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INFP functions in a nutshell
  • Fi: I want to MATTER in this world, I want to be my own inspiration, I need to know that what I've accomplished is in line with my real, authentic self
  • Ne: okay but what is that inner authentic self, hold on lemme just try to be 32549632 different people at once and work towards as many goals as possible
  • Si: idk I get kinda scared when I think about all these possibilities, I'd rather just do the same thing I've been doing for the past few years bc it feels comfortable

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hey! i've been seeing conflicting accounts about this and i wanted to ask you how you felt because i'm on the fence. often times people will say noctluna doesn't make sense cause they don't really know each other. they've been exchanging letters for years but they haven't even been in the same room for that same amount of time. but since i've never been in a relationship it has me thinking: were their exchanges "enough" i guess? can you fall in love with a penpal? (sorry for this rambly msg!!)

I’ve actually talked about this in a few different posts, but it really pisses me off when people say it isn’t possible (and it makes me even more peeved when people say she knows someone better that she only knew for a day than her 12-years-and-counting love and penpal)

One thing I said in probably my first meta post on it is that I do very much wonder about the demographics on those who do and don’t ship it. There’s overlap, ofc, there always is, but I wonder about the biggest numbers, y’know?

Most of the people I’ve seen who ship it are in committed relationships that have been ongoing for years. I’m 30 and married and a parent. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married for 9.

Another thing I’ve seen is people taking the game context of the notebook and applying that to their real life use of it, which is dumb af. I understand the “It should have been in the game!” complaints, but to outright ignore Brotherhood showing us clearly that that the notebook included long letters and very personal info………. *sigh*

The notebook has a lot in it. The game may not have made that as clear, but it has been made very clear in canon through Brotherhood.

But even then, the descriptions on the notebook do make it clear. The 1~5 affection point description is that it contains 12 years worth of memories. The 6 point description tells you how the last page is stained in tears. The no affection description (in JP at least) is even tragic as well, telling you that an answer will no longer come.

Maybe they didn’t show us the entries in the game, but they did make it obvious, if you bothered to pay attention.

I also wrote another post at some point where I talked about falling in love with pen pals!! In it, I talked about when I was a kid in elementary school, we got assigned pen pals. Before we started writing our letters, we talked a lot about pen pals in general. We were told of lasting friendships and love that have come out of it, we were told how it can be so freeing to share things with someone like that, we were told so much. Even here in America, once upon a time, pen pals were a romantic thing.

That’s not so much the case anymore here.

But it is in Japan.

They even have a specific word for sharing a notebook. What Luna and Noctis did is a thing, and to completely hate on them is also to ignore the social differences.

It’s fine if it doesn’t do it for you.

I can even agree that I do wish that certain things had been made more clear.

But theirs is a very real romance. It isn’t in your face, and that’s what I love about it. It already developed, so what we see isn’t the formation of that love, it’s seeing that love that already exists and binds these two.


True love isn’t that person being the only thing you think and talk about - That’s obsession.

True love isn’t dependent on constant physical interaction - That’s an insult to all long distance relationships, for starters.

True love is support. True love is lasting. True love is a quiet passion burning under the surface. True love is seen in the actions more than it is spoken of.

True love is family, and family is acceptance, belonging, trust.

It’s home.

My favorite lyrics from divide
  • Eraser: Welcome to the new show I guess you know I've been away/ where I'm headed who knows my heart will stay the same
  • Castle On The Hill: These people raised me and I can't wait to go home
  • Dive: Maybe I waited too long/ maybe I played my cards wrong
  • Shape of You: Last night you were in my room and now my bedsheets smell like you
  • Perfect: Darling just kiss me slow your heart is all I own
  • Galway Girl: She played the fiddle in an Irish band but she fell in love with an English man
  • Happier: I could try to smile to hide the truth but I know I was happier with you
  • New Man: You're still a young girl trying to be loved so let me give it to ya
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: she is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • What Do I Know: Aint got a soapbox I can stand upon but god gave me a stage a guitar and a song
  • How Would You Feel (Paenan): we were sitting in a parked car stealing kisses in the front yard
  • Supermarket Flowers: A life with love is a life that's been lived
  • Barcelona: I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: I remember less and less and mostly things that I regret
  • Nancy Mulligan: On the summer day when I proposed I made that wedding ring from dentist gold
  • Save Myself: I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me oh honestly

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Hi! So I've been considering getting a bird for a while now--I used to have a budgie, bless his soul--and I need a feathered companion again. So I'd been considering a cockatiel, but recently I've also been looking into pigeons--it strikes me that the two are very different. Please give me some info! What's it like having a pigeon? How do you care for them? Can you train them? Any suggestions? Please, some basic info for a gal who just started researching them!~

Intelligence-wise they’re the same, I find pigeons easier to train than psittacines because they seem to retain knowledge better and are more into people since they’re domesticated. Rex recalls, targets, stays, goes to my room when I ask, knows “shoulder” means get off my head and go to my shoulder, a bunch of “tricks” like spinning, and of course tasks related to emotional support. Pigeons are very easy to clicker train and they absolutely love to learn new things and if socialized properly look forward to new stimuli. They don’t need as intense socializing as parrots because they’re domesticated, which can be a blessing and a curse because Rex will leap into new situations without thinking it through- but at least she’s not afraid, right? Cockatiels are a lot more dexterous so they can learn to use tools better than pigeons, and can learn to say phrases and tunes (and know what they mean in context!).

In general pigeons are going to be cheaper, the bird itself, the housing, food, enrichment, etc. Depending on the size, a pigeon will need a large dog crate or a cage marketed for rabbits (these are rarely suitable for rabbits though!), which will be $30-$70 depending on if you buy new or used, where from, and the style. I personally don’t use a cage for Rex and she has the run of my room when I’m not home and the house when I am. Tiels will need a big, generally parrot specific cage, the ones marketed for cockatiels won’t do- generally you want one marketed for medium macaws or bigger, which’ll be much more expensive. They need lots of toys, perches, and other things to keep them entertained when they can’t be out. Pigeons do need enrichment but homemade toys will easily suffice, a crumbled up paper with seeds in it will keep Rex entertained for quite a while, as will music and TV.

Cockatiels do best on a varied diet consisting of seeds, pellets, and fruit/veggie chop, scrambled eggs are great weekly. They shouldn’t have too many pellets since they’ve been linked to kidney issues, probably has to die with needing the hull of the seed? Idk. Pigeons’ diets are generally more simple, they need a variety of seeds/grains generally consisting of wheat, peas, sorghum, safflower (can be fatty so be careful with this one), corn. I mix quinoa, millet, and very occasionally chia seeds in too. Her mix is 16% protein but the amount of protein you want depends on their lifestyle. It’s cheap, I get a 2 lbs bag every two months from Morning Bird on eBay. Along with feed you’ll also want pigeon specific grit, and if you have a hen you’ll need egg shells or oyster shells (I prefer egg shells). Both parrots and pigeons will need vitamin D3 supplements if they aren’t outside getting sunlight a few hours a day.

I LOVE pigeon temperaments. It can very depending on breed and individual, but in general they’re people-loving birds. Psittacines generally have to be raised by hand to like people, but pigeons can be parent raised and still adore people which is far healthier since then they get proper nutrients and social skills. Even pigeons that have been feral or neglected more often than not warm up to humans and make awesome pets. Certain breeds are friendly than others, king pigeons are big cuddle bugs bred for meat. They’re exceptionally docile and affectionate. Lucerne gold collars are gentle and even mated pairs will enjoy cuddles. Feral pigeons and homers have even temperaments and they have that bonus homing instinct so you don’t worry as much if they happen to get lost. Owl pigeon breeds are the epitome of adorable and sweet, just avoid breeds like the African owl whose beaks are too short to properly preen. Voorburg pigeons are silly and despite that big neck don’t have any health issues regarding it. There are thousands of breeds with unique looks and temperaments, so google “fancy pigeons” to find a look you like! Finding pigeons in shelters can be hard if you aren’t in an area that has one- pigeon rescues are far and few in between -so I generally promote buying from a GOOD breeder like @ramseyringnecks because the more people that know pigeons aren’t disease ridden pests the better for all pigeons! Do look for rescues first though :)

As far as keeping a pair versus a single pigeon:
Both pigeons and parrots mate for life. A single pigeon is probably the most loyal and affectionate pet you can find, but requires more work than a pair of pigeons. Since the bird is single it’ll deem you as its mate which makes for a very snuggly, cuddly, and sweet partner, but also demanding- luckily they have lower standards than most parrots. Rex is content if not all my attention is on her so long as some of it, so I can go about my day without having to stop and give her my full attention. She’ll happily ride around on my shoulder or waddle rapidly after me without demanding that I play with or touch her. So long as she can see me and be on/near me she’s pretty content. However she needs to be able to do that for at least 6-8 hours a day! She loves cuddles and snuggles. When she goes broody (which happens whether you want it to or not, with both hens and cocks) I just ask her to get off the nest every few hours to make sure she goes potty (they don’t poop in their nest- this means they can safety be potty trained unlike parrots who it can become unhealthy for) eats, drinks, and every few days bathes.

If you can’t give that then a mated pair is a better option. They won’t be as affectionate, but they’ll still consider you a flock mate and sit on you, love to learn and be trained, and enjoy doing non-cuddling activities with you. They’ll be happy and keep each other company when you’re away at school or work.

This applies to parrots too. A lot of people say so long as you have at least one hour to spend with them they’ll be fine, but all parrots are social flocking animals- even territorial ones like cockatiels or parrotlets! They need you or a feathered friend to keep them happy.

Hope that helps ❤️

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Do you ever think about "what if I'm not really trans and just faking it"? I've been having these thoughts a lot lately and it sucks and I don't know what to do with them like I don't want to throw away all the progress I've made in the past two years but I also am not as happy as I thought I would be...

i have thoughts like that all the time, and i think if you ask a room full of trans people the same question most of them will say they do too. An imposter syndrome is a natural part of this unfortunately and just adds to the fun and games. Only you can tell if youre really trans, but i guess i go back to my old favourite; “cis people rarely question if they’re trans”

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My work doesn't have a break room but it's a restaurant/arcade and on the arcade side there are tables everywhere for people to put their drinks as well as stools and chairs. I usually pick an empty table and sit there and no one bothers me. I have my purse out, phone in hand, and today, after I've been working in this same place for 3 months, doing the same thing on break, TODAY two guys come up to me on my break and asks a question. Read the room my dudes, I'm off the clock for 30

the signs as fall out boy lyrics
  • aries: "Loaded words and loaded friends / Are loaded guns to our heads" - Chicago Is So Two Years Ago
  • taurus: "I found the cure to growing older / And you're the only place that feels like home / Just so you know you never know / And some secrets weren't meant to be told" - I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This...
  • gemini: "Tempest in a teacup / Get unique / Peroxide princes shine like shark teeth" - Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown...
  • cancer: "So long live the car crash hearts / Cry on the couch all the poets come to life" - Thriller
  • leo: "I'll be your #1 with a bullet / A loaded god-complex cock it and pull it" - Sugar We're Going Down
  • virgo: "I'm a young one / Stuck in the thoughts / Of an old one's head / When all the others were just stirring awake / I'm trying to trick myself to fall asleep again" - W.a.m.s.
  • libra: "I need more dreams / And less life / And I need that dark in a little more light" - Save Rock and Roll
  • scorpio: "I wanna scream 'I love you' from the top of my lungs / But I'm afraid that someone else will hear me" - The (Shipped) Gold Standard
  • sagittarius: "I'm not passive but aggressive / Take note it's not impressive [...] And it's our time now if you want it to be / Maul the world like the carnival bear set free" - The Kids Aren't Alright
  • capricorn: "Though the motions I've been going through have failed / And I'm coasting on potential towards a wall / At a hundred miles an hour" - Saturday
  • aquarius: "All the kids who screamed (we weren't the same) / In sweaty rooms / Now we're doomed to organizing walk-in closets like tombs / Silent film stars stuck in talking cinema light" - Where Did the Party Go
  • pisces: "I'm coming apart at the seams / Pitching myself for leads in other people's dreams" - Disloyal Order of the Water Buffalo

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do you physically feel your heart swell when watching how c and d interacted with each other before? cause i've been watching some videos of them and i feel all feely. lmao

Honestly, I think their interactions, what few we have seen out of character, are magical. And it is riveting to watch. I could watch them laughing together for hours.

Which is why, again, i question, why anyone thought it should be repressed. Their love is beautiful and an amazing example to the world of two talented, intelligent, wonderful men in love. What is not to enjoy about two people who are madly in love, who clearly love being in the same room, and talking and laughing together.  

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(I'm on anon because my main blog isn't my witchy one) I've been freaking out over the past couple days because I had a couple friends over and they got to my room and put their stuff down on my altar, just pushed everything on it out of the way like I know altars are sacred so now that space has been desecrated right? What do I do? I feel like I should apologize; how do I do it? (I'm sorry I'm really new at this)

There are quite a few people that I know who have this same issue, especially if their altar space looks to be like a night stand or coffee table where anyone could mistakenly set their things down on it. So here is what I would do:

Let your friends know. They have no idea what an altar is or how sacred it can be. If they aren’t a part of your religion and therefore do not have the knowledge and understanding of this part of your spirituality, then kindly forgive them for their ignorance and educate them so that next time they will know.

Cleanse your items. If you feel it necessary, gently cleanse all your items that were upon your altar and the altar itself. This will erase all the energies upon your items and the altar. Unfortunately, if you follow a tradition such as myself where you only cleanse your items and altar initially and allow your energy and power to build up on certain tools over time, this could be rather upsetting because you practically have to do a do over. But if you are okay with cleansing them periodically, then it should be an easier task. You can use sage, incense, water and salt, moonlight/sunlight, or any other form of cleansing with purpose.

Rearrange your altar. You may want to completely rearrange your altar as you set it back up. This can help disperse any residual energies that may still be attached. I, personally, rearrange my altar about 4 times per year and it’s usually in correspondence with the seasons and certain Sabbats. 

Reconsecrate your space. So you may want to do another devotion or dedication of your sacred space once you have finished your cleansing and rearrangement. This may help you to re-establish your connection to your Divine Deities if you had it set up that way before or in connection with your personal power. During this reconsecration of your sacred space, you may want to state the intention for the space and validate its sacredness and use as a place of power for yourself.

As a side note – leave selenite on your altar as it will continuously “clean” your altar of unwanted energies and it self-cleanses. 

I hope this helps!

Blessed Be.

one direction // preference // he insults you behind your back
  • harry: you had been walking past his bedroom when you could hear the talking from inside. the two of you hadn't ever really gotten all that close after you met him through niall - of course that didn't mean you didn't find him super attractive - but the two of you never really hit it off. you'd never exactly snapped at each other, but you weren't exactly friends. the talking was only just audible so you could understand exactly what harry was saying to zayn as they chatted in the spare bedroom of niall's house where you were staying for the weekend. 'she's fucking boring.' harry said through a chuckle, to which came no response from zayn, 'like, i hate when she's around.' there was another silence before zayn spoke up, 'mate, you hardly know her. maybe if you tried to talk to her you'd actually see that she's pretty good to be around.' then you pushed the door open, leaving harry to turn around as the colour drained from his skin, 'yes i heard you. dinner's ready.' you said before making your way back downstairs.
  • zayn: you were in the same room as the boys, chatting with lou quietly as you played with lux. the bustle around the room as people tried to get the boys ready for the interview they were about to do, was loud. but you could still hear everything the boys were saying - but it was obvious that zayn thought you couldn't hear. you'd been with niall for a few months now, and after the blonde-haired boy had moved off to get a drink, zayn took the opportunity to talk. 'she's got her head up her ass i reckon. i've never seen someone so fucking confident in themselves. it's sad actually.' you heard every word - and so did lou - the blond storming over to him and scolding him for what he had said. niall overheard what lou was saying, furrowing his brow as he made his way over to you, 'what'd he say?' niall ask, to which you told him, 'are you kidding? well he's wrong, and second, i'm gonna go punch him in the balls in a sec.'
  • louis: you stood outside of the door to the dressing room, harry right behind you. just as you were about to open the door you heard the voice from behind it - instantly recognising it at louis'. you and harry weren't exactly together yet, but it was definitely going to happen soon. you'd been hanging out and sleeping together - and the boys knew about that. louis was talking pretty badly of someone, and you furrowed your brow as soon as you heard your name. 'if i have to see her face around here one more time i'm gonna go mental. like seriously, i'm gonna get harry to end things with her - i'm sick of her being here. like, nobody likes you love.' just as you went to turn around, harry was stopping you. he grabbed your hand and moved into the dressing room, walking straight over to louis. 'don't you even think about talking about her like that you asshole. and she heard all of that. you know what, she's not gonna be around you anymore because she deserves to be around people that aren't cunts.'
  • niall: you'd seen it on a video that had been posted by some fans that had seen them after they'd been out at a club. he was clearly very drunk, and therefore his filter didn't really seem to be on. the two of you had been hanging out a little bit after zayn introduced you two, and you honestly thought that the both of you were getting along just fine. until this video was released. in it, he slurred on about how annoying you could get, and that he was sick of always getting messages from you. it was literally like you'd been stabbed in the stomach. you felt sick when you saw it. and perhaps you hadn't realised before-hand just how strong your feelings were towards him until they weren't at all returned by him. you sent him a text after you saw it, letting him know that it was fine and he'd never hear from you again. and then you got a text from zayn, telling you not to worry about it and that he enjoyed your texts more than you'd ever know.
  • liam: you'd all just come back from an event, where you were on louis' arm all night. he'd enjoyed taking you as his date - seeing as the tour had meant the two of you were hardly spending any time together. the whole night had been a blast for you, and you'd gotten to meet a whole heap of celebrities and be able to see the A lister world in action. but you were completely exhausted when you were in the car back. you'd curled up in louis' side and once you arrived at the hotel, he carried you up to the room where he had you curled up on his lap as the boys all chatted. you had woken up as he brought you up to the room, and were listening in on the conversation with your eyes closed. louis was chatting with niall and harry, as liam chatted with zayn quietly; though you could hear every word. 'what the hell was she wearing? and her face wasn't much better. maybe she should've got lou to get her ready, she looked shit.' he said with a laugh and a slight slur from the alcohol. you moved up from louis' chest, shaking your head at liam, 'nice. asshole.' you muttered before leaving the room and going up to you and louis' hotel room.
  • follow hhorandickk for more 1D preferences, oneshots and fanfics xx

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Hey so i've had this headcannon for a while right that sirius loves music and can play the piano fabulously ok right but no one really knows that hes so good because its something that he associates with home but then when hes really upset with his family he can be found in the common room at 3am playing really heartfelt music but he cant sing and its always been a thing that like other people sing to him ya know but songs like smile or musical theatre songs i dont know why sorry this is a mess

Same, man. I love the idea of musical Marauders. 

  • Sirius Black had never been a great one for sleeping
  • Oftentimes, he found even attempting sleep before he was practically dead on his feet made him miserable
  • Lying in bed, with his thoughts wreaking havoc in his head, did not make him feel good, for some reason
  • Usually, he’s up for hours after the Marauders have gone to sleep, reading and planning pranks and practising his spells
  • And when he’s absolutely sure they’re all asleep, he’ll sometimes tiptoe to the common room, where sits an old creaky piano
  • He’ll cast a silencing charm around the piano and just start to play
  • He likes to steer away from the complicated classical stuff his family had him learn. He prefers to play songs he’s heard Peter play or creating a piece out of a little tune someone hummed during the day
  • Thing is, Remus often can’t sleep as well
  • When he does sleep, he’s dead to the world, and anyone who tries waking him up gets a slap 
  • So people never really knew he had trouble sleeping at times
  • That is, until one night, when Remus was lying awake, staring at the ceiling, he heard Sirius in the bed next to his roll out of bed and leave the common room quietly
  • Naturally, Remus follows
  • And he finds Sirius in the common room, swaying to music he was playing on the piano that Remus could barely hear
  • But from what he could hear and see, it looked pretty fucking good
  • Being a true Marauder, he waited until he was standing right behind Sirius to say anything when he whispered, “I’ve been watching you,” in his friend’s ear
  • Sirius obviously jumps out of his skin and almost screams when he sees Remus’ shadowed face peering at him through the darkness
  • But then of course he has to tell Remus the whole story
  • Why he hated to tell people about it because it was so intrinsically linked with his family, but still found so much pleasure in it
  • Remus never tells anyone 
  • But he finds the piano really soothing when he can’t sleep for nightmares
  • Sirius finds himself casting a silencing charm over two people, after that

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Elsie is the dean. I've cracked the code... Her and the dean are the 2 people we know the least about and they've never been on an episode at the same time. Shes the dean in a young girl form who is watching Carmilla. That's how the dean new how close Hollstein was, and how do you suppose the dean would get a necklace into their room as "the dean"? She was in Elsie form and simply walked into the room an put it there, if it was the dean in dean form, someone would have told Laura or Carmilla.


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So this is kind of a weird question. A lot of people I know think its super gross to get undressed in front of your dog, and I've been doing it since I had him. Wake up, get dressed for work, its a dog, its not like it cares. An animal isn't concerned with if you're wearing clothes or not. Maybe it is a moralistic thing, but am I super weird for feeling comfortable showering with my dog in the same room or getting dressed in front of him? Someone told me I was encouraging beastiality and I just.

Hahaha gross, no. Dogs don’t understand that you’re naked… I think it is normal to feel awkward and not want to have eyes staring at you, but it is also normal to not even care. My dog is certainly not modest in front of me!

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I can't 'get over' anyone. I've only been in a couple of relationships, none too serious, but I've loved all the same. My heart skips a beat even if they look at me. I get nervous around them and others that I crushed on, and it never goes away. Why?

You gave them pieces of you and they have now room in your heart. It’s hard to let someone go but it’s not impossible. It takes a lot time and understandig that you can find better people.