people just dont get funny anymore

the paedophile jokes directed to vik really need to stop. like i get it funny jokes in cah about vik liking 12 yr olds because he plays minecraft hah hah hilarious. but to see disgusting jokes about the subject with him tagged in it just disgusts me.
like you can see when in like cah theres a gross card directed to him he gets like lowkey uncomfortable and then i just see people tweeting him that??? like?? wyd?
the jokes arent even funny or creative anymore its getting so old.
and apparently someone asked him at upload “how many kids he has in his basement” like i get it on like tumblr you can make your shit jokes but to ask that when youre there what the actual fuck?? like you dont say that to people wtf
like boohoo a vik stan ranting!1!1!!1 but like seriously think about it, how would you feel if you got that shit every day?

Fun Toxic Thoughts of an Addict

This is amazing! I’ll be one of the few people to control my drug use. I can function while staying high. I’m not going to overdo it. I’m only going to do enough to tolerate life. I’ll only overdo it a little bit; only sometimes. I’ll never run out of money. I’ll keep my priorities straight. 

Wow, I never thought I’d spend that much money on drugs. I dont feel like going to school/work today, I’m going to stay home, do drugs, and do my own thing. Fuck everybody else. 





 I can get shit done, now! People like being around me and think I’m funny! I can even control my emotions! I never cry anymore, it’s amazing.

I’ll never snort anything, though. Only when I’m really desperate, but I’ll never let myself get to that point. NO way.

 Okay, I’ll just stick to snorting because it hits me quicker, but I will NEVER shoot up. I dont ever see myself doing that, I’m terrified of needles.

Alright fine, I’m just going to try shooting up this one time. JUST THIS ONE TIME, THOUGH.

I cant do this anymore.

Why did I let myself get to this point?

I cant believe I was ever scared of needles, I love them.

Everyone and everything else is so dumb, it’s not worth it.

I cant get out, I’ve gone too far.

Everyone can tell something’s up with me, now. 

It’s so obvious I have a problem.

Everyone else has the problem, I’m fine.

There’s no hope for me.

It’s over.

I either have to quit or… I dont even know or care anymore. Die, I guess.

I cant quit, I’ve tried to so many times… every time I dont have drugs, I’m so sick.

Nobody understands, nobody cares… I cant do this alone. I’m so alone.

If I tell them what’s wrong, they’ll just freak out.

I’m dealing with this on my own, what do I do what do I do

I need to get high, I cant deal with this

When did THESE become my problems

I’m so stupid



anonymous asked:

"Posting video of straight guy who uses homophobic slurs" what could go wrong? Seriously though this is a person you agree with? It isn't good look for you or this blog and you should put warning on that post

1. when did joey use homophobic slurs?

2. i just said i agree with his views on y o i??

- mod 2

(this is why i dont go on tumblr that often anymore except to run this fucking blog; people literally get triggered by you posting a video and say ‘oh yeah go watch this if you want to haha it’s pretty funny’)