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I know the Knocked Unconscious trope is inaccurate but can I... use it anyway? I mean I need my character to be knocked unconscious by someone long enough for them to be taken to an unknown place and wake up there. Are there any alternatives or should I just roll with it?

I have a post for that! 

[Tropes Done Right: Rendering Someone Unconscious

You can click that link, or, honestly, just wait a bit, I’m about to reblog it for ya :) 

The real question I have is, why does the character need to be unconscious? Can they just be subdued and placed in a hood? “Unconscious” is not the only way of making them “not currently active;” you can achieve the same thing by locking them in the trunk (note: air and air conditioning become issues here, as does claustrophobia), by reasoning with them that coming to The Mysterious Place will get them something they want, by threatening someone close to them to ensure cooperation, by Tasering them and restraining them…. there are a lot of ways to make characters inconsequential and “willing” to take a journey without knowing where they’re going. 

Sedatives work fairly well for this, though aren’t entirely safe. I can think of a few off the top of my head – midazolam, phenobarbital, even diphenhydramine can be used in sedative takedown. If you want something a little un-standard, a drug called droperidol works as well. (Not available in the US due to black-box warnings it didn’t deserve, but I digress.) 

I’m not saying you can’t ever use this trope. Ultimately what you choose to do is entirely up to you. I’m not the Writing Police, nor do I want to be. I’m here to give you information to help you ground your story in realism so that when you choose to break the boundaries of realism, you do so anchored in a world that feels realistic. 

But also understand that in our world, if you hit someone over the head and they become unconscious even for a few minutes, they’re liable not to remember anything that happens after. My own concussion in high school wiped all but 4 specific incidents from my memory for the next 24 hours. They’re liable to be confused and agitated. They might have a scalp wound that bleeds all over the trunk of your bad guys’s car (and it’s always a nice car with bad guys, isn’t it?). They might have permanent brain damage. They might die.

And the worry is that a reader of yours will get it in their head from yet another source that doing this is okay and ultimately harmless, when people in the real world die from being hit in the head, sometimes even by well-meaning friends or playmates. I’ve seen people suffer catastrophic brain damage from a single punch. 

The choice is yours. I can’t tell you what’s right for your story. I can only tell you the medicine. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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Do you think the fandom is sometimes unnecessarily harsh towards the "good" characters, like Dany/Jon and others? I always thought what made asoiaf stand out among other fantasy works is how grey all the characters are, and how even the seemingly "good" characters make mistakes like real world people do. But I think people still look at them as black and white/good or evil. And if they make a mistake/do something wrong they're horrible and anyone who still likes them is excusing their behavior.

“sometimes”? you mean all the time lol

the sad thing is that this happens a lot in most fandoms. there’s always going to be people picking a character and tearing them apart, for many reasons and most of the time it’s not even good reasons lmao we’ve seen a lot of this with dany, and now we’re seeing this with jon. and in my opinion, this has nothing to do with the character, but with this “hate culture” in which they have to find something “problematic” and the minute you enjoy a character despite the flaws, well, you’re just as problematic as they are. there is no such a thing as grey characters for people like this because they’re either the best thing ever or pure garbage. it’s quite sad really. you can’t have decent discussions with people anymore, you can’t enjoy a character without having to justify yourself, etc.

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how do u see the pack in the future? it's so sad i think lydia doesn't have deep friendships w/ most of them besides scott and stiles. like i see mcmartinski talking to each other everyday and scott probably talks to liam and malia like almost everyday but it's so difficult to imagine stiles and lydia being that close to the pack after many years. mason isaac and kira should be closer to lydia but teen wolf sucks. do you have headcanons for stydia's friend when they're married (besides scott)?

I can definitely see what you mean, although I totally think that they could actually get closer to the pack after they move! This is super weird to think about, but I feel like keeping up with them out of obligation (I’m thinking more specifically of Malia, Kira, and Isaac, I think Liam will always seem like a kid to Stiles and Lydia) will turn into something that they more deeply love and appreciate when they’re out in the real world and are seeing people who don’t have the same experiences as they do. So I can genuinely see Lydia getting closer to Kira and Isaac. 

As for Stiles, I don’t think he makes real friends very easily. I kinda think that Stiles doesn’t even feel like he needs a lot of friends– if someone isn’t family to him, they’re not really on his list as much. In college, I can see Stiles and Lydia both making friends to kinda get by, socially-speaking. I can see them having casual acquaintances, in adulthood, that they go out with occasionally, for drinks or to dinner or something. But if they get into a big fight, Stiles isn’t gonna go to anybody who isn’t Scott. Lydia isn’t going to have a best friend who isn’t someone related to the pack. When they really, really need to talk, they go to each other or Scott. 

I can imagine that the pack all gets together for big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, stuff like that, and in that, they all just kinda become family. This collection of strays, these people who need each other, they end up becoming family members through time and love and understanding. And in a lot of ways, Lydia gets a family that actually accepts her instead of the one she has with her biological family. Stiles, on the other hand, gets more people who depend on him, which he thrives on. 

In my opinion, though, Stiles and Lydia aren’t the most social people ever. I think Stiles’ anti-social tendencies rub off on Lydia, just because they’ve both learned that trusting people usually falls to shit. It’s easier to come home after work and curl up together on the couch and be alone with someone they’re happy with than it is to try to make all these friends and hope that the friends are trustworthy. So, in a way, Stiles and Lydia can be kinda shut-ins as they get older. They’re two people who genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other and who know the danger of “new.” So, with that in mind, you’re going see adult Stydia kinda valuing the peace and ease of each other and what they know than they would value casual friendships. Which might be a way that PTSD manifests in them, but I think it’s valid, tbh. 

Just had one of the best lectures I’ve had in med school

It was on ‘The ethics of abortion’, and I was sorta expecting a lecture tip-toeing around the different viewpoints without offending anyone. But our lecturer slayed!

- she started out by saying how the ‘pro life’ side always get emotive pictures of babies and foetuses etc, and that there’s hardly any for pro choice. So she put up a photo of a woman lying dead on the floor, after bleeding out from an unsafe abortion her partner tried to perform on her

- she showed us statistics on how abortion rates are lower in countries with safe, legal access to abortion

- she showed us more statistics on how high maternal death rates and deaths from unsafe abortions became when countries made access to abortion more restricted 

- she put up photos of discarded babies in streets and rubbish bins in countries where abortion is illegal 

- she talked about a case in the US where a woman was ex-communicated from an ethics committee at a catholic hospital, after the committee allowed a woman with life-threatening complications to have an abortion, then our lecturer commented that ‘it’s funny how it was wrong for her to do that, yet child abuse is apparently ok’ 

- she went through cases of more women who were so desperate to have an abortion that they seriously harmed themselves

- she ended the lecture on the photo of the woman who died, and said ‘whatever your stance on abortion, the fact is that if a woman has made up her mind that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, she will do whatever she can to get an abortion, even if it puts her life at risk’

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Quirk-law is the leading cause of Villainy

At first glance, the world of BnHA seems like it might be a fun place to live, but that’s because we’re viewing it from the perspective of the top 1%. For most people, the only difference between their world and the real one is that they are in constant danger. 

Let’s review what we know about quirk law. Only licensed heroes are authorized to use quirks in public. You may use quirks privately, but they must be registered and there are myriad restrictions. You must obtain a license to use quirks for your job, also with various limitations.

On the surface, pretty commonsense. In practice, these laws target the lowest common denominator and thus punish everyone else. If you ever had a teacher who demanded silence from the class because one person misbehaved, it’s like that on a societal scale.

(excerpt from the spin off “BnHA Illegals”) This guy can move slightly faster than a brisk walking pace by holding 3 points of contact with the ground. He’s not allowed to do that. He becomes a vigilante hero, which is a crime.

The “Illegals” manga features several people who turned to the “crime” of vigilante heroism because of the draconian regulation of quirks. It’s on the level of thought-crime, guilty until proven innocent. 

While licenses make sense in the real world with regards to vehicles and guns, it doesn’t make sense for quirks because A) nearly everyone has them, and B) it’s not a choice to obtain it. 

(excerpt from chapter 85) Let’s talk about a case where these laws don’t just inconvenience an individual, but harm all of society. Momo has the quirk “creation” which is very tightly regulated for the sake of the economy. With a hero license she can create anything she needs for heroing, but anything else is (officially) off limits.

This is legislating to the worst case scenario, which, I contend, is a poor strategy in this world. It works from the assumption that she would use her quirk selfishly and excessively. If she created billions of dollars, she would ruin the economy and we would all suffer.

But what if she used her quirk selfishly and in moderation? She could make anything she needs for a modest life, or the money appropriate for a modest living, and it would have no impact on the economy. A good outcome for her and a neutral result for the rest of us. There’s no reason to prohibit this.

And, of course, the law doesn’t consider the best case scenario. What if she uses her quirk selflessly? What if, for example, every couple years she set aside a month to create smart phones for everyone in the world? Would that wreck the economy? One particular industry, sure. Would it benefit literally everyone but electronics CEOs? Would it save thousands of child laborers in sweatshops? YES! That’s a brilliant trade off! But, even if she applied for a business quirk license, I think she’d be denied for the potential disruption of the economy.

(Side note: It has been a topic of many forums whether Momo can make things as complex as a smartphone. I say yes. Recall in the School Trip Arc, she made a tracking device and matching GPS unit. It’s absolutely within her ability.)

Rapid fire round: what should these people do if society was more lenient? Shinso: suicide hotline operator. Todoroki: work inside a nuclear cooling tower, heat up water at the bottom, cool down steam at the top, infinite energy. Uraraka: construction worker work at NASA.

As civilians these quirks would be restricted. Even as heroes these quirks are going to waste from a utilitarian perspective. No one benefits from this arrangement. There is so much potential in the world, and its governments seem dedicated to squandering it.

This is a society that is oppressive to the majority. Quirks could fuel the next stage of human evolution, but laws keep society grounded in the stone age. How can anyone in that world (aside from the 1%ers in their ignorant bubble) not resent that? This is the philosophy that breeds villains, and I can’t help but agree with it.

People in the real world always say, when something terrible happens, that the sadness and loss and aching pain of the heart will ‘lessen as time passes,’ but it isn’t true. Sorrow and loss are constant, but if we all had to go through our whole lives carrying them the whole time, we wouldn’t be able to stand it. The sadness would paralyze us. So in the end we just pack it into bags and find somewhere to leave it.
—  Fredrik Backman, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

Back when Disney Channel actually had guts to put something as real as this In one of their shows! this was why the old shows were better, because they actually had REAL legitimate values and lessons such as the one taught in this episode that we could relate to! now I can’t take new Disney seriously anymore. all it teaches you now is how to be an annoying stuck up teen


Isak and Even basically inventing the concept of “heart eyes” (1 / 2)

it’s amazing how much disrespect actors have for their lgbt fans even when they’re a huge majority of the fanbase. as if lgbt people don’t get ostracized enough in the real world apparently we aren’t allowed to enjoy or see ourselves in tv either w/o it being a huge joke to the cast 


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I really can’t stand the message that people send to others - especially to disabled people - that ‘the real world is cruel and nobody’s going to help you’ in an attempt to foster complete self-sufficiency.

Because it’s not true. I honestly can’t do everything by myself, and neither can you or anyone else. Everyone needs help. Nobody can always be their own chef, doctor, mechanic, teacher, trainer, and counsellor all rolled into one infallible package of superhuman toughness.

It’s patently misleading to raise people to think that they have to learn to always fly solo. We’re a social species and we support and learn from each other. We shouldn’t be taught that it’s shameful or weak to ask for help.

Nobody can do everything alone and nobody should have to. Especially us disabled people.


remember when sabrina posted this… yeah I still agree with her. and still don’t believe all that ‘you’re wearing my clothes’ 'maya turned into riley’ bullshit

gamers have no real relation to or consciousness of the social dynamics they engage in when they make “memes” about video games, because it’s basically free advertising for the greedy bastard companies to make money off them. in the real world people are paid by greedy capitalists to make ads for them, but “memes” about video games are just free advertising. it’s really no surprise gamergate happened, when you consider the general lack of awareness gamers demonstrate to larger social models.