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Dallas Les Mis Shadow Group Watch at 10pm GMT on Saturday 25th!

Please sign up before Saturday!

(Seriously though, I don’t mind if you’re late to the watch along, it’s your problem if you miss the beginning. BUT you do need to sign up ahead of time.)

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I'm late to the party but if you're still doing the Shinee asks game 3, 8, 19, 20

shinee ask game

3. favorite era
holy cupcakes that’s a hard one.  “everybody” had eyeliner, “lucifer” had onguns blazing, “ring ding dong” had “hello baby”…*sigh*

ultimately, just on dynamics, “dream girl” is probably my fave.  jinki flipping a mic stand, everyone asking  about the price of the mic stands, “one fine day”, ALL the ships sailing.  everyone was so warm & soft with each other, the music was fun, all-kills, good promotions, floral suits (when will your fave!), & just a really fun time for everyone.  no one got hurt!

8. first impression
”why are they wearing fur vests?  why is that dude pointing to his back?  a romulan!  i want that guy’s red pants!  holy frick this dance is awesome!!!” - me watching the “lucifer” mv.

one of the really cool things about not having a lot of exposure to other k-pop groups when i got into shinee is that they essentially set the bar for “normal/standard/basic”.  when you’re introduced to that level of quality in music, performance, professionalism, group dynamics, & overall politeness it’s really hard to settle for “popular”.  their staying power is just incredible & they’ve done it pretty much on their own merit.  yes they have sm at their back but even in the very beginning they did much of their own promotions.  also they’re just nice to each other.  not always, we’ve seen them each be bullied in their own time, but in comparison to other group interviews they’re pretty damn protective of each other. 

19. is there another group you like to see interacting with SHINee?
have you ever seen them with big bang?  because it’s pretty awesome.  jonghyun literally jumped onto seungri & they were…very “friendly”.  other than that it’s kind of hard to say a “group”.  but fx seems to have the most members that match well, & amber definitely seems to be one of taemin’s “safe” people.

20. any collaborations or solo activities you’d like to see?
jinki solo & ontae duet (even though taemin doesn’t think he’s good enough).  the moment their voices blend in selene 2.6 is so nice.

& honestly i want to see how much taemin clings to jinki if it’s just the two of them promoting.  more gripping onthighs or less gripping?  grasping at him/hiding behind him more or less frequently?  more discussions about jinki’s body or no?  ttakbam encouragements?  the sangtae, man.  the sangtae.  #magical   

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Would you want Bruce to mentor/adopt another kid or do you think he's got more than enough children running around the manor?

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

The day all of the already existing characters get enough screen-time (panel-time?) and a fair amount of good accurate portrayal in intriguing comics with good writers and artists that could satisfy the fans is the day they can give Bruce more kids to take under his wing.

The only exception to that would be if the new member was more if a friend to the family rather than a member of it (Think Kate Kane/Batwoman) or maybe if they belonged to a minority group then I would let it slide for the sake of representation but honestly even then that wouldn’t be an excuse really because the Batfamily already have people from minority groups who are either white-washed and do not have their heritage acknowledged (Damian Wayne) or are always left out and are rarely included or mentioned (Cassandra & Duke) so instead of adding another kid to the pile then maybe they should focus on the ones they already have because there are A LOT of things that needs to be fixed.

And AFTER they are done, THEN they can introduce newer characters :)

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Alright but listen to this: Ouma got pranked by people in his group by them dying his hair bright purple, and he actually liked it, and that's why he has purple everything, including his hair

This is an adorable headcanon! Assuming grape panta has always been his favorite drink even since before, I could see him just rolling with it and getting purple-themed everything. Part of the appeal of Ouma as a comedian/prankster is that he not only has a knack for cracking jokes, but he clearly likes to be laughed at, too. It’s all part of craving the spotlight and attention, and if it were a manzai comedy routine, he’d definitely be playing bokke rather than tsukkomi.

It’s cute to just picture him waking up to see his hair all dyed and pretending to be shocked, making a huge fuss for a bit, and then ultimately leaving it like that because he really, really liked it.

i was thinking about how taking away certain people from groups changes dynamics of those groups, and putting in context of gorillaz, i’ve come to this conclusion:

Without Russel, the band wouldn’t have an anchor and everything would become chaos

Without Noodle, the glue is taken away and the band falls apart and goes separate from each other

Without Murdoc, things would be considerably calmer but i also feel like he gives the band direction? idk since he’s the self proclaimed leader i feel like the group would lose some of that

Now i’m trying to figure out: what happens when you take away 2D? i’ve been thinking so much there’s something missing without him but i cant figure out what

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opinion: i hate when people compare groups. take bts and exo for example, they are two different groups! they aren't "better" than one another or more important than one another. they are equally talented and are both successful.. why are people so threatened by that? you can bring your fave group up without bringing another one down.

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some fans are really immature…

It was stuff like this that made Mr. Gladly my least favorite teacher.  I got the impression he’d be surprised to hear he was anyone’s least favorite teacher, but that was just one more point against him in my book.

I think many teachers would be at least a little surprised to hear that, honestly, and then a little bit hurt. I get the sense that the surprise Taylor thinks Mr. Gladly would express is from not being on the other end of the scale, though, and on that point I agree with Taylor.

Arrogance is an ugly trait.

I don’t think he comprehended why people might not like him, or how miserable group work was when you didn’t identify with any of the groups or cliques in the school.



He just figured people liked doing group work because it let them talk and hang out with their friends in class.

I mean it’s true, but far from universally. If you have friends and are socially inclined.

Seriously, I relate to Taylor so much on this topic. I’ve grown to be quite asocial at school, forming most of my true friendships online. I’m still on good terms with people around me and consider a bunch of them “friends”, but I’m not really part of their clique. I’ve become… distant.


There’s this stupidly common thing and you see it basically everywhere with self-serving “allies” who position themselves as allies to a group solely so they can attack people they don’t like.

And probably the grossest thing about it is that they’ll push the people they’re supposedly advocating for out of the way, speak on behalf of a group they’re not a part of, and when someone in that group tries to call them out on it they just respond with, “You should be grateful I’m standing up for you.”

All it does is remove yet another space for the minority in question so people not in that group can pat each-other on the back for being Good People as they dogpile whatever designated enemy they’ve targeted.

We don’t need that.  Nobody needs that.

Using a minority, especially one you’re not a part of, as a weapon against people you don’t like is absolutely disgusting and, if just in my opinion, sort of aligns you with the supposed bigots you’re claiming to oppose because that’s not you being an imperfect ally, it’s you adding to the abuse and maligning of underprivileged people.

the pro-LGBT side of this shitcourse has said consistently that bisexuals, pansexuals and nonbinary people are LGBT(PN) but people STILL group them together with asexuality

there’s nothing in common. you can’t be a cishet and also be pan/bi/nb. you can be cishet and ace. it’s that simple

stop using other identities to make your argument seem more inclusive. it doesn’t make any sense

I’m so ready for stories about childhood friend groups and school friend groups that aren’t all one gender. Not a group of only boys or only girls who see the others as a completely different species. No more stories with young boys who always say to each other, ‘don’t be a wimp’, who are so concerned about their masculinity from a young age, who see girls as distant things to maybe be acquired but also to be avoided. No more stories with young girls whose lives either revolve around boys, without boys actually being present, but existing as the girls’ life purposes anyway, OR stories where girls have to reject interaction with boys altogether to keep their independence, as though any interaction with boys would automatically make them less independent, as though they don’t have the right and reason to expect to be able to have a conversation with a boy in which both of them are still real people. I’m ready for groups of girls and boys who are all close with one another, who feel safe around each other and who have fun together without worrying about any of this. I’m ready for stories about childhood friendships where neither gender nor interactions with the opposite gender are the main concern. There can be stories about friendship, childhood, growing up, and even relationships that don’t have to focus on this idea of a gender duality. I just want some stories with childhood friend groups with more than one gender.

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unpopular opinion- i hate how you are only allowed to like bts OR exo. i am an army and exo-l and i get criticized for liking both groups. people have told me im a fake fan and i can only like one or the other. like? what?? am i not entitled to like both?? it's stupid.

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Dont listen to any of them, you’re allowed to make your own choices and stan whoever you want, people who try to pick up a fight with fans who like both exo and bts are weird like if you want to stan both you do!

Our time ran out, and Mr. Gladly picked out people from each group to stand up and go over what they had come up with.

I sighed as Mr. Gladly picked Greg to do our group’s presentation,

Oh boy.

At least it wasn’t Sparky or Julia, though. Greg at least cares about trying to do it well.

and was forced to watch Greg botch it badly enough that Mr. Gladly asked him to sit down before he was finished.

Even if he doesn’t succeed, and gets another thing to beat himself up over.

Greg was one of those kids I always figured made teachers groan inwardly when they raised their hands in class.

Back in the equivalent of the stage of school these kids are at, I used to get asked to not raise my hand from time to time, but that was usually because I was the Hermione of the class. I raised my hand to most questions, often with the right answer. Basically, I answered so frequently that the teachers had to ask me to stop for a bit so others had a chance.

The sort of kid that took twice as long to answer as anyone else, and was often only half-right or so off-tangent that it derailed the discussion.

I may have been long-winded at times, but at least I stayed mostly on track.

I couldn’t imagine what had possessed Mr. Gladly to pick Greg to do our group’s presentation.

Is this Wildbow admitting that it happened mainly for plot convenience? It sounds like that kind of lampshade. I’ve done my share of those, in a project I’m no longer proud of.

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I overhead my ex talking about details about this girl he's "talking" to with one of the people in our group of friends. I'm sitting directly next to him. I heard him say he's gonna make her his. My whole heart dropped. I heard the person in our group of friends say she wants to meet her. I don't want to know anything about their relationship but I do but if I know it will make me sad.

I suggest hanging out less with them so you wont see your ex as much, you need to get over him.