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Talk about lilo friendship:D! Like it changed a lot since in the beginning they hated each other lol

(Is this a thing now? LOL!)

I wouldn’t say ‘hated’, but maybe clashing personalities, probably. Louis’ is more vibrant and loud, whereas Liam’s is more chill and quiet. I can see how Louis’ could have been a bit too much for lil’ Lima to handle. As a quiet person myself, I know I have trouble getting along with loud people. It’s just something that happens.


I believe that with time (and due to their own bonds with Zayn) they started getting along better. Their songwriting surely must have helped. They have so much stuff together, too. Like Louis’ need to pull Liam’s leg★, or their ‘replay’ game★ (that they still play in interviews).

I wish they would stop hitting each other, though. More specifically for Louis to stop hitting Liam in the balls. That’s dangerous. / / /

Testicle rupture wish aside, I believe their friendship is solid. It’s become more evident, in what we saw them interact way more without Zayn there, but love was always there. 1D’s friendships are what pulls people in.

/ / / /

And I’m forever grateful they had each other for the rest of OTRA.

/ /

A lot of people probably caught on ‘Lilo’ from 2015 onwards, for one reason or another. But yeah, it’s always been there. And I’m glad it has. :)

Chapter Two: Marcus.

Jamie sends Claire thru the circle of standing stones atop Craigh na Dun.
The Catch? Jamie somehow manages to go with her.
The Double Catch? They’ve gone backwards instead of forwards into time.

You can find Chapter One here.

Jamie and I crouched low amid the underbrush at the base of Craigh na Dun. A cold wind swept thru the valley, the scent of coming rain heavy in its wake. I pulled the woolen arisaid tighter around my shoulders as I peered thru the leaves into the gathering darkness.

Recently thatched and boasting a brilliant coat of whitewash, the croft ahead of us barely resembled the abandoned structure we had spent the previous night in. A puff of welcoming smoke drifted out of its chimney and beckoned us forward. I, however, had vivid memories of my first encounter with the people of the past and had no wish to repeat the ordeal. Jamie seemed to be erring on the side of caution as well.

But, before we could make any sort of plan, the door suddenly opened and a weather-worn old man stepped out of the dim interior. He shuffled towards us, leaning on a large walking stick for support.

I gripped Jamie’s arm tightly. Would he be friend or foe?

“Ye can come oot o’ the bushes, lad,” a feeble voice spoke. “I can see ye both clear as day.”

Jamie rose slowly, ready for whatever challenge the man would lay at his feet. I followed suit once he had settled into position in front of me. Peeking around Jamie, I could see the man’s gap toothed smile.

He was ancient by modern standards, who knew how old he actually was. His hair was white as snow and fastened back in a long plait. His kilt was of a pattern I didn’t recognize, a matching plaid draped over his hunched shoulders. The boots on his feet were worn and roughly hewn.

“Ye havena reason to fear me,” he chuckled. A corner of my mouth tugged upwards as I envisioned the old man using that stick of his to ward us off. “I ken aboot the stones.”

The hint of a smile was gone in an instant at the mention of the standing stones.

He knows about the stones? What did that mean?

They were hardly a secret, visible here at the base of the hill.

Jamie reached a hand behind him and took hold of mine. I squeezed it, telling him I’d follow any plan he went with. He cleared his throat, my own felt as though I had swallowed a rock.

“Ye say ye ken the stones. Have ye gone thru them yerself?”

“Nae me, lad, but I ken the look of someone who has. My name is Marcus…” he trailed off, raising a brow in question.

“James,” my husband answered simply as he guided me to stand along side him, “and Claire.”

I copied the older man’s nod of deference and was rewarded with another grin.

“Aye, an’ a bonnie wife she is too, Jamie lad,” Marcus tittered as he gestured for us to follow him into the croft. “Ye’ll be hungry as the coos, nae doubt, an’ soaked clear thru. Come in, come in. Warm yerselves by the hearth. An’ tend that wound, aye?”

I took a deep breath and let it out again. Was this too good to be true? Could it be some sort of trap?

Jamie’s voice dropped low as we made our way across the clearing towards the croft.

“Dinna speak unless ye have to, Sassenach, at least until we have a plan.”

Oh, right, because he may think I’m an English spy. Here we go again.

I rolled my eyes, but squeezed his hand again in response. He gave me that slow, owl blink that passed for a wink with him and grinned. He knew exactly what I thought of the idea, preposterous and rude is what, but he also knew I trusted his instincts. Even if I wasn’t sure I liked his methods.

Despite his uneven and visibly painful gait, Marcus was deceptively spritely. He remained several paces ahead of us across the open clearing and didn’t stop talking the whole way. His voice, unfortunately, didn’t always keep up with his enthusiasm and I couldn’t make out half of what he said.

“…welcome… long as ye like… village … oddity… auld coot off on his own… fine company,” he broke off with a cackle.

Once inside, he set to work with a clatter of bowls and spoons. He all but shoved the both of us onto a three-legged stools near the fire. I reached over to take a better look at his leg, moving the wool cloth away from his burned flesh.

Jamie tried to downplay his injury, taking my hands away from the burn and holding them tightly in his. “‘Tis nothing, Claire.”

While he was right, the burn wasn’t overly serious, I still wanted to dress it before it had the chance to get infected. I gave him a look, knowing he’d get the message.

“I ken ye must be newlyweds.” Marcus beamed, not turning his gaze away from the steaming cauldron of stew. “Let her dote on ye, Jamie lad, makes a wife feel useful. ‘Tis what they’re for, aye? Tha’ an’ the bairns.”

He was doing his level best to keep a straight face, but the grin was winning. I poked Jamie in the ribs as he replied affirmatively.

Arching an eyebrow, he apparently felt the need to remind me to remain silent.

Heaven knows why, as I’ve always been the meek and obedient type. I reminded him with a swift kick to the shins.

Jamie winced and his grin widened.

“How long have ye been marrit? It canna be more than a year, I warrant, yer both naught but bairns yerself.”

Jamie’s thumb caressed my silver ring, turning around on my finger. His eyes were warm as he spoke. “It will be three come June.”

Three years. How could our wedding day have been three years ago already?

That familiar sinking feeling in my stomach returned as I corrected myself: our wedding hadn’t been three years ago, it would be hundreds of years from now. All people I had known, the people I had grown to love and care for were, for all intents and purposes, dead. And Jamie. His family, his whole life was now forever lost to him.

Quickly realizing that the feeling had more than one cause, I dashed towards the door, barely making it outside in time. Jamie was right on my heels and almost crashed into me as I heaved into the bush beside the door.

Bidh e thairis a dh'aithghearr, mo nighean donn,” he soothed as he held back my hair, gently rubbing my back.”

“What?” I asked as I straightened up, having no idea what he just said.

He wiped my face with the edge of his sark, then gathered me into his arms. “I said it will be over soon.”

I groaned into his chest. “No, it won’t. Not for months.”

“Aye, well, maybe ye won’t be as sick with this bairn,” he tried.

“One can only hope,” I muttered.

Been seeing a bit of discourse over the fact people think shipping Link with anyone is wrong because he’s (mild spoiler) probably 15 or so like it’s mentioned that Zelda is in a memory.

Realistically though if Link functioned like a real human, needed to sleep, took time to recover, couldn’t die and come back etc; it could take him years to gather all the shrines and save Zelda.

He’d be older by the time he got any leisure time to spend with Sidon if he kept at his quest for a few years diligently. Plus I don’t see either of them rushing into something especially when Link is a mostly silent guy, it would take them a lot of time spent together to even build a close friendship let alone something more.

At least that’s how I see it, kinda wish people would focus more on real issues instead of policing people’s fictional shipping choices. I’m sure there are people out there purposely shipping this problematically but I don’t appreciate when people lump me in with them just because I ship something in my own AU way.

As I’m sure some of you have seen from my previous asks and posts that I advocate for fictional freedom, but that does not mean people should be putting shipping content in the main tags. Be aware not everyone enjoys the ship, it can be a struggle for new blogs wanting as many notes as possible to not put it in the main tags but you are making non shippers uncomfortable and bringing negative attention to the ship.

I work at a Willgood, and tonight (4/12) I closed. As I was cleaning the bathrooms, I noticed that someone had taken a blue storage tote into the men’s room. I cautiously approached it, expecting the worst. Thankfully, nobody had shat in it, but someone pissed in it so I had to throw it away. Also, people have a habit of pissing in all of our dressing rooms, and shitting on the bathroom floors. Last week, someone shat on the floor of the women’s bathroom three days in a row, and I had to clean it two out of the three days. Sometimes I wish we could make the bathrooms for employees only.


Ana: It’s hard. We’ve been together for so long and made this beautiful family… I don’t know, some part of me just never thought I’d have to be without him again. This hurts so much more than the first time. This time he’s not out there somewhere in the world … he’s just gone.

Vivian: I know, mom. But, at least you were able to find each other again. You two got a second chance that not many people get the opportunity to have. You said it yourself, you two made this beautiful family and in that, he’ll live on forever in a sense. He’s in me, Macey, and Jack. He’s in Wyatt and he’ll be in this little one, too. So, he’s not truly gone.

Ana: It sounds so nice when you put it that way. (sniffles) I just wish I could tell him I love him one more time. Hug him one more time. I’m sorry I’m laying this all out on you, honey.

Vivian: Don’t be. You’ve been there for me my entire life. Now it’s my turn to be there for you.

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Heyheyhey I have 2 questions. First of all, your art is great; do you write fanfiction? Secondly, I like your tastes; do you have any Gravity Falls fic recs?

Shucks, dude

I wish I could write. I lack the talent, patience, and practice; I deeply admire people that write. I’m so happy/amazed when authors write incredible stuff for a fandom. It’s such a big gift to give to other fans.

o h b o y do I have recs, and I will put together a post…which could take a little while because I’ll have to rifle through my AO3 history.

theironweasel replied to your post “Hi so, I’m an Avatar based blog and don’t want to drag you into…”

It is bizarre, I mean I’m the kind of person who basically fell out of their chair and started dancing around when the last scene in LOK happened, but even I recognize that it’s not nearly as important as other stuff. Like I wish more people really cared about analyzing the characters arcs, though there are plenty of people who do, because Avatar can be very subtle but also very profound and so a lot of people end up stereotyping and thus hating certain characters.

True that!

Part of it could just be a demographic thing, but even LOK has a really strong, divided ship fandom. 

The strongest thing Avatar had going for it was never the shipping (even in canon, I feel like there could have been more done with some of the relationships, but that’s not the point), but why focus on such a small of the show when there are so many other things–things that are so much more important than shipping–to talk about? 

Yeah, I thought the ending of Korra was awesome too. But, what impressed me the most, and what I was proud of the most, was at the end of the day The Legend of Korra still managed to stay true to the themes of the franchise. 

My dream matches my name,
For my greatest wish is to fly like a raven through the sky,
To see things from a place very few have been able to reach,
To gain a new perspective on life and the world and the people in it.

My dream matches my name,
And still they told me that I could not do it,
That I could not float among the stars like I was one of them,
Because of my heart.

My dream matches my name,
And still they told me that I could not do it,
That I could not race across the sky like a rocket bound for space,
Because of my head.

Both times I looked at them with a simple, determined expression on my face,
And said, without a shred of doubt,
“My dream matches my name.
Who are you to tell me that I cannot soar like the Raven I was named after?”


“My Dream Matches My Name,” by @as-inevitable-as-morning

The third poem of my 250 Follower Celebration. Like the rest of them (which can be viewed under the #kelsey celebrates 250), this is dedicated to all of you! Thanks for following!

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I know this comes off as really random but I recently started drawing people and I have a really hard time drawing hair (mostly the way it should sit and drawing the actual hair stands) and I was wondering if you could help? (I draw characters from snk and more specifically Levi so if you could use him that would be awesome)

Well anon, I’m flattered you’re asking me for help but I think I’m a terrible person to ask for hair drawing advice since it’s something I’ve struggled with forever (which probably explains why I’m so lazy with it) but I will try to answer by showing how I do Levi’s hair. I made a gif instead of posting 10+ pictures lol

You said you have trouble drawing the actual strands, and I literally just draw a bunch of lines to make his hair, which is definitely not the best way to do everyone’s hair and only just kinda works with him because his hair is black anyway. The only thing I can say I guess is to taper the ends of the hair and give them the slightest curve at the ends because no one’s hair is completely straight and flat (unless it’s wet)

As for how it sits on the head, always remember to give it some lift at the roots (for fabulous volume) cause hair doesn’t stick right to the scalp (again, unless it’s wet) and draw it in a way that frames the face and head (but I mean that depends on the hairstyle of course), like how I make the hair behind Levi’s ear kinda curve away from it and form more to his head, cause I feel like it looks better and more natural than having it jut out and hang over his ear.

A few more tips is to show a bit of scalp if they have a very distinct part in the hair, and also mind the hairline and how it’s shaped along the forehead (also don’t make the back too high or too low, it usually ends a little below the bottom of the ear, and remember hair doesn’t grow right to the ear so leave some space around it)

Ahhh sorry I’m not more helpful, explaining things is not one of my strong suits, but practice and in no time you’ll be drawing hair a million times better than I do! :D

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OMG ur only 18 and yet ur so talented and amazing. Compare that to me who doesn't know what to do with her life, doesn't like to do anything, and probably won't have a future. I wish I could be as talented as you <3 <3

I get that this was intended to be a compliment but it doesn’t really make me feel better… you shouldn’t put yourself down like that, especially if you think it will make people feel better about themselves.

thank you!! but try not to be too hard on yourself;;

We made it to 110$!!

Thank you all so so so so much for your donations. I appreciate every one of you for helping me and Luna out with her procedure, it warms my heart to see people chip in to help an animal of any kind from any place!
I turned off the link, thank you all again so so so much. I wish I could thank you all individually. Luna will get her procedure done on Saturday and be a healthier, happier kitty because of you!

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I just watched Barakamon in one evening because of you and now I'm in pain because there isn't more of it. It's just the purest thing I have ever seen, I loved it so much, please take me back to the island. It'll definitely become one of my comfort animes which I'll watch again and again, same as Haikyuu is.

I FEEL YOU SO MUCH!!! I think about the island every day, I wish I could go back in time and watch Barakamon all over again for the first time. It’s such a soothing anime, good for the soul <3

And I miss all the amazing people so much!! I miss the kids, especially my beloved little Naru

Originally posted by vanillabell

And, of course, I miss my favorite boys, I hope they are living the peaceful married life they deserve

Originally posted by fairytailwitch


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i have been super depressed in the past and i thought i got over it, but recently its just been getting worse and worse again and im scared, last time it was this bad i tried to kill myself. idk what to do and im scared to reach out to anyone. my whole life feels like its falling apart because of me and my inability to connect and make good decisions when it comes to school and my friends. i dont want to scare you, but i need advice on how to just feel semi normal again. thank you.

i understand. i’m feeling the exact same way.

i really wish i could help you feel normal, but quite honestly i’m confused as well as to what to do.

surround yourself with people you love and people who care about you. hopefully, those are the same people.

find things to do that are simple but enjoyable - a new book, a movie marathon, a walk in the park or at the beach

just reach out to anyone who could help you. 

you’re not alone.


Get ready because the Seblaine Spring Fling is just around the corner! This year’s prompts are: 

One Word Prompts

  • anew
  • blossom
  • picnic
  • symphony
  • umbrella
  • fragrant
  • dugout
  • puddle


  • It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.—Agatha Christie
  • There’s a rhythm to my chaos, and it’s you. —Beau Taplin
  • We just stand upon the threshold of each other’s heart and never get right in. –Katherine Mansfield 
  • I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul—Charles Dickens 
  • If I love you is that a fact or a weapon? –Margaret Atwood
  • Even if we could turn back, we’d probably never end up where we started—Haruki Murakami
  • We watched the sun set
    and we woke to the sunrise;
    what’s between was ours. –Tyler Knott Gregson

Posting will begin at midnight Saturday, May 6 and will end at 11:59pm (according to your respective time zone).

Posting guidelines follow our normal form here but a specific post with instructions will be made a few days before.

Please note that these prompts are merely suggestions. If one inspires you and you have an idea for a story/art/gifset/headcanon, run with it. If two or more inspire you- or if you wish to combine the prompts.



@reynardinepttr had a wonderful idea to put three sentences in a story and let someone else add the next three. I am 10000% on board with this! And I would love to see people add to it so we can see where the story goes.

I’ll start:

They looked down at their hand and sighed. They wished they could go back to the morning before, or even the morning before that, but they knew better than that. They had been marked, and now they had to run.


It’s funny how people get upset about the (hypothetical - I have yet to see proof that “lots of people” are actually doing this) possibility of someone wishing death to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, but are completely okay with wishing death to actual real life people (shippers of ships they personally don’t agree with - and there is an abubdance of proof for that.) Some people seriously need to get their priorities sorted out.

Any hate directed at real life people is uncalled. I’ve had people wish me dead and I can tell you, I cried my eyes out. They didn’t even know me, yet wanted me dead for the silliest reason. I liked a different character more.
People place a lot of value on ficitional characters more so than humans. When America was voting for Same-sex marriage, some people made it all about Malec, not the people in America whose actual lives could be changed for the better now. 
It’s the downside of internet, we lose touch with real people and get attached to fictional people especially the ones that mean so much to us for their influence was great in our lives. 
But you should never ever send death threads or wishes to real people. And every account is run by a real person. 
Though if you strongly identify with Magnus for instance and someone wishes Magnus dead, I do understand how that can feel like a personal attack and that it hurts you.