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How to Relate to Multiples: Conversational Do’s and Don’ts

In order to get other perspectives and help flush out this guide, I’m sharing this rough draft. Please feel free to correct me or suggest additions. As promised, I’m working on making this guide more inclusive to all kinds of multiples, and I appreciate advice on that. 

Sometimes, when faced with strange and unknown situations, people clam up and feel uncomfortable because they don’t know what things are appropriate or inappropriate to say or discuss. Uncomfortable topics will vary from system to system, but here’s a basic general overview that will hopefully help you feel more at ease when talking with your friend and their system.

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Planetary Dominants Intertwining.

Sun dominance leads to competition. Who’s going to outshine the other?

Moon dominant individuals create a wave of emotion when they meet. Their frequencies are high strung and the lunar phase really affects them.

Mercurial individuals are a chattering news station full of energy. Anything goes when you’ve got the means to communicate. Who can talk the loudest?

Venusians are awash with the glow of pleasant times and good wine. Be careful not to hog the mirror, everyone has to make sure they are the fairest of them all

Martians want to run wild and free, they are ready for the hunt. But who will be the pack leader?

Jupiter dominated people are happy as a clam when they meet each other. Good times for all, but the over zealous nature may lead to a overwhelmed crew.

Saturn dominance is like a room full of professors drinking aged scotch, discussing the hardships of the universe. Make sure not to get into a pissing contest over who has had it hardest.

Uranus dominated individuals are determined to create something new. Working together as a team to blaze new trails, just make sure it’s a viable option that isn’t meant to just satisfy all of your egos simultaneously.

Neptunians are glassy eyed and full of dreamy smiles as they talk about their dreams of the future. It’s always a little hard to follow each other, but perhaps we just don’t see what you guys see.

Plutonians have a sick fascination with each other. They end up trying to consume each other whole.

Detective Conan 999 [Japanese to English Translation]

Chapter 999! 

  • Everything is for the School Field Trip… He’s desperate!

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A collection of memes and other funny stuff from the streams so far

  • Noods
  • ___ or riot
  • Wowee
  • 🐢 I 🐢 may 🐢 be 🐢 slow 🐢 but 🐢 watch 🐢 me 🐢 go 🐢
  • L I V I D
  • Is this live?
  • Yogcinema is live but chat is prerecorded
  • F*** cancer
  • Northgard
  • Is ___ in the bundle?
  • Lewis “___” Brindley
  • Legit or quit! Crabs are people! Clams are people!
  • ___s are people!
  • Clap clap
  • Hug Caff
  • Diesel.ogg
  • DJQuads
  • People in chat complaining about ads
  • What does Zylus know about ___?
  • David (cocktail guy) is Yogscast Cyan
  • David is buff Sjin
  • Hugable duck
  • Advocaat
  • #Sjinfacts
  • SKAL
  • Is Lewis still in Japan?
  • Lewis, Duncan and Sjin at the cocktail bar when the should have been recording
  • Put a DONK on it
  • The office party
  • Smith mingling
  • Get Sam a drink! #DRINKS FOR SAM
  • Sam’s “No party cam”
  • M E G A S L O U G H
  • Tom H trying to massage Trott on cam
  • “Definitely our toilets-cam”
  • Hat Films’ Peppa Pig instruments
  • Trottallica
  • Mans not croc
  • Steve and Sam’s shameless plugs
  • Hat Films’ QR code
  • Alsleepy (he was literally falling asleep on stream bless him)
  • (Btw shout out to the person in chat who typed most of Bohemian Rhapsody in chat between the cocktail and hats streams)

This goes as far as the Hat Films stream yesterday. I was going to post a list after the first week but there’s so much!!

(Most if it is from Tuesday 5th because that’s when I properly started making the list WHILE watching the stream at the same time!)

Feel free to add to this list because there will obviously be stuff that I’ve missed! :)


Here’s a post detailing some tips I’ve learned for Clam Blitz so far, because I see a lot of confusion about it, and even outside of C ranks there’s a few people sort of fumbling around sometimes (myself included.) I’m writing this on mobile, so excuse any poor formatting.


•Clams seem to respawn in set locations, usually in groups of four.

•Clams in your ink are highlighted on your screen and on the map.

•You NEED a Power Clam to break the opponent’s goal.

•Regular clams are worth 3 points, Super Clams are worth 20.

•The timer for the goal increases when you throw in a clam.

•After a team’s goal is broken into and the timer for the goal runs out, that team receives a Super Clam underneath their goal. Use it to make a comeback, and watch out for an enemy’s counterattack!

•Quick Super Jump and Beakons/Sub Power Up combo are very viable here.

•Super Jumping to your spawn will break all your clams, but jumping anywhere else is fine.

•Remember to pass clams! If a teammate has a lot of them, you can give them enough for a Super Clam and push into the enemy base.

•The flat dome platforms near the goal indicate the minimum distance you need to throw clams into the goal. The closer you are, the easier it’ll be to aim.

•Using Splashdown and detonating your Baller will make you drop your clams.

•You can’t throw clams while using Inkjet and Baller. Not sure about other long-term specials like Stingray, Bubble Blower, etc, but it seems likely this is the case for all of them, except maybe Ink Armor.

•Enemies can pick up regular clams you drop when you’re splatted, but they can’t intercept a Power Clam.

•You can’t break into the opponent’s goal while your goal is broken.

•There’s a cooldown after a goal is broken and the timer runs out, so you can’t break it again immediately after.

•Penalties work like Splat Zones. Once you’ve distributed clams into the enemy goal and the timer runs out, you’ll have a penalty worth half the points you scored. You’ll have to work off the penalty before any points go towards your score.

•Super Clams have a timer and will disappear shortly after being dropped. If you have a Super Clam and there’s a loose one on the ground, you might want to throw the one you have and pick up the other one to refresh the timer. If there’s a teammate nearby, you can try passing one to them, too.

•Sometimes people purposefully drop clams and jump people who try to pick them up. Watch out for those sneaky clam thieves, or maybe just take this trick for yourself!

•Hit and run tactics can work pretty well in solo queue. If you’re using a mobile weapon, sometimes making a mad dash for the goal with a Super Clam is worth it. Be sure to use caution, though! Don’t get splatted and lose a Super Clam. Your enemies see you at all times, so you need to be sure you can outrun them.

•Know when to play defensively. If you’ve just gotten the lead, hang back and be prepared to guard your clam basket. Your opponents will get a free Super Clam, so they’ll probably be trying to organize a push. Sometimes it’s better to ensure your opponents’ score stays down than it is to try and raise your own.

If you have any other tips, feel free to add on! Hope this helps.

Edit: Changed “Power Clam” to “Super Clam” and added more tips. I’m A rank now, so I think I’ve gotten comfortable enough to share more specific tricks.

Prejudice is Real

Dominique has literally never personal attacked anyone, being a POC you’re told to hold your tongue because it’s so easy to be labeled something you’re not. Ex. Dominique walking away because she doesn’t want to be categorized as “The Angry Black Woman”. And to have these people clam you’re aggressive and mock you’re faith when you’ve been nothing but nice to them, is honestly disgusting and sad.

Your Faves Are Problematic: When They're Angry With You

Hamil!Squad Headcanons!!!

A/N These are headcanons for people who want the Hamilsquad to seem more realistic as people. I love reading fics and headcanons where all the characters are sweet, but to be human is to be flawed. Read at your own discretion, TW of yelling and anger, and let me know what you think!


• Despite what you would think, when Alex gets angry with people he cares about, he clams up. He’s had too much experience with hurting others with his words when he was angry, and he knows it’s not something you can easily take back.
• Expect the cold shoulder from him
• He distances himself from you. He doesn’t want to lash out, and he needs time to cool off.
• He tends to stay up later and is more engrossed in his work. He tries to lose his problems in his piles of work, but we all know it’s futile.
• Because he’s working so much, he will sometimes completely disregard all self care. He usually forgets to eat or shower, and this tends to make the others, usually Mom Baguette, upset with you and him as well.
• Is known for writing ugly letters. He writes all of his feelings down, and if he feels the offense is enough, he will give you the letter.
• He’s also known for airing dirty laundry. He will talk to the others about the entire affair, often seeking advice or validation. While this may get John frustrated with you, he sits it out. This sometimes drags Laf in as protective Mom Baguette who will often give you side eyes and squints, and sometimes sassy remarks. However, luckily for you, Herc is quick to work to diffuse the situation. He thinks most of the problems that arise are childish and cosmetic and believes that they could be avoided or easily relived if discussed. Alex is the last person that wants to actually talk about it though.


• While Alex gets quiet, John is the one that speaks up.
• John has sharp words he’s picked up from Alex. When you upset him enough, he lashed out at you and says stuff in the heat of the moment. He knows how to cut deep, and if you upset him enough, much like a cornered animal, he will do what it takes to protect himself-even if it means fighting dirty and getting personal.
• He tends to drink away his problems. He goes out to the bar and gets drunk, and it’s usually this that causes him to yell at you. Yes, yell. He gets vehement.
• He has a bad habit that he picked up from the army of getting in your personal space if he’s pissed enough. Now, John would never, ever, EVER put his hands on you, ever, but he will get in your face. But if you start to cry or you tell him it scares or upsets you (sometimes you have to remind him), he will immediately get out of your space
• After a blow up, he wants to move past the issue. He’s said what he needed, but he often forgets that while he may have said how he felt, he may have also caused more issues between you two by yelling at you like that. You may need to tell him that he upset you.
• Fastest one to anger, but that doesn’t mean he actually gets angry quite often. It’s not like you’re walking on eggshells around him. Just know that if you screw up, he will let you know. He’s a stark contrast to Lafayette’s passive aggressive technique.
• You’re lucky that you’re one of the people John loves because if he didn’t love you and you pissed him off, fists would fly, and he wouldn’t hold back, especially if his Mama Bear was coming out. He’s hella protective like Laf.


• Hercules is the scariest when he’s angry, but he doesn’t mean to be. He doesn’t throw things, but he’s well known for the dramatic sweeping of tables, and he did flip some tables in his youth.
• Herc sometimes has trouble expressing his emotions. He’s very self conscious of his size, which means that he watches how he reacts to things. He never wants to frighten you, so he doesn’t throw things or yell, but because he often ends up bottling things up, a lot of anger makes him cry.
• Herc is an angry crier. He will often curse even more while crying.
• Opposite to John, he will actually stop drinking when he gets angry, as he doesn’t want to risk saying something that would hurt you. While John wants to emotionally hurt you like you hurt him, Herc tends to turn his anger inward and channel it into hurt.
• He’s the one that forgives you the quickest, and he’s also able to set aside his anger if you need him.
• Never really gets pissed off, just really hurt. He’s just one of those people that has flashes of red hot anger, but it never stays long enough to hold an effect. He’s usually just frustrated.


• Is the King of Passive Aggressive.
• He won’t outright say he’s pissed wth you, but he will make snide remarks and do small things to remind you.
• He tends to hold a grudge.
• Watch what you say to him when he’s upset with you, because he will bring it back up. “You’re being a child”… after everyone had forgotten an argument, and you two get in a tiff… “Well, i would drive you to X but I’m a child, so I guess I can’t drive” stupid stuff like that
• Wants you to apologize with actions and not words. Is most likely to forgive you if it isn’t a repeated offense.
• If you hurt one of the others or they hurt you, his Mom Baguette side will come out and he will protect the subject. If you get in a tizzy with one of the others, you might also have to apologize to Laf.
• Is the slowest to actually really piss off. He likes to be zen and balanced, and much like Herc, he just wants to be chill. Him and Herc tag team as the peace makers, but Laf usually ends up picking a side, whether he means to or not.

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I know have to keep people clam (after watching your vid) just pretend the characters are on vacation 😎😎😎 or mid season break like they with rick and morty

Actors and creators take pauses, I like it

{Headcanon} Cuisine in the ZODIAC World

co-created with @foxinwhiteroses

Aries: Being warriors, they most likely have high protein diets. They’re the zodiac that most likely likes greek yogurt and healthy granola bars. Probably the type to try new diet fads every so often.

Taurus: LOVE FOOD, but also are workaholics. On work days, they usually stick to fast food or salads. However, on the weekends, they go all out with cooking. I bet festivals celebrating all kinds of cuisine are present.

Gemini: Plenty of variety among them, but typically lean towards snack foods. Also dependent of their social standing. They are the type of people who have an entire salad bar just for different kinds of humus and chips.

Cancer: Eat anything from seaweed to seafood - shrimp and edible algae - and also tropical food like mangoes and coconuts. 

Leo: Open fire type of foods - burgers and hotdogs - as well as some fast food. Cold drinks and food prices are usually jacked up high.

Virgo: Half of Virgo’s population are probably vegans and vegetarians, considering their House is dedicated to agriculture. Any kind of meat, they probably import and save for special occasions. 

Libra: Keen on a variety of different kinds of food, but desserts are usually the highlight of fancy dinner parties. Everything from [cotton cream] to Tiramisu and Creme Brulee is there.

Scorpio: Most likely do a lot of seasoning work. Herbs and substance farming in their bubbles is probably their thing. Simple meals, but they probably don’t mind.

Sagittarius: Have very spicy foods, similar to Hispanic and Thai foods. All kinds of spices like cumin, allspice, etc are used in cooking. Occasionally, Sagittarius will experiment and create unusual dishes.

Capricorn: Might have extremely hearty foods, like stews and soups. Stuff that can be easily storaged and saved for later. Nutritious and semi delicious meals, with a brainberry at the end of a meal, like mints.

Aquarius: Most likely has banquet and feasting foods, extremely classy people. Pretty much anything from clam chowder to a hog on a silver platter to triple chocolate cake.

Pisces: Probably into eating rice every day and follow similar diets to Buddhist Monks. Everything’s communal where their motto is “Nourish your body because it’s your vessel but don’t be overindulgent or too decadent.”

He was aware that a wise man should always respect the folkways of others, to use Carrot’s happy phrase, but Vimes often had difficulty with this idea. For one thing, there were people in the world whose folkways consisted of gutting other people like clams and this was not a procedure that commanded, in Vimes, any kind of respect at all.
—  The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)
100 Days: Chapter Nine I Freedom

Summary: Everyone is born with a soul mate. On their twentieth birthday, they are hit with the feeling of being in love. One hundred days is all that is given until time is up, and Rebirth is in action. Or death.

Word Count: 2884

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff

A/N: We have reached it. Thanks to @roseok for giving me the bucket list idea. Fits in perfectly. -Hartwood

< Chapter Eight I Chapter Ten >

Two weeks.

Two weeks since you’ve last seen Jungkook.

The first week you were miserable. Catching yourself almost texting him. Asking how he was doing, what he was doing, did he miss you, you were sorry, and so much more. You cried the first couple of days, but eventually stopped when you realized there was no point to it.

The second week you told yourself to get over it. To quit crying over something that was bound to happen. You started to act like your old self again at work and around the guys. You even met Youngjae, who came back home after finding his soulmate.

No one ever mentioned Jungkook or Hwayoung around you, and you appreciated it. You had nothing against her, but you had a lot to say to her. Keeping your distance from the two was a lot better for all three of you.

You were finally back to your old self. Having playful arguments with Jackson and Jaebum, talking about the latest books that were in stock with Jinyoung, and having random conversations with Mark. You were finally beginning to feel like your old self when you first arrived in Seoul. Before you met Jungkook.

You stared down at your small, red leather notebook. When you were told about having a soulmate in school, and all the struggles it came with, you were afraid. You didn’t know if you were ever going to be able to do a lot of things that people would normally do.

Would you be able to travel the world?

Go camping?

Little things that made life amazing, and so you started a bucket list. A list of everything you wanted to do before you had to find your soulmate. Now that you only had twelve days left, you might as well get started on the little list you had.

The chiming of the bell brought you back to the bookstore. You looked up to see Taehyung making his way straight towards you. He placed his palms on the counter, his eyes full of desperation. “Are you sure you’re not going to talk to him anymore?” he asked.

I want to. “I’m sure,” you said.

He let out a disappointed sigh, resting his forehead on the counter. “Y/N.” The bell chimed again, revealing the other five boys walking straight towards you. “She said no,” Taehyung told them.

All five groaned.

From behind the six, you saw your coworkers walk up with a confused look on their faces. “I wasn’t expecting to see you until tonight, Namjoon,” Jackson said, walking up next to Namjoon. The two exchanged fist bumps before Jackson spoke again, “What are you all doing here?”

“We’re trying to convince Y/N to talk to Jungkook,” Hoseok answered, propping his elbows on the counter.

“Why? Y/N is finally back to her old self. Besides Jungkook should be the one coming here, not you guys,” Jaebum stated, shaking his head.

“Jungkook is an idiot, and Y/N isn’t. That’s why we’re here,” Yoongi said.

“I think Yoongi’s right,” Mark stated, catching your attention. “I think Y/N should go talk to Jungkook.” He gave you a small smile.

You sighed. “There’s no point. I’m on a two-week vacation, so I can talk to him when I come back if it means all ten of you will stop breathing down my neck.”

 All except your coworkers agreed to your terms. “Y/N…” Mark trailed off, and you knew what he was going to say. You shook your head.

“No? No, what? Why are you shaking your head no?” Jimin asked, looking between both you and Mark.

There was silence between all of you as you kept your mouth shut, and eyes on your lap.

“How many days?” Yoongi asked, breaking the silence. You continued to stare down at your lap, fists clenching. “How many, Y/N,” he demanded.

You couldn’t answer—you didn’t want to. Jinyoung answered for you, “Twelve.”

“Twelve? The last time we saw you, you had over seventy. What happened?” Seokjin asked, and you could hear the slight fear in his tone.

“You lost fifty days,” Namjoon answered. “You won’t be here in two weeks. That’s why you said you wanted to talk to him when you came back.”

“Don’t do this, Y/N. Just go talk to Jungkook—you two are perfect for one another,” Hoseok pleaded.

You stood to your feet. “It’s too late. I’ve already talked to him plenty of times. He’s the one who isn’t making any moves. I want to live the remaining days of my life doing things that I want,” you said, making your way around the counter and towards the doors. “Just let me do that.”

“How many?” Yoongi asked again. You froze, your hand on the doorknob. “How many, Y/N.” You shut your eyes.

“Hyung, what are you talking about?” Taehyung asked, taking a step next to Yoongi.

“We’ve all known her since the beginning, but we’ve never seen the birds,” Jinyoung whispered. “You said living the rest of your life doing what you want to do. You make it sound like you’re not coming back.”

“How many birds do you have?” Namjoon asked.

You were shaking now. You had tried so hard to keep calm, but that broke the second they began to question you. A hand took yours softly. You looked up to meet eyes with Seokjin. You could tell he was cautious, but scared as he slowly lifted the sleeve of your shirt.

You had done a damn good job at keeping your inked wrist hidden, but now you couldn’t even stop Seokjin from revealing the one bird on your wrist. His eyes widened as he stared down at the black bird. “She’s on her last life,” he whispered.

They were silent, and that’s what got to you. Their silence. The fact that they didn’t know what to say, or what to do. You would rather have them be angry, sad, scared—any fucking emotion that was not silence. Something you didn’t want.

“Thank you,” you said, voice low and quiet, but loud enough for them to hear. “I’m glad to have met you all. To have been friends with all of you. I hope you guys are happy.” You looked towards Mark. “I hope you’re happy—whether it’s with Hwayoung, or in another lifetime.” You looked towards the rest. “Take care of Jungkook.” You removed your hand from Seokjin’s grasp.

“It’s not too late, Y/N,” Jimin told you, desperation evident in his tone.

You shook your head. “I don’t want to keep trying. Just let me go,” you murmured. When no one said anything, you left the bookstore.

Day One: You quietly watched the scenery blur past you as you sat in your seat. The train was quiet. Everyone fast asleep at the break of dawn. You had decided not to sleep in order to watch the sunrise.

Even though the scenery was nothing but a blur, you could see the sun rise over the mountains. Today indicated a new day for you to be free.

Watch the sunrise. Check.

Day two: You stared down at your plate, your insides churning at the sight of the octopus. You stole a glance at everyone around you, watching them as they happily ate the live octopus as if it was nothing. As if they weren’t eating food that was still moving.

I think I’m going to be sick.

You shook your head. No. You can do this. It was just live octopus. It’s not like you were going to devour live insects. Right. You can do this.

You looked up at the elder woman that stood at the end of your table. “Are you sure this is good to eat?” you couldn’t help but ask for the fifth time.

She rolled her eyes before nodding. “Yes. It’s the most famous dish here. Everyone orders it, so it has to be good. You’ll like it once you try it, so eat one.”

You took in a deep breath and picked one up with the chopstick. You watched it squirm, and you almost gagged at the movement. However, you pushed down the feeling and quickly placed it inside your mouth. You stomped your feet.

You could feel the octopus’s tentacles stick to your tongue and cheeks as you quickly chewed it. You felt like you have been chewing on it for a while, and no matter how long you chewed, it still felt like you had just placed it inside your mouth.

You finally gave up and swallowed. It slowly went down your throat. Once it was gone, you let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t die today.

You looked up at the woman. “It was delicious.” She smiled, telling you to enjoy the rest, and left.

You spent the next hour trying to devour the rest of the octopus before giving up.

Eat something alive. Never again.

Day three: You groaned in frustration. Why the hell did you decide to write this in your bucket list? You had spent over three hours trying to find clams, but you weren’t getting anywhere. You didn’t know how people found clams in these mudflats, but they did. Yet you couldn’t find anything.

Several people looked at you like you were such a newbie, and you were, but you didn’t want everyone to know that. Especially these experienced elderly. They quietly muttered to one another about how lost you looked—as if you were a lost puppy.

You were ready to give up as you picked up another little rock. You glared at the little rock. This is what you’ve been finding since you got here. You were ready to throw it until you noticed something odd about the rock. You wiped away the chunk of mud, and finally it hit you.

You found your first clam.

Your eyes widened as a grin spread itself across your face. You did it! You finally did it!

Find a clam. Check!

Day four: You were cold and hot at the same time. You couldn’t deny how beautiful the woods looked as you continued your hike. You adjusted your backpack.

This was going to be a long hike, but you were okay with it.

The view was going to be the best part.

Go hiking. Check.

Day five: You were stupid. You were beyond stupid. Why the hell did you decide to go camping alone? Who does that? Who the hell goes camping alone in the woods?

Apparently someone as stupid as you.

You were cold and scared as you dug yourself deeper into your sleeping bag.

Go camping. What the hell was that sound?

Day six: Congratulations. You are now standing at the edge with a racing heart and shaking hands.

“Are you ready, Y/N,” the man asked from behind you.

You shook your head rapidly. “No, no, no! I-I’m not ready yet. Just-just give me a minute. Please.”

That was what you said a minute ago, and a minute before that. You’ve been standing here for the past half hour.

“I know you’re scared, but you have to do this, or we can stop. Whatever you want to do,” he said, trying to calm you down.

“So it’s now or never,” you said, voice shaking.

He was silent for a second before answering, “Yes.” You cursed under your breath before giving him a nod. “Okay. Ready in three, two, one.”

You jumped.

Bungee jumping. Exhilarating.

Day seven: “I don’t understand why I keep putting the craziest things on my list,” you muttered, staring up at as a group dropped, all screaming at the top of their lungs.

“This is nothing,” the woman said next to you. “I can’t believe you put something as simple and fun as this on your list,” she laughed.

“That’s because I’ve never been on one before,” you said, glancing in her direction.

“Try skydiving.”

“I went bungee jumping yesterday,” you stated.

She shrugged. “Close enough.”

You were next. “I’m not ready. Am I going to fall? What if the safety bar loosens and I fall to my death mid loop?”

The woman gave you a pat on your back. “Nothing like that can happen. They always check before opening the ride. Now come on, we’re holding up the line.”

You got in your seat, the woman sitting next to you.

Your heart was racing, palms sweaty, and body shaking. You’ve never been so scared and excited at the same time.

“By the way,” she began, the intercom talking about the safety rules, “what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you uttered, taking in a deep breath. “Yours?”

You never got her name as the ride took off.

Ride a rollercoaster. Best time of your life.

Day eight: This was your third time within five minutes that you fell to the floor. Everyone zipped by you like what they were doing was nothing.

Here you were, falling every second, when you moved an inch while everyone else made it look like a walk in the park. What the hell.

“It’s like riding a bike,” someone said. Are they going to hold you steady as you try and ski? Will they let you go when they think you’re ready?

No. Skiing isn’t like riding a bike. However, after another hour of trying to keep your balance, you finally learned how to ski. More like slowly go down the hill without falling more than twice.

Go skiing. Snow was pretty.

Day nine: You blinked away your tears as you stared down at your names. This was a big thing in South Korea, but you never expected to find yourself here, by yourself.

Even though no one was here to see you look like an idiot trying so hard to keep yourself from crying, you still didn’t want to cry.

You chose this. You chose to stop trying, so why cry?

Because feelings were still there. You loved him no matter how much you didn’t want to.

What were you supposed to do?

You closed the lock, hearing the click, as you stared down at your names.

Y/N + Jungkook.

All by yourself. You chose this.

Do the love padlock at Namsan tower. You chose this.

Day ten: The music blared as you watched the people around you scream, cheer, and dance. Several people around you sung along with the artists, some screaming the artists name.

These people were dedicated to let the artist know that they were amazing, their music was amazing, and they were their favorite. They were loved by thousands of people.

They began to chant the group’s name as another song began to play.

“Live a little,” the woman said next to you, dancing to the song.

You laughed a little but joined in.

You were going to live a little tonight.

Go to a concert. You liked the song House of Cards.

D-day: You were quiet. That’s all you’ve been was quiet.

You’ve lived the last ten days doing things you’ve never done before, and you had the time of your life. However, now that your last day hit you, you’ve never been so scared in your entire life.

They said it would be like falling asleep, but you still couldn’t shake off the terrified feeling.

You watched the sun slowly setting as the cold water hit your bare feet. You clutched onto the letter you had written to your parents. When you leave, you hope for Seven Birds to send this letter to your parents. Turns out you couldn’t bring yourself to tell you parents that you weren’t going to make it.

You let out a dry laugh.

Today was your last day. How many times were you going to tell yourself that before it finally hit you. Not hit you as in knowing that you are going to die, but hit you as in you’re not coming back. No Rebirth’s—nothing.

You let in a shaky breath as exhaustion kicked in. You were beginning to feel tired. All you wanted now was sleep. Sleep never sounded so great at this moment.

The sun hit the horizon, giving the sky a pinkish blue color, and reflected off the ocean.

“Y/N!” You froze. Slowly, oh so slowly, you turned around with a racing heart. Jungkook stood there, panting. He was staring at you with such hurt, such anger, that you didn’t feel anything. He ran up to you, taking you in his arms as he held you closely. You quietly sobbed. “I hate you. I can’t believe you lied to me. You’re an idiot.” His voice cracked. “I thought I lost you. I don’t want to lose you—I can’t lose you.”

“I thought—”

“No, no. I thought that’s what I wanted, but I want you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to be with you.” He pulled back to look at you. His eyes brimming with tears. “Y/N?”

You smiled. “Can you kiss me?” you asked weakly. He didn’t hesitate to kiss you, but you couldn’t feel his lips on yours.

Watch the sunset. You’ve never felt so happy.

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” -Trey Parker

Top 25 Songs of 2016

according yours truly, tracklist as follows;

  1. Frank Ocean - Nights
  2. Preoccupations - Memory (ft. Dan Boeckner)
  3. Kanye West - FML
  4. Wolf Parade - Mr. Startup
  5. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love’s Refrain
  6. Kendrick Lamar - untitled 08 | 09.06.2014
  7. David Bowie - Dollar Days
  8. DIIV - Healthy Moon
  9. Rhianna - Same Ol’ Mistakes
  10. Solange - Don’t Wish Me Well
  11. ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me
  12. A Tribe Called Quest - We the People…
  13. Radiohead - Daydreaming 
  14. Clams Casino - Ghost in a Kiss (ft. Samuel T. Herring)
  15. Nicholas Britell - Sweet Dreams 
  16. Chance the Rapper - All We Got
  17. Nice As Fuck - Door
  18. Grouper - I’m Clean Now
  19. Moonface and Siinai - The Queen of Both Lightness and Dark
  20. The Avalanches - Colours
  21. Julianna Barwick - Nebula
  22. Drugdealer - Suddenly (ft. Weyes Blood)
  23. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Need You
  24. Kelsey Lu - Dreams
  25. Huerco S. - Promises of Fertility 

I’ve always been in tune with the paranormal. It runs in my family and is often encouraged, though I tried to ‘turn it off’. As a child, I hated it for fairly obvious reasons- no one really wants to know that there is, in fact, a spook under your bed.

My worst encounter ever happened when I was 19, though.

I was planning to go visit San Francisco with my boyfriend and two friends for Halloween, and it was about 3 days before my flight.

Now, let me preface with the fact that the house I lived in at the time wasn’t exactly old. It was built in the 70s and kept rather up to date. We had a few odd instances in the first month of moving in, but by this time we had lived in the place for 3 years.

I was and am a night owl, and so went to bed that night fairly late- around 3 am. My bed at the time wasn’t anything but a mattress on the floor, and so I got down, tucked in, and fell asleep.

It was only a few minutes after I’d been out that I heard something.
It was heavy, guttural growling that sounded like it was coming at a bit of a distance.
While coyotes and wild dogs were known to visit the 'burbs, this sounded like it was in the room but at a fall wall.

I didn’t think anything of it, grumbling a “Go away” and getting ready to go back to sleep before it grabbed me.

It /grabbed/ me, by my ankles, pulling me half way down the bed.

This is where a lot of people say they clammed up and hid under their blankets.
I screamed bloody murder and ran to my mothers room. I spent the night in her bed and only fell asleep when she’d calmed me down enough.

I had never been so scared in my life.
The morning after, we salted and smoke-cleansed the room until I felt safe again- it took a couple hours.
I haven’t faced anything like it since, and don’t plan to; I’ve taken to warding my doors and windows with sigils and lines of salt, burning rosemary to cleanse my apartment every few months just to be sure.