takes out her shirt, he kisses her as he starts unbutton her jeans and ones he does he slips his fingers inside her panties rubbing her heat slowly. Her moans increased by the gesture, her legs closing unconsciously as she hold onto Isaac’s shoulder to support herself.

Then he pulled away, Ana whimpered at the lost of contact as he ripped her jeans off, he hovered the girl with his body, he used one of his hands to take off her panties and threw them on the floor, and he immediately slipped one finger side her, a strap of her bra fell of her shoulder and her eyes closed shut at the feeling of his fingers inside her, and before she could adjust, he started moving his finger in circular motions as he entered her back and forth making her cry in painful pleasure.

Ana was struggling, this was her first time and she didn’t really felt prepared to lose her virginity, but her whole body said otherwise, she was screaming for Isaac to make her his. Every touch seemed to ignite the fire inside her, the urge to be touched in the only way Isaac could.

“I swear to god if you don’t stop doing that I’m gonna loose it” he breathed on her neck sending chills down her spine. Her walls began to clenched around his digit and Ana started buckling her hips around it to get more friction.

That’s when he lost it.

He’s hand when to her hip and kept her in place, he took his finger out of her and he unclasped her bra. Leaving her completely naked in front of him, he took of his pants and went straight down to her breast kissing it roughly as his hands grabbed her thighs placing them around his waist as he started grinding his bulge against her heat slowly.

Ana reached onto Isaac boxer and pulled it down his legs, he took it off with his legs throwing them to the floor, and without a warning he rammed into her with one powerful thrust, both of them moaning at the feeling as he picked up the pace, he dug his face on the crook of her neck, he wolfed out and unconsciously buried his fangs deep on her skin, making her gasp and wolf out as well.

At some point Isaac’s thrust’s got sloppier and her walls began to close around his length ones again until both of you finally release inside each other.

Isaac pulled out of her and hugged her tightly as she nuzzled his chest with her fingertips, he looked at her before kissing her, when they pulled apart he spoke “We need to get dressed, the guys could be here any minute” he said and she nodded as she stood up to go for your clothes.


“Sorry we’re so late, the study session was more difficult than we thought” Jo apologized as she helped her to serve the dinner, Ana smiled

“You don’t have to apologize” she reassured her and she smiled, but her smile slowly faded as she looked at Ana’s neck

“What’s that?” She asked curiously and Ana frowned as her friend got closer
“What?” She asked confused and Joey pulled the girl’s hair out of her neck, there was a darker spot on her neck that looked like a bite.

A werewolf bite.

“You let him mark you?” Jo growled angrily and Ana paled, Jo waisted no time and went to find Isaac, Ana following her from behind trying to stop her but failing miserably.

She entered his room and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and then threw him out to the wall, the sound of Isaac’s body smashing into the wall made Scott and Pia appear right away finding a wolfed out Jo on the scene and a very confused and scared Isaac.

“You asshole, you just couldn’t keep your dick on your pants, COULD YOU?” She yelled furiously “The worst part is that you didn’t just marked her. YOU ALSO TOOK HER FUCKING VIRGINITY” She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Pia looked at you surprised “Is it true?” She asked the girl, she opened her mouth but no sound came out, Pia quickly walked over to Isaac and pinned him against the wall “Give me one fucking reason of why we shouldn’t kill you” she hissed but before he could answer Ana pulled her sister by the back of her shirt so roughly that she fell to the floor.

Everyone including Isaac looked at her surprised as she stood up for her mate “Don’t you EVER threat him or I’ll be the one that kills you” She growled making everyone in the room completely speechless “You’re all blaming him, when it was also my fault. Isaac it’s my mate now. Big deal, at least we don’t deny our feelings for each other” she scoffed staring at Jo, whose eyes opened widely, and when she didn’t responded Ana took Isaac’s hand to lead him downstairs.

I feel like he’s so genuine that maybe he might come off as fake to people or something like that, but he’s just the most honestly good to the core person that you could find, you know. He just, he means no harm to anyone, he is such a sweet soul. He’s really smart too, and I don’t think like fans like talk about that as much, you know, like how smart - how fucking smart he is. He’s just a good soul, man, you know, I’m so happy he’s one of my best friends forever.
—  Dylan O’Brien about Tyler Posey, HollywireTV (x)

Dear Teen Wolf Fandom,

Please stop invading the personal lives of actors. Specifically their love lives. I always see the fandom commenting on the actors posts telling them who they should date or marry or be with and it’s not okay. These people are in relationships and don’t want people dismissing that. Ship Pennig, O'Hennig, O'Broden or whatever all you want but do it respectfully without bringing it to the attention of the actors. If you like the friendship then okay fine, but stop trying to invade their personal lives by telling them who they should be in a relationship with. Things like “you guys should date”, “get married”, or “get together now” are rude and disrespectful. And then to tag the actors or comment that under their posts is worse. Again, if it’s the friendship you like then by all means, say you love their friendship or BROTP, but stop forcing romance between the actors. If you ship them romantically then make your own post about it or comment under a fan post without tagging the actors. You guys don’t know if it makes them uncomfortable or anything so please stop.

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five things you’ll find in my bag
-hand sanitizer
-random doodle(s) on scraps of paper
-lip gloss

five things you’ll find in my bedroom 
-a little clown doll my grandpa gave me for halloween when i was like three
-tons of art prints, postcards and magazine pages stuck to the walls
-my cats, probably
-my funko pop collection
-an ikea wardrobe i (mostly) built myself

five things i wanna do w/ my life
-influence as many people as possible for good
-be able to make a living doing art
-own a sphynx cat at some point
-find my soulmate
-dye my hair a pastel color

five things i’m into right now
-the la la land soundtrack
-teen wolf, obviously
-a series of unfortunate events
-the rogue one cast + characters
-brooklyn nine-nine

five things on my to-do list
-finish rewatching teen wolf
-read a ton more books
-finish a painting i’m working on
-vacuum my carpets
-water my flowers

five things people may not know about me
-i can’t sing to save my life but i’d really love to be able to
-i love mint and chocolate together
-the musician grimes is like my number one hero
-i dyed my hair purple once (not pastel tho. i’m not rich enough to get my hair bleached or brave enough to do it myself lol)
-i’m not really into youtubers but i love emma blackery 

i tag anyone who wants to do this! (no seriously. go ahead.)

kira’s story was in no way wrapped up, teen wolf is just another show that treats their poc characters and actors like garbage. like scira was a healthy, supportive, equal relationship between two poc and that meant a lot to a lot of people, as did kira as a character and now it’s gone. arden was your only fucking poc main female cast member teen wolf.

i’m so done with this piece of shit show.

I don’t personally like Britt, but this picture makes me so happy.

I think people need to realize that despite your opinions on either of them, it’s not an excuse to hate. You might not like her, but if you’re a fan of Dylan, just take a second.

Look at how he’s looking at her. Look at the sparkle in his eyes, look at how considerately he’s looking at her. If you are a fan of Dylan O'Brien, you will value his happiness, you will respect everything he does since it is his life. He is an amazing person, and he is happy with Britt. He is happy, and if you love him, you will put all opinions aside, and just look at this picture. This changed my mind completely on their relationship, this…this is happiness.

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I totally didn't realize Laura was 26 I thought she was like the same age as everyone else. That's kinda weird now that I think about it like yes they're both adults but still 6 years is pretty significant and the person you are at 20 is so different from the person you are at 26. Even though it's just for a movie I wish they cast people more close to age of people their playing like come on a 26 year old playing a 15 year old??

yeah, i mean that’s how castings work tho for now.. like how teen wolf they cast arden to play a high school student when she’s 31 lol. i mean i don’t have a problem with it, but i can see how it can be weird


How was it to be apart of Teen Wolf? 

It honestlybecause I got this job very, very, very soon after moving to the United States and they honestly became like my family. They still are like I still see JR, Ian, and everybody I see. I still you know like I consider them really, really dear friends of mine. Max, Holland, Charlie, all of those people. And like, you know I got a huge amount out of the show, but a lot of it was friendship. I love them to pieces and there’s something about the people that Jeffthe director, the producerhe likes putting certain people together that and likeI’m sure you know this, but like everybody that’s on that set are so bloody nice and they’re such good people. And there was never anybody that you were like “oh god I don’t wanna go to work” and that’s so rare. It doesn’t happen on TV shows, especially ones that are successful. You know, those people go to work and they’re like “alright, let’s go.” So, yeah. Daniel Sharman


“If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid back and no one cares. It’s really nice.”