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Ollie’s Tumblr-Faves Appreciation Post

To ‘celebrate’ finally reaching 300 (oh wow, typing this up took so long I gained one more! Hey there!) followers (after getting excited a few times only to realize it was another bot), here is not really a Follow Forever, but more like a ‘these-are-cool-people-I’m-following-or-who-follow-me-or-both-anyway-who-make-being-on-Tumblr-really-worth-it-so-thank-you’-forever.

People I have to say something about:

@starsovergallifrey - Finn, my secret internet twin, my Brotato. Right now I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said, you know I’m so glad to know you, so glad that you’re there and that you’re you.

@unwillingadventurer - Katie and Claire, I just realized it’s been a little over a year since I got into the First Doctor era and found your blog. And good thing I did! You’re so nice and encouraging, and write wonderful fic! 

@everyshipunsinkable - Emma, of the Cobert-fam.  I want to say thank you for the times you replied to my personal posts and encouraged me: Thank You!

@latifraise  - My Cobert-fam-mum? I kinda feel like you are. Your questions helped me learn and realize things about myself and your encouragement means a lot to me!

@kimberleyjksn - You’re the only one I know I’ve been in the same room with at some point. More specifically during the SG1 panel at FedCon where you asked my question (that I didn’t tell you in person but through GateWorld). It was a fun panel moment that even made it to the DVD! I don’t think I’ve said thanks for that yet, so here I go: Thank you!

People I never (except for D.) talk to but see constantly, whose tags I read (I read all the tags, but their tags are full of info and make me feel like I know them) and whose names I know:

@ellie5192 - @quirkette100 - @tobeconquered - @tony-m-nyphots-flying-risccu - @tvfreakd

Non-Mutuals who are really cool and an important part of my Tumblr-experience (and who Tumblr won’t let me tag properly for the most part?):

@beautywithin16 - @bethanyactually - campaignofmisinformation - ccbabcock - @chelsie-carsondinascully - fogsblue - @galathea-snb@jumpingpuddles - lullin - mlder - @mylittleredgirl - princekaisuncannyhotness@reginaldmaudling - romanticallydelirious - syriana94 - @theoofoof

Python Squad (aka my first fandom friends/people from the fandom I had my first fandom-friends in):

@carlospalinez -  @decomposingcomposerss - @drgrahamchapman -@fawltybasil - @flyingcircusss@norwegian-blue-parrot - @raiseyourgoblet-of-rock - @royalnavelfairy - @twit-of-the-year

Downtonians (Coberts) - people from my first big fandom, who were here with me for the last two seasons, and love the same idiots I do:

@american-in-london - @and-you-will-like-it - @downtonabbeyislife - @emma-in-the-rabbit-hole  - @i-love-downton - @ilovealovestory - @its-because-of-his-lordship  - @itssoinevitable - @mcgonneville - @ohtobealady - @steenibeeni -@thedowntonhistorian

More wonderful Mutuals I want to thank:

@allthingsx-files - @autumngirl177 - @carter-scully - @crowleynotfergus  - @deniesreality - @det-katherine-beckett - @drwhofan777 - @dreamycupcake  - @efootprints - @elliehopaunt - @emergency-philosophical-hologram - @for-time-and-space - @giiszlt@gothictexan123 - @joyful-voyager - @hardcore-evil-regal - @helen-bancroft-magnus - @historyoftheeagles - @humanxbeing - @in-sunshine-and-in-rain - @it-does-make-you-wonder - @its-kc-shirin - @jerzeygirl86  - @lovejamesspader - @majorsamcarter - @marshcap - @mattylangfordperry@monajo7 - @nenyc - @old-fan-of-mercury@oli-verwelke  - @pilfreysjazzhands - @reillysomers@stargateforever - @stargatery - @thatwasntaquestion@thedarkdaysaregone - @whouffaldi-forever - @x0ux0u - @youokay-mulder - @zhian-tara

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