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Pepperony engagement in SP:H

Ok, so I’m getting sick of people who are complaining about the fact that Tony and Pepper engagement doesn’t make sense in SP:H because it all went to fast and without an explanation since they were “ON A BREAK”. First of all, I don’t speak english so I’m sorry if I make any mistakes. Second of all, Tony and Pepper NEVER BROKE UP. In Civil War Tony clearly says that they are taking A BREAK, and not that they have BROKEN UP for real. Those are two different things! When you take a break you just need a LITTLE bit of time to think about you relationship with someone to then speak about it with him/her and decide what to do. A BREAK lasts few days or max few weeks and not 6 months or more or it wouldn’t be called anymore A BREAK but A BREAK UP. So it does make sense that by the time SPH starts Tony and Pepper are back together again. Between those 2 months they could have really well talk and fix things, because that’s how couple who really love eachother work. Also, I bet some people who say that Tony and Pepper’s relationship doesn’t make sense because they got together “too fast” are the one that maybe shipped Tony with Aunt May. Yeah because putting together two people who just met eachother for 2 minutes in a movie justifies the fact that it makes sense for them to get together despite a couple that has been developed for almost 10 years! Also, Marvel unfortunately can’t show everything that happens between their characters on-screen or they would need to make 30 movies per year!! They tend to do a lot of stuff off-screen so fans can imagine what could have happened in the meantime. This is also why fanfictions are written and exist! I could have complained too about the fact that at the end of Age of Ultron Tony wants to have a family with Pepper and in CW we found the two of them being on a break. It didn’t make sense for me, but at least in that movie Tony kinda gives and explanation but it still didn’t make sense because it’s not like Pepper all of a sudden realizes that Tony can’t stop being Iron Man and takes a break with him but then I started to build in my mind what could have happened between Ultron and CW and I started to understand why they did that. So let’s try also to imagine what happened between CW and SPH too. If you see in the movie Tony is trying to fix all the bad things that he has to deal with like his mental health going to India, he has Happy back, he now mentors a young kid hoping to fix a little bit the fact that a women blamed him for having killed his son when HE DID NOT, and apparently he also won Pepper back!! In CW he says that he doesn’t want to lose her and that’s what he did! Also Pepper may have wanted to take a break from him but she never stopped loving Tony. She has always been by his side since the beginning, she wouldn’t have left forever in anyway. In conclusion, it’s damn time that those two get married! It’s clear that Tony will propose her since Happy throw the ring to him or he would have just kept it in his pocket as he did SINCE 2008!! Also not many people noticed that but Tony always knew Peter wouldn’t accept to become an Avenger yet. You can see it! Happy and him weren’t at all surprised but really proud of him instead, also Happy tells Peter that he first needs a minute with Tony before bringing him home so HAPPY AND TONY have talked before about the proposal in front of the press or Happy would have just go away and bring immediately Peter home! That’s it. Sorry for the long post, I didn’t want to offend anyone but just make things clear! Also I don’t expect to see a Pepperony wedding in IW, probably they will do it off-screen but I hope with all my heart that they will show us that incredible moment. Tony Stark is for real the Marvel character with the most amazing development ever. From the first Iron Man he has changed a lot! And by mentoring Peter we see that he is also practising to be a good father maybe in the future so he can take the confidence to thinking about having a kid of his own with Pepper. I really hope I’m not wrong. It would be beautiful seeing Tony with his own baby. I’m done. Thanks to everyone who will take some time to read this!