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If you love Supergirl check out @plastic-pipes ‘s art, it waters my crops and clears my skin, this piece especially, I keep staring at it, and it’s the one who made me want to draw some supergirl in the first place, thank you for blessing us with it <3

anonymous asked:

Would you be so kind as to sketch bitty introducing jack to moomaw as his boyfriend? I simply adore all of your art!

Okay Jack you’re laying on the Hockey Prince Zimmermann Charm a little strong there. Reel it in she loves you enough already.

Every Episode of the Defenders
  • Scene 1:
  • Matt: Plot plot plot!
  • Jessica: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: I am the Immortal Iron Fist!
  • Luke: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 2:
  • Jessica: Plot plot plot!
  • Luke: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: We should storm the Hand Stronghold with no planing or tactics!
  • Matt: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 3:
  • Luke: Plot plot plot!
  • Matt: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: Something stupid and obviously wrong!
  • Jessica: Danny Rand is an idiot.

it’s weird how sometimes being in very queer spaces can actually make me uncomfortable. 

it’s this bizarre feeling like I’m somehow…not queer enough, or performing queerness wrong - like if I’m not immediately and aggressively presenting my queerness then this space somehow doesn’t belong to me. 

and this is me, a person with a bona fide girlfriend. and yet there’s still this nagging feeling that says this isn’t your place, you fake-ass queer. 

I just realised that around the time my cousins finish with their getting married and having babies phase my Muslim friends will start getting married and having babies and when they finish up that phase my white friends will start getting married and having babies so I guess I’m going to be trapped in a fifteen year long never ending cycle of attending bridal showers, weddings and baby showers

on another note, the other day I came across some kid’s blog and they were saying how they didn’t care what age you were–they had a close online friend who was 10 years older than them!– but also they didn’t trust adults and only people “mentally 22 or under” should follow them 

and I was just 

! ! !  ***alarm bells***


I love it, I love everything so much and I can’t believe I’m leaving it all. But I am so thankful for every smile, laugh, tear, goofy moment, and every sad moment I’ve gotten to share with these amazing people.

You know, I could go through and tell you what each of these pictures means to me, how these people have effected me, but there’s too much too say in so little time.

So for now, life is amazing, and I am so absolutely in love with everything. Here’s to beautiful beginnings ❤

Please tell me I’m not the first person to make this joke.