people i know follow me ohwell

First, I’d like to thank Vero (@hoodzer) for making this awesome edit for me because I suck at editing thank u ❤️❤️❤️
Second, I’d like to thank every single one of you who are following this blog and helping me grow, thank you all who ever sent me messages (anonymous or public), thank you all who fangirled with me whenever Luke (or Calum…) did something, thank you all for giving me advice when I need it and for being here when I needed someone to talk to!

If I were to tag every single person that I want, I’d have to tag thousands of people, so I’m just going to tag the people that I adore and whose blogs I adore! (Please know that I love you all regardless if you’re here or not:D) ((I’m so sorry if I forgot to tag you, it’s nothing personal I’m just dumb))

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year, I hope 2016 is even better for you than 2015 and that you enjoy the holidays and that you’re happy! <3

Also, it was really hard for me to choose a smaller number of blogs (I don’t know if I succeeded but ohwell) if I follow you and you’re not in here I love you and your blog I maybe just don’t know you or you’re new to me <3

So here we go, bolded are favs:

@2k15luke, @5sos-at-heart, @5sos-offical, @5aos@5soskeepsmesane, @5sos-writing, @australienidiots, @officialmichaels, @calom, @lipringsandsnapbacks, @lukefrost, @tylerdylans, @michaelcliffords, @kisshood, @lasshton, @thatniallers, @ridicalum, @jumpingoffthatclifford, @sadaboutmichael, @hectichoods, @fvesos, @calum5sos, @luke5sos, @loserlukee, @blink18muke, @lukerobrt, @outofmylimits, @rocketcalum, @mareflares, @calumslisp, @clinicalum, @hemmoful, @hemmojaw, @duhmichael, @itslukehemmings, @celmmings, @teenagedfricks, @tragicthrills, @flannelukee, @michaelsofficial, @englishlovaffair, @lewi5sos, @ohemmoh, @lukey, @mukenope, @airguitars, @heartbrakegirl, @itsfivesos

And, of course, my amazing friends who tolerate me on my daily Luke and Calum whining

@cashtonaf, @cashtonkinks, @hoodzer, @calumfood, @lamelucass, @fallenfor5sos, @5sos-au-imagines

And also major thanks to @hotdamn5sos for always providing me with amazing content and always being here to help whenever I needed anything!

And thanks to @5sos-official for making me go to sleep at 4 am every day because I stay up crying to their amazing music I love u <3

❤ Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Thank you so much for following me! I know I’m not the best artist nor am I very elegant with my words but I just want you guys to know that you guys brighten up my day and I wish I could bring you guys cake~ I hope you guys have an amazing day ❤

I was thinking of sending out individual notes to a ton of people but I’m not sure I have the guts o//u//o;; not to mention I don’t really celebrate V Day like everyone else in America so this is kinda weird but ohwell any excuse to express my undying love for you guys is a good one