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I was forcibly outed (i have no gender) on 2/9/16, which lead to two suicide attempts. 

It’s the second one that landed me in the hospital and got my school to tell me I have to go back to my family. My family is abusive, so I am now homeless and registered in the NYC homeless shelter system. 

If you want to help me financially, you can help get these things for me, or paypal to 

it’s totally okay if you don’t have money rn etc.! if you want to help me in another way:

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I was gonna write a giant ass post about everything that happened but honestly we hung out like all night and he said I’m like a sister to him so I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible expirience.

Seeing my art sitting on his table in stacks was so like, mind blowing. He kept introducing me to people as his personal artist 🙏😭

He said we’re canon so I’m officially Roadhog’s real in game gf sorry guys I don’t make the rules 🐷❤🍒

So it appears we’re in one of those booklr renaissance modes. Don’t get me wrong, I do love when these kinds of discussions happen because that’s how I found a lot of my tumblr friends, but it all seems so very cyclical and I’m frustrated by it.

And I feel this way largely because I have found my crew. When people say they feel like booklr is dead, I shake my head because I struggle to keep up with my friends and their content. If they are so alive, how can booklr be dead?

True, some of this despondent sentiment comes from bloggers who have been here for years who very legitimately feel sad that many of their old friends have left (I feel that too), but there are new people who are filling those gaps. New bloggers who are creating content and chatting left and right. Go find them. Befriend them.

So today’s lesson is:

Find your crew.

Everyone is looking for something different from this website, so finding friends will look different for everyone, but here are my tips:

  • Seek out the smaller blogs. Following big blogs won’t make you friends. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s simple math. When you have that many followers it’s hard to keep up with everyone. There are many great and wonderful people who run large blogs and by all means follow them, but if you want friends, your best bet is the smaller blogs.
  • Look for blogs that start the interactions. Look for blogs that send asks. Look for blogs that play tag games. Look for blogs that participate in challenges (especially the 100 Days of Booklr challenge). These are bloggers who are doing things and befriending people–and they’ll likely want to befriend you too.
  • Keep track of people. If you’re bad with names (like me), write shit down. Everyone feels good when they’re called by name or tagged in something relevant to their interests. At one point, I kept a spreadsheet with my mutuals and their names and what books they liked, etc. because I knew I had a bad memory for that. You don’t have to be that nerdy about it, but making the effort can go a long way in building friendships.
  • Search the booklr tag. I look through the recent booklr posts at least once a day. If I see someone posting a question or asking for recommendations, I do my best to respond. Sometimes I’ll just boost a post because I know I have followers who will jump in. I find a lot of new posts, blogs, and friends this way–and you can too!
  • (Tangential related) Find fresh content. Maybe booklr feels dead because it feels stale, like people are all reblogging the same posts for the hundred-thousandth time (literally). To fix that, don’t just rely on your dash because that’s going to be a feedback loop. Look for new posts on the booklr or other tags. A) it’s new stuff that no one has seen before and B) it’s supporting smaller blogs who may not get seen otherwise! Win-win! Doing this won’t necessarily build you a crew (it can help though), but I think it’s crucial to making booklr feel alive again so that’s why I include it here.

A couple last things to remember: not everyone you try to befriend is going to click with you and that’s ok. But I do think that we all can find friends on here and friends are what makes booklr a community. Just sometimes you have to be very deliberate about building that community for yourself. And also, there’s nothing wrong with being anxious about talking to people and wanting to just be a lurker. You can still make a difference. Stick to the last two tips and let smaller blogs feel loved with your likes and reblogs. Good luck!

Last Night was The Reputation Celebration in NYC

First of all. I didn’t deserve to go to this amazing event. So there’s that. I was extremely lucky and extremely blessed. As I’m sure many of you know, there was an invitation extended.

I was not chosen.

And I shouldn’t have been chosen. There are so many more wonderful people on here who deserve it. But I was BLESSED by the wonderful, selfless @staytreacherous because she WAS invited. And she asked me to be her plus one.

The funny thing about it is we had never met before and were only talking for about 2 or 3 weeks!!

This is how it happened.

Staytreacherous is followed by Taylor. She posts and reblogs an utterly SELFLESS post which states for the most part:

“I want everyone to be able to feel how it feels to get noticed by Taylor Swift so if you ask me, I will not only reblog you, but I’ll put it in my queue a couple of times.”

My jaw dropped when I saw this post and, of course, I introduced myself and asked her nicely to reblog me. She did. Like 20 times!!! The difference between me and the other people who asked her to reblog, is that I didn’t feel right asking her for this favor and leaving it be. She was such a kind person, I didn’t want her to think I was using her. That wasn’t my intention at all, after all she’s a Swiftie too. So we kept talking and gushing about reputation. We finally added each other on Snapchat and not three days later she asked me if I could go to NYC.

Like, what?

So the point I’m trying to make with this post is that


Meaning, if you have an opportunity to do something kind, to return a favor, to welcome someone with open arms, DO IT. You’ll never know where you might end up.

I ended up blessed and lucky beyond all reason, but I didn’t expect it. I didn’t hope for it.

It just happened. I met Taylor Swift and I didn’t deserve it yet.

But I’m oh so thankful for the opportunity. Thank you @staytreacherous … I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

I just finished the last drawing for Home.

And it feels so weird? For the past 2.5 years I’ve always had Home drawings to do, and now there are just some minor adjustments left until… *sniffs emotionally* To give you all an idea of what is left, I still need to:

  • Adjust colors/lighting so all drawings look nice next to each other
  • Add details I may have missed (arm hair, moles, etc)
  • Make smaller, transitional blurred drawings/close ups
  • Add white cloud borders to all/upload them to tumblr
  • Write the last few paragraphs, which I’ve saved for last

That said, expect chapter 18 by the last day of June. I have an idea of what day I will post it, but I want to keep it to myself since it makes me anxious when people come to my inbox on the day/the day before and ask where it is, you know? Anyhoo. Thank you all for following! And for all the love <3 You’ve kept my spirits high and my motivation strong when I needed it most.

Love, Julie (TheTypewriterGirl)

This is my traumatic birth story and I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so pls don’t read if you are sensitive to this stuff but I had to get it out thanks to Yukimura. 

I know no one probably cares or will read this but, man…Yukimura’s life story and current Divine Bride Epilogue really hits home for me personally. I just need to get this out for myself. And my own feelings. 

I knew from early on in my pregnancy that I would have trouble giving birth. I just had this feeling, I can’t explain it. I LOST weight during pregnancy, though my doc said “You’re my star patient! So healthy!” I couldn’t eat. I was thinning out like crazy except for my tummy and felt weak. I ate, MAYBE, a single piece of toast a day and I would probably puke that up. I wish I was exaggerating.  

I know we don’t always know…but I knew. I kept asking my OBGYN questions, “can you do an extra ultrasound” “what about a C-Section? Should I have one?” etc but she would not listen. Always brushed it off. “You won’t have a C-Section it’s very rare.” Because I was thin…I was “healthy.” *rolls eyes* 

When it came time to actually give birth it was terrible. No matter who you are, the pain is terrible. That aside, it took me close to 30 hours, with no sleep, because every few moments I had to keep switching positions because my sons heart rate would drop and the nurses were rushing in to move me into a new position. 

Bless the nurses, by the way. I remember each and every one of them, as they switched shifts. They held my hand, they talked to me and joked with me. When I got a personal card from my favorite one I broke out crying at home. Anyway…

It was a terrible process. When it came “time” to push, it just wasn’t happening. It is mostly a blur but I believe I pushed for 3 hours. 3. Fucking. Hours. ( again, my labor was over 30 hours) I cried. I wanted a fully natural birth but that had slipped from my hands a long time ago. My husband was next to me encouraging me every step of the way. They used the vacuum on my son in a desperate attempt but it only caused more damage. 

Finally, the delivering doctor admitted we were in danger. There was no other option but an emergency C-Section. In a matter of minutes we were whisked away to the operating room. I remember the fear I felt, when they asked my husband to wait outside while they prepped me in the OR. (I have been in the medical field personally and been interested in it since I was very young, wanting to be a doctor and my mother ran a clinic. I did sports medicine for years and i KNOW THE SMELL OF BETADINE.)  I felt so alone and terrified. 

When they finally cut me and began operating I could feel it. I guess they didn’t give me enough drugs but I looked to the anesthesiologist and said “I can feel  their hands digging inside me” (LOL it hurt but whatever I could deal with it) and he upped my dosage. 

They let me see my son for a moment. Less than 5 seconds…..just a glimpse of his blue face….before they took him away from me. I didn’t even get to hold him…Just a flash of his face. My husband and I will never forget the sound of his first cry and that was the greatest sound in the world! 

No one would tell me what was going on. 

“He needs some extra help so we are taking him to the NNICU” 

That was all I got. All WE got. No one would talk to me. No one would tell me what was going on with my baby. 

I got an infection and stayed a week longer in the hospital than was normal, but I don’t care because I got to visit my son in the NNICU. He was in there the whole time, hooked up to many wires and tubes…his little feet were full of poke wounds from getting his blood. I don’t want to go too much into it…

Taking him home was the greatest day of my life. 

And now, he is a healthy and happy boy who LOVES animals of ANY kind, cars, and snuggles. 

I am alive. 

The doctor told me, in the hospital, that he was just TOO large for me. I am small and he was a very large baby. “He got stuck. We got him out to his shoulders and that’s all we could do…there was no other way we could pull him out, he would not fit.” 

He explained to me, that had they not done the emergency C..we both would have died. BOTH of us…And extremely sobering thought. 

My regular OBGYN was not ‘on-call’ during my delivery. Even so. She admitted to me “had we done a 3rd trimester ultrasound I would have seen how much larger he was than what your small frame could handle (:” 



Gosh, this got long. But either way, it still hits home. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I was born in a time that modern medicine could save us both. I don’t blame Yukimura for being cautious. You should be. Birth is NOT an easy and beautiful process and anyone that has birthed a child will agree. It is SCARY. 

Reading things like that just makes me so grateful. I know we all strive for natural…but I am forever in the debt of the people that helped me along the way and kept me and my son alive. 

I could post pictures of my son hooked up in the NNICU but I have posted pics of him before on my popular blog and been paranoid so I wont. And don’t even get me started on PPD because I felt so terrible not being able to properly give birth. 

Anyway, as much as voltage upsets me sometimes with its bullshit on ‘rape’ etc…I am extremely grateful to have a character that can relate to a rough birth. I would NEVER want my son to feel bad for me passing and him living. EVER. I will give my life a million times over for my child. Hands down. And also seeing my husband being so aware of the dangers at the time and worrying about it made me cry. 

Bless this. Bless this event. I know it is more rare than anything but I am thankful that they gave me a backstory I can connect with. I can’t explain how hard this is to cope with as a mom and I know if Yuki was my son I would just want him to know that he is the only thing that mattered to me. 

And again If he was my husband. I don’t care if I die, though it IS scary, of course. I do my part for my family, I know the risks, and I want them to both live a happy life and smile. 


Summary: John Wick can be quite punishing.

NSFW. Read all 8,300+ words at your little heart’s risk. 

For that devilish, little anonymous that asked for a Dom Wicked Wick.

Inspired by this @mostexcellentkeanugifs [post.]

[BIG THANKS to @johnbabayagawick for allowing me use of JW gifs!]

Enjoy, most excellent Keanu Harem!

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guys, an important note:

          i always try my best to stay clear from drama as much as i can, and i pride myself on having a blog that is a safe place for as many people as possible. however, this includes it being a safe space for myself, and this is exactly why i’m writing this.

          i got to know about this situation involving Hash/ mybigfatcock/ whatever other names about a week ago or so, if i remember well. he’d ever been someone i talked to and we had a few threads going, so when he made a post about going through a stressful situation, i naturally messaged him over discord to ask if everything was okay. the story didn’t have many details, but he told me a few people (mainly, Greyjoy roleplayers) had blocked him, because of a situation that happened with @ircnbcrn/ Jackie. i listened to him, and i kept the position i always have in such cases — i don’t take sides. whatever happens between A and B, is between A and B and i have no wish to start gossiping or judging who is right and who is wrong.

          however, considering the posts i have seen on the dash today and which show undeniable proof that this person makes others uncomfortable and emotionally manipulates them, i honestly can’t stay neutral anymore. i don’t think i have any information to contribute, since Hash was ever nice and friendly towards me personally, but i want to make clear i do not, in any way, condone the things he’s done and that i only learned about today. i knew he’d proposed to Jackie writing a non-consensual thread, as stated above, which he said he regretted and would never do again to anyone — so, having never had any personal issues with him, i believed it. apparently, i was wrong to do so, and hopefully my good will did not serve in any way to provoke anything bad. i have now blocked him on discord and i have blocked his urls that i know of here on tumblr: mybigfatcock and boaredtodeath. 

          on this topic, and because we spoke on discord yesterday, he told me he was thinking of creating new blogs (at least for Euron), and he inclusively told me of potential urls he was thinking of using: lcrdreaper, drownedcrow, gcdliest. which i am making public, in case eventually any of these start following someone. please notice, though, that he only told me he was thinking of using one of these — i cannot say if he did/ will, or if these will eventually be used by a completely different person.

          i honestly have no patience nor time for this sort of things, and this is why i’m making clear all that has happened on my end, as someone who used to roleplay/talk to this person. hopefully, i will never have to concern myself with this topic again. but, if any of my followers has been personally affected and is in need of someone to talk to, please feel free to come to me and i’ll certainly listen to you and help to the best of my ability.

thank you for your attention!


Holy cow, man! I don’t even know where to start. I have reached an amazing 50k followers on this meme blog! All thanks to you lovely people of tumblr. I would have never thought I could make it this far. Just half a year ago I started tumblr and this blog, and I was so unmotivated. But I kept posting, and I am glad I did. I am extremely thankful for all the support I was given and this is more than I could ever ask for. I have gained experience from this journey and a few friends along the way. But there isn’t a destination for me, only a journey with no limit. So let’s keep on keepin’ on, my fellow memers! 🤗 Lemme give each and everyone of you fantabulous people a big, aggressive bear hug!


If you want to use my artwork...

Please. Please ask first beforehand. I’m totally okay when people reposting my fan arts on other social medias, but don’t crop / blur the watermark.

Secondly, regarding the usage of my oc pictures for RP or repost or personal use, i’m sorry, i do not allow it. Repost with permission, please. Unless if you want to rp as one of my oc, please keep them in character and do not alter their profiles. And of course, please ask first or at least give proper credit. Different case for tumblr, reblog is perfectly fine since they are coming from single source. So it’s not considered as reposting.

Third, commissioned pictures are strictly not allowed to be used. They are exclusively for my clients and a part of my portfolio. Please keep in mind, that some people worked so hard to pay artists to make their characters alive.

I know i may seem like very insecure about it. Some people kept telling me “if you don’t want people to steal it, don’t fucking post it” and whatsoever. But i have rights to speak up my mind. I put a lot of effort on every piece of my ocs, and for people to take and use it for their own ocs, i just can’t //sigh. Well sorry for the rant. I have no grudge against anyone. I just can’t keep it for myself..

I’m somewhat interested in making a post/page on how I keep my American toads because I’ve been getting a lot of asks about it lately, but I’m hesitant to call it a “care guide” since I feel these are better left to people who have kept dozens of toads and multiple terrariums. [So maybe a few years from now I’ll try.] Would anyone be interested to see a post titled “how I keep my toads” or something similar, not as a definitive guide but with some general advice, ideas, and things that have worked for me?


Hello again my magical peeps!!!

It’s I, Signas, that wants to say something to all of you. First of all, thank you all so damn much for 400+ followers!!! The Protection Patrol for Marvin is growing very strong!!!

Second, I would like to say a few words that I need you guys to know.

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nooodle07  asked:

this person on instagram is reposting your art withour credits and many many other artworks of other without credit, please talk to them because they wont listen to me. bat_family12

I'm really upset about this.I don't want someone to post my work without my permission,or alter them.This always makes me think,should I continue posting or just stop?There's always some people who kept posting my work without asking me first.Can anyone tell me what I should do?


Hey guys,
I decided to make an Instagram, because people kept on asking me if I have one. I think for some it’s just easier or more comfortable to use Instagram than  tumblr and I am totally fine with it.

I will be posting more cat videos on Instagram, but everything else will be almost the same as on tumblr. ^ - ^

My Instagram: _worldofcats

anonymous asked:

I saw you posted a lot about outdoor cats, but I have a question. We adopted this feral barn cat because the other cats at the barn were like awful to her and she was really skinny. This cat was for real only happy when she was outside. Inside she would scratch and growl and didn't like to eat. We couldn't play with her and she would growl if we tried. We let her go out in the day and she usually hung out by the house. She would come over and let us pet her and we'd take her in at night.

Soo…. What are you asking exactly?

It’s my general understanding that when you take a feral cat indoors, or bring one that’s used to being outside most of the time inside, that they typically don’t do well inside - right off the bat. Typically, it takes time and work to get a cat like that acclimated (rehabilitated) to the indoors and to people, it’s not just a “meh we’ll wait a week for them to adjust” sort of thing

Are you trying to give me your scenario as an example in which an outdoor cat is okay? Cause I’m not buying it in this case.

Given that your cat would come to you for occasional affection and came inside at night, it leads me to believe it COULD have been an indoor cat, it just didn’t WANT to be and you catered to that.

That is to say, however, that I don’t know anything of the cat or the situation outside of this one small ask. I’m just, you know, making an ass out of you and me and making assumptions.

The bottom line is that everyone wants to think that their animal and their situation is unique and different and an outlier to the situations being warned against in posts like the one I posted, but it usually isn’t.

It’s just like people saying they’ve kept geckos and dragons on sand for years without issue - until that issue pops up, the animal dies suddenly and the cause is found out later, or dies from complications related to it unbeknownst to the owner who never has it checked out.

Yes, people have cats outside, and they don’t always get eaten by coyotes or get diseased or run over by a car. But their lifespan has been shown to be shorter than indoor cats lives, not to mention the ecological havoc they wreak on local ecosystems when let loose to roam frequently.

My cats aren’t feral and it took 3 months for the original 2 to get used to a new one and for the new one to stop peeing everywhere but the litterbox. Feral cats are special cases. If you’re not willing to make the effort to rehabilitate a feral cat or don’t know how, don’t bring in a feral cat. Call a shelter or find someone who does.

I know this sounds really dickish but… I’m just saying.


Photo 1: One week after moving to the new place. Hank was hanging his head, not vocalizing as much as normal, and having watery poops. He was also eating erratically. All symptoms of a potentially sick bird, right? Not wanting to chance it, I took Hank to the vet. After a physical examination, the vet said she felt some weirdness going on around his front, and was also concerned about his sudden weight gain (which was the deciding factor for me taking him to the vet). A blood draw, CT scan, and hours later I received the news: Hank wasn’t sick, just fat. He was eating his feelings from the stress of the move and managed to go from 91 grams to 104. This may have started slightly before the move because I wasn’t weighting him as diligently as I should have been. The vet recommended regular visits with my mom and Coda (two of his favorites) in his new environment. And then once he’s adjusted, put him on a diet. 

Photo 2: Taken about a week after the first. He’s doing much better, but still isn’t up to his normal cheeriness. But his eyes are much clearer than before and he’s feeling much better having regular lunchtime visits with my mom,who happens to work close to where I now live.

Update 3: One month at the new place. Hank has been waking up regularly around 6AM singing his favorite songs (he normally wouldn’t wake up until 7 or 8 when living at my parents’ place but my new living room has east-facing windows with lots of sunlight). He’s also managed to lose 3 grams and sings to my phone whenever I facetime my boyfriend. And when he’s around, Hank likes to sing directly to his face. There’s been a real upswing in Hank’s behavior. He’s so playful all the time, and loves singing along to the soundtracks I play when I periodically work from home. The other day I caught him singing to himself when nobody was home. I could hear him from just outside our front door. I think he still misses his people, asking “where’s Michael?” around 3:30 every day, when my brother is supposed to be home from school. But he is liking his new home and has accepted Noah as a member of his flock!! As for me, my job has kept me very busy in addition to the transition of moving. And Thorin has rolled with it like a champ. I will make a post on his progress later. Anyway, I miss being on birblr so I’m going to try to keep up better than I have been. I hope all of your birds are doing well and give them scritches from me :)

anonymous asked:

Hi. This is by no means hate, but I saw your post on prompts that break the rules and how most of them broke the no gender thing. I totally understand why you'd only write gender neutral prompts, but with most of the asks if you replaced a gender specific noun with 'person' , the intention of the prompt request wouldn't change. It just seems kinda unnecessary to ask people to resend the asks with slight changes that wouldn't likely alter what your prompt fills would be. Just a thought

//Hopefully you take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t want to change things up just because people a) tell me to or b) think that it’s unnecessary. 

I’m tired of prompt blogs not being inclusive, which takes me back to a year ago when I got the nicest most genuine of compliments from an anon who was so happy that I used gender neutral pronouns for my blog, that it’s stuck with me even up until this point.

I’ll admit that there had even been a time where I was open to accepting she/he requests, but that was only because people kept ignoring my rules. Up until I got that nice ask I mentioned in the above paragraph, I was actually contemplating closing down requests, because it was making me unhappy.

Sure the pronouns thing doesn’t really change a darn thing, but if there’s even the slightest possibility that someone only follows my blog for the inclusiveness, I’m not going to spurn them by changing it. 

(also; that one post of people ignoring/breaking that specific rule isn’t a third of how many times it happens to me).

I do appreciate the criticism, and I don’t find it rude/hateful, so I hope you don’t mind my reply. I don’t mean to be rude, either (and know that my tone can be hard to decipher at times)! 


After reading all of these theories for “Love Yourself”, I thought that I would just chill out by going on twitter. Except, it wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped. I see that #Please_Apologize is trending #1 worldwide. When, I looked more into it, I realized it was about ARMYs asking for apologies from Antis because of how they have been treating not only BTS but as well as K-ARMYs. Apparently, Korean fans are not able to celebrate the accomplishments of BTS and this fandom virtually and in real life because  are constantly ridiculed and harassed. That breaks my heart as a fellow ARMY but as well as just a human being in general. The fact that these people are not able to proudly share their love for BTS only because they are scared is just ridiculous to me. As I read more and more posts about the situation, the more disheartened I became. My heart just kept breaking for K-Armys and BTS. But again, as I kept reading, I just became angry. I just don’t understand. Why do antis need to hate on other groups for no reason. What is it about liking a group or celebrity that makes them turn off their humanity and lose the sense of respect for other human beings. The reason why I ask is because not every fan is like that. There are handfuls of fans that become infatuated by a group of celebrities and decides to support them and love them as people and their music without putting down those that are not a part of their fandom or other groups. They still respect others and show compassion. But why are these people out here attacking fans of other groups and actual group members? I want to know what they think they are actually going to get out of it…Now, let me just state that I am not claiming that the entire BTS fandom is free of faults because I am sure that there are some “fans” of BTS that act immaturely and real fans have apologized for their behavior. But the fact that Korean ARMYs are actually seeking help speaks volumes…and they are not only seeking help for themselves but also for BTS. WE all want to stop the hate…from all sides of the situation. WE want all members of the fandom to be free to celebrate the accomplishments of those that they support. That is honestly a right that no fan should be begging for. As a fan of BTS…I don’t seek for these boys to be labeled as the “best kpop group in the world”…antis can gladly take that title for their favorites, in my opinion. I don’t seek hundreds of daesangs. What I seek, is for these boys and their fans to be respected as human beings. I seek the acknowledgement of all of the hard work that these boys (and their fans) have done. Some may want the entire world to bow down at the feet of their favorites but I just want mine to stand proud, healthy, and happy. 

I get it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of BTS. I am not a fan of every KPOP group under the sun…but here is where I begin to get lost. My lack of interest in a group/artist is not reflected in hateful words/actions towards them or their fans. Unlike certain people, I am able to be mature enough to keep negative opinions to myself.  This is literally how it works…

*I listen to a group’s music and/or watch some MVs*

“Oh, I don’t really think that this is for me…”

THATs it. I have formed an opinion and kept it to myself. I don’t attack the artist or their fans. It baffles me that this concept is not understood by some people. 

With all of this being said, I just want the hate and immaturity from all sides to end. I want to be able coexist with other fandoms in peace. If you want to support fellow KPOP fans then that is great. But if you don’t then just keep to yourself and your fandom…lets just live amongst each other peacefully…Please.  

So this is a super gay post to just tell you that @persephonah @enjolra-s @its-better-than-an-opera and @softbeargrantaire are actual angels. Today has been the most amazing day i couldnt have asked to spend it with more wonderful people.
Ok so we got soaked to the skin??? Who cares yalls love kept me warm (im all melty and gay for yall. Shut up and take my cliches).
I honestly miss you all so much already i love you thank you for making Berlin Pride the best it could have been ❤💛💚💙💜