people ii: still peoplin'

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listen I haven't heard the term "salad glove" in my entire life but I've been thinking about it and I'm 99% sure it's meme slang for condom. the not-in-front-of-my-salad meme, anyone? yeah. also I'm really sorry for sharing this thought. I know you were all happier without knowing.

Haha! Thanks for this message! I appreciate your analysis, but I can assure you as far as I know, that is not the meaning of salad glove.

So a salad glove is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a glove for eating salad (although I can see how it might also sound like a glove made out of salad).

It comes from a song by the folk punk band AJJ called “People II 2: Still Peoplin'” off their album Knife Man. There’s a line that goes “You can buy a salad glove.”

People II 2: Still Peoplin'
Andrew Jackson Jihad
People II 2: Still Peoplin'

People II 2: Still Peoplin’- Andrew Jackson Jihad

“You can hope it gets better, you can follow your dreams
But hope is for presidents and dreams are for people who are sleeping

My friend Erin says, ‘At best, we’re all two or three bad decisions away
from becoming the ones that we fear and pity’
And Tony says 'It’s important to bear some witness when you can’
And that’s not hard to do in the city that I live in

You don’t have it any better, you don’t have it any worse
You’re an irreplaceable human soul with your own understanding of what it means to suffer
And that’s a huge bummer”

A message by AJJ that some people on this hell site should think about.

“You don’t have it any better, you don’t have it any worse
You’re an irreplaceable human soul with your own understanding of what it means to suffer
And that’s a huge bummer”
      AJJ - People II 2: Still Peoplin’

i. brand new: okay i believe you but my tommy gun don’t (i hope this song starts a craze, the kind of song that ignites the airwaves, the kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are with whomever they’re there with)// ii. kat sinclair: the storm (they say it comes and goes in days, it comes and goes in waves, it comes and goes and pays no attention)// iii. counting crows: round here (round here we talk just like lions but we sacrifice like lambs) // iv. the mountain goats: this year (i am going to make it through this year, if it kills me)// v. andrew jackson jihad: people II 2: still peoplin’ (if you’ve been hurt or you’ve been betrayed, if you’ve been fucked or you’ve been displaced, then you were told it’s probably been your fault anyway)// vi. twenty one pilots: kitchen sink (no one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend) // vii. william beckett: just you wait (it gets better, girl, just you wait) // viii. paramore: last hope (it’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going, and when it’s dark out, no one’s around, it keeps glowing) // ix. the mountain goats: ox baker triumphant (and when i come back to town, i’m gonna cast my burden down, a little worse for wear, practically walking on air) // x. patrick stump: spotlight (they might try to tell you how you can live your life, but don’t, don’t forget it’s your right to do whatever you like) // xi. ingrid michaelson: be ok (i just wanna know today, know today, know today, know that maybe i will be ok) // xii. andrew jackson jihad: truckers are the blood (you don’t know your own power, you don’t know what you’re worth, you don’t recognise your valour, and until you do, nothing you do will matter) // xiii. fall out boy: golden (tongues on the sockets of electric dreams, where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens) // xiv. william beckett: compromising me (i know you’re gonna say i’m not cool enough, tell all your friends i screwed it up, i could give two shits, just let me breathe) // xv. the gabe dixon band: all will be well (even though sometimes this is hard to tell, and the fight is just as frustrating as hell, all will be well) // xvi. kimya dawson: walk like thunder (know the measure of a pack, it’s not a question of the whole) // xvii. passenger: holes (we’ve got holes in our hearts, we’ve got holes in our lives, we’ve got holes, we’ve got holes but we carry on) // xviii. all time low: stay awake (before you ask which way to go, remember where you’ve been) // xix. twenty one pilots: car radio (sometimes quiet is violent, i find it hard to hide it) // xx. newton faulkner: write it on your skin (take everything you know and write it on your skin and you can carry on and forget everything) // xxi. ryan ross: where i belong (if you wanna see the sun, you’re gonna have to dig your way out) // xxii. my chemical romance: famous last words (i am not afraid to keep on living; i am not afraid to walk this world alone)


the kids don’t stand a chance

a mix for the Gallagher kids

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