people kill guns

If your argument against gun control goes like this “what if a bad guy has a gun I need one to defend myself” then you’re already stating that a gun is a threat to the safety of those nearby. You’re tickling your ego by thinking you with your gun will be faster and smarter than the bad guy and frankly my life is not worth testing out your bullshit attitude. You already know guns are bad, you just think you with a gun is better. If they shoot you or you shoot them that’s the same number of people killed. You still believe guns are dangerous you just wanna feel cool idk what to tell you champ just stop sniffing the glue.

For all the “well cars kill more people than guns, why don’t we take away cars?” people: cars are insanely regulated. You need to take multi-part tests to get a driver’s license, which needs to be renewed. They have to be registered, insured, and inspected yearly by law. The police can take away your driver’s license if you misuse your car. Manufacturers have to adhere to a litany of regulations and pass a hundred tests for safety and quality before being allowed to sell them. Your car can be repossessed for any number of infractions. I would be thrilled if we treated guns like cars.

It's always the time to talk about gun control

But the best time is right after a shooting because people are feeling emotions and empathy and unforchanly it fades away all too quickly and by now alot of people have already moved on from vegas and forgotten that all of the dozons of terrible guns he had literally killed dozens of people.

What If?

What if we lived in a world where mass shootings wasn’t the ‘new normal’?

What if we didn’t have to rationalize mass shootings to our kids?

What if we could attend concerts without the numbing anxiety?

What if our kids were allowed to be such, without their childhood being scarred by such events?

What if it we lived in a nation where that terrorist couldn’t easily and legally buy 33 guns and a bump stock all acquired within the last 12 months?

What if we could do more than ‘thoughts and prayers’?

What if we lived in a country where people valued the lives of others over semi-automatic guns?

Action is necessary. I’m tired of waking up to a new solemn hashtag.

This Needs to be Said

The shooting in Las Vegas was terrible, but it was by no means the largest mass shooting in US history. The Mandalay Bay loses no significance by not being the largest mass shooting in the US. However, the actual largest mass shooting in the US DOES stand a lot to lose by being forgotten, and the two events go hand in hand. 

In 1890 more than 200 unarmed women and children and dozens of unarmed men were slaughtered at Wounded Knee. 

US soldiers surrounded a Lakota village and demanded the men with firearms hand them in. One man, Black Elk, was deaf and didn’t understand what was being asked of him. The US soldiers tried to take his gun by force and in the scuffle it was accidentally discharged. The US soldiers then began to shoot the Lakota men at point blank range. The Lakota men who still retained their firearms returned fire and tried to take shelter. The rest of the village FLED

That’s when the commanding US officer lost control of his troops. The began to chase down and slaughter the fleeing Lakota without instruction to do so. No military order was given. Hundreds were murdered. 

Does that sound like a battle to you? When we hear the word ‘battle’ we tend to think of two opposing military forces, both armed and prepared for combat. Calling this event ‘the battle of wounded knee’ and not remembering it as a mass shooting erases the vile acts of the US soldiers. The fact that they happened to be in the military means nothing. In fact, some of these monsters received a medal of honor for the massacre (which, to my knowledge, have yet to be revoked despite urging from Native communities). 

What’s the connection between this and Vegas? The US soldiers are the people held up as shining examples to Americans, particularly white American males. While ‘Wounded Knee Massacre’ paints them in a negative light, ‘The Battle of Wounded Knee’ paints them as heroes. Even more recently military men who have expressed delight in killing get movies made about them. White men killing people with guns is PRAISED here. So take a white male, give him these men to look up to, and give him easy access to guns. Those things might not create a murderer, but they sure as fuck don’t help. 

So remember the Mandalay Bay shooting, the second largest recorded mass shooting in US history, borne of the same issues that caused the first. 

i want every person who wants to buy a gun to get subjected to the shit people who want abortions go through. i want gun supply stores to be picketed with screaming people holding photos of dead children with bullet holes in their faces. i want any people (especially young men and cops) that try to go inside to be surrounded and harassed and spat on. i want them to be called murderer, gun whore, baby killer. i want the people who sell them to be inundated with death threats and physically assaulted and murdered. i want firing ranges to get firebombed. i want there to be a mandatory 48 hour waiting period, with the salesmen showing them pictures of all the loved ones they’re likely to kill, on purpose or accidentally. i want them to watch videos about the effects of gun violence and plenty of graphic deaths to illustrate. i want them to get parental permission and a note from their doctor showing they understand what they’re about to do, that the gun they buy will most likely kill them. i want politicians who’ve never seen a gun in their life and never will to shut down all the goddamn stores in their state so that they have to travel for hours to acquire one safely. i want people who buy guns to get fucking disowned, to lose their jobs, their families, and their communities if it gets out that they have EVER owned one. i even want people who learn about gun safety to have to jump as many goddamn hoops as i have to for contraceptives, and i want them to be mocked and hated for even that, as well. i want gun safety seminars to be as controversial as sex education. i want people seeking treatment for gunshot wounds to be blamed and mocked for it. i want people with bullets in their bodies to be told that it was their own fucking fault for being around a gun, that if they weren’t such a careless danger slut then this wouldn’t have happened, that they should’ve worn protective gear and a bulletproof vest if they didn’t want to get shot. (but of course bulletproof vests shouldn’t be readily available to the public – it would just encourage this shameless behavior!)

but a woman wanting control over her own body is so much fucking worse than a man buying a weapon specifically built to kill, isn’t it?

I was just thinking about how interesting it is that all it took was for one building, Grenfell Tower, to burn down, and every sky rise apartment block in London had its cladding checked and replaced within a few months, and it’s now been announced that every apartment has to be fitted with a sprinkler system for further safety

Yet America have had 273 mass shootings this year alone, and it still isn’t time to discuss whether it’s a gun issue or not


I’m mad. I’m really mad. Not once on the news did I hear that the Las Vegas incident was an act of terrorism. Not once did I hear his race or religion mentioned. But the minute an extremist (not one of us) does something we’re ALL thrown under the bus and the world is brainwashed into tell us that we’re sick and disgusting people who should be banned from entering a damn country. Honestly, if you’d risk hundreds of innocent lives just to have your right to bear arms, you’re the problem.