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I'm real bad at body types and all yours are so unique to your characters? How do I improve my body diversity.

Think shapes not anatomy. Get wacky with, draw exaggeratedly and then maybe try toning those designs down to something realistic (if that’s what you’re looking to do/aiming for) Or even just look at real life people. Go people watching even, like if you’re out and you get a minute just sit and watch the people that walk by. What do they look like? What shapes are they? What physical traits do they have? Once you get an idea of how real normal people look it can give you more ideas and better perspective when developing characters. 

OF COURSE this is just in the case that you’d want to do some kind or realism or semi-realism thing, if you want some cartoony or anime types of character designs you just have to let loose and explore different shape dynamics. Look at different character designs ranging from current day shows allll the way back to the old disney animation masters to get inspiration. It all depends on what you want to do.

  • A.R.M.Y/iKONIC: Oh I like BTS/iKON :>
  • A.R.M.Y /iKONIC: but-
  • A.R.M.Y/iKONIC: but I just like my groups and there are immature fans, there are immature people everywhere, you guys must have immature fans too!
  • A.R.M.Y/iKONIC: okay then.

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I would love to be ur friend too but I'm too nervous and I'm not interesting I'm sorry (I say sorry a lot too and people get annoyed with that)

Cries// don’t put yourself down, I’m sure you’re great. TT TT When it comes to being friends, you have to realize that the people involved are treated as equals. Only assholes, who aren’t actually your friends, will treat you as if they’re better than you. I’m honestly just a regular person haha so you don’t have to be afraid– just treat me normally, and I’ll do the same. I remember back then I had the tendency to constantly apologize, but I realized, what am I exactly apologizing for? I didn’t do anything wrong… it’s as if I’m apologizing for the way I am and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If they don’t like me because of how I am then… oh well??? So uh ya keep that in mind. ^^;;;

I just wanted to tell all of you lovely people thank you for following and supporting my art work! I wish I was better at filling out art requests and connecting with all you guys. I’m sorry I’m lousy at filling out requests (and I’d like to give a huge apology for the requests from October I never had a chance to finish). 

In a lot of ways this year has been far more demanding than the last year and I’m trying to find balance between my art and my professional responsibilities. Fortunately, I’m finishing up my last year of college (again…I never thought I would go back and get a second degree. Never in a million years. But here I am)  and I’ll have a lot more free time after this semester is over! 

Thank you guys for being lovely followers and mutuals. You guys rock <3 

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agents of shield!

also asked by @brilliantlyhorrid and @jemma-daisy thank you so much guys!!

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: daisy johnson!!!!!!!!!
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: um for this one with this show in particular I feel like the opposite is more true than this so, see next question
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: lol like, 50% of the characters on the show
  • a character I’m indifferent about: hunter maybe? I feel like people either loved for hated him and I just kind of didn’t feel strongly either way
  • a character who deserved better: every single character but mostly ANTOINE TRIPLETT also Raina I miss her
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: s***w**** even pre-reveal lol
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: LEGACYQUAKE (aka tripskye for those of you who don’t know)
  • a cute, low-key ship: skimmons for me I think
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: does legacyquake count? like it’s not the most unpopular but at this point it’s just like, me, maggie and julia who keep it alive. if not then daisymack.
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: hmm I’ll give you all a hint it’s one that’s currently becoming canon oops
  • my favourite storyline/moment: daisy’s s2 storyline like whooooooa buddy
  • a storyline that never should have been written: all of 3a probably
  • my first thoughts on the show: I didn’t actually want to watch it bc I don’t like mcu stuff at all really but then I watched the first few episodes and I was like a team of people???? coming together???? learning to trust one another???? sign me uP
  • my thoughts now: it sure is Something lmao

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hello, :) so recently I told my boyfriend that I'm a 'little' and I just wanted advice because he took it to meaning something like a ddlb relationship but I feel really uncomfertable with sexual stuff when I regress and I know I should have explained it better but I say I'm a little to people because It's an easy way of saying it but then they just think it's a kink when it's not, as I use it to cope with mental illness and I don't know how to explain that to him.

well maybe you can explain it like you did here! i think you made sense! you can show him our faq if it helps! 

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☕️ i wish people would stop blaming other members for bighit's terrible line and screen distribution as well as stop making everything into a competition between members by saying things like '... is so much better than ...' or constantly trying to prove how their bias is so much better in every way than other members and completely dismiss the rest of bangtan.

strongly agree – i get that not seeing or hearing your faves isn’t fun but some people are just being enormous buttholes about it and there’s really no need for that

send me an (unpopular) opinion

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*sighs* Why must some Daryl/Rickyl fans let the rest of us down? I like Daryl AND Rick AND Michonne AND Rickyl AND Richonne equally, am I some kind of FREAK?! Tbh reading shit-tons of Rickyl fic while simultaneously being SO happy for it to be Richonne that is canon is a pretty sweet deal for me.

I’m sorry, babe. It really is the worst when the lowest common denominator seems to represent your whole group. I think most people within a given fandom just enjoy their ship(s) in whatever way they can and go on with their day. But that vocal minority, constantly worried about what other people are doing, they make it bad for everyone. So no, you’re not a freak! 😄I think you probably just stay in your lane like most of us, and your fandom experience is better for it!

sun plus doing nice things to stretch my body plus hanging out w people has like made my mood so much better and I am not miserable

I still am fixated on babies and gay love and families and domesticity but not in a tragic pining way , listening to sad songs on repeat way but in a positive loving way . I keep listening 2 “a day in falsettoland” and “days like this” and a couple days ago it felt Bad and now it feels Good

maybe I just needed to wait out the winter

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this is an awkward question lmao but what's doing drugs like? i've only smoked pot a few times so idrk about anything else and i'm curious

well it all depends on what youre using and its kinda different for everyone.
I’m usually on opioids so they make me kind of carefree and floaty feeling. theyre downers so they make you feel really relaxed. like I dont think about things that stress me out and I’m actually a little more social in a way because I dont overthink it. I used to get in my own way a lot when it came to talking to people, I was always afraid of seeming dumb or rude or lame, but since I’ve started using I dont really care and I just say what I’m thinking. I tend to get more confident and sexual (yikes) and things just feel better? Like I have a lot of fuzzy blankets and when I’m high they feel fucking amazing its like 10 times softer 😂😂 then I start nodding and eventually I just fall asleep really fast lmao.
things like coke, ritalin, and adderall are stimulants and I’m also really happy and confident when I use things like that but I dont feel floaty. its like drinking a shit ton of caffeine, I’m hyper and I eventually feel like Im shaking a lot and they keep me up a lot longer. some people get paranoid on stuff like that and I did my first time around but that was because I was afraid of getting caught. I think if youre in a comfortable place with people you trust you should be good.
I’ve never tried weed though so idk if anything is really similar to that.

Things disassociation makes you do:

You will totally space out while your friends are talking.

When someone jokingly says “wake up” you might have an anxiety attack because you aren’t sure if you’re awake (and to my lovlies reading this, yes you are awake, you’re breathing and moving and alive).

When you ARENT disassociating, one of two things will happen:

-you’ll feel completely numb and unattached; not dissociating, more just not feeling

-EVERYTHING IS HYPER REAL AND ITS spinning BECAUSE IT’S SO INTENSE AND YOU NEED TO SET THINGS DOWN (tbh I call this disassociating even though it’s technically the opposite. It’s losing a grip on reality.)

Disassociation makes you:

very sleepy very fast

Feel like you have NO control over your limbs

Hear silence as an actual thing so bad that it hurts your ears

Actually freakishly well able to imagine exactly what you look like from across the room because tbh you feel like that’s exactly where you are, watching your body

feel like your surroundings are super small or super big or just different

Seriously, you will forget objects and people that you’re familiar with. I’ve had to stroke my pencil case for like, ten minutes to understand what I was holding during an episode.

See people’s faces blurred or not at all. Also might see missing parts on people or see extra parts, the scariest of all.

You might have hallucinations as a side effect.

You will CONSTANTLY be questioning reality.

Your grasp on time is zip. A day flies by in two seconds and an hour is three years and aghhgaKSJ

You might feel very, very small, physically, or incredibly huge. This is related to seeing yourself from across the room, I think; a different point of view.

During an episode, if it is bad enough, you will lose your balance and topple over and sometimes, everything is too dream-like for you to have enough control over your body to be able to get back up.

People’s compliments and good wishes tbh like? You’re so numbed out and just not there most of the time that you hardly process them.

You lose your train of thought easily because you feel like reality is constantly shifting, like it would in a dream.

Books are very hard to read because the words keep moving and swirling around.

Those jokes also that are like “You’ve been in a coma wake up blahblah”? THOSE WILL USUALLY SEND US INTO A FULL BLOWN PANIC ATTACK DO NOT SAY THAT EVER TO SOMEONE WHO DISASSOCIATES,

That’s all I can think of atm but if you disassociate, please feel free to add more. I want more people to understand this because it’s taking over my life badly.

And sweetheart, if you do disassociate, here’s your daily reminder that you do exist. That’s your heartbeat beating in there, it’s YOU breathing that air with YOUR lungs, YOU are thinking and breathing and thriving and alive and awake.

i kind of really love how comparitively mediocre yuri is?

like hes going for THE big deal skating competition after having completely messed up the year before. and yeah, he does really awesome and still makes it into finals, but like, you KNOW most sports anime would have had him magically be placing first in each competition

but instead, he just barely squeaks through to finals. the people he’s against are GOOD, and definitely worthy of being there. instead of going the lazy route and having yuri suddenly become the best of the best after only a few months of training with victor, he’s simply noticeably better than he was the previous season. and in the context of the show, thats FANTASTIC. so what he didnt get first? he’s still WAY better than before, and the other skaters take him more seriously now.

tbh thats both way more realistic and a way healthier way to be depicting a sport like this. it doesnt matter as much if youre #1, it just matters if you improve

This probably won’t happen, but I truly hope that both Army and Exo l, and every other fandom that has beef with each other will finally be able to find peace with each other and stop fighting and arguing over the littlest most immature matters in 2017. Fighting and arguing over things like which group is better than the other or pointing out each other’s flaws is going to do nothing but hurt people. You shouldn’t be fighting over such little things, and you shouldn’t let the negativity and hate take over you. It’s not healthy, especially when it’s because of something as immature as fandom wars. There are way more important things in life than spending hours trying to prove that your fave is better, and honestly bringing someone down to make someone else look better just brings you down lower, so I hope you all let go of all the hate and negativity from 2016, and move on with a clean slate in 2017. I promise you that you will feel so much more happiness.

Y’know, as silly as Lazytown is?  It’s actually a fantastic show, especially for kids.

It simplifies one very specific and important lesson that even adults tend to overlook nowadays: physical activity is incredibly important.  Like, I’m not telling you to go run three miles or anything, but getting up, getting outside, and DOING things… and getting into the habit of doing so starting from a young age… is, in fact, not only a way to stay physically healthy but also a way to develop a mindset that can help fight off a later onset of mental issues, too.

People complain that the advice of getting outside and doing things to keep yourself active is just a “neurotypical” mindset, and that people who give that advice can’t possibly understand what it’s like to deal with mental issues.  In reality, though, there’s little better and more effective advice.  Physical activity is as healthy for your mind as it is for your body.  Sure, lifting a few weights isn’t gonna magically cure your depression or anxiety, but speaking from personal experience?  Getting into the habit of it really does help.

The villain, Robbie Rotten, reflects a bunch of very unhealthy habits: getting up late in the day, oversleeping, eating only junk food, avoiding certain types of healthy social interaction… As funny and relatable as he is, the fact that he refuses to even TRY to break out of the negative downwards spiral of self-reincforcing bad habits identifies him as what you don’t want to become.

Interestingly enough, Sportacus doesn’t seem to directly fight Robbie very often – rather, he seems to attempt to help him more than anything.  Time and time again, he encourages Robbie to try a healthier habit… and while it might be argued that he’s being kinda pushy about it, he intends to help Robbie become a healthier person both physically and mentally.

Robbie insists that Sportacus can’t possibly understand and deliberately pushes his aid away, often even mocking Sportacus despite knowing that he’s probably 100% right.  He refuses help because to change his habits would be too hard and too much effort, and instead is content with being miserable because it’s easier to be bitter about people not understanding.

This is what kids should not want to be.  And the fact that Lazytown conveyed this message to kids is actually pretty brilliant – by encouraging kids to develop healthy habits, to admire Sportacus’s vitality and ability, the show is teaching them in a roundabout way how to avoid the onset of self-destructive habits like the kinds that Robbie has.

Physical activity, healthy eating, good social skills… sure, it sounds like a broken record.  But that’s because it’s true: those are all major tools in the process of mental recovery for people who struggle with depression and the like.

Give Lazytown a hand, folks.  That’s a good kids’ show right there.

What is Meditation About Anyway?

As meditation enters the mainstream, it can often be distorted into various forms. This leads to certain confusions regarding what meditation is and isn’t. The following post is not a judgment on other practices one might engage with their attention but it is meant as a means of clarification. 

What Meditation Is Not

  • Meditation is not about zoning out. 
    • I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “Yeah I should meditate more, I could really use some time to just zone out, you know?”
  • Meditation is not a trance state. 
    • Many assume meditation is about entering a specific state. 
      • That may be a state of peace, a state of love, a state of bliss, or a state of sleep. 
  • Meditation is not a guided journey. 
    • Guided meditations can be useful in their own way but I wish people would find a better word than “meditation.”
      • Guided contemplation may be more fitting. 

What Meditation Is

  • Meditation is about focusing your attention. 
    • That sounds like work, doesn’t it? Whenever we are told to focus, it seems like a shitty time. 
      • But does someone need to tell you to focus when you are watching your favorite TV show?
      • Does someone need to tell you to focus during sex? (I hope not.)
      • Does someone need to tell you to focus when you’re savoring a delicious meal?
    • The kind of focus meditation practices is the same focus we engage when we are wholly present and engaged in what we are doing. 
      • At first this may feel like work because you are focusing without the enjoyable objects to focus on. 
      • Soon you discover that there is bliss and happiness in the act of focusing itself. 
  • Meditation is about the absence of tension. 
    • You could call this relaxation but remember that focus is at play here too. 
      • Often people see relaxation as being the absence of the need for focus. 
    • During meditation you are both relaxed and focused. 
      • I think of this as focus without tension. 
      • Typically when we focus, it is intense and there is a degree of “pressure” behind the energy of focusing. 
      • In meditation, we are calm but we are also focused. 
  • Meditation is the practice of patience. 
    • Patience and peace are one. 
      • Patience in its purest form isn’t about waiting for the future but rather not measuring the present against the future. 
      • Then you can actually be patient. 
      • Time carries you onward regardless, being patient means being present with the flow of time. 
  • Meditation is about becoming acquainted with formlessness. 
    • There are many meditation techniques. Focusing on a certain spot on the body, focusing on breathing, focusing on images, focusing on mantras. 
    • Eventually your focusing becomes focused on focus. Awareness of awareness rests in awareness. 
    • As you practice more, you use less technique. That comes with experience. 
    • The more formless your meditation, the more continuous it becomes. 
      • Eventually it doesn’t depend on eyes open or eyes closed, on body sitting or body standing, on mind thinking or not-thinking, and so on. 

That’s just, like, your opinion, man. 

It is. I’m not saying all of this because it is permanently true and anything else doesn’t count. I am stating this to help clarify what is a meditation practice and what is practice for meditation. Hopefully it was helpful. 

Namaste :)

So, just came back from watching Moana (finally) and YOOOOOOOO!!!!! What the fuck is that animation?! So damn gorgeous!! The songs are awesome as hell too!! That Mad Max reference! That chicken! That shiny crab! LOVED IT!!

Team RWBY Headcanons
  • Ruby and Blake have a shared Manga collection.
  • Ruby unironically loves old horror and sci-fi movies, the cheesier the better.
  • Weiss watches those same movies just to ad-lib the lines (Giving them what Winter used to call ‘The Mystery Science Theatre 3000′ treatment).
  • However Weiss and Ruby both love cheesy music from the 90s and have been caught singing together (Imagine them singing this)
  • Yang is actually not as street smart as people think she is, being from Patch she still occasionally acts like a tourist in Vale.
  • Faunus rap is most definitely a thing and Blake listens to it.
  • Ruby has a lot of ‘Guns & Roses’ Merch, she doesn’t even listen to the band, Yang just buys it for her as a joke.
  • A lot of Yangs’ night time bike rides are actually her getting lost on the way somewhere and playing it off as intentional.
  • Blake usually reads on Yang’s bunk because it gets more sunlight than hers, she has been known to fall asleep curled up in a sunbeam.
  • Being from Atlas, Weiss Schnee has no concept of cold weather and can usually be found relaxing outside in anything less than a blizzard.
  • Ruby actually knows some really innapropriate jokes, she can just never tell them without blushing or cracking up.
  • Blake purrs in her sleep, Yang has videos.
  • Yang talks in her sleep….everyone has videos.
  • Weiss knows what Dust is in which chamber of Myrtenaster at all times, even when the weapon is in her locker.
  • Ruby has challenged Oobleck to a race before (Yang dared her to)

one of the million things i really loved about Moana was that she starts off being totally prepared to be chief?? like within the first 15 mins of the movie, she’s ready to go. and not even in an overzealous way that needs correction. she’s completely naturally capable and her people love her and she has great ideas and teaches her customs to the younger kids and learns from her dad and ultimately she even wants to be chief. i feel like in so many movies, especially disney ones, they have the main character’s arc revolve around becoming a better version of themselves so they can learn to lead or love or understand responsibility or whatever. but no, Moana doesn’t need any of that. and that’s just AMAZING. cause her journey gets to be about realizing that the call she’s trying to heed is actually a strength inside her that she should embrace!!! because it doesn’t detract from her being a leader, it actually enhances it and connects her more to her past and her ancestors and gives her a confidence in her choices and adskl;fjkdals;fjkl;dasf I JUST WANT TO SCREAM, I REALLY LOVED MOANA???

Collection of thoughts I had during my second viewing of Rogue One:

-Anyone who doesn’t see that Cassian is bisexual is objectively wrong

-Bodhi talks way faster than I remembered and he never shuts up

-K-2so still made me laugh every time he speaks

-‘Cassian thinks so too’ why does Cassian not want to bring Jyn to Jedda? Is it just that he doesn’t trust her? Would he rather go alone?

-Chirrut and Baze were way gayer than I remembered like damn guys chill

-Cassian’s hair looks so soft I just want to touch it

-Bodhi died as he lived: alone and in a cargo ship

-The hug at the end makes me irrationally emotional? Like it’s not a romantic thing (to me) it’s just relief and gratitude and sadness and fear all poured into one action

-The music was better than I previously thought it was

-Cassian is a bit of a dick to people but I kinda love it

-Bodhi’s face throughout Jyn’s speech to the rebel council was so perfect

-Everyone deserved better honestly why did they have to suffer?