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In a Name: Prologue and Ch 1

Alright, so this is from my Deviant Art and I’ve been meaning to finish it but never found the motivation, so I’m gonna transfer it here and see what you people think and then not be able to ignore it anymore so I will get my lazy arse in gear. Let me know if this is worth transferring here, I don’t want to do all this and have people think it’s horrible…

“Sif! Sif!” You called out, gasping as you ran. “Sif!”

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I always wanted to say I love your art a lot. Your style is so pretty! I wanted to ask too: how did you managed to be noticed by so many people? I mean, I find it really hard to be noticed by the art community esp on tumblr. Putting a lot of hashtags and using various social networks never worked for me > <;; idk maybe it's just bc my art isn't that great, however I look up to you a lot since a while so I wanted your advice, sorry if this comes out weirdly??;; Have a nice day Biia!!

Hi there! Thanks for the sweet message ❤ the only advice I have is be patient. It really is a matter of time, and as long as you keep putting yourself out there, you will grow and more people will recognise you! I’ve had my gallery on deviant art for literally years until one day my following started growing. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected piece that gets popular and brings you attention. For me, cosmic latte was just a fun sketch and slowly it’s become my most popular post. Just keep posting and be patient! And have fun!!

anonymous asked:

It's amazing how the narusaku most popular child Shinachiku, is so popular not even being canon, it's great how the narusaku fandom took him and made him quite memorable.

he’s more memorable and original than the ugly brats kishi pulled out of his butt. I think SS and NH feel threatened, which is why they bash on the fanon kid and narusaku in general. they’re jealous that people actually put thought in the design and created something nice. burrito and salad brat look like one of those ugly recolors on that you see on deviant art

friedscared  asked:

Hello! I am an American who found your stuff through a friend and I love it! You have a great sens of humor, too! Where did you learn to draw figure proportions? Thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for the message! To be honest, the main way I learnt anatomy was by looking at people on the train… I’ve never done a life-drawing class myself, but that’s probably the best and fastest way to learn. Otherwise, practicing from deviant art stock photos is another great way to learn anatomy!

Here’s a crappy guideline on how I see proportions… Of course, every person has a different body and measurements, but I think this is a nice basic way to view it.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! What's some advice you have for people who completely lack drawing skill whatsoever (*cough* me) but still really want to learn?

Hi anon ♥

The secret is T.P.P: Tutorials, Practice and Patience.

1) Follow tutorials about anatomy, perspective, color theory, composition, etc…You have great stuff on Deviant Art and YouTube. Just type “perspective tutorial” or “color theory tutorial” and you’ll find very useful resources. 

You can also check out my “Art Technique” tag because people often ask me the question and you’ll find links there to great tuts.

2) Practice regularly. Better 30 minutes everyday than 2h on Saturday. Set realistic goals. I know that people want to draw portraits or super cool perspectives right away but that’s not how it works. Start small, go big. It will take months for your skills to develop.

3) Patience. Rome wasn’t built in one day. You’ll know moments of discouragement and frustration but don’t give up. It comes with time and practice. And remember: everybody can become good at drawing. It has nothing to do with “a gift” whatsoever but with work. Of course, some people will be more natural at art than others, like some musicians have “the absolute ear” but 1) without work this gift doesn’t mean anything and 2) it’s not because you are not born with this “little something” that you won’t achieve great stuff.

Good luck anon, I’m sure you can do it! A piece of paper, a pencil and it’s enough to start! Go!!

acesola  asked:

Hi, Do you have any advice on humam anatomy and proportions?

yep! I’m sorry if my examples aren’t very good though.

Okay so so to get your pose down you gotta draw your regular old stick person.

it’s always good to block in the chest area as a rectangle or a box  to get and idea of thickness and angles. The boxes are generally the same width but you can play around with it to change body shapes.

From there you gotta fill it, make it all fleshy

This is how I flesh out arms


I guess you can sorta use the lightening bolt thing for legs but you have to alter it a little


tbh the best way to learn is to draw from real life, go and sit in cafes and sketch people or take photographs of yourself or consenting friends and draw from those, Life drawing classes are good too. 

If you have a deviant art account SenshiStock is a great place to fond pose references you can practice with.

of if you don’t have a deviant art this site gives you life drawings to practice from —> QuickPoses

This site gives you poses in the form of a stick skeleton you can draw around —> AtarichanDrawer

And this one has a bunch of hand poses and feet I think —> Posemaniacs

Also I recommend watching Sycra’s video on youtube because his videos are really informative and that’s where I learnt the lightning bolt thing for limbs and how to foreshorten.

I hope this helped a little c: