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Trevor Noah Exposes THE TRUTH of Philando Castile Verdict HATE Crime!

This was utterly amazing. 

When he pointed out how the girlfriend still kept calling the cop “Sir” even though the cop is obviously fucking mental and has just murdered the father of her child for no real reason. 


RE: Why American police never get convicted: Racism is undoubtedly a factor, but I think jurors worry about police retribution too. I can’t imagine sitting on a jury, staring at a courtroom full of cops from your city and knowing the “wrong decision” could make your life pretty damn difficult.

And let’s not pretend Ramsey Orta wasn’t used as a warning to people for what happens when they don’t look the other way.

For the people asking how I’m going to refer to Ciel from now on well… Still Ciel.
The new twin shall be referred to as “Cecil”, “Tommy” (cause I misread that -who stole the candy from my tummy-) and/or “oh that guy, yeah we don’t invite him over anymore and pretend he doesn’t exist because he reminds us of our dead dad”.


Maat - Lisboa – Portugal

“Happiness is dependent on self-discipline. We are the biggest obstacles to our own happiness. It is much easier to do battle with society and with others than to fight our own nature.”

anonymous asked:

Okay so this's kinda urgent but don't go out of your way to answer this. I was just wondering what y'all's opinion on 'transtrenders' is? I've heard many different opinion and one of them I heard was that there's no such thing as that and I was curious as to the explanation to that. I'm genuinely curious, not trying to be rude or anything. Thanks!

Tobias says:

Now this is just my opinion, so don’t take it for the whole blog. We are a diverse group of people and we respect differing opinions. 

Personally, I do think that some transtrenders, or people pretending to be trans because it’s “trendy” exist. For example, somebody who comes out as trans or non binary, but experiences no disconnect between gender and body, and has no desire to transition socially or medically, and is pretending, on purpose, for pity points. HOWEVER, I think this is a much, much smaller percentage of trans and non binary folk than most people who talk about “transtrenders” think there is.

All that said, I do NOT think non-binary people are “transtrenders”. I believe in agender, genderqueer, bigender, all the genders that relate in some way to male or female, whether that is because they feel like a mix of male and female, or a little of both, or neither. All that makes sense to me, because if a person can be transgender male to female or female to male, why couldn’t their brain get stuck somewhere in the middle, and make them be both or neither or whatever?

I don’t think genders like “spacegender” or “plantgender” and the like are real, because that’s simply not what gender is. Gender relates to what you want your body to look like (kinda, but that’s a post for another time), and you can’t exactly want your body to look like space or a plant. 

However, I do not think we should just jump to assuming that someone who identifies as galaxygender or whatever is a transtrender trying to harm the community. If you actually look at the blogs of people who identify like this, they’re usually young teenagers, 14 or 15, not yet old enough or educated enough to understand why genders like those are genuinely not possible. They may be confused trans men or women who are hesitant to identify as the opposite binary gender, or they might be non binary people who conflate “voidgender” with agender or something like that. Or they might be cis people who got caught up in thinking that aesthetics are a gender and simply got confused. 

But I genuinely don’t think that any of these people are true “transtrenders”. I think they’re just people trying to figure out some things in life and getting confused. I don’t think people should use someone’s gender identity, however outlandish, and no matter whether you believe in it or not, to harass them or make fun of them. Giving them resources about trans things are one thing, but attacking someone because you don’t think their gender is real is something else. And it makes you many times worse than the harm you claim the “transtrenders” are doing. 

TL;DR, I think that transtrenders ARE real, but that they are willfully appropriating a medical condition, and reason can’t really appeal to them. I think young non binary and binary trans people can sometimes call themselves by an outlandish label that has nothing to do with gender, but I don’t think they should be called transtrenders or ridiculed for what is probably just an innocent and unintentional period of confusion in their life. To sum it up, I’d say that whether or not you believe in genders that don’t relate to male or female, and whatever your ideas about dysphoria and transitioning, just let people live. Sometimes they’re young, sometimes they’re uninformed, sometimes they may even be intentionally pretending for pity points. But ultimately, it’s not up to you to decide. If they’re genuinely confused, they’ll figure it out someday. And if they’re pretending, they’ll realize what a jerk move it was and grow up someday as well. Until then, just keep living your own life and try to make it the best you can. 

Jaz says:

I agree with what Tobias has to say. 

Max says: 

I agree with Toby, but I think that sometimes transphobic people will pretend to be trans to make a mockery of transgender people and shed a negative light on the community. I think this a thing that can happen. It’s not so much people wanting to be trans because it’s “cool”, but people pretending to be trans to make us seem ridiculous. 

Luke says:

I also agree with Tobias, but I think that the otherkin community is a more accurate place for people who identify with plants and galaxies and things, rather than the trans community, because of what he said about trans tending to be more body related. If it’s more about how you feel spiritually, it might be an otherkin thing. 

Hope this post helps, but remember it’s up to you to figure out your opinion on things; you don’t have to agree with us to follow us or to be a good person!

I have a question for POC. I am heartbroken over Philando Castile’s murderer getting away with this crime…but I know my feelings are nothing compared to yours. What is the best way to show support and solidarity during times like these? I should mention that I have agoraphobia so many physical activities are beyond my ability right now. What Do you all want/need during these times?

Queen Sugar “To Usward”

Trevor: “Didn’t think I’d be here today. But then I never thought I’d end up in Orleans Parish Prison either. I went in for a misdemeanor charge. Didn’t have the $800 to post bail, so that’s why I stayed. Long enough to lose my job. My lady and my baby boy got put out of our apartment. Like I said…didn’t think I’d be here today. But when I saw Nova Bordelon this morning over at the Barber Shop something put it in my heart to come and tell my story, to let people know this bail fund is important, and that we have a voice and we should speak up. And I guess just…that’s why I’m here today.”

Nova: “Thank you, Trevor. That’s why we’re here. We’re here for those whose voices cannot be heard tonight. Men and women locked up for no other reason than because they’re poor and black. These brothers and sisters find themselves caught up in a system meant to destroy them, falling into an abyss that has swallowed up too many of our people for too long. These police officers, they’re trying to intimidate us. They want us to fear them, but we’re not afraid. They want us to fade away, but we won’t. They want to erase our humanity…to act as if we don’t exist…but these black bodies are real. Precious. We cannot allow black bodies to simply be disposed of like trash.”