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Behind the Scenes of Partners in Crime (Part 3)

David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Phil Collinson on the episode podcast.

[talking about the window-cradle scene]

Phil Collinson: I love you in this basket. You just absolutely go for it.

David Tennant: And that was all green-screen, of course

PC: Yeah, it was. And then we had to fly the sonic screwdriver on a green screen as well

DT: …and I had to catch it

Catherine Tate: And you did!

PC: I love it!  What a catch!  How many times did you drop it?

DT:  I did drop it a couple of times. [Phil laughs loudly]  I remember we rehearsed it twice and I caught it both times but as soon as the camera started I kept dropping the thing.

[talking about filming the scene in the street pictured above]

PC: It was difficult doing all that night shooting on the streets there, because obviously we’ve got a lot of people… onlookers.  We have to have quite a lot of security to keep people out of the way and stop them wandering into the shots and wrestling you both to the ground for autographs.

[lots of laughter]

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