people just dont get funny anymore

laughing crying emoji review

a good classic, a face everyone can recognize, seems a bit off though…… 8/10

a friend who loves your memes!! he’s a good guy but what are those blue things coming out of his eyes??? nobody will know i guess 7/10

well he really isnt even laughing anymore! you cant laugh through your teeth. have you ever told your friend a funny joke and they just start creepily grinning at you? actually no dont answer that i know some of you people know me personally 5/10 for being a callout post for me

pretty classic! a round boy laughing at a nice joke you saw on tumblr! probably likes flower crowns, weird shading tho 8/10

a big big boy but again he’s laughing through his teeth but he gets a good score because he’s beautiful and round 7/10

soft soft boy he’s pretty simple and nice! not much to say about him 9/10

eh kind of off but i’d still pat them 7/10

a great boy!! looks like artwork you’d find on tumblr and that always is a good feel, 10/10

basically a ripoff of the original just with no lines, no effort put in, tears are bigger than his eyes 3/10

okay yo what the actual fuck is this -90/10

doesnt really looks like he’s laughing, just looks like an open mouth sob 2/10

too anime and the tears are too realistic and just like every emojidex it sucks 0/10

i always find it funny - and this has happened a couple times over the years - where i’ll meet someone and they’re absolutely like,,, in shock and awe cause they never thought theyd get to speak with me

and then they become friends with me

and then realise im a piece of shit and leave


I think, as a fandom we have crossed the line so many times that most of you are more amused by it than distraught but seriously, it has been enough.

Dandongs, one of the most amazing and talented nsfw artists of this site deleted. Why? Because someone (who has apologized already stop sending her hate jfc) thought it would be awesome to repost their art in the heyphillookatthis tag

Take a moment to imagine you as them, making art because you like it, you enjoy it and you don’t want the real Dan or Phil to look at it. You state it SEVERAL times but there’s always someone tagging them on it, submitting it when they ask for fanart for the book and lastly reuploading it to the tag they are going to check and watch them look at it




What’s this fandom anymore?

Phil opens a space for us to show him stuff and what’s in that tag?

Cringing edits. “Phan is real”. People with pretty much nothing to say. Selfies.

It’s so so fucking sad that amazing art (i saw someone who made an scale model of their apartment so lit), or people who really want to say thanks to them for helping them through dark times, or just funny stuff gets buried by this GARBAGE.

I said it. It’s fucking garbage. It gets fucking old, why do you tag him in your gross edits and say like “omg someone stop me” or “just take me away from the internet” I won’t even ask if you are all 12 yrs old, because that would be disrespectful to all those 12 yr old mature shippers WHO DONT DO THAT. You know they will saw it and be disturbed by it. It was funny the 20 first times now it isn’t anymore why won’t you just stop stealing space from people who DO want to show them nice things?

And don’t tell me that they want this, Phil practically took off the Draw Phil Naked because he got disturbed by it. Dan spent half of the video saying he was at his limit.

Stop it. It’s not funny anymore, to be rude to them, the gross edits, the “— fic”, to call Dan a rat, to send them disturbing stuff, to ask/tell them about phan.

You are driving them away

They are being rude back.

Tbh at this point i think the relationship between D&P and the phandom is so deteriorated that they shouldn’t make tumblr tag anymore.

I know they do it for our entretainment but if they are going to be hate like 90% of the things they do for them, be cringing edits or just a cute fanart of them and Dil as a family (which i think the rudeness towards that one was out of proportion) i don’t see the point. I suppose they are just so touchy towards anything shippy at this point that they’d rather be rude than have everyone saying like “omg they liked it!!! phan confirmed!!”

Just. Let’s grow up as a fandom.

Fun Toxic Thoughts of an Addict

This is amazing! I’ll be one of the few people to control my drug use. I can function while staying high. I’m not going to overdo it. I’m only going to do enough to tolerate life. I’ll only overdo it a little bit; only sometimes. I’ll never run out of money. I’ll keep my priorities straight. 

Wow, I never thought I’d spend that much money on drugs. I dont feel like going to school/work today, I’m going to stay home, do drugs, and do my own thing. Fuck everybody else. 





 I can get shit done, now! People like being around me and think I’m funny! I can even control my emotions! I never cry anymore, it’s amazing.

I’ll never snort anything, though. Only when I’m really desperate, but I’ll never let myself get to that point. NO way.

 Okay, I’ll just stick to snorting because it hits me quicker, but I will NEVER shoot up. I dont ever see myself doing that, I’m terrified of needles.

Alright fine, I’m just going to try shooting up this one time. JUST THIS ONE TIME, THOUGH.

I cant do this anymore.

Why did I let myself get to this point?

I cant believe I was ever scared of needles, I love them.

Everyone and everything else is so dumb, it’s not worth it.

I cant get out, I’ve gone too far.

Everyone can tell something’s up with me, now. 

It’s so obvious I have a problem.

Everyone else has the problem, I’m fine.

There’s no hope for me.

It’s over.

I either have to quit or… I dont even know or care anymore. Die, I guess.

I cant quit, I’ve tried to so many times… every time I dont have drugs, I’m so sick.

Nobody understands, nobody cares… I cant do this alone. I’m so alone.

If I tell them what’s wrong, they’ll just freak out.

I’m dealing with this on my own, what do I do what do I do

I need to get high, I cant deal with this

When did THESE become my problems

I’m so stupid



They promised...💔

I don’t know how to think anymore like I just feel very disappointed… I am not really angry at them but if they wanted to break up they could have told us at the begining… There were so many people who told that they won’t get together again and “you dont actually think they will stay together after zayn has left ” but I always told them that they will get back together I know it because they have promised and for me it is like when you promise something you HAVE to keep it! This is just my opinion but I don’t know anymore… I judt know thst I will still support and love them and also wish the best for their future…

taako thinks its really funny though. he loves fucking w him. kravitz gets taako flowers and taako. taako eats one. and hes like wow thanks babe these are delicious. and like. kravitz knows people don’t eat roses. at least not like that. they dont just. take a bite out of the petals like a popsicle. he knows that much. right? a part of him secretly isn’t sure anymore. he just, he doesn’t know. 

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idk why people like to pick on freshman and look down on them just for being scared in a new school that's like 200000 times larger than their old school with 2000000 times more people in it like i just don't get it.. but yeah haha ugly ig

i don’t “pick on” freshmen, it’s just quite satisfying to see the position you used to be in and compare it to now and how much you’ve grown.
but hey they are also hella short it’s so funny and some of them think they are fucking Adult because they dont go to middle school anymore and you see them acting like kings and. sit down sara. you aren’t that cool.

the paedophile jokes directed to vik really need to stop. like i get it funny jokes in cah about vik liking 12 yr olds because he plays minecraft hah hah hilarious. but to see disgusting jokes about the subject with him tagged in it just disgusts me.
like you can see when in like cah theres a gross card directed to him he gets like lowkey uncomfortable and then i just see people tweeting him that??? like?? wyd?
the jokes arent even funny or creative anymore its getting so old.
and apparently someone asked him at upload “how many kids he has in his basement” like i get it on like tumblr you can make your shit jokes but to ask that when youre there what the actual fuck?? like you dont say that to people wtf
like boohoo a vik stan ranting!1!1!!1 but like seriously think about it, how would you feel if you got that shit every day?

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I wanted to run. I never felt so inferior in my entire life, it was so sufforcating.

My life is a mess, I moved to another city but unable to got decent job and had to run back like a dog, as a saleperson I failed so many time and I might still fail, the insecurities is crawling under my skin, and then I was used and dump like shitload by the company I thought I can finally be together, best of all my best friend betrayed me by choosing the company side. If I do not have alter ego: a comic artist, I probably cant take it, its like my superiority, my identity was falling apart. I was a failure.
So I hided. I ran like a dog with tail between its legs. My friend who had a company actually took me in, on the surface I sound so together but truthfully I always am so afraid that I cant do it, Im gonna fail him, or more like, fail my own expectation of myself.
After the incident one of my friends who is younger than me got accepted to a foreigner company, and she stayed at my appartment for 3 days before the flight. I used to be close to her, but when she was here I felt so ashamed I cant even look at her. I pretended to be so busy, never been home but actually I just stayed at the coffee shop all day. She wanted to help, she asked if I want her to introduce a job for me. Gosh Im older than her, why am I so pathetic?

Been 4 months I rarely speak to the friend who betrayed me, I know its not her fault entirely so I dont blame her but I hesitate to meet her. She actually reached out for me, she wanted to meet me. I dont want to, but our mutual friend said that I should settle it once and for all, whether to still be friend or just quit. Yesterday I saw her. Now I know why I dont want to meet her. Shes still a great friend and honestly want good thing for me. BUT IT WAS SO SUFFORCATING. I WANT TO RUN, I WANT TO STOP, I CAN HEAR ALL THE LAUGHTER INSIDE MY MIND. The more shes good to me the more I feel so ashamed, so inferior. Its like looking at younger version of myself, so carefree and loving, brimming with energy while the me now is so pathetic. I faked most of the meeting trying to be nice and funny, but after that I just want to quit everything.

Then I heard another friend said she will get marry and stay in Poland, with her foreigner husband. I wish her the best, but stated right away I feel so jealous and I dont want to attend the wedding because I dont want to feel so pathetic.

Why am I such a bitch? I hurt these people even though I knew they are good friend and they want best things for me, but my inferiority complex just cant stand it. I thought I wont envy anyone anymore but now? I dont know.
I never feel so pathetic, guilty, stupid, and fail in my entire life, what am I doing here? I cant make money to earn my living with comic, why am I still doing it? I cant do sale well but its the only professional I know, without it I cant earn, but I cant do it well enough. And all these younger version of me was manifested by me on these friends, I can hear them laughing at how pathetic I am. I just pretended to function well but on the inside I want to run away. Im still running away by drawing all these comic so that I dont have to think and earn some respect from stranger. I am so pathetic.

I know Im just talking nonsense here, but I need to pour it out at least to someone. Anyone.

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I just saw your pic girl and omg you look ecstatic!! BTS is my fave group and you having the ability to be so close with em must have been awesome! what was being around namjoon, hoseok, and jimin like? they're my faves in the group so I'm super curious to see hear how they were like with you ^^

argghhh i am so sorry for the late reply! ive been very busy! haha i feel so bad :( ahh thats so cool! bts is also my fave group! it was mind blowingly awesome! i cant believe there real people!

namjoon oh my god hes my ultimate so being able to talk to him was unreal ! hes a very good listener! he always looked me in the eyes when i talked to him! he was so focused! hes so genuine and really cares about his fans! i talked to him the longest out of bangtan! he couldve been resting or doing something else! but he took the time to talk to me! maybe because he could tell i was a huge fan of him! hes also a very funny and carefree guy! he likes to make people laugh! when he was filming for the mv he put on some green glasses and started doing flailing his arms doing a wierd dance! hes a blast man. he doesnt care what others think! i remember i tought him how to do the bro handshake that all the guys do in la ( you know what im talking about lol) he was so excited to learn it haha . were both like “wassup”! haha hes really open to learn new things! he’s a cool laid back guy! even nate said so himself when i talked to him! he said namjoon was the coolest haha. he was so thankful i was a fan haha! he was surprised when is showed him my album for him to sign! he was like “wow thank you so much” i was so happy , he was also very curious! asking me things like “how did u find out about bts?” ” how do you know kpop” haha it was amazing overall hes a very sweet fun guy! he’s everything i wanted him to be and more! he makes so happy i wish i could be with him every single day! so overall he’s very chill when he wants to be , but he has a goofy side wich i love ( oh and btw he says ” OH REALLY” alot lol i noticed that when talking to him! hehe ) btw hes really fucking tall and his body is like sex on a stick OH LAWDDD :p

jimin is a cutie! hes very cute and dorky ! even thought he doesnt look like it he definetly is! i didnt get to say much to him because his english isnt very good :( but he tries his best! :) his engrish very cute! he seemed sorta shy around me ! but he was very nice! i think us fans have alot more to learn about jimin! :) overall i would say he was very sweet and tried his best to talk in english! and when i spoke korean phrases to him he was surprised! haha they all were! to me he likes to listen! he likes his hyungs alot! he shows alot of affection its sweet , tbh hes way more obedient than kookie faaar more actually haha  so overall he was very cute and sweet , but shy ! kookie was in his own little world sometimes hehe actually when they had a break to stop filming , ther was a floatie in pool and kookie got on it and layed out in the pool on it FULLY CLOTHED MAY I REMIND YOU and he just layed there , he couldve fell in fully clothed but he didnt really care lol everyone was laughing the staff tried to help him out of the pool haha hes so silly! he almost fell

hoseok oh my god this kid , hes actually really good at english! woah man! he’s seemed really excited to talk to me in english! he was surprised i knew about kpop! i complemented him on their performance of tvxq’s something! he was very happy i watched! he said ” oh wow thats cool! very hard dance dance is hard” HAHAHA HIS ENGRISH IS THE BEST OMFG he really seems like how he is on tv very goofy and upbeat! he was so cheery the whole time i talked to him! hes definetly not a shy guy! he likes to talk alot! haha hes goofy and thats what i love about him hes so positive all the time! i remeber when i talke to him i said ” jhope! your my hope! ” and he pointed at me and said ” OH YEAH HOPE I AM HOPE ” hehee his eyE SMILE IS LIFE OMFG. i told him my favorite song from the album was just one day! and he was like “oh haruma! oh yes!” then we both started singing it! haaha he laughed after words ! talking to jhope was so much fun! he really a great person to talk to! i would say hes the happy virus of the group! he really likes to make people laugh and feel good! he’s such an amazing guy! so overally talking to jhope was the most fun! i ( their all fun and amazing tho dont get me wrong) so overall he was very talkative and funny !

thanks you so much for asking this question! feel free to ask anymore if you would like! thanks so much! <3333 sorry again for the late reply! 

the problem with ‘super girl’ and the kreisberg/berlanti team:

you know what i hate? when you promote your show by saying it is female empowerment when it’s clearly pushing white feminism. super girl seems like a good show but it’s not full and complete female empowerment because the word female signifies a group of individuals who are all different but are women nonetheless. You cant say that when the only people of color in your show are men (great wonderful actors) but still MEN. 

You cant say that when you dont have one woman of color in your cast, when you strictly prohibited black/asian/latina actresses to audition for the lead role of your show. when your whole universe of dc shows has JUST seven non caucasian characters in main roles (new firestorm jay, diggle, iris, joe, james olsen,hank henshaw, cisco) you cant claim to be about empowerment at all.

*sighs heavily*

 i dont watch arrow anymore so i cant comment on diggles development but iris who is credited as the female lead is being highly underused, has for a season now and we’re getting sprinkles just now of what she can do. cisco got one episode on his backstory and his brother just up and dissapeared after that, the character is mostly there to be the funny guy. let’s keep it 100% real here.

this whole universe is so fucking problematic because they’re casting people of color in main roles but sidelining them very strongly so no  i’m not excited about a show that’s going to continue on the same path and please dont try to reel me in by spewing bullshit like female empowerment and strength and courage. they’re targeting all the young litte white children who can see themselves as the hero because the heroes of these shows are white like them, barry, oliver, kara. but what about the young kids who are not white. just think how wonderful it would have been if kara was played by a woman of color. #missedopportunity

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Here are 2 of many reasons I left the Janoskians fandom: 1. (most of) People in the fandom were rude and it was turning into online highschool for me. 2. They started to disgust me. It all started with the public wanking video. I am sorry but I honestly think they aren't anything but trouble. You can't help but wonder how they're going to turn out.

i feel u but now that the tumblr fandom is like 95% gone, it’s more quiet and chill and theres remotely no drama whatsoever. im not saying thats the same with the twitter fandom though (((note why i never go on twitter))))

i do agree with you on your second point, i feel like they have sort of gotten better if that makes any sense?? idk. their latest videos havent had much sexual reference and except james im sorry but hes the only one i dont like and i remember when i used to stick up for him so much but his personality is actually so disgusting i find his humour really gross and hes just perverted and im sorry but i just dont like him anymore but that aside idk i know theyll always think what they do is funny but i think that over the past few months theyve realised that not many people like the content they were providing and that their “”“not a boyband”“” image wasnt going to get them very far so now theyre just trying to mature (((i think))) but i could be completely wrong, i reckon it’ll be interesting to see them int he future and how they turn out in all honesty.