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Top 25 Songs of 2016

according yours truly, tracklist as follows;

  1. Frank Ocean - Nights
  2. Preoccupations - Memory (ft. Dan Boeckner)
  3. Kanye West - FML
  4. Wolf Parade - Mr. Startup
  5. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love’s Refrain
  6. Kendrick Lamar - untitled 08 | 09.06.2014
  7. David Bowie - Dollar Days
  8. DIIV - Healthy Moon
  9. Rhianna - Same Ol’ Mistakes
  10. Solange - Don’t Wish Me Well
  11. ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me
  12. A Tribe Called Quest - We the People…
  13. Radiohead - Daydreaming 
  14. Clams Casino - Ghost in a Kiss (ft. Samuel T. Herring)
  15. Nicholas Britell - Sweet Dreams 
  16. Chance the Rapper - All We Got
  17. Nice As Fuck - Door
  18. Grouper - I’m Clean Now
  19. Moonface and Siinai - The Queen of Both Lightness and Dark
  20. The Avalanches - Colours
  21. Julianna Barwick - Nebula
  22. Drugdealer - Suddenly (ft. Weyes Blood)
  23. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Need You
  24. Kelsey Lu - Dreams
  25. Huerco S. - Promises of Fertility 
What exactly are EXO's achievements you ask....

Well… It’s just a small list. Nothing to big

- First million sellers in 12 years

- Double million sellers within 2 months

- First group to achieve an All-Kill within 3 hours

- Artist with the most pre sales (500k)

- Biggest sales week for a kpop group ever

- Best charting for a kpop album on the Billboard 200 for EXODUS (70 and 90)

- Highest charting album for a male group

- Beat SNSD for the best selling album on Gaon

- EXODUS album being #1 On Gaon for 4 consecutive weeks

- A webdrama which reached 50,000,000 views, being the first Korean webdrama submitted to the Cannes Film Market. Offers from big names in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan…

- Baek ost is the first drama ost to be #1 on digital charts

- 18 wins on Music Shows for the same song (CMB)

- Beat BB record for sold out artists

- Tokyo Dome concerts only after 3 years

- 1.2 M EXO-L trying to buy tickets for Exoluxion (that could fill 21 Tokyo Domes)

- Ranked #1 at Forbes Korea (Korea #1 power celebrity)

- Won 4 times in 4 different categories at MAMA 2014 + Album of the year for 2 consecutive years (and probably three  )

-  Topped Gaon Digital with the highest streaming total of 2015

- Has one of the most powerful and successful endorsement deals

- Has ¼ of the physical market to themselves for consecutive years

- Has one of the biggest online fandom sits wit over 3 Million fans

- Nearly 500,000,0000 in Total Youtube Views

- Most streams for an Asian artist on Spotify with half a million with the EXODUS on debut day.

cr. Besmug

“But EXO is still seen as something only ‘fangirls’ care for an the ‘public’ doesn’t care.”

“EXO can’t be the nations boy group when the public doesn’t know their music”

When I see comments like this it bothers me. So what if EXO doesn’t have the public wrapped around their finger. Music is subjective, and rather if your a fan girl or a regular old joe. You’re going to like what you like. This Idea that only success comes if the public knows you is utter BS. It’s nice to have public support but that doesn’t garner success. If you don’t have a fandom backing you to get the word out there, ain’t no one checking for your shit.

 You can have the money and the general public all you want but if your fandom isn’t buying your shit and your ass is only a one hit wonder or you can never live up to your last hit… don’t say the general public is everything, because the publics taste changes ever so often. If they won’t buy they wont buy it. 

 Instead of sticking to a sound for people who have been backing you ass for years. You’re sitting here trying to please the public with boring old music that’s the same shit over and over. You don’t grow as an artist and you remain the same. Meaning the public is only buying your music for the name not quality.

Funny I say that because its the same shit these people claim a fan does. Hmmm…. 

While your sitting here saying EXO only has fans, EXO will never have the general public, EXO this and EXO that. Us fans will sit here enjoy this good old hot tea and continue to collect these lovely receipts. It’s only 3 years in and still growing. Why settle for just the general public. When you have the fans worldwide.

You can keep saying fandom power is what gets EXO success. No matter what those fans were once apart of the general public. Don’t forget that. 

Fans are what rank in the money and can create a receipt as lovely as the one above. With popularity and fans and spreading the word it turns non-fans into fans. That general public you claim thats so important. Looks like fans to me.

At the end of the day. General public lasts for so long and can only get you so far, but a fan… oh a fan. That’s the real Tea.


PRIVATE | Mia talk


[PM] Thank  you; that does mean a lot to me.  I do enjoy your publication and I must admit I was very happy to see how you handled the news breaking of Ms. Carlisle filling  for disillusionment of her claim.  To me, it showed that you value your employees.  

I will write on just about anything.  I do tend more towards human interest.  I understand however that gossip can also be about getting the story out first, and breaking the news so to speak.  Personally, though I’m more interested in the reason behind the story.  Or the after affects of the story, even if they’re not so glamorous.  

Obviously, I have a connection to Harborage Home as I am a volunteer here.  I go by Mia, and when asked I don’t delve too deep into what I do because people tend to clam up around a reporter.  I am not opposed to writing about Harborage, but I’d prefer to really handle that on a case by case basis.  Less gossip and more what actually happens.  My opinion on the house and program has changed in my short time here, and I’ll be the first to admit that my bias would be towards the positive. So I’d understand if you prefer I stay clear of that topic.

I am open to further discussion on this.  And of course anything I did write I’d want published as Michaela and if I did write anything on Harborage, to re-evaluate how it would be presented.

My employees are like my family to me; the women who write for me are like my own daughters. I’m starting this working relationship between us on a temporary basis but trust when I tell you that I look out for my own. I understand what people might think or do when confronted with a reporter who doesn’t say what they want them to say. So, if you choose to work with me, you will be welcomed (slowly) into the fold.

That’s unfortunate. I don’t like a bias. I like the truth. It’s partly why Ms. Carlisle is at Harborage. She is after one thing only: the truth. We may put things in a certain light over here, especially in our digital edition, but that light is always made of that one special thing.

For now I’ll keep you off Harborage assignments. Let Meredith handle those. If you have anything that you can write about from an unbiased perspective which you’ve already experienced in your time there…I think I’d like you to cover that. Pitch me a story.

That’s the way I see our relationship going. You come to me with ideas you have for a story you really want to write and if its something that meets with the standards of this publication we’ll publish it. You can include your byline or not but you will always be paid for the work we choose to print.

Do you find those terms something you can agree to?

Today is San Francisco show!!!!!
We all went to the bakery by the sea yesterday. There was a long line of people getting clam chowder. We all got them and ate together at a small table. It’s great to see everyone eating the same thing together in a new city.
We’re going to put a great show again tonight so look out!

FROM a-chan

It’s funny how people clams Stan is a bad friend to Kyle and tries to kill him numerous times but do they forget Cartman tortures and taunts Kyle? Stan would never plan to assassinate Kyle and his people for his own gain. Stan would never fart on Kyle’s face. Stan would never make a death threat to Kyle. 

Cartman is a bad friend to Kyle; not Stan.  

honestley it gives me th eyes emoji whenever people jump on a famous woman for expressing her discomfort w working in an industry that profits off the exploitation and hypersexualization of women. like people always wanna call that shit slut shaming or w/e but the fact of the matter is that holly wood is incredibly exploitative, especially w young girls and women, and while some people are happy as a clam posing nude or talking abt their sexuality publicly there should be other options and there aren’t. I think that’s an ok thing for women, especially the women in that industry who this directly affects, to talk about.