people i'd blow


I’ll likely never know for certain. It’s possible you’ll never even know for certain.

There are so many things I love about running a simblr

but my favourite?? Is how I’m able to watch other blogs progress and grow. I follow so many talented simmers and it’s so amazing for me to see their styles change, their cc improve, their characters grow; it’s honestly mind-blowing.

I try my best to support, encourage and promote blogs of all sizes that I love, and am honestly proud of, but recently I’ve just been overwhelmed with all the amazing content on my dash 😍

basically, you guys are awesome ❤️

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Just wanted to let you all know that I love some of my followers more than my hypothetical dream future living my life as a pirate on the wild waves of the sea. And that says a lot.

Sorry I’m not very active. <3 

**This list is not in any particular order.

@satan-s-bunny | @local-gay-cryptid@vincentbelorgey | @heirate-mich |
@persephone-immortalis | @mychemjcalromance | @hippocratessocrates |
@romanticnailbiting | @a-piece-of-shit-from-hell | @hixystix | @kindagothic |
@yourinfernalmajesty1 | @kamelothell (it won’t let me tag you :c) | @skeysesil |
@5horrorprinces| @hekasblawg | @ghost-cirice | @xsmilekidx | @atomickola |
@endng-as-it-comes | @princezzie (it.. won’t let me tag you either… FUUUU |
@brilliancetheory | and special shout out to a friend without an account: Mohit. I MISS YOU.

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